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This day in Naval History
Oct. 16
1821—The schooner Enterprise, commanded by Lawrence Kearny, engages four pirate schooners and one pirate sloop off Cape Antonio, Cuba who are in the act of robbing two American vessels and one British ship. The pirate leader, Capt. Charles Gibbs, escapes to shore but his ship and two others were burned. The remaining ships are sent to Charleston, SC, as prizes.
1861—The screw steamer South Carolina captures the schooner Edward Barnard, with a cargo of turpentine aboard, at Southwest Pass, MS River.
1885—Capt. Alfred Thayer Mahan becomes the superintendent of the Naval War College at Newport, RI.
1891—Two Sailors from the cruiser Baltimore are killed and 17 are injured by a mob in Valparaiso, Chile. The incident shifts relations between the United States and Chile. In 1892 Chile pays $75,000 in gold for restitution and apologizes for the incident.
1942—USS Thresher (SS 200) mines the approaches to Bangkok, Thailand, the first U.S. Navy submarine mine plant during World War II.
1943—The Navy accepts its first helicopter, a Sikorsky YR-4B (HNS-1) at Bridgeport, CT, following a 60-minute test flight by U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Frank A. Erickson.
1957—USS Lake Champlain (CVS 39) reaches Valencia, Spain to assist in flood rescue work at the request of the American ambassador to Spain, John Davis Lodge. The ship's Chickasaw helicopters undertake numerous rescue missions, and the ship's crew fight in the "mud battle" that follows the disaster.
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Executive Summary:
Top national news includes President Trump's visit to Florida following Hurricane Michael's destruction, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's arrival in Riyadh for talks with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. USNI News reports that 80 percent of operational F-35 Joint Strike Fighters have been cleared to resume flight operations after being grounded last week. Fiji Sun reports that the USS Shoup is in Fiji as part of the Oceania Maritime Security Initiatives (OMSI) deployment, working with the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces Navy to detect illegal activities within its exclusive economic zone. Additionally, C4ISRNET reports that the Office of Naval Research has tasked Lockheed Martin with developing multi-axis robots to assist in the labor intensive process of monitoring the production of 3-D printed parts.
Today in History October 16

The Protestant martyrs Bishop Hugh Latimer and Bishop Nicholas Ridley are burned at the stake for heresy in England.

Yale University is founded as The Collegiate School of Kilingworth, Connecticut by Congregationalists who consider Harvard too liberal.

Queen Marie Antoinette is beheaded by guillotine during the French Revolution.

Ether was first administered in public at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston by Dr. William Thomas Green Morton during an operation performed by Dr. John Collins Warren.

Abolitionist John Brown, with 21 men, seizes the U.S. Armory at Harpers Ferry, Va. U.S. Marines capture the raiders, killing several. John Brown is later hanged in Virginia for treason.

President Theodore Roosevelt incites controversy by inviting black leader Booker T. Washington to the White House.

The first airplane flight in England is made at Farnsborough, by Samuel Cody, a U.S. citizen.

Mao Tse-tung decides to abandon his base in Kiangsi due to attacks from Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists. With his pregnant wife and about 30,000 Red Army troops, he sets out on the "Long March."

Billy the Kid, a ballet by Aaron Copland, opens in Chicago.

Benjamin O. Davis becomes the U.S. Army's first African American Brigadier General.

Ten Nazi war criminals are hanged in Nuremberg, Germany.

The New York Mets win the World Series four games to one over the heavily-favored Baltimore Orioles.

Israeli General Ariel Sharon crosses the Suez Canal and begins to encircle two Egyptian armies.

The college of cardinals elects 58-year-old Karol Cardinal Wojtyla, a Pole, the first non-Italian Pope since 1523.

A baboon heart is transplanted into 15-day-old Baby Fae--the first transplant of the kind--at Loma Linda University Medical Center, California. Baby Fae lives until November 15.

The Million Man March for 'A Day of Atonement' takes place in Washington, D.C.

