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A bit of history and some tidbits.
This day in Naval History
Nov. 28
1775—Birthday of the Chaplain Corps after Congress adopts the first "Rules for Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies."
1863—During the Civil War, the screw steam gunboat Chippewa convoys Army transport Monohansett and Mayflower up Skull Creek, SC, on a reconnaissance mission.
1941—USS Enterprise (CV 6) sails from Pearl Harbor for Wake Island to ferry Marine aircraft to the island. By Dec. 5, there are no carriers left at Pearl Harbor.
1944—In a multi-destroyer gun action, USS Saufley (DD 465), USS Waller (DD 466), USS Pringle (DD 477), and USS Renshaw (DD 499) sink the Japanese submarine I-46 in Leyte Gulf. 
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Executive Summary:
Today's top national headlines include Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith's victory in the Mississippi Senate runoff, a recently released government assessment on climate change, and ongoing coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the 2016 presidential election. The Navy is pushing to fund the upcoming Columbia-class ballistic-missile submarine outside the normal shipbuilding budget in order to help accelerate reaching the goal of a 355 ship fleet reports USNI News. "The Columbia will be funded; it's really the impact on the rest of the shipbuilding account that we have to negotiate with how we're going to cover down," said Vice Adm. Bill Merz. Speaking to the Senate Armed Services seapower subcommittee hearing, Navy acquisition chief Hondo Guerts said that the Navy expects to decide whether it should pursue a two-aircraft carrier buy by the end of the next month reports Inside Defense. Additionally, combatants from USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group completed the Navy's first East Coast SWATT exercise.
Today in History
November 28

Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, having discovered a strait at the tip of South America, enters the Pacific.

Natchez Indians massacre most of the 300 French settlers and soldiers at Fort Rosalie, Louisiana.

The Confederate Congress admits Missouri to the Confederacy, although Missouri has not yet seceded from the Union.

Mt. Etna in Sicily violently erupts.

The Modoc War of 1872-73 begins in northern California when fighting breaks out between Modoc Chief Captain Jack and a cavalry detail led by Captain James Jackson.

The British are victorious over the Boers at Modder River.

Lady Astor is elected the first woman in Parliament.

The forerunner of the Grand Ole Opry, called the WSM Barn Dance, opens in Nashville, Tennessee.

The German Reich declares all men ages 18 to 45 as army reservists.

Spanish leader Francisco Franco blockades the Spanish coast.

The Soviet Union scraps its nonaggression pact with Finland.

The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise departs from Pearl Harbor to deliver F4F Wildcat fighters to Wake Island. This mission saves the carrier from destruction when the Japanese attack.

Sir Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt meet at Tehran, Iran, to hammer out war aims.

The first shipment of supplies reach Antwerp by convoy, a new route for the Allies.

Dr. Edwin Land's first Polaroid cameras go on sale in Boston.

In Korea, 200,000 Communist troops launch attack on UN forces.

Ernie Davis becomes the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy.

Cape Canaveral is renamed Cape Kennedy.

The Anglican Church ordains the first two women as priests.

East Timor declares independence from Portugal.

Operation Morvarid (Iran-Iraq War); Iranian Navy destroys over 70% of Iraqi Navy.

Republican Robert Dole is elected Senate majority leader.

Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announces it will give up its monopoly on political power.

South Ossetia declares independence from Georgia.

