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A bit of history and some tidbits
This day in Naval History
Oct. 10
1845—The Naval School, now known as the Naval Academy, opens in Annapolis, MD, with 50 midshipmen and seven professors. The first superintendent, Cmdr. Franklin Buchanan, later becomes an admiral in the Confederate Navy and commands the Confederate forces at Mobile Bay, AL.
1860—USS San Jacinto, commanded by Capt. T.A. Dorwin, captures the slave ship Bonito in the South Atlantic with about 622 slaves aboard. Bonito is then taken into naval service.
1911—Assistant Naval Constructor Lt. Holden C. Richardson reports to the office of aviation at the Washington Navy Yard. Richardson becomes the Navy's first engineering and maintenance officer for aviation.
1923—The first American-built rigid airship USS Shenandoah (ZR 1), powered by helium gas instead of hydrogen, is christened at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, NJ. On Sept. 3, 1925, USS Shenandoah encounters violent weather over southern Ohio and breaks up. Fourteen of her crew lose their lives in this tragedy.
1943—USS Bonefish (SS 223) sinks the Japanese army cargo ship Isuzugawa Maru and merchant transport Teibi Maru off Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina.
1955—Following a week of disaster relief operations in the wake of Hurricane Hilda, USS Saipan (CVL 48), with HTU-1 embarked, sails from Tampico, Mexico. Helicopters flying from the ship rescue 5,439 people and deliver 183,017 pounds of food and medical supplies.
1985—Navy F-14s launch from USS Saratoga (CV 60), intercept an Egyptian 737 airliner over international waters, and direct it to Sigonella, Sicily. The airliner was carrying four Middle Eastern terrorists who hijacked the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro Oct. 7 and murdered a U.S. citizen. The hijackers are taken into custody.  
2005—A 7.6 magnitude earthquake near the Indo-Pakistani border kills more than 73,000 people and renders nearly three million homeless. USS Tarawa (LHA 1) Expeditionary Strike Group Commander, Rear Adm. Michael A. LeFever, coordinates the operations of the Disaster Assistance Center at Islamabad, Pakistan. Through 13 Feb., U.S. and allied aircraft fly more than 4,000 missions, deliver over 11,000 tons of supplies, and transport more than 18,000 people.
Today in History October 10

Germanicus, the best loved of Roman princes, dies of poisoning. On his deathbed he accuses Piso, the governor of Syria, of poisoning him.

At Tours, France, Charles Martel kills Abd el-Rahman and halts the Muslim invasion of Europe.

France declares war on Austria over the question of Polish succession.

In Versailles France, Joseph Guillotin says the most humane way of carrying out a death sentence is decapitation by a single blow of a blade.

Russian General Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov crushes the rebel Polish army at Maciejowice, Poland.

The U.S. Naval Academy is founded at Annapolis, Md.

The first telegraph line to Denver is completed.

Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer is buried at West Point in New York.

Revolution in China begins with a bomb explosion and the discovery of revolutionary headquarters in Hankow. The revolutionary movement spread rapidly through west and southern China, forcing the abdication of the last Ch'ing emperor, six-year-old Henry Pu-Yi. By October 26, the Chinese Republic will be proclaimed, and on December 4, Premier Yuan Shih-K'ai will sign a truce with rebel general Li Yuan-hung.

The Panama Canal opens.

At Rio de Janeiro, nations of the Western Hemisphere sign a non-aggression and conciliation treaty. President Roosevelt adopts a "good neighbor" policy toward Latin America and announces a policy of nonintervention in Latin American affairs at the December 7th International American Conference at Montevideo, Uruguay.

Soviet troops halt the German advance on Moscow.

The Mutual Defense Treaty between the US and South Korea signed.

U.S. Forces launch Operation Robin, in Hoa Province south of Saigon in South Vietnam, to provide road security between villages.

The Quebec Provincial Minister of Labour, Pierre Laporte, is kidnapped by terrorists.

The London Bridge, built in 1831 and dismantled in 1967, reopens in Lake Havusu City, Arizona, after being sold to Robert P. McCulloch and moved to the United States.

Spiro Agnew resigns the vice presidency amid accusations of income tax evasion. President Richard Nixon names Gerald Ford as the new vice president. Agnew is later convicted and sentenced to three years probation and fined $10,000.

An Egyptian plane carrying hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship is intercepted by US Navy F-14s and forced to land at a NATO base in Sicily.