Skye Bridge opens over Loch Alsh, Scotland

General Augusto Pinochet, former dictator of Chile, arrested in London for extradition on murder charges

Inaugural opening of Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt., a modern library and cultural center commemorating the famed Library of Alexandria that was lost in antiquity
Thanks to Mike.,,,I remember Darryl bringing that J-79 powered F-104 to Miramar and then watching it take off like a rocket.
Record Breaker Darryl Greenamyer Passes Away
KATE O'CONNOR  AvWeb October 2018
Air-racer, record-setter and test pilot Darryl Greenamyer died last week at the age of 82. He started his flying career with the Air Force Reserve. After leaving the Air Force, Greenamyer became an SR-71 test pilot for Lockheed's—now Lockheed Martin—Skunk Works.
Greenamyer competed in the Reno Air Races for nearly 40 years, winning 11 championships in multiple classes, including a five-straight-year winning streak in the Unlimited class beginning with his first victory in 1965. In 1969 after multiple attempts, he set a new 3-kilometer piston-engine speed record (FAI Class C-1 Group I) of 776.45 km/h (482.46 mph/419.25 kts) in his modified F8F Bearcat, Conquest I. The previous record of 755.14 km/h (469.22 mph/407.74 kts) was set in 1939.
In 1977, Greenamyer set a 3-kilometer jet aircraft speed record (FAI Class C-I Group III) with Red Baron, a modified F-104 Starfighter he spent 13 years rebuilding from scrapped F-104s. His record of 1,590.45 km/h (988.26 mph/ 858.77 kts) still stands. The following year while preparing for an attempt at setting a jet altitude record, a gear failure on a test flight forced Greenamyer to eject from the aircraft. The F-104 was destroyed in the crash.
Greenamyer was also known for leading the restoration team that attempted to recover Kee Bird, a B-29 that was abandoned in 1947 in northern Greenland after an emergency landing. The team was able to return the aircraft to flying condition over the summers of 1994 and 1995. However, a fire caused by the aircraft's auxiliary power unit while Greenamyer was taxiing the restored B-29 for its first takeoff forced the crew to evacuate. Firefighting efforts were unsuccessful and Kee Bird was destroyed.
In 2002, Greenamyer brought his kit-built Lancair Legacy to Reno to compete in the Sport class. He took home gold that year and kept the top spot for the next three years as well. He is considered the third most successful competitor in Reno Air Race history.
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October 16, 2018Bear Taylor