Suicide bombers blow up an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.
This Week in American Military History:
Nov. 29, 1760:  Rogers' Rangers under the command of Massachusetts-born Maj. (future Lt. Col.) Robert Rogers capture Fort Detroit from the French. 
U.S. Army Rangers in the 20th and 21st centuries will trace their lineage to Rogers and his British Colonial irregulars.
Nov. 29, 1890:  Navy beats Army, 24-zip, in the first-ever Army (West
Point) – Navy (Annapolis) football game.
Nov. 29, 1929:  U.S. Navy Commander Richard E. Byrd Jr. makes the
first-ever flight over the South Pole. Byrd – a future rear admiral and recipient of the Medal of Honor for his 1926 flight over the North Pole – is the navigator of the South Pole
flight. His companions include pilot Bernt Balchen, radio operator Harold
June, and photographer Ashley McKinley. The team crosses the Pole in a modified Ford tri-motor airplane.
Nov. 30, 1864:  Confederate Army forces under the command of Gen. John Bell Hood (yes, Fort Hood, Texas is named in his honor) clash with Union forces under Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield (yes, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii is named in his honor) near Franklin, Tennessee in what is about to become a Union victory and one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. By early evening, thousands on both sides will have been killed, and six Confederate generals will be dead or mortally wounded. Confederate Private Sam Watkins of the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment will describe the battle as: "the blackest page in the history of the War of the
Lost Cause. It was the bloodiest battle of modern times in any war. It was the finishing stroke to the Independence of the Southern Confederacy. I was there. I saw it." Schofield, who will receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during the 1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek (Missouri), is destined for a third star, a posting as U.S. Secretary of War, and the title, commanding general of the U.S. Army.
Dec. 3, 1775:  The Grand Union Flag (not to be confused with S.C. militia Col. Christopher Gadsden's rattlesnake flag or the Betsy Ross flag) is raised above the 20-gun Continental ship, Alfred.  The ship, originally named Black Prince, has been renamed in honor of Alfred the Great.The hoisting of the "Grand Union" colors is the first time an American flag is raised above an American warship. On an interesting aside, Alfred will be part of the small flotilla that participates in America's first amphibious operation – Continental Marines and sailors seizing gunpowder and a few cannon from British-held Fort Montague in the Bahamas – the following March.
Dec. 4, 1783:  Gen. George Washington bids farewell to the officers of the Continental Army at Fraunces Tavern in New York. According to the memoirs of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge:  "After the officers had taken a glass of wine, General Washington said 'I cannot come to each of you but shall feel obliged if each of you will come and take me by the hand.' General Knox being nearest to him turned to the Commander-in-chief who, suffused in tears, was incapable of utterance but grasped his hand when they embraced each other in silence. In the same affectionate manner every officer in the room marched up and parted with his general in chief."
A bit on Ted Williams from the archives. Compare this Marine to the professional players of today. They are not in the same league with him.
Thanks to Shadow
As a kid who played a lot of baseball… Ted Williams was my idol. He was also my dad's favorite ball player. Growing up as a Navy Brat, I thought it was cool that he had been a Marine, serving both in WW II and Korea. I also heard stories and rumors that he may not have served as honorable as one would hope. Turned out, that's all they were… Rumors.
I finally had the chance to get the straight scoop on Williams from John Verdi who was a squadron and tent mate with Williams when he was in VMF-311 in Korea. John absolutely refuted any inference that Williams did not carry his load… actually quite the contrary. It was John and the others in the tent who forced the grounding of Williams because of his pneumonia. Williams refused to go to the Flight Surgeon because he knew the snipers would be out to get him and claim he was a malingerer. Instead he continued to fly long after he should have been grounded.
On the famous gear up landing… John was a witness to it and opined that anyone other than Williams probably couldn't have pulled it off… He made a perfect gear up landing at over 200 knots… no drop tanks to soften the landing. 
Couple of anecdotes… John said Ted was a "World Class Bitcher"… Complained about everything… The weather, the food, The Corps, the Commies and the cold. But NOT ONCE… did he ever try to snivel out of a hop or mission, no matter how dangerous or how crappy the weather was. John said he and his squadron mates were absolutely supportive of Williams and pointed out his recall to Active Duty was nothing more than a PR stunt and political move. He pointed out that Williams was not even in the Active Reserves and had never even flown any military airplane since WW II… much less a jet, when called back on Active Duty. There were thousands of Active Reserves far more qualified. In conclusion, he said Ted was a stand up guy! They stayed in contact with each other until Ted died.
Thanks to CVAT for this....Hal
 Even if your not a baseball fan this an interesting story.  Probably many Boston Red Sox and Williams fans aren't aware of this part of his history.
When asked to name the greatest team he was ever on,
Ted Williams said, "The US Marines".
Ted Williams was John Glenn's wingman flying F-9Fs in Korea.
I didn't know this about Ted Williams.............

