Thursday, January 3, 2019

NY Citizens Shafted Again!

Happy New Year 2019
Well don't get too happy just yet!

Besides rising toll rates coming this year,
Beside the Toll Payer Protection Act
being vetoed by the Big Dope in Albany,

Now the dope is pardoning  
Immigrant Criminals including  
 Hmm, How Else Can I Screw Them? They Luv it!
But here's the real kicker, He & most 
of the fake news & media fail to mention 
that little word they oh so often do....
as in "Illegal Immigrants"

I wonder if besides the Welfare, Food Stamps, 
Subsidized Housing & Free Healthcare if Heez gonna 
give them a big wad of cash & a voting ID card as well!
Some of Them May Even Being Sitting 
Next To Your Child in School! 

 HaHa, Got Ya Again! And I Have 4 more Years at it!

Wake Up America!
Wake Up New York, 
Heez Getting The Umbrella Ready!

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