Thursday, January 24, 2019

California's new traffic rules & Fines as of Jan 1, 2019..... Happy New Year California Drivers

Thanks to Richard and Dutch….Another way to help pay for that pension fund

Happy New Year California Drivers

😭 $$$ per offense. Unbelievable 😡
Special reminder: California's new traffic fine rules were released on Jan 1, 2019:

Forgot to carry your driver's license for $214.

Forgot to change the address (more than ten days) $214

Uninsured car in accident for $796 'and' driver's license revoked for 4 years.

Didn't stop at red light or turning right at No Turn on Red $533.

Crossing double yellow line for $425.

Violation of the turn or U-turn $284.

Speeding 1-15 miles $224, 16-25 miles $338, usually the police determined that speeding is over 5 miles. On rainy day it is not allowed to exceed 65 miles.

Did not stop at Stop Sign $284.

Passing a school bus when there lights are flashing $675.

Talking on cell phone first time $76, 2nd time $190, same penalty even if you are just holding the cell phone in your hand!

Stop at a bus stop $976.

Not wearing a seat belt $160.

Driving with high beam lights on (from 30 points) for $382. 

Child not wearing a seat belt or not in a child seat $436. 

Covering car door $178. 

Driving with headphones on $178. 

Modified Exhaust $1000 each stop.

All the above violations allow you to go to traffic school for 8 hours. If you get a second ticket within 18 months, sorry, you are not a Good Driver and this will drive up your insurance rate.

Safe driving everyone!

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  1. Yup, keep voting Democrapic & Yul get it right up your chute!
    As soon as Cuomo sees this He'll be doing it in NY as well! he already started raising all the tolls!