Ted Williams was John Glenn's wingman on F-9Fs in Korea.
The Boston Red Sox slugger, who wore No. 9 as a major leaguer, would now be assigned to an F-9 Panther jet as a pilot. Ted flew a total of 39 combat missions in Korea. He was selected by his commander John Glenn (later the astronaut, senator, and 'septuagenonaut') to fly as Glenn's wingman.
While flying an air strike on a troop encampment near Kyomipo, Williams' F-9 was hit by hostile ground fire. Ted commented later: "The funny thing was I didn't feel anything. I knew I was hit when the stick started shaking like mad in my hands. Then everything went out, my radio, my landing gear, everything. The red warning lights were on all over the plane." The F-9 Panther had a centrifugal flow engine and normally caught fire when hit. The tail would literally blow off most stricken aircraft. The standard orders were to eject from any Panther with a fire in the rear of the plane. Ted's aircraft was indeed on fire, and was trailing smoke and flames. Glenn and the other pilots on the mission were yelling over their radios for Williams to get out. However, with his radio out, Williams could not hear their warnings and he could not see the condition of the rear of his aircraft. Glenn and another Panther flown by Larry Hawkins came up alongside Williams and lead him to the nearest friendly airfield. Fighting to hold the plane together, Ted brought his Panther in at more than 200-MPH for a crash landing on the Marsden-matted strip. With no landing gear, dive brakes, or functioning flaps, the flaming Panther jet skidded down the runway for more than 3000 feet. Williams got out of the aircraft only moments before it was totally engulfed in flames. Ted Williams survived his tour of duty in Korea and returned to major league baseball.
  Pssst: Ted missed out flying combat missions during WW II, because his flying and gunnery skills were so good that he was kept as an instructor for much of the War. During advanced training at Pensacola, Florida Ted would accurately shoot the sleeve targets to shreds while shooting out of wing-overs, zooms, and barrel rolls. He broke the all time record for 'hits' at the school. Following Pensacola, Ted was sent to Jacksonville for advanced gunnery training. This is the payoff test for potential combat pilots. Ted set all the records for reflexes, coordination, and visual reaction time. As a result of his stunning success he was made an instructor at Bronson field to put Marine aviation cadets through their final paces. By 1945 Ted got his wish and was finally transferred to a combat wing, but weeks later the War was over. He was discharged from the military in December of 1945. Seven years later, in December of 1952, Ted was recalled to active duty as a Marine Corps fighter pilot.
Thanks to Chuck..If you want to read the whole report you can to the site and sign up.
Yowser !!!
A Near Catastrophe:  Within Feet of Becoming the Worst Air Disaster
Just before midnight on July 7, 2017, an Air Canada Airbus A320 came within a few seconds of landing atop a line of four airliners waiting on a parallel taxiway to take off from Runway 28R at San Francisco International Airport (KSFO). Were it not for alerts from two of the waiting crews and instantaneous corrective action, the resulting carnage would likely have been massive and the human suffering incalculable.
The incident occurred in clear weather. Crews in the airplanes sitting on Taxiway C — a United Boeing 787, a Philippine Airlines Airbus A340, another United 787 and a United Boeing 737 — could see a stream of inbound aircraft at least 15 mi. long. The waiting crews were impatient. Departure delays were running at least 30 min. because Runway 28L was closed for construction, thus arrivals and departures were sharing 28R.
Air Canada Flight 759 from Toronto with a crew of five and 135 passengers was on a 1-mi. final completing the FMS Bridge Visual Approach to 28R (see the approach plate). The Airbus had been cleared to land on 28R, but something just didn't look right to the crews of the first two airplanes waiting on the taxiway. The Airbus seemed to be heading right at them.
The captain of the first airplane in the taxiway queue (UAL Flight 1), thumbed his mic and said, "Where is that guy going?" The crew of Philippine Airlines (PAL Flight 115) saw what was happening and selected their lights to TAKEOFF mode thus lighting the taxiway before them along with the empennage of UAL 1.
