Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Landing Strip? Passenger strips naked on plane

Passenger strips naked, 

walks around plane

Experiencing 'mental trauma' 

after alleged workplace harassment by boss

Joe Kovacs

You may have heard of the TV series “Naked and Afraid,” but there possibly could be one titled “Naked on a Plane” based on the actions of a passenger on a flight over the weekend.
A man on an Air India Express flight Saturday from Dubai to Lucknow, India, reportedly stripped off al his clothing and began parading up and down the aisle, leaving fellow fliers completely stunned.

Naked man on an Air India Express flight Dec. 29, 2018 (courtesy ANI)

Flight attendants quickly covered the nude man with a blanket and then kept him seated for the remainder of the trip.
More than 150 passengers were aboard the flight.
A passenger aboard the plane told India Times: “As soon as the aircraft crew saw him walking nude, they pounced on him and wrapped him in a blanket. Initially, the man resisted but the staff managed to overpower him.”
According to ANI, an Air India spokesperson said that once the plane landed, “per the direction of the captain of the flight, the passenger was handed over to airlines security at Lucknow airport where [an] investigation is underway.”
The Times of India identified the man only as “Surendra.”
While the motive for the high-altitude sauntering remains unclear, the paper indicated he was suffering “mental trauma” after alleged workplace harassment in Dubai by his supervisor, whom he said is Pakistani. Among the harassment claims was not being granted time off due to him.
“Surendra thought that the flight would land in Pakistan and therefore he stripped in protest,” a Central Industrial Security Force official told the Times of India.
Shakeel Ahmed with Air India told India Times: “The man after being detained by the authorities revealed that he had been harassed by his Pakistani coworkers in Dubai who far outnumbered him as he was the only Indian there. He said he was mercilessly beaten by the Pakistanis and tortured to go back. In frustration, he had resigned and was returning to India.”

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