Thursday, January 17, 2019

How Do You Like The Chutzpah On This Phony?

Former Senator Harry Reid took a swipe at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s radical 70 percent top tax rate proposal, saying quick “radical change” doesn’t work in America.

While many are not fans of Cortez 
who is this guy kidding. Isn't He the 
one that along with Nancy Pelosi 
passed Obamacare behind closed doors?
 So it seems he meant one has to do things 
like that slowly and secretly to get it 
over on the American people!
It sounds sort of like what the Soviets 
would preach and practice.
 And who can forget when he said 
Barack Obama would make a good 
candidate choice since he is a 
“light-skinned” African American “
with no Negro dialect, unless 
he wanted to have one.”
WOW, Thats Rich!

Did he further damage His brain 
after he had that great fall? 
One might think so!
But I think it's something else.
These phonies ran on the image of how 
their party is the party for Minorities and 
how they must vote for them or they'll 
lose everything and never advance. Well it
seems they're not liking the fact that those 
same minorities are pushing out the old 
white guys like Cortez did to Joe Crowley!
Or maybe because he has mucho dineros 
he doesn't want to share and wants 
the tax increases to hit after heez 
dead and gone!
I see it as.........
"Poetic Political Justice At Work"
Live with it now you phonies!

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