RIPPLE SALVO… #955… IN 2003 "THE JOHNSON ADMINISTRATION VOLUMES" were added to the State Department's Historical Documents and made available to the public. Documents in this incredible record of American history covering the years of Operation Rolling Thunder have been, and will continue to be, included in the RTR diary of the longest air war in American history. Volumes V, VI and VII contain more than 800 documents pertinent to the air campaign that was micromanaged from Washington and the White House. A history of the operation that does not incorporate these highly classified and come lately unclassified source of information is incomplete. Humble Host will continue to make these documents part of the daily posts. Today we move from the set of memos, conversations, briefs, meeting notes and telephone conversations under the title "Breakthrough in Paris" to the 47 documents in the "Negotiating an Understanding." Documents 76 through 82, all dated 16 Oct 68, are accessed with comment below, including this note from Dean Rusk to Averell Harriman:
"It seems to me that the simple fact is that we have accepted Hanoi's proposition, we are prepared to stop the bombing today and we want to know when they will deliver what they have promised to deliver. The object of the Pars talks is not to get the United States to stop bombing but to move toward peace. The date is now up to Hanoi: we are ready. If Hanoi cannot deliver an NLP Delegation, then we go back to the drawing boards. When Hanoi can deliver an NLF Delegation, we can move."… but first…
GOOD MORNING… Day NINE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE of a two million word blog on the subject of Operation Rolling Thunder…
HEAD LINES from The New York Times for Wednesday, 16 October 1968…
THE WAR: Page 4: "THE  NEW JERSEY FIRES ON ISLE OFF COAST NEAR 19TH PARALLEL–Wide Damage Is Reported–Ship Also Attacks Storage Area In Vicinity of Vinh"… "The battleship New Jersey, steaming along the panhandle of North Vietnam, has fired on a target almost as far above the demilitarized zone as United States planes are authorized to strike. The attack took place yesterday and means that the 56,000-ton vessel, the only one of her type on active duty, will range along the entire 170 miles of coastline stretching from the zone to the 19th parallel. Until the attack on Hon Matt, an island 14 miles south of the parallel, it had not been clear how close the New Jersey would sail to the upper boundary for air strikes against the North… Before the Hon Matt action the New Jersey had gone no farther than 75 miles north of the demilitarized zone. However, United States cruisers and destroyers had pounded targets all the way up to the 19th parallel. North Vietnam has charged that use of the battleship in the war for the last six weeks constitutes escalation."… Page 1: "NEW LULL POSES QUESTION: IS IT A SIGNAL FROM HANOI?–Enemy Pressure Lessens"… "The enemy's main-force units have pulled back or been driven back from all of South Vietnam's major cities for the first time since the Tet offensive in late January, high-ranking military and civilian officials said today. They quickly added, however, that the relaxation of pressure on the cities and the coastal area in the northern provinces did not appear to be a peace gesture… A General said: 'He's been fading away all over the place. Of course, he might be able to move back toward the border cities quickly, but right now he is fading away.' "… 
PEACE TALKS… Seven Historical Documents from the State Department Historian's Vietnam files… All dated 16-Oct-68…
Document 76. A short memo from Walt Rostow to the President with a disappointing message from Paris, where, in an early Wednesday morning meeting the North Vietnamese delegate accused the U.S. of adding a "new condition" to the agreed elements of the developing agreement. Thus, there would be further delay to await Hanoi's acceptance of the "participation of the GVN the next day after the bombing cessation….read at…
Document 77. A lengthy morning (9:30 a.m.) call by the President to Mike Mansfield informing his of developments and pleading that he keep the sensitive negotiations to himself. President: "…I just thought that in the light of all the background that you ought to know the ball's in their court. That we are ready and willing and anxious and eager to sit down with them tomorrow, with the NLF. and they said, 'Well, we have to go and look up the Central Committee…'"…Two pages… Read at…
Document 78. A very short telegram from Rusk to Harriman instructing him to tell Thuy, the NVN delegate, "We have no intention of stopping the bombing until the DRV is willing to give us a date on which we can begin serious talks with GVN representatives present…and a few other hard lines… Read at…
Document 79. A telegram from Rusk to Bunker in  Saigon keeping him informed on the delay and providing instructions in dealing with the South Vietnamese leadership. Also assuring Thieu that nothing would happen without both South Vietnam and the NLF (Vietcong) at the start of the conversations. Rusk: "You may tell Thieu that we are somewhat at a loss to explain this inability to set a definite date. However, we suppose it is conceivable that Hanoi and the NLF have genuine difficulties and perhaps are troubled about transit through Communist China."…   Read at…
