Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Trump Gets Dems Fired Up, Man Heez Good at This Stuff!

Sessions Resigns and Trump Administration
Has Replacement all Ready to Go In!
Man Trump is Good at This Stuff!
Here's a Pic of Trump Reaming Him Out!
Image result for sessions resigns 
Trump said that he was naming Matthew Whitaker, Session's chief of staff, as acting attorney general until he names a permanent replacement.  
Whitaker was in favor of releasing 
documents that showed the fake dossier that 
Democratic operatives ordered!

Trump is Showing These Dems How to Play Ball!
Word Has It Rosenstein is next! 

Image result for Matthew Whitaker 
Get ready For A Barrage of Attacks 
By The Stymied Dems 
& Crooked News Outlets! 

When they Write a Book About Trumps Years 
as President it Will Bigger in Pages 
Than The Affordable Care Act.

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