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To All,
I hope that your weekend was a good one.  Tomorrow is voting day and a lot is riding on it. Each vote counts make sure yours is one of them.
This day in Naval History
The List 4850 

Nov. 5
1775—Commodore Esek Hopkins is appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Navy. Early in 1778, he is dismissed from his position due to dissatisfaction with his service but remains popular in his local community, serving in the Rhode Island Legislature.
1915—Lt. Cmdr. Henry C. Mustin, in an AB-2 flying boat, makes the first underway catapult launch from a ship, USS North Carolina (ACR 12) at Pensacola Bay, FL. This experimental work leads to the use of catapults on battleships and cruisers through World War II and to the steam catapults on present-day aircraft carriers.
1917—While escorting a convoy enroute to Brest, France, USS Alcedo (SP 166) is torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UC-71. Twenty-one crewmembers are lost with the ship.
1943—PB4Ys from Patrol Bombing Squadron VB-107 and U.S. Army Air Forces B-25s sink the German submarine U-848 480 miles southwest of Ascension Island.
1944—Aircraft from USS Essex (CV 9), as part of Vice Adm. John S. McCain's Task Force 38's two-day carrier strikes in the Philippines, sink the Japanese cruiser Nachi in Manila Bay.
1945—Ensign Jake C. West, embarked with VF-51 aboard USS Wake Island (CVE 65) for carrier qualifications with the FR-1 aircraft, loses power on the forward radial engine shortly after taking off, forcing him to start his rear engine. Returning to his ship, he makes a successful landing, thus becoming the first jet landing aboard an aircraft carrier.
1986—Three navy ships, USS Reeves (CG 24), USS Oldendorf (DD 972), and USS Rentz (FFG 46) visit China for the first time in 37 years. Embarked on the Reeves is the Commander and Chief of the U.S. Pacific fleet.
2007—Amphibious assault ship Tarawa (LHA 1), with Marines of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit embarked, sails on her 14th and final deployment from San Diego, CA. The ship supports Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, visits four continents, and provides humanitarian relief to people in Bangladesh and Djibouti. Tarawa returns June 2008, and is decommissioned after 32 years of service on March 31, 2009.
2010—Fleet Weather Center San Diego is established at NAS North Island, CA. This completed the relocation of Naval Aviation Forecasting Detachment San Diego, Strike Group Oceanography Team San Diego, and Naval Maritime Forecast Center to the command.
Thanks to CHINFO
Executive Summary:
In national news today, top headlines include numerous reports on polls and campaigns ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections, and reports of a hit-and-run in in Wisconsin involving two Girl Scouts and a chaperone who were killed on a highway roadside while picking up litter. USS Ronald Reagan joined Japanese destroyers and a Canadian warship for the biggest combat readiness war game ever staged in and Japan reports Reuters. "We are here to stabilize, and preserve our capability should it be needed. Exercises like Keen Sword are exactly the kind of thing we need to do," said Rear Adm. Karl Thomas. Navy Times reports on the Navy's efforts to provide relief to the island of Tinian following Typhoon Yutu. "Having seen the extreme damage caused by the typhoon on both Tinian and Saipan, I couldn't be prouder of all the work that our sailors and Marines are doing to help our fellow American citizens," said Rear Adm. Brad Cooper. Additionally, CNN reports that the U.S. Navy has had 18 unsafe or unprofessional encounters with China since 2016.
Today in History November 5

The port of Damietta falls to the Crusaders after a siege.

The Emperor Akbar defeats the Hindus at Panipat and secures control of the Mogul Empire.

Guy Fawkes is betrayed and arrested in an attempt to blow up the British Parliament in the "Gunpowder Plot." Ever since, England has celebrated Guy Fawkes Day.

The Iroquois League signs a peace treaty with the French, vowing not to wage war with other tribes under French protection.

Frederick II of Prussia defeats the French at Rosbach in the Seven Years War.