Document 80. This is the best of the bunch. a telephone conversation with the President informing Humphrey, Nixon and Wallace on a Conference Call what is going on and what he wants them to do. Specifically, support the team. President: First, I want to say this, that our position, the government position, today is exactly what it was the last time all three of you were briefed. That position, namely, is this. We are anxious to stop the bombing and would be willing to stop the bombing if they would sit down with us with the Government of Vietnam present and have productive discussions… As of today they have not signed on and agreed to the proposition which I haver outlined to you, nor have they indicated that this would be a satisfactory situation to them in it entirety…" This is a long (four page) LBJ rambler working his attentive and captive audience…. fun read at…
Document 81. A telephone conversation between the President who called Senator Everett Dirksen on the afternoon of the 16th. The President scolds the senior Republican for inferring that Johnson is playing politics with the peace negotiations. Some tough talk between two old war horses in the Senate. LBJ: "We're not going to have any–we're not going to get into a fight with you."… LBJ also gives Dirksen some instructions on what not to talk about as being too sensitive: "Now, the second thing is we must not mention–we must not mention the DMZ and the shelling of the cities because if they think–if they think that this is reciprocity, their yellow Oriental face–they've got to save it. Now what we're doing there, when and if we ever do get a peace, we're going to say to them, that we will stop the bombing, but we will want you to know that if you shell the cities, it starts it immediately. We want you to know if you abuse the DMZ, it (the bombing) begins automatically. Now they can refuse to do something better than they can agree to it. Do you follow me? So don't spell out those things unless you have to."… "I don't want to point out what they've got to agree to because if we do they never will agree to anything. Okay?"…    Read at…
Document 82. On the afternoon of the 16th Rusk sends a telegram to Harriman confirming the U.S./Allies positions… "We have been proceeding here on the basis that a cessation of the bombing would be followed immediately by talks in which the GVN would participate… We must have a day certain for the beginning of the talks in which the GVN is present before we can deliver our part of the arrangement, namely, the cessation of the bombing."… Read at…
HEAD LINES: NYT…Page 1: "NIXON FORECASTS SWEEPING VICTORY–Says G.O.P. Will Triumph At All Levels of Government… Page 1: "HUMPHREY TAUNTS NIXON AS CHICKEN–Releases Pitch Of His Attack As He Stumps Missouri"... Page 1: "POLLSTERS CALL CHACE OF ERROR IN ELECTION GREATEST SINCE 1948″… Page 1: "RAPIDLY GAINING ECONOMY KEEPS ITS PACE IN QUARTER–Although Government Desires A Slowdown, Gross Product Rises By $17.9 Billion As Consumer Spending Advances"… Page 1: "PLEDGE ON BERLIN IS REPORTED GIVEN TO U.S. BY GROMYKO–He Is Said To Have Told Rusk There Is No Threat In The Offing–Calming Effort Seen–Katzenbach To Call On Tito As Sign Of Support Against Pressure By Moscow"… Page 1: "MOON SHOT HOPES RAISED BY APOLLO 7–Craft Orbiting So Well On 5th Day That Circumlunar Flight May Begin December 20″… Page 12: "PANAMA COUP AND U.S. PROBLEMS: Take-Over A Source Of Embarrassment For Washington"… Page 30: "LeMAY FLIES TO VIETNAM ON TOUR FOR WALLACE–Says The Risk of Red China Entering The War if Bombing Is Resumed Is Not Large"… Page 30: "AGNEW PLEDGES TO HEED DISSENTERS–We will Listen, Republican Says–But 'We', Not The Poor, Will Take Action, He Adds"…
The computer ate the last 1000-words of this masterpiece and I'm going to bed… Quote is Xrated…Bear…
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Life lessons about women. Every man should know this information!
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Sure you have seen some if not all.  Really funny.
 Aviator Ego Boosters
People who drive airplanes for other people who can't fly. 
Fighter Pilots
Cold, steely eyed, weapons systems managers who kill bad people and break things. However, they can also be very charming and personable. The average Fighter Pilot, despite sometimes having a swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy and caring. These feelings just don't involve anyone else. 
If helicopters are so safe, how come there are no vintage helicopter fly-ins?  
Death is just nature's way of telling you to watch your airspeed. 
Real planes use only a single stick to fly. This is why bulldozers and helicopters (in that order) need two. 
Words of Wisdom From Aviators
 Flying is a hard way to earn an easy living.
· Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane; the pessimist, the parachute.
There are only three things the copilot should ever say
1. Nice landing, Sir. 
2. I'll buy the first round. 
3. I'll take the fat one. 