The Air Canada Airbus descended to 100 ft. AGL and roared over the first United 787. At that point the tower controller realized what was happening and ordered the Airbus to go missed, but by then the Airbus crew had realized their mistake and begun a go-around. Still, the Air Canada aircraft continued to descend to a minimum altitude of about 60 ft. AGL as it overflew the second airplane on the taxiway, clearing the A340's tail by about 20 ft. before it started to climb.
No one was hurt, no metal was bent, but the system had come close to total failure, putting hundreds of people at risk.
Thanks to  Carl
Trump's behavior toward military 'disturbing': Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal - ABC News
The fact he dedicated his book to John Lewis (a Rep not Sen) and John McCain tells one all they need to know!!
thanks to Cindy - 
Item Number:1 Date: 11/28/2018 AFGHANISTAN - 3 U.S. TROOPS DIE IN ROADSIDE BOMBING IN DEADLIEST INCIDENT IN 2018 (NOV 28/MIL)  MILITARY.COM -- Three U.S. troops have been killed and four injured in the deadliest attack on American forces in Afghanistan this year, reports   The troops were on their way to the Andar district to join operations against insurgents when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device outside of Ghazni city, said a spokesman for the governor of Ghazni province cited by the Stars and Stripes.   An American civilian contractor was among those injured in the attack.   The injured personnel were evacuated and are receiving medical treatment, the officials said.   The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the attack. The militant group has been increasing its activity in the region in recent months.   An investigation is currently underway, the Pentagon said.   Separately, the U.S. Army Ranger killed in action in Afghanistan on Nov. 24 was likely shot accidentally by Afghan troops, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan said in a statement on Tuesday. Initial interviews with witnesses revealed no indication that the soldier was shot intentionally, the statement said.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 11/28/2018 AFGHANISTAN - GHANI ANNOUNCES GOVERNMENT TEAM TO LEAD NEGOTIATIONS WITH TALIBAN (NOV 28/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- The Afghan government has formed a team to negotiate with the Taliban, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   On Tuesday, President Ashraf Ghani announced the 12-member body at a U.N. conference in Geneva focusing on Afghan development and security.   The team will be led by presidential chief of staff Salam Rahimi, he said.   The objective is to reach an agreement that would include the Taliban in a democratic and inclusive society, said Ghani. However, no group with terrorist ties will be permitted to join the political process.   The move comes as the U.S. is trying to conduct its own talks with the Taliban.   Taliban officials met for three days with U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in Qatar earlier this month.   A Taliban delegation also traveled to Russia last week for an international peace conference.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 11/28/2018 CHINA - PRIVATE SECTOR SEES GROWING ROLE IN MILITARY MODERNIZATION (NOV 28/SCMP)  SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST -- The Chinese private sector is increasingly contributing to the development of military technologies, reports the South China Morning Post.   The latest developments by private industry were shown off at Air Show China in Zuhai earlier this month. These included the Velociraptor hard-kill active protection system for ground vehicles and the QN-506 combat support vehicle.   President Xi Jinping first called on the private sector to play a larger role in military development in 2014. Previously, defense industry was the purview of the state.   The goal is to drive innovation, reduce costs and accelerate military modernization.   Chinese firms are increasingly relying on advanced technologies from civilian firms, noted one analyst.   Observers have expressed concern that commercial technologies shared with Chinese companies could end up in the hands of the military.   In May, the Pentagon stopped the sale of Huawei and ZTE cell phones at its bases amid concerns that technology in the phones could be used by the Chinese military to track U.S. troop movements and communications.  
 Item Number:5 Date: 11/28/2018 FRANCE - SENIOR OFFICIAL ARRESTED ON CHARGES OF SPYING FOR N. KOREA (NOV 28/ABC)  ABC NEWS -- A French official has been arrested on allegations of spying for North Korea, reports ABC News.   On Tuesday, prosecutors said only that a French official had been arrested for spying on behalf of an unnamed foreign country.   A government source identified the man as an employee of the French Senate with extensive expertise on North Korea, reported Agence France-Presse.   The suspect, accused of passing information to Pyongyang, was arrested on Sunday, said the source.   The French domestic security and intelligence agency, DGSI, is conducting the investigation, noted Reuters.  