William Johnson, the northern Indian Commissioner, signs a treaty with the Iroquois Indians to acquire much of the land between the Tennessee and Ohio rivers for future settlement.

Having decided to abandon the Niagara frontier, the American army blows up Fort Erie.

Afghanistan surrenders to the British army.

British and French defeat the Russians at Inkerman, Crimea.

President Abraham Lincoln relieves General George McClellan of command of the Union armies and names Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside commander of the Army of the Potomac.

Susan B. Anthony is arrested for trying to vote.

Calbraith P. Rodgers ends first transcontinental flight--49 days from New York to Pasadena, Calif.

Woodrow Wilson is elected 28th president of the United States.

France and Great Britain declare war on Turkey.

General John Pershing leads U.S. troops into the first American action against German forces.

Sinclair Lewis becomes the first American to win a Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel Babbit.

Parker Brothers company launches "Monopoly," a game of real estate and capitalism.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected for third term.

Richard Nixon is elected 37th president of the United States.

Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn, New York, becomes the first elected African American woman to serve in the House of Representatives.

Andre Dallaire's attempt to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is foiled when the minister's wife locks the door.

Gary Ridgway, known as the Green River Killer, pleads guilty to 48 counts of murder.

Former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein, along with Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, is sentenced to death for the massacre of 148 Shi'a Muslims in 1982.

Chang'e 1, China's first lunar satellite, begins its orbit of the moon.

The deadliest mass shooting at a US military installation occurs at Fort Hood, Texas, when US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan kills 13 and wounds 29.
Thanks to Clyde
About 28 mins of USN Aviation Carrier History.
Thanks to David …
Thanks to Dutch R
Alaska weather vane ...
I remember this very well. The B-52s were going the same way each night and getting smacked. I had a friend who I ran into later that was a B-52 pilot and was in all those missions. He had quite a story to tell.
Thanks to Ed
You may recall the exchange we had on General Sullivan's against the grain decision making after the first 3 nights of LB II. I passed your comments on to his son Ray and am glad to say they've updated the work to reflect more on his Dad's stand up to SAC. FYI, my original background info is below the announcement.
Update, Pac 6: A General's Decision, a documentary on Linebacker II, has been updated to reflect more on Gen Sullivan. From his son Ray:
... Coming up... I'm very excited for this presentation! LaGrange College's (and Humans of LaGrange on fb) Coral Douglas provided an original score for the film directed by Barry Dycus... here is a blurb from the B-52 Stratofortress Association...
B-52 Stratofortress Association
On November 10, The Museum of Flight will host a screening for a new film called Pac 6: A General's Decision. Filmmakers Barry Dycus and Ray Sullivan have created this documentary to tell the story of General Glenn R. Sullivan (Ray's father), who corrected the course of action for Operation Linebacker II, leading to the release of 591 U.S. POW's. The newly completed documentary will debut here at the Museum. We're honored to have Ray Sullivan host the premiere screening on the eve of Veterans Day in our William M. Allen Theater.
Here is some info on the screening from our website:
"PAC 6 A General's Decision" evening film screening
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM | William M. Allen Theater, PCW
Filmmaker Ray Sullivan will present a new film documentary, directed by Barry Dycus, about his father, Brigadier General Glenn R. Sullivan, who was responsible for changes in tactics in the Linebacker II operation of Vietnam the Vietnam War, a decision that ultimately sacrificed his career. Refreshments and meet-and-greet in PCW starting at 5:30pm, program and screening begins at 6:30 in the William Allen theater, followed by Q&A and a special recognition of Vietnam Veterans in attendance.
We feel this is an especially important film for Project Welcome Home because Operation Linebacker II serves as a focal point for everything we will accomplish by building the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. This film will drive home the effort to free our POW's and the great sacrifices that were made to accomplish that task. We hope to share that message with as many people as possible.>
Subject: FW: Linebacker II and Brigadier General Glen R. Sullivan (8)
Whether you spent 18 hours watching Ken Burns Vietnam documentary or as many vets did, just skipped it, I think you owe it to yourself to spend 30 minutes or so watching this video on Linebacker II and the career ending courage of Brigadier General Glenn R. Sullivan who jumped his chain of command after the first three nights of disastrous same tactics over and over for the B-52's and changed the way the rest of LB II was conducted. Real leadership
As an add - Recognizing the magnitude of events and the bravery of the BUFF crews on missions far more dangerous than any they had previously flown, to perceive LB II only from the perspective of B-52 strikes is to miss significant pieces of the operation. Often left without discussion are the night low level missions to Haiphong by the A-6 Intruder squadrons: VA-115 Midway, VA-196 Enterprise, VA-35 America, VA-145 Ranger and VA-75 Saratoga.
Christmas '72 Stories: (2) Night time in the Red River Valley (

