Friday, January 25, 2019

Question, Does Nancy Have A Wall Around Her Domain? Part 2

Hope You Enjoyed Part One Of This Expose,
If You Missed It Find It Here:Part-1
Now For Part Two!

Now This Is Nancy's Vineyard In Napa Valley!
Great Cover For Another One Of Her Mansions!
Hmm, Let's See, After The Workers On 
The Vineyard Work A Hard Day They 
Can Play A Few Games Of Tennis or 
Racquetball or Go For A Swim!
 If You Utilize The Links Below And 
Scan Around You Will Notice Some 
Natural Barriers Like the Napa River 
And An Actual Physical Barrier 
Along The Highway!
 So The Question Is Answered!
She Does Have Barriers Around Her Domain! 
Now Isn't It Interesting All The Other Vineyards Have Labels 
Except For Hers.
Isn't That A Nice Touch, Hmm! 
Now We Must Ask, Who's Working This Vineyard 
And Cleaning This And Her Other Mansions!
Stay Tuned, We Will Cover That In Part Three!

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