As a pilot only two bad things can happen to you and one of them will
 a One day you will walk out to the aircraft knowing that it is your last flight. 
b. One day you will walk out to the aircraft not knowing that it is your last flight.  
There are Rules and there are Laws
The Rules are made by men who think that they know better how to fly your airplane than you.
Laws (of Physics) were ordained by God.
You can, and sometimes should, suspend the Rules, but you can never suspend the Laws. 
About Rules
 a. The rules are a good place to hide if you don't have a better idea and the talent to execute it. 
b. If you deviate from a rule, it must be a flawless performance (e.g., If you fly under a bridge, don't hit the bridge.) 
The ideal pilot is the perfect blend of discipline and aggressiveness. 
 The medical profession is the natural enemy of the aviation profession. 
 Ever notice that the only experts who decree that the age of the pilot is over are people who have never flown anything? Also, in spite of the intensity of their feelings that the pilot's day is over, I know of no expert who has volunteered to be a passenger in a non-piloted aircraft. 
Before each flight, make sure that your bladder is empty and your fuel tanks are full; check T/O wt....
 He who demands everything that his aircraft can give him is a pilot; he that demands one iota more is a fool. 
 There are certain aircraft sounds that can only be heard at night. 
 The aircraft limits are only there in case there is another flight by that particular aircraft. If subsequent flights do not appear likely, there are no limits. 
 Flying is a great way of life for men who want to feel like boys, but not for those who still are. 
 "If the Wright brothers were alive today, Wilbur would have to fire Orville to reduce costs." President, DELTA Airlines. 
 In the Alaskan bush I'd rather have a two-hour bladder and three hours of gas than vice versa. 
 It's not that all airplane pilots are good-looking. It's just that good-looking people seem more capable of flying airplanes. 
 An old pilot is one who can remember when flying was dangerous and sex was safe.  
 Airlines have really changed, now a flight attendant can get a pilot pregnant. 
 I've flown in both pilot seats, can someone tell me why the other one is always occupied by an idiot?  
 Son, you're going to have to make up your mind about growing up and becoming a pilot. You can't do both. 
 There are only two types of aircraft - fighters and targets. 
 The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline baggage. 
 You define a good flight by negatives: you didn't get hijacked, you didn't crash, you didn't throw up, you weren't late, and you weren't nauseated by the food. So you're grateful. 
 They invented wheelbarrows to teach FAA inspectors to walk on their hind legs. 
 The FAA Motto: We're not happy till you're not happy. 
 Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
Thanks to Dutch R
Citizen of Cherokee Nation slams Warren's political ambition
A citizen of the Cherokee Nation on Monday said Sen. Elizabeth Warren is "more concerned" about her political future than the interests of tribal sovereignty and Native rights.
Warren's long-standing assertion of Native American heritage was called into question Monday after the results of her DNA test were made public.
Warren published the DNA results as a rebuttal to President Donald Trump, who has long mocked her ancestral claims by referring to her as "Pocahontas." While the results indicated the Massachusetts Senator may indeed have some Native American heritage – anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1,024 – the matter was not settled for everyone.
Rebecca Nagle, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, told Fox News' 'The Ingraham Angle' that Native American identity "is not up to Elizabeth Warren."
"[A]n important thing for non-native people to understand is that Native identity is up to Native people. It's not up to a scientist in a lab, it is not up to President Donald Trump's twitter feed, and it's not up to Elizabeth Warren," Nagle said.
"We live in a country where most of the non-Native population doesn't understand or know basic information about our identity, about tribal sovereignty, and about our history as Native people. And so these myths that – you know – Native identity can be determined by a DNA test, directly undermines our rights as Native Americans and our tribal sovereignty."
Nagle alluded to past comments Warren made in which she mentioned her distant relative's "high cheekbones" as evidence of her Native heritage.
"During this entire controversy, Elizabeth Warren has relied on stereotypes and popular misconceptions about Native Americans to prop up her false claims," Nagle said.
Nagle criticized Warren for publishing the results of DNA test and ignoring "hordes of Native people have been talking about how DNA tests in no way prove Native heritage or any connection to a Native tribe."
"I think that her decision shows that she does not listen to Native people and is more concerned about her own political career and her ambitions than tribal sovereignty and Native rights," Nagle said.