  Item Number:6 Date: 11/28/2018 GEORGIA - NEW ACCORD AFFIRMS GERMAN SUPPORT FOR NATO INTEGRATION (NOV 28/AGENDA)  AGENDA -- The defense ministers of Georgia and Germany have signed a new military cooperation agreement that includes a German pledge to support Tbilisi's NATO integration efforts, reports the Agenda (Georgia).   On Tuesday, Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria met with his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen in Berlin.   The ministers signed an agreement covering priorities for bilateral relations in the defense and security fields.   For the first time, Germany affirmed its support for Georgia's integration with NATO and its commitment to provide "maximal assistance" as Tbilisi seeks to join the alliance.   Izoria also informed von der Leyen about Georgia's military reform efforts.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 11/28/2018 LEBANON - ANOTHER BATCH OF DONATED MILITARY EQUIPMENT FROM FRANCE ARRIVES (NOV 28/DAILYSTAR)  DAILY STAR -- The Lebanese army has received its latest batch of donated weapons and armored vehicles from France, reports the Daily Star (Beirut).   On Tuesday, 10 VAB HOT Mephisto 4 x 4 armored vehicles, 96 HOT anti-tank missiles and two simulation systems were delivered to the Lebanese army, the French embassy in Beirut said in a statement.   The donation is part of an enhanced cooperation plan with Lebanon and will improve the Lebanese army's counterterrorism capabilities, said the statement, as cited by the Anadolu Agency (Turkey).   The VAB HOT Mephisto is armed with eight HOT missiles, which are tube-launched and optically tracked using a semi-automatic command to line-of-sight (SACLOS) guidance system.   The vehicle features direct-fire capability against tanks or fortifications at ranges up to 4,370 yards (4,000 m). The donated vehicles were recently retired from the French army. Another 10 Mephisto vehicles will be delivered soon, officials said.   France has provided about US$50.9 million (45 million euros) in grants to enhance the capabilities of the Lebanese army over the last two years, said the embassy
  Item Number:9 Date: 11/28/2018 RUSSIA - 4TH S-400 BATTALION HEADED TO CRIMEA (NOV 28/INT)  INTERFAX -- An additional battalion of S-400 air defense systems is on its way to Crimea, reports Russia's Interfax news agency.   The unit has completed testing and is being prepared for transport to the peninsula, the Southern Military District said on Wednesday, as reported by Russia's Tass news agency.   The battalion is expected to be operational by the end of the year, reported Reuters.   The move comes amid increasing friction between Russia and Ukraine. On Sunday, Russian warships seized three Ukrainian vessels as they attempted to pass through a strait between mainland Russia and Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Moscow in 2014.   At least three S-400 battalions are known to be stationed on the peninsula in the cities of Yevpatoria, Feodosiya and Sevastopol, Tass news reported at the time.   The deployment was likely planned well in advance, but the timing of the announcement may have been intended to send a message to Ukraine and the West that it will defend the occupied territory.   Separately, Russian minehunter Vice Admiral Zakharin was seen heading for the Sea of Azov, near where the initial confrontation occurred
Item Number:10 Date: 11/28/2018 SOMALIA - CAR BOMBER KILLS 8 IN ATTACK ON MARKET IN MOGADISHU (NOV 28/GAROWE)  GAROWE ONLINE -- At least eight people have been killed and 15 injured in a car bombing in Mogadishu, reports the Garowe Online (Somalia).   On Monday, police stopped a vehicle at a security checkpoint near a busy market south of the Wadajir district. The explosives went off as it was being searched.   The driver of the vehicle was being questioned by police when the bomb went off, reported Agence France-Presse. He was subsequently taken into custody, police officials said.   No group immediately claimed responsibility, but Al-Shabaab is believed to be behind the attack. The terrorist group attacked the same market with a similar car bomb last year.   The bombing came a few hours after Al-Shabaab militants attacked a religious center in Galkayo in central Somalia, killing 18 people including a controversial cleric.   Al-Shabaab accused Abdiweli Ali Elmi of insulting the Prophet Muhammed, charges the cleric denied, reporter Reuters.   Three militants who participated in the attack were killed, police said
