Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Question, Does Nancy Have A Wall Around Her Domain? Part 1

You Know, The Nut That Doesn't Think We Need A Wall Or Barrier At The Southern Border!

Well We Decided To Dig A Little Deeper And 
Our Man On The Street Has Something To Report

First Lets Take A Look At This Property.
 This Is One Of Her Properties.
While There Is No Visible Wall She Was 
As Smart As the Other Three Little Pigs And 
She Therefore Made This Home Of Brick!
Now Here's Another Angle, Same House.
 For Some Reason I Can't Imagine Her 
Family Being So Easily Accessible 
To Protestors! 
Which Leads Me To Believe She 
Owns And Resides At More Than One Property!
Next Slide Please!
 Now That's More Like It!

However If You Visit These Left Leaning 
Sites They'll Claim That's She Lives In 
The Brick Corner House! 
They'll Also Claim the House With The 
Wall Belongs To Someone With A 
Different Name! Sure, Oldest 
Trick In The Book, They Register 
The House Under A Pseudonym!
Could You Imagine Her Having Her 
Highfalutin Friends And Acquaintances 
At the Corner House With The Protestors?
Or How about Having Her Good Friends From The Vineyards Like The Gallo Family?
Where Would They Park Their Limos?
Sorry, I Just Don't Buy It!
I'm Inclined To Believe The Photo Below!

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