Monday, December 24, 2018

President Trumps Christmas Gift To Humanity!

Trump Makes Surprise Christmas Eve Decision On Southern Border!

In a Bold Surprise Move & In Honor of 
The Christmas Holidays & Spirit 
President Trump Has Ordered Border Patrol 
To Open The Border And Allow Any 
Democrats Who Would Like To Migrate 
To Mexico Or South America To Pass Through.
If Transportation Is Needed, Nancy Pelosi's Jet
(Pictured Above) & Seized Tractor Trailers From 
Captured Human Smugglers & Coyotes Will Be Provided.

        Bernie Sanders Has Addressed Thousands!
         He Has Also Gathered The Masses & 
       They Are  Preparing For The Mass Exodus!
Some Are So Anxious To Get On With Their New Life      They Decided They Couldn't Wait Any Longer!

After Hearing The News & Taking Partial Credit For The Move Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Seen Heading North With Some Intellect Friends Of Hers!

               Here Is Bernie Being Cheered On!

On The Other End Of The Spectrum However Hillary Was Overheard Saying If You All Leave Who The Hell 
         Is Gonna Vote For Me Next Election?

As You Can See In The Photo Above
She Doesn't Look Too Happy Does She?  
Bernie Looked Worried As If 
He Was Afraid She Might 
Attack Him Like She Attacked Bill Over 
His Encounters In The Oval Office!

 In The Photo Above The Trump Supporters, 
Tax Payers & The Unborn Were Elated 
When They Heard The News!

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