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TheList 4852 - get out and vote

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Do A Hundred Yards For Captain Jackson

If Christian and conservative Americans do not sufficiently rouse themselves and get to the polls this time around, in order to make the crucial difference, nearly all 250 years of our existence will have been just a pitiful waste of time

Do A Hundred Yards For Captain Jackson

By Dave Merrick ——  November 5, 2018

You probably don't remember Captain Arthur J. Jackson. At 19 he was 'PFC Jackson', a kid Marine in World War II's South Pacific Theatre on Peleliu Island. With his outfit pinned down by intense enemy fire and his brother Marines with their hands full just surviving, Jackson's sergeant asked him if he could secure a point in a trench about a football field away from where they were stuck. It wasn't an order. It was just a fast honest query. Private Jackson's reply was an appropriately eloquent, "Yeah." He was given leave with a good 'God speed'. The young soldier slapped a fresh clip in his M1 and went for broke. A half an hour later he had single-handedly cleared the South quarter of Peleliu. A dozen decommissioned pillboxes and 50 dead enemy soldiers were left in his wake.
Why in the world did he do that? It was his contribution to the brawl that kept the world from being overtaken by a demonic anti-Semitic German dictator and an out-of-control Japanese Emperor. It was another installment in the bloody dues paid to be a part of the family of caretakers who formed and nurtured the God-graced freedoms of our historically singular Constitutional United States of America. Private First Class AJ Jackson eventually became Captain Arthur J. Jackson before his service career ended. And in that time he received several high commendations, including the Congressional Medal of Honor for his super heroic actions on Peleliu. Growing up, though I never met or heard about brave Captain Jackson, I nevertheless learned to respect men and women of his caliber, their efforts and sacrifices.
In 2018, a measly 70+ years after that fight, most high school and college-age kids, and older, have no idea what any of our wars have been about, where they occurred, or how many have died entirely in defense of their freedom to maintain such an abysmal ignorance. In fact, so many people - kids, their parents and even their silver-ponytailed grandparents - don't have a nodding acquaintance with the knowledge of our awakening enemies who are now returning toward us with a revitalized vigor and determination. They are completely determined - as driven as their forefathers - to destroy what is left of 242 years of grace and liberty they could never establish in their own lands. Most of today's Americans do not take to heart the fact that a lot of the contrived global hatred toward us is rooted in nothing more than plain jealousy. And at least half of us don't understand that our previous president is unashamedly inspired by his pagan father's begrudging malice toward our great nation. Fewer still realize how he used his eight years to plant pieces of a bad governance and social contagion that will not rest until that cancer has consumed its host—us.
And here we are, poised on the evening of very probably the most important elections we will ever see. In the death grip of a warped, left-loving press, we are seeing what amounts to a collective Hitler - made up of half-baked socialist and communist leaders known as democrats - who will not relent short of victory. And they have orchestrated an attack upon our country. They have most recently called for legions of unemployed and desperate haters of America, in order to help turn the remnants of safety and stability of our now fragile nation completely upside down.
[It has recently been revealed that Texas' senatorial candidate, 'Beto' O'Rourke has actually been aiding and abetting (feeding and encouraging and financing, at least) a lot of that world's largest unemployment line - a.k.a. 'the caravans'.] Like their models: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and many others, they know that—with the help of a truth-bending news media and a nation full of gullible, tv-trained adults and ignorant kids—they have the greatest chance of gaining control when everything is whipped to a froth and out-of-control. And much of the mess is entirely the result of confused and Godless people thrown about like sheep in a hailstorm of twisted rhetoric. Just words. Truly, we are now under a relentless barrage of lies and vainglorious babbling that sound just as convincing as the stupid movies, soap operas, sitcoms and dramas that have been shaping so much of America's opinions and morality.
And if good men and women stand by and do nothing at this crucial point, Captain Arthur J. Jackson will have made his hundred yard dash for nothing. He and so many heroes like him will have given all they had just so a contented and self-satisfied 21st century America can play video games while mom watches Joy and Whoopi promote baby killing, cut down our God and Creator, and further lacerate the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan. And numbskulls like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters and a host of other weirdos will continue to be lauded and applauded as they fully accomplish their dreams to bind, gag and disarm us. I will say this again: If the left gets its hands back on this nation ever again, they will do exactly as they have threatened. And we will be no more.

The Pacific Battle of Peleliu - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=Mel9s2IXKHg


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