Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Suspicious Packages Sent To Soros, Clinton, Obama And CNN

Suspicious Packages Sent To 

Soros, Clinton, Obama And CNN

Hmm, Sure Does Sound Suspicious!

Two Weeks Till Election Day With Reports That The Blue Wave The Dems have Been Touting is Fading Fast! 

I Could Be Wrong But..........

I'll Go Out on a Limb Here & Make a Prediction That The Packages Were Sent By a Left Wing Person or Group Or Actual Terrorist Group To Put Blame on Right Wing Supporters & Then Denouncing The Right!

Let's Wait and See! 

Need To Investigate Some Ole Buddies!

If I'm Wrong Then Blame The Dems That Tell People To Get In Their Face, Kick Them When They're Down, Harass Them When They're Out With their Families in Restaurants, Gas Stations, Shopping Malls. That's What Spawns Crazies To Do This & it Was Predictable!

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