Orakzai bombing, Afghanistan: members of the Taliban drive an explosive-laden truck into a meeting of 600 people discussing ways to rid their area of the Taliban; the bomb kills 110.
Hero of Bloody Nose Ridge 

On Sept. 15, 1944, the 1st Marine Division began its assault on an island that was just 13 square miles but deemed vital by strategists. For Pharmacist's Mate Third Class Eleuterio "Joe" Marquez, the World War II battle on the highly fortified island would be a baptism of fire. Just a year earlier, he and two of his friends enlisted in the Navy. Peleliu was a long way from Marquez's Los Angeles, CA, home. Half of the men who landed in the first wave on the island became casualties and, within the first month, 59 corpsmen in the division were killed. A significant challenge for the Marines was the taking of Umurbrogol Mountain, which had been dubbed "Bloody Nose Ridge." On Oct. 13, while on the mountain, Marquez's unit came under attack. Shrapnel and pieces of coral ripped through Marquez's legs. The pain was immediate but was overtaken by the screams of corpsmen that led him into action. Despite his severe wounds, Marquez dragged himself over the rough terrain to render aid. Marquez refused to be treated for his own wounds until all his patients were evacuated. For his actions, Marquez was awarded the Navy Cross in 1945, becoming the first Mexican-American hospital corpsmen to receive this honor. To learn more, read the blog by André B. Sobocinski
Thanks to Robert
Always a good laugh.

Probably Would Not Pass Today's PC Check 
Thanks to Dick     A  real Bummer
Beautiful [once] State, and this story is sad to read, especially for those of us born and raised in California.
 Written by Dr. Ron Martinelli
(Dr. Martinelli is a renowned forensic criminologist and retired police detective with the San Jose Police Department).  
As I sit in the LAX terminal after concluding business in downtown Los Angeles for the past two days, I cannot help but reflect upon my journey from a once California native to a new resident of the Great State of Texas and why.  You see, in my personal and professional opinion, the once great State of California has in essence has become a third world country.

"The concept of the "third world" has evolved to describe countries that suffer from low economic development, high levels of poverty and little to no ability to utilize natural or economic resources."  French demographer Alfred Sauvey, 1952.

While the reasons for California's ever-spiraling downwards status from 1st World economic prominence and prosperity to near 3rd World malaise are many;  I will assert that when you combine uber-liberal politicians, with rich elitist Hollywood Celebrities, dotcom CEO billionaires, disengaged millennials and illegal aliens; you in effect create the circumstances where your city or state becomes a 3rd World environment.

The process of California's demise from the "Golden State" to 3rd World status has been slow but steady; supported and enabled by the aforementioned actors.  While much of the legislated changes for the worse have been designed and voted in by politicians in Sacramento; municipal politicians and a complicit uninformed, naive and entitled voting public must also share blame.  After all, when 51% of those on some type of government subsidy out-vote the 49% of the money earning and tax paying citizenry, any state is doomed to failure.  With California now a "Sanctuary State" and their libtard Democratic state legislature pushing for voting rights for illegal aliens, the state will never recover.

My observations during my short visit to Los Angeles underscored many of the problems Californians are facing as they follow lemming-like their Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, their Democratic legislators and urban mayors like Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles off the economic cliff.

Literally nothing substantive is good about L.A. anymore.  An ever-growing homeless subculture populates the downtown area.  The intoxicated, drug influenced, mentally impaired and criminals are everywhere.  They literally surround Civic Center, federal buildings and courts – the so-called foundations and protectors of the Rule of Law and society.  How ironic to be surrounded by the failures these very systems, liberal politicians and judges have created.  Isn't karma interesting to watch in real time?

The homeless, numbering in the thousands, sleep in the shadows of immense, gleaming edifices owned by multi-billion dollar international conglomerates and dotcom corporations. Business executives in Brioni suits and workers quickly pass by the unwashed masses, while holding their noses to screen out the stench of urine and feces.  The obvious health and safety hazards to the public are too many to count.

Interconnecting Los Angeles city roadways and state highways designed to transport the commuting, tax paying public to their job sites are a debacle.  The ribbons of roadways are a mess of potholed, weed infested, trash laden, graffiti vandalized passages filled with vehicles lined up bumper-to-bumper going nowhere fast.  These are your tax dollars at work.  While California voters grumble and groan, in the end they just seem to accept their fate as one of the prices to pay for living the California dream.

You see, the working public has no time to get out and protest the outrageous and constant increases in taxes on gas, municipal services, vehicle registrations, rapid transit and a bullet train going to nowhere.  Only the unemployed, government subsidized masses have time to demonstrate in the streets to ensure that their subsidies continue.  Since the liberal politicians in Sacramento know this dynamic and their power base all too well, the taxation without representation continues.

I was staying at a hotel near LAX and my mileage commute to downtown L.A. was a mere twelve miles.  However, it took me every bit of one hour and twenty minutes to arrive at my destination. I then paid $20 for the privilege of parking my car in a public lot.  Of course, this was after I paid $30 a day to park my rental car at my hotel.  Nice.  I'm seriously considering Uber next time.