'Those of us who came home will never forget those who could not'
Merry Christmas to all 45 years later
From: Ray Sullivan/Barry Dycus [mailto:linebackervideo@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 7:34 AM
To: Grayjr
Subject: Linebacker II
December 18, 1972.... 45 years ago today began one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of the Vietnam conflict. It was the "solution", the final piece to getting the POWs returned and resolving our involvement In Vietnam. Yet, these 11 days are often overlooked, mischaracterized or eliminated from the historical perspective. 
We toast ALL of those involved in those 11 days in whatever capacity, whatever your task, whatever your branch of service. You did an amazing job and proved what could be done if the will was present. We especially give thanks and remembrance to those who did not return, for it is through them that we are allowed to live the lives we do today. 
Pay a visit today to www.linebacker2.com and especially the "Day by Day" page to remember the reality of those 11 days. On the "Scenes" page is some video, part of which is edited and titled "Sully: A General's Decision" directed by Barry Dycus

"Sully: A General's Decision"


Linebacker II was the primary military mission that led to the end of the US involvement in the Vietnam War. Most importantly, it secured the release of our POWs, some of whom had been held in extreme, unimaginable and torturous conditions for more than 7 years. Taking place in and around Hanoi, the most heavily defended city in the world at the time, Linebacker II was quite possibly the most intense use of air power in our nation’s history.
“PAC 6: A General's Decision” is the the story of the decisions made by Brigadier General Glenn R. Sullivan and others which enabled the success of the Linebacker II mission. It is also the story of the General's son and his own search for understanding and the truths of his father’s involvement.
After losing nine B-52s which was attributed to methods originated not in the battlefield but in Omaha, Nebraska, something needed to be done. General Sullivan, along with staff and crew members, developed and recommended new tactics sent directly to General J.C. Meyer, Commander of Strategic Air Command (SAC). By taking this direct action for the sake of expedience, General Sullivan bypassed his immediate supervisor, thus jumping the “chain of command”. The changes were effective and resulted in achieving the goals of getting the North Vietnamese back to the negotiating table, securing the release of the POWs, and saving the lives of untold numbers of crew members..Ironically, Sullivan’s action came at the expense of his beloved career in the Air Force.

Please view in HD 
and full screen by using buttons 
on bottom right of screen.

