Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another Washed Up Hollywood Elite Joins The Anti-Trump Frenzy!

Ya Notice How After These Washed Up Hollywood 
Elites Start Getting Up In Age After They Made A 
Killing With Stupid, Violent, Foul Language & Porn 
Laced Shows &  Movies They Start Getting Dumber & 
Antsy & Instead Of Taking There Millions That 
They Hardly Worked For And Settle Nicely Into 
Retirement & Be Nice Like Liberals Claim 
They Are, They Come Out & Get Political, 
Nasty And Stupid!

Well The Next One Has Come Out, A Looney 
Both On & Off The Screen, None Other Than 

Jim Carrey

Here He Is Pictured Below With Another Crybaby Phoney Skumbag 

Here's The Real Kicker, Even Though 
Heez A Dual Citizen (Too Bad For US) 
He Defends Socialized Medicine Claiming 
Heez Used Canadian Socialized Medicine 
All His Life! 
But He Also Received Health Coverage 
From The Screen Actors Guild For 
Being A So Called Actor. So Heez Telling 
Us When He Gets Sick Or Needs A Flu  Shot 
He Flies Up To Canada To Get It Through
 Canada's Socialized Medicine Program!

What A Phoney Lying Sak Of Sheet! 

 Yup Washed Up! 
He has shunned the spotlight and starring roles, 
and apart from reprising his role in 
Dumb and Dumber in 2014, he has not starred 
in a major film since 2011!
Carrey recently said he had decided he 
"didn't want to be in the business anymore."

"I didn't like what was happening, 
the corporations taking over and all that."

 So Like many Of The Other Phoneys, 
After Making Their Millions Once They're  
Washed Up They Claim They That's Not 
Really Them, WOW That's Rich!

So His Latest Stunt Is To Imply That Trump Voters Are A Form Of Devolution And That Their Intelligence Is At The Level Of Apes.

So What Is It? 
Is It The Washed Up Hollywood Elite 
Syndrome Or Is It That New Condition 
That Goes Around, Especially In NY And California?
 TDS "Trump Derangement Syndrome" 
Or Is It The Accusation Of His 
Contribution To The Death 
Of His Young Girl Friend?  

In Case You Didn't Know In 2015 Carrey's girlfriend 
Cathriona White died of a drug overdose. 
White was 27 years old and died alone in her 
Los Angeles home.
They had an on-and-off relationship since 2012, according to TMZ, 
and had rekindled in May, four months before 
she died. They split once again, a week before her death.
Besides her Parents accusations in 2016, White's husband Mark Burton filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Carrey, claiming he provided White with prescription medication which he obtained using his "immense wealth and celebrity". The suit also claimed Carrey knowingly infected White with three sexually transmitted infections, including two strains of the incurable herpes virus.
Nice Guy Isn't He?

 So Once Again, What Is It?
Here's a Very Partial List Of Those Suspected 
Of Having TDS# Or Some May Just Be 
Racist* Or Very Stupid** Or Brain Damaged***
Jim Carey***
Rasida tlaib* & ** & #
Alec Baldwin** & #
Jimmy Kimmel#
Chrissy Teigen ** & #
Alyssa Milano** & #
Chelsea Handler*** & #
Lady GaGa**
John Legend *
 Sarah Silverman** & #
Mia Farrow*** & #
Lin-Manuel Miranda*

And The List Can Go On & On!


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