Item Number:1 Date: 10/16/2018 AFGHANISTAN - SAMANGAN POLICE CHIEF KILLED IN TALIBAN ASSAULT (OCT 16/TN)  TOLONEWS -- At least seven security personnel, including a provincial police chief, have been killed in a Taliban attack in northern Afghanistan, reports the Tolo News (Afghanistan).   On Monday, militants assaulted a checkpoint in the Darah Sof Payan district in Samangan province.   The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.   Provincial police chief Gen. Khawani Tahari was killed in the attack, according to a police spokesman. Three other security personnel were injured.   Fourteen militants were killed in the attack and 16 wounded, said the spokesman.   Fifteen police officers were reportedly captured along with a significant amount of weapons, vehicles and equipment, reported Reuters.   Separately, eight soldiers and five police officers were killed in attacks on checkpoints in the Dakundi province by hundreds of Taliban militants.  
 Item Number:2 Date: 10/16/2018 CAMBODIA - PRIME MINISTER OK'S RESUMPTION OF EFFORTS TO FIND REMAINS OF MISSING U.S. TROOPS (OCT 16/KHMERTIMES)  KHMER TIMES -- The Cambodian government has agreed to let the U.S. resume search efforts to find the remains of American soldiers who were killed in the Vietnam War, reports the Khmer Times (Cambodia).   In a letter dated Oct. 12, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen told U.S. state lawmakers that the POW/MIA field mission would be reinstated in an effort to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation.   The letter was in response to a written request from Republican Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen and state Rep. Vincent Buys on Oct. 2.   In September 2017, Hun Sen suspended the POW/MIA program over U.S. visa sanctions, reported Reuters. The U.S. stopped issuing visas to senior Cambodian Foreign Ministry officials after Cambodia refused to accept citizens deported from the U.S. following convictions for crimes.   Further restrictions were implemented following the arrest of former opposition leader Kem Sokha last year. The prime minister said he initially declined requests to resume operations until the U.S. resolved the restrictions.   The program had run unhindered for 30 years.   The remains of about half of the 80 U.S. soldiers who went missing in Cambodia during the Vietnam War have been found, Hun Sen said.  
  Item Number:3 Date: 10/16/2018 CZECH REPUBLIC - AERO VODOCHODY ROLLS OUT 1ST L-39NG LIGHT ATTACK/TRAINER JETS (OCT 16/AEROVO)  AERO VODOCHODY -- Aero Vodochody has rolled out its first pre-production next-generation light attack/jet trainer aircraft, reports the Czech aviation firm.   On Oct. 12, Aero Vodochody unveiled the L-39NG, the first new jet aircraft produced by the company since 1997, at its production facility near Prague.   The L-39NG is a single-engine, two-seat aircraft that is equipped with an advanced onboard virtual training system and helmet-mounted display; ground-based training devices; new learning methods and environment; and extensive virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies.   The jet is designed to require minimal maintenance, the company said.   The aircraft is also designed as a light attack aircraft that can be armed with guided and unguided weapons, noted Aviation International News.   The L-39NG is expected to begin testing by the end of the year, with certification anticipated by late 2019.   Senegal has already placed an order for four L-39NGs. Delivery of the first two aircraft is scheduled for 2020 and the balance in 2021.   The state-owned LOM Praha, which supports the training of Czech air force pilots, is expected to order four L-39NGs with options for another two, reported Flight Global
Item Number:5 Date: 10/16/2018 IRAN - 14 SECURITY PERSONNEL ABDUCTED ON BORDER WITH PAKISTAN (OCT 16/IRNA)  ISLAMIC REPUBLIC NEWS AGENCY -- Fourteen members of the Iranian security forces have been seized by militants near Iran's southeastern border with Pakistan, reports the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).   On Tuesday morning, the personnel were kidnapped by "terrorists" in Mirjaveh in Sisten and Baluchistan province, an anonymous source told the news agency.   IRNA reported that the personnel included a mix of border guards and members of the Basij, a volunteer militia with an internal security role.   Two were members of an elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence unit and seven were Basij members, reported Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.   The IRGC confirmed that some of its members were among the missing, reported Reuters.   The attack is believed to have had help from someone inside, said an IRGC statement.   A Sunni-Baluchi separatist group, Jaish ul-Adl, claimed responsibility for the attack.   Jaish ul-Adl previously took responsibility for an attack in April 2017 that killed nine Iranian border guards.   In a statement, Iran called on Pakistan to fight "terrorists and outlaws" who operate along the border and receive support from "reactionary and terrorist" elements
