Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Exclusive Photo!!!

Rondoids Has Been Able To 
Obtain an Exclusive Photo of 
CNN Reporter Jim Acosta 
Refusing To Give Up Microphone 
at President Trumps Press Conference 
This Afternoon. 

The Coward Was Actually Pushing 

The Young Female Staffer Away As She 

Was Trying To Do Her Job.

And This Just in, 

Acosta's Press Pass Just Revoked!

When Will CNN Call Off This Stooger 
and Put Him Back On 
Rest Room Detail Where He Belongs.
Isn't CNN Supposed to Be All About 
Equal Rights And Women's Rights?
Boycott CNN Till They Rid 
Themselves of This Coward

Here Is An Official White House Photo 
of The News Conference Below.
As a Side Note:

President Trump and the free press

President Trump’s unprecedented media access reveals just how important transparency is to this Administration’s success.

During today’s press conference, President Trump took 68 questions—from 35 different reporters. By contrast, former President Obama took 22 questions from 10 reporters during his press conference following the 2010 midterm elections.

CBS’ Major Garrett put it crisply: “There is more access to this president than Obama . . . We see him and interact with him and punch in questions with far more frequency.” ABC News Political Director Rick Klein agrees, saying President Trump is “above and beyond, far and away more accessible” than our previous two presidents.

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