An original film about operation Linebacker II that brought an end to America's involvement in the Vietnam war. ...
if you have about 35 minutes, I think you will find it interesting.
I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Utapao Alumni Reunion in Dayton, OH this year! What a thrill it was for me to meet all these folks who were at UT at some point and many of them during Linebacker II. My presentation included a piece on Bud Day (the POWs were a primary reason for the effort) and also "Sully: A General's Decision". I was well received and look forward to being with that group again. It was a great experience. I'm occasionally asked to speak to groups and do so willingly. It is an untold story that keeps unfolding all the time. There is rarely a week goes by that I am not contacted by someone about Linebacker II. My friend, Karl Eschmann, who wrote the original book about Linebacker II "Linebacker the Untold Story..." also has a presentation he does about Linebacker I and II. Karl is, I think, the preeminent authority on both I and II and includes all aircraft in his presentation, not just the B-52.
The story lives and changes as more is revealed all this time later. But the important part is not to forget. 
As days go by and times change I will keep this website up as a tribute to those 11 days. Somewhere down the line, I may ask for a very small donation to keep it active. This is not an expensive site, if anyone has an idea about how to create a little funding down the line please let me know. 
We wish you all the best. Thank you for all your support whether you were involved in Linebacker II or not. 
Have a wonderful Holiday Season. 
We wish you well.... ray and barry
Only in California (I hope) is a political parties platform "No I.C.E., No Straws."

Submitted by Mark Logan:

I've been sick and NEEDED a doctor.
I've encountered trouble and NEEDED a police officer.
I've lived through times of war, when our nation NEEDED our military.
I have even NEEDED an auto mechanic, a plumber, a house painter and a lot of other everyday people.
But I have NEVER, not even once, NEEDED a pro athlete or Hollywood entertainer for ANYTHING especially their opinions.

Submitted by Dave Harris:
A quote from someone eligible to vote:  "Nothing is made in America anymore.  I just bought a TV and it said 'Built- n Antenna'.  I don't even know where in the #*!! that is."
Submitted by John Hudson:

     I told my son, "I want you to marry the girl i choose."
     He said, "No."
     I told him, "She is Bill Gates' daughter."
     He said, "Yes."
     I called Bill Gates and said, "I want your daughter to marry my son."
     Bill Gates said, "No."
     I told Bill Gates, "My son is the CEO of the World Bank."
     Bill Gates said, "OK."
     I called the president of World Bank and asked him to make my son the CEO.
     He said, "No."
     I told him, "My son is Bill Gates' son-in-law."
     He said, "OK."
 And that's exactly how politics works!

Submitted by Barry Gaston:

     A father told each of his three sons when he sent them off to college, "I feel it's my duty to provide you with the best possible education, and you do not owe me anything for that. However, I want you to appreciate it. As a token, please each put $1,000 into my coffin when I die."
     And so it happened. His sons became a doctor, a lawyer and a financial planner, each very successful financially.
     When their father's time had come, and they saw their father in the coffin, they remembered his wish..
First, the doctor put 10 newly printed crisp $100 bills onto the chest of the deceased.
     Then, the financial planner also put $1,000 there in 20 newly printed crisp $50 bills.
     Finally, it was the heartbroken lawyer's turn He reached into his pocket, took out his checkbook, wrote a check for $3,000, put it into his father's coffin, and took the $2,000 cash.
     The lawyer is now running for Congress in your district!

Submitted by Mark Logan:
     It is time to elect politicians, and only your vote counts.  Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for?
  • Candidate A—Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist  He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.
  • Candidate B—He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.
  • Candidate C—He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife.
Which of these candidates would be your choice?  Have you decided?
  • Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
  • Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.
     Makes a person think that they should learn about their candidates and not just follow party lines or believe what they hear in political ads..
     Finally, can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the
following statistics:  
  • 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
  • 7 have been arrested for fraud
  • 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
  • 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least two businesses
  • 3 have done time for assault
  • 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
  • 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
  • 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
  • 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
  • 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year...
     This 'company' is the 535 members of the United States Congress. The same group that cranks out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.
Submitted by Colleen Grosso:

"In my many years I have come to a conclusion ... that one useless man is a shame, two [useless men] is a law firm and three or more [useless men] is a government."--John Adams
"If you don't read  the newspaper you are  uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are  misinformed." --Mark Twain
"I  contend that for  a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying  to lift himself up by the  handle."--Winston Churchill
"A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of  Paul."--George Bernard Shaw
"Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries."-- Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University
"Giving money and  power to  government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."--P.J. O'Rourke, Civil Libertarian
"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!"--Pericles (430  B.C.)
"No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session."--Mark Twain (1866)
"The government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other."-- Ronald Reagan
"The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin."--Mark Twain
"What this country needs are more unemployed politicians."--Edward Langley, Artist (1928-1995)
"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."--Thomas Jefferson  
"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."--Aesop
"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free!"--P.J.  O'Rourke

