Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Once Ignorant Always Ignorant, But Too Old To Be a Slut Anymore?

Yes, We'll Give Her a Pass on 
the Slut Title, Now Sheez Just An 
Ole Washed Up Hag!
Ya Notice, Once Many Of These
Hollywood Libtarts Get Old & 
Washed Up They Go Nuts! 

How Did This No Talent Nut 
Get On TV In The 1st Place? 
She married Patrick Francis Lynch 
(a television producer) in Sping 1975
 And Whatya Know, 
The Following Year She Was On SNL.

Remember That Phrase Repeated Weekly 
by SNL Regular Dan Aykroyd?
 "Jane You Ignorant Slut!"
 Just Look at the Washed Up Old Hag Above!
Well it Seems Like Dan Was Spot On 
Since How Stupid Would it Be To 
Think a Single Party System Would Be 
Good For Anyone, Right? 

Well 'Jane The Slut Curtin'
While On CNN
(Home Base For Liberals, Commies,Illegals,
Criminals & Very Stupid Politicians & Journalists)
This Week Said...

‘My New Year’s Resolution 

Is to Make Sure that the 

Republican Party Dies’

  Maybe Jane Has "TDS" 

As Many Libtarts Do These Days!

Boy Trump has These 

Libtarts In A Tizzy!

 Well Jane There Are Many Places You Can Move To With One Party Systems & Dictatorships So Please Do!

And Jane,

Please Take Your 


All The Hollywood

Cohorts With You!


Well Dan Looks Like You 

Had It Right & A Script Wasn't

Really Necessary Was It?! 

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