Item Number:6 Date: 10/16/2018 JAPAN - U.S. CONTINUES TO DENY GOVERNMENT ACCESS TO OKINAWA BASE (OCT 16/AS)  ASAHI SHIMBUN -- The U.S. Government has continued to prevent Japanese officials from accessing an American base on Okinawa, reports the Asahi Shimbun.   The government is continuing negotiations with the U.S. to inspect aircraft deployed at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said during a press conference late last week.   Details of the negotiations were not disclosed.   The request comes in response to a series of emergency landings in January involving UH-1 Iroquois utility and AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters deployed at the Futenma base.   Incidents including V-22 tiltrotors have also drawn local concern.   In February, Washington agreed to allow a team of Self-Defense Forces members to inspect repaired aircraft and maintenance work at the facility, according to the Japanese Defense Ministry. U.S. officials cancelled the visit on the day of the inspection.   Access to U.S. military bases is not permitted without advanced notice under Article 3 of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, which was signed in 1960.   Local authorities on Okinawa have long campaigned to amend the decades-old agreement to give the Japanese government more authority
  Item Number:9 Date: 10/16/2018 SOUTH KOREA - NAVY EYES SM-3 INTERCEPTORS FOR BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE (OCT 16/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- The South Korean military is seeking to acquire new ship-based interceptors to counter ballistic missile threats from the North, reports Defense News.   The Joint Chiefs of Staff have decided to purchase the SM-3 interceptor to counter incoming short- to medium-range ballistic missiles from North Korea, a senior military official said during a parliamentary audit of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) on Oct. 12.   The interceptor will be responsible for shooting down incoming ballistic missiles during the terminal phase as part of the upper tier of the Korea Air and Missile Defense (KAMD) system.   The SM-3 can hit targets at altitudes of 240 miles to 805 miles (150 km to 500 km) with the force of a 10-ton truck traveling 600 mph (965 kmh), said Raytheon, the missile's manufacturer.   A program timeline has not been disclosed, but a preliminary study on the procurement of the interceptors is currently underway, officials said   The JCS also announced plans to develop its own defense system, modeled after Israel's Iron Dome, to counter threats from Pyongyang's long-range artillery deployed along the Demilitarized Zone.   The system will launch missiles with a range of more than 75 miles (120 km) and be capable of hitting targets with a 6.5-ft (2-m) accuracy, said a JCS report
Item Number:11 Date: 10/16/2018 TAIWAN - LARGE-SCALE DRILLS SIMULATE CHINESE INVASION (OCT 16/TAI)  TAIPEI TIMES -- The Taiwanese military has been conducting large-scale land, air and sea exercises simulating a response to a Chinese invasion, reports the Taipei Times.   On Monday, six-F-16 and two Mirage 200 fighter jets flew with a full weapons load and ALQ-184 electronic attack pods, officials said. Four Ching-Kuo indigenous defense fighters also simulated an emergency relocation from the Ching Chuan Kang Airbase to Hulien Airbase.   Keelung-class destroyers and Cheung Kung- and Kang Ding-class frigates conducted anti-aircraft exercises in multiple areas, while army air defense units simulated defending airbases.   The training was linked with the Joint-Electronic 107-2 drills that began on Tuesday. The exercise simulates an aerial assault from the east by carrier-borne warplanes, said Taiwanese defense officials cited by the South China Morning Post.   F-16 fighter jets, helicopters and a significant number of troops are participating in the maneuvers. The fighter jets were scrambled from Chiashan airbase to intercept mock enemy planes.   The fast patrol ship Panshi served as a simulated enemy vessel, using its electronic systems to try and disrupt military operations in Taiwan, the officials said
Item Number:14 Date: 10/16/2018 USA - 80 PERCENT OF F-35S RETURNED TO SERVICE AFTER TEMPORARY GROUNDING (OCT 16/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- More than 80 percent of F-35s grounded due to safety concerns last week have returned to flight, reports Defense News.   On Monday, the joint program office said that the U.S. and international partners had completed inspections of their F-35s for faulty fuel tubes.   The grounding followed the crash of a Marine F-35B in South Carolina last month.   Aircrafts that are not fitted with the bad fuel tubes have been cleared to return to flight.   Estimates suggest that about 20 percent of the fighters will need replacement fuel tubes.   Pratt & Whitney, the manufacturer of the F-35's engine, is working to procure more spare fuel tubes, the company said in a statement.   The current inventory covers about half of the parts needed. The remaining aircraft are expected to be cleared within weeks.   The program office said that the fuel tube issue was an "isolated incident" that would not affect F-35 deliveries

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