Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Cursin Jilted Brand" Makes Presidential Announcment

You May Know Her As The Foul 
Mouthed Dumb Libtard Blonde From NY

Kirsten Gillibrand is the name she 
goes by but Sheez always cursin and 
Her brand is jilted so hence the name 
in the title heading!

What has she done for NY, 
absolutely nothing except waste 
tax dollars like the rest of them! 

So now this Bimbo wants to be 


After She Promised Not Long Ago She 
Would Finish Her term As A Faulty NY Senator!
How About Dog Catcher?
And They Say Men Are Pigs,Hah!
Here's The Wench With Her Mouth In Action: 

The Biach insists she’s “constantly” trying to clamp down on her self-admitted penchant for “colorful language," though she does find it effective in Congress. 
Where Does This Bimbo Get Her Gall?

Wake Up America,
Once It Turns It's Over!
Think About Your Kids, Your Sons! 

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