Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Just When You Thought Modern Medicine Had Defined Most Human Disorders...


What The Heck Is That You May Ask?
 We All Recently Heard About TDS! 
"Trump Derangement Syndrome"
 But Here's A New One!
"Border Security Crisis DENIAL Disorder"
Yup, Wanting to import millions of new lefty voters each year the Dems, Fake Media & 
Un-Informed Constituants are denying that there is a problem at the border.

 They prefer Our Kids get raped & killed!
Our Law Enforcment get attacked & Killed! 
Our Schools & Our Medical Facilities
get overloaded!
Our public assistance programs get overloaded reducing the assistance to Our Citizens!
Import Drugs, Gangs & Murderers!
Our Taxes Go Even Higher!

Are You Inflicked?
Are You A Denier?

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