Have you ever wondered why California is broke?  Here's a list of California state agencies:
     Our government says that the only places they can cut expenses is Police and Fire….(to manipulate the opposition)
     Over the years, our politicians have created this enormous pork barrel of agencies that employ over 350,000 people directly and countless more via contracts with the State, some with the usual crony corruption.   Almost all of these people get salaries (some pretty good), generous vacations, medical coverage and very generous pensions at our expense and most all are unionized.
     For the most part, they create nothing, clog everything, and increase the cost of everything under the pretense of do-good contentions.

Remember you shouldn't complain if you don't vote,
Item Number:1 Date: 11/05/2018 AFGHANISTAN - 35 KILLED IN GHAZNI CLASHES (NOV 05/PAJH)  PAJHWOK AFGHAN NEWS -- At least 13 Afghan security personnel and 22 Taliban fighters have been killed in central Afghanistan, reports the Pajhwok Afghan News.   On Monday, the Taliban attacked a key post in the Khogyani district of Ghazni, the strategic city that lies on the road linking Kabul with southern Afghanistan.   Taliban fighters razed the post after suffering heavy casualties, said a spokesman for the provincial governor.   Thirteen police and soldiers were wounded in the attack, he said.   A Taliban spokesman claimed 18 security personnel were killed in the fighting.   The checkpoint was part of a series of strongholds built around the city after it was briefly seized by the Taliban in August, noted Al Jazeera (Qatar).   Reinforcements headed to the area were attacked at least four times on their way to the checkpoint, said provincial officials.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 11/05/2018 AFGHANISTAN - SIGAR REPORT IDENTIFIES FLAWS IN U.S. ADVISING EFFORTS IN AFGHANISTAN (NOV 05/TN)  TOLONEWS -- A recent report has found major gaps in U.S.-led advising efforts in Afghanistan, reports the Tolo News (Afghanistan).   On Oct. 31, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) released an audit finding that the U.S. Dept. of Defense lacked a baseline and consistent metrics to measure the progress of its advising efforts.   Since 2010, the Pentagon awarded four contracts, worth a total of $1.62 billion, to DynCorp International to provide contract advisers to the Afghan defense and interior ministries. Two contracts, worth $421 million, are scheduled to conclude this month.   The audit covered advising missions to the ministries from January 2015 to April 2018.   The Pentagon has not assessed, monitored or evaluated the advising efforts, making it impossible to judge the progress and effect of the program, said the SIGAR report.   The Defense Dept. has also not ensured that all uniformed personnel complete adviser training before deploying, as required by the U.S. Central Command, the report says.   Nine out of 20 deployed U.S. military personnel serving in advising roles said they did not receive any adviser training before deploying, according to an anonymous SIGAR survey.   The Defense Dept. also does not track reassignments after deployment, resulting in staffing confusion. Personnel are only reassigned to advising duties once they arrive in Afghanistan. Officials are frequently unsure if they are requesting troops with the right type of experience, the study says.   The Pentagon was also unable to track progress because advising goals and metrics frequently changed. Between January 2015 and December 2016, 96 percent of the plans of action and milestones (POAM) goals changed for the Afghan Defense Ministry and 86 percent for the interior ministry.   SIGAR offered four recommendations, including complying with DoD policies regarding security cooperation assistance; incorporating specific, measurable performance standards in advising contracts; developing and implementing measures to identify and track all advisers; and enforcing existing requirements for all uniformed personnel to receive adviser-specific training.   The Pentagon concurred with all four recommendations, said a SIGAR spokesman
