Wednesday, January 23, 2019

High School Catholics Attacked & Falsely Accused By Fake News, Media, TV Personalities & Hollywood!

It Seems They Were Targeted Because 
They Were A Pro-Life White Catholic Group.
I'm Sure You've Heard It By Now And 
They're Just Coming Out Now To 
Apologize & Cover Their Azzes.

But Lets Look At Someone Who Thinks Sheez A Political 
Expert Now. Sheez The One Who After Exposing Her 
Breasts In A Movie, Then Didn't Like the Idea Of Finding
Images Of Them All Over The Internet. She Even Had 
Her Mommy Crying Out About It, HaHaHa!

              So Whooz The Dope?Did U Get That one?
None Other Than Alyssa Milano!
Pretty, Isn't She? Yeh, Pretty Damn Dumb!
You May Remember Seeing Her Sitting There At 
The Justice Kavanaugh(The Beer Drinker) Hearing As If She 
Were Some Kind Of Expert!

Yup, She Came Out Hard On These Teens And As Of 
This Writing Still Has Not Apologized & At This Point It 
Really Wouldn't Mean Anything Anyway. 
 So In Honor Of 
Her Fake Political Knowledge!
Her Fake Political Stance!
And Her Fake Teats!
She Receives An Official AZZwipe Award!

Wipe Hard!

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