  Item Number:12 Date: 11/28/2018 USA - CAIRO SEEKS ADVANCED APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTERS (NOV 28/DSCA)  U.S. DEFENSE SECURITY COOPERATION AGENCY -- The State Dept. has approved the potential sale of advanced attack helicopters to Egypt, reports the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency.   The proposed US$1 billion deal covers 10 AH-64E Apache helicopters.   The possible sale also includes 24 1700-GE-701D engines; 12 Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sights/Pilot Night Vision Sensors (M-TADS/PNVS); 24 Honeywell Embedded Global Positioning Systems (GPS) with inertial navigation system (INS); 24 M299 Hellfire Launchers; 135 Hellfire missiles; five AGM-114R M36E9 captive air- training missiles (CATM); and 12 AAR-57(V) Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS).   Other equipment that could be included in the deal are 30-mm M230 cannons; AVR-2B laser detection sets; AN/ARC-201E SINCGARS radios; AN/APR-39D radar warning receivers; and associated technical and logistics support.   Egypt aims to expand its attack helicopter fleet to address terrorist activity in the Sinai peninsula, said the DSCA.  
  Item Number:13 Date: 11/28/2018 USA - LOCKHEED AWARDED CONTRACT FOR 2ND PHASE OF INFRARED SENSOR PROGRAM FOR SUPER HORNET FIGHTER JET (NOV 28/LM)  LOCKHEED MARTIN -- Lockheed Martin has received another contract for the development of infrared search and track (IRST) sensors for Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft, reports the defense firm.   Boeing, the prime contractor for the program, awarded Lockheed a US$108 million contract for the second phase of the project, covering the development, platform integration, flight test and qualification of the IRST21 Block II sensor system, said a company statement on Monday.   The IRST21 is mounted in the nose of the Super Hornet's centerline fuel tank and uses advanced infrared search-and-track technology to detect and track airborne threats in radar-denied environments, said Lockheed.   A project timeline was not disclosed.  
  Item Number:14 Date: 11/28/2018 USA - SANCTIONS IMPOSED ON TOP NICARAGUAN OFFICIALS (NOV 28/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- The U.S. Treasury Dept. has announced new sanctions against Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo and presidential security adviser Nestor Moncada Lau, reports BBC News.   The sanctions target the officials responsible for a bloody crackdown on demonstrations that began in April, the Treasury Dept. said on Tuesday.   Under the sanctions, U.S. individuals, banks and other entities are barred from carrying out transactions with the officials. Any assets in the U.S. will be frozen.   Murillo, the wife of President Daniel Ortega, has ruled jointly with her husband for more than 10 years.   She is believed to wield significant influence over a youth organization that carried out extrajudicial killings, torture and kidnapping of protesters.   The vice president is also believed to control police forces, which have been accused of abetting youth mobs.   Moncada is accused of carrying out orders by paying armed groups to attack protesters during demonstrations earlier this year.   More than 300 people have been killed since the anti-government protests began in April
  Item Number:15 Date: 11/28/2018 USA - SOLDIERS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR DEATH OF AFGHAN COMMANDO (NOV 28/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- The U.S. Army is investigating the death of an Afghan commando suspected of carrying out an insider attack in October, reports the New York Times.   The U.S. is investigating potential misconduct during the incident and will hold individuals accountable as appropriate, a spokesman for the American-led mission in Afghanistan said on Monday.   The Czech Republic is conducting its own investigation, said the ministry of defense in Prague.   The Afghan commando was believed to be responsible for an Oct. 22 attack at Shindand air base in Herat province that killed a Czech soldier and wounded two others.   Wahidullah Khan was arrested shortly after the attack and transferred to NATO custody. When he was returned to Afghan custody later that night, he had been beaten and was unconscious, according to Afghan officials. He died shortly thereafter.   A team from the Army's 7th Special Forces Group is believed to have helped transfer Khan to Czech troops, who beat him. The team has been withdrawn from Afghanistan, said a U.S. official.  

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