  Item Number:4 Date: 11/05/2018 AZERBAIJAN - 2 SUSPECTED MILITANTS KILLED IN SHOOTOUT IN GANCA (NOV 05/RFE/RL)  RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY -- Two suspected extremists have been killed in a confrontation with security forces in Ganca in western Azerbaijan, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.   On Sunday, police shot and killed the militants after they fired on officers during an attempted arrest, the State Security Service (DTX) said.   Famil Alakbarov and Rustam Rzayev were members of a violent extremist group, said the service. The police had received information that the pair had acquired weapons and explosives and were planning a terrorist attack, said the DTX.   Authorities recovered AK-47 rifles, explosives and a grenade from the car.   Tensions have increased in Ganca since July, when the mayor was shot and wounded near his office. Two officers were later killed in the ensuing unrest.   Police arrested a member of an alleged radical Islamist cell in connection with that attack.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 11/05/2018 DEM REP OF CONGO - ADF BLAMED FOR COORDINATED ATTACKS IN N. KIVU PROVINCE (NOV 05/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- At least eight civilians have been killed and 15 abducted in rebel attacks in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, reports Agence France-Presse.   On Saturday, militants raided two towns in the North Kivu province, a local official said.   In Mangboko, rebels attacked a truck driver, burning his vehicle and killing him along with six other civilians.   Farther north in Oicha, rebels killed another person and kidnapped 15, many of them children.   The official from the local Beni district blamed the attacks on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Uganda-based militant group.   Attacks in North Kivu attributed to the ADF have been on the rise. An Oct. 20 attack killed 11; another on Oct. 4 killed six; and a Sept. 28 attack killed four.   The ADF was also blamed for a December 2017 attack that killed 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 11/05/2018 EGYPT - POLICE KILL 19 SUSPECTED OF ATTACK ON COPTIC CHRISTIANS (NOV 05/AHRAM)  AHRAM ONLINE -- Egyptian police say they have killed 19 people suspected in an attack on Coptic Christians last week, reports Ahram Online (Egypt).   Security forces killed the suspects in a shootout in a mountainous area west of Minya governorate, about 160 miles (260 km) south of Cairo, the interior ministry said on Sunday.   The militants were suspected in a terrorist attack on Nov. 2 that killed seven Christians near the Monastery of St. Samuel, located in the same region.   The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on its Amaq propaganda agency, noted Agence France-Presse.   ISIS was also involved in attack in Minya in May 2017 that killed 28 people
  Item Number:14 Date: 11/05/2018 USA - ARMY ORDERS ADDITIONAL CHINOOK HELOS FOR SPECIAL OPS FORCES (NOV 05/DOD)  DEPT. OF DEFENSE -- The U.S. Army has awarded Boeing, Ridley Park, Pa., a contract modification for additional Chinook heavy-lift helicopters, reports the Dept. of Defense.   The $42.8 million deal covers the production and delivery of four new MH-47G Chinook helicopters, a departmental release said on Thursday.   The contract modification satisfies an urgent need to sustain U.S. special operations forces heavy assault rotary-wing aircraft, the release said.   A delivery date was not disclosed
Item Number:15 Date: 11/05/2018 USA - UTAH GUARDSMAN KILLED IN INSIDER ATTACK IN KABUL (NOV 05/WP)  WASHINGTON POST -- A Utah mayor and member of the Army National Guard has been killed in Afghanistan, reports the Washington Post.   Maj. Brent Taylor was killed on Saturday on a base in Kabul where foreign troops provide training to Afghan forces. Witnesses said he was shot by a member of the Afghan security forces.   Another U.S. servicemember was injured. The attacker was killed immediately by other Afghan forces, said Utah National Guard officials.   Taylor was the mayor of North Ogden, 40 miles (64 km) north of Salt Lake City.   This was the fifth insider attack in the last four months, noted Fox News.  

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