Saturday, December 15, 2018

WTF is this? Selective PC?

Selective Political Correctness?
Sure Looks It!
I’m Sure By Now You’ve Heard About The

PC Crowd Wanting to Ban That Great Song
“Baby It’s Cold Outside”
Dean Martin

They Claim It’s Sexist & That The Girl Is Saying No & 
The Male Won’t Take No For An Answer.

Hmm! That’s Funny Because Here’s a Song 
Where a Female Is Inviting Santa In a Very 
Sexy Voice Down Her Chimney & Sheez Not 
Talking About Santa Claus, Sounds More 
Like Sheez Inviting Someone In And Use 
Him As a Sex Object And To Get On With 
It As Long As He Provides Her With All 
Kinds of Material Things!

Santa Baby
Eartha Kitt

Why Hasn’t The PC Crowd
Jumped On This One? Hmm!
I Have Some Ideas But We’ll Let It Go!
After All It’s Christmas Time!

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