Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Isn't This Rich, Now they're Bashing Melania!

Dems & Left Winged Crooked Media 

Bashing Melania Trump for 

White House Christmas decorations 

latest sign of media bias against 

President Trump & His Family

Melania Trump unveiled the White House’s Christmas d├ęcor for the second year in a row and she is being attacked, mocked and even vilified for the people's house’s holiday furnishings, which many critics feel is a sign of widespread hypocrisy, imagine the nerve of these BUMS!

What I Think is Really Pissing Them Off is Her Great Taste 
& Her Sheer Beauty That We Now Have in The White House!

I was thinking about doing a little something about the last residents 
but I'll be nice for the holidays & let it go.

She Was Criticized Last Year For The All White Theme & Now This Year They're Attacking Her For The Patriotic Red Theme
With Many a Fool Claiming it Looks Like Handmaids Outfits in 
"The Handmaids Tales".
This Makes it Clearly Obvious That This Is 
Another Racial Attack On The Trumps!

 Even House Beautiful, a lifestyle magazine geared towards interior decorators, launched a full-blown attack on the decorations with a feature headlined, “So, The 2018 White House Christmas Theme Is Apparently ‘The Shining.’”

So Be Sure To Boycott That Publication From Now On! 

And Boycott All The Un-Patriotic TV Channels And Publications, Need I List Them, You Know Them By Now!

Enjoy Some of These Beautiful Photos!

Merry Christmas To All

And To All,

Wake Up America

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