Since I frequently travel throughout California on business, I will tell you that Los Angeles is a mirror image of all of the other large urban cities in the state.  I have observed similar and even worse depressed and dysfunctional urban environments in the San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, San Diego and a number of other cities

California is rapidly becoming a two-tiered society of the very rich and the very poor, similar to the 2nd and 3rd World countries I regularly visit.  The middle class, small business owners and the retired are either being pushed out of state and/or escaping in droves to such tax free, business friendly and less crime ridden states such as Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida.  Lame duck Gov. Moonbeam and the state's liberal Democratic legislature know this.  They just don't care because their power base is now assured  Just ask any of their castrated, powerless Republican colleagues

There will never again be a Republican administration in California.  The days of Ronald Reagan have long passed.  The candidates lining up for the governor's race in 2018 are Open Borders and Sanctuary State advocates Anthony Villaraigosa and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.  Governor Brown and his Democratic legislature are pulling out all the stops creating legislation that will allow illegal aliens in the state to vote in state and local elections.  Republicans, conservatives and moderates don't stand a chance.
Here are just some of things Californian's have done in recent years to turn their state into a 3rd World mess:
1. Passed Proposition 47 which has since freed tens of thousands of felons from state prisons and county jails back into communities.  
2. Prop. 47 also eviscerated the parole enforcement agency and created a system where police on the streets can't even enforce outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants anymore.
3. Police no longer arrest people for being under the influence of dangerous drugs.  What would be the point; it's just a misdemeanor.  
4. They have reduced the crime of auto theft to a citable misdemeanor.  Steal a car; get caught and get a ticket.  Commit non-violent crimes, get arrested and you are out the same day with a promise to appear in court that will not ever be enforced.  No warrant enforcement, remember?  Amazing!
California's new "Sanctuary State" status supports and enables its Open Borders mentality.  Police in a number of cities such as San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles are ordered not to assist ICE with border enforcement.  Remember the Kate Steinle murder case where her five-time convicted criminal and deported illegal alien was acquitted?  Well, that's the political mentality that created that circumstance.  This is also an excellent example that liberal politicians in California are willing to sacrifice the innocent to demonstrate that they support violent illegal alien criminals.

What happens in California's larger cities filters down to its medium and small sized cities as well.  I recently wrote about the city of Salinas, CA.  that experienced an incredible 150% increase in its homicide rate from 2014 – 2015 which rated Salinas as one of the nation's 30 most violent cities.  Fifty percent of all of their murders were gang and drug related, with the predominate population of gang members being illegal aliens.  I can only wonder how Silicon Valley dot-commers' who are paying over half a million bucks for a home and commute over four hours a day to San Jose like living in that violent environment?

Which brings me back to why my successful business owner wife and I escaped to Texas.  The state loves us.  No commute problems, no state taxes and we live in an area where there is little to no crime.  Our area just outside of San Antonio some of the best school districts in the U.S.; high employment, great people and lots of fun things to do.

My wife and I live a great life on a ranch with a river in our backyard where we can fish, swim, kayak and BBQ with family and neighbors anytime we want.  The price?  Less than you would pay for a one bedroom studio condo in any of the cities in California I've mentioned.  New home buyers only need three percent down to purchase a home and veterans make no down payments.  If you are a younger middle-class person, a small business owner or retired, you'd be nuts to remain in California.

With California over a trillion dollars in debt and 30% of their budget going to subsidizing illegal aliens at the expense of hard-working, taxpayers who have little to no voice on how their state is run, the state and the majority of their citizens are doomed.  That's what a two-tiered society eventually creates. One heck of a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!

The truth is blatantly obvious... and yet the left STILL turns a blind eye.   I say let this Titanic sink.
Thanks to Brown Bear
 Oriskany Memorial Dives 2014 and 17
To all above honored Patriots,
I begin this email with a prayer, thanking our dear Lord for sending into my life some really fantastic American patriots.  Four years ago, Diver Extraordinare - Military Mother - Super Patriot - Susan  Snapp made her first dive down to the USS Oriskany's final resting place in the waters off Pensacola, Florida.  She and her fellow employees at Siemens had heard about the annual letters I'd been writing to my deceased roommate Norm Levy, a fellow Sundowner pilot flying combat against North Vietnam.  Our F8 Crusader squadron was part of ill-fated Air Wing 16 operating from the decks of USS Oriskany on Yankee station during the three years of Operation Rolling Thunder.  Attacking heavily defended targets, against the best air defenses the Soviets could provide to North Vietnam, our losses were staggering.  Our assigned complement of 65 combat aircraft were hit 242 times, with 62 shot down.  From our complement of 72 combat pilots,  56 were killed in action, 12 were prisoners of war, 5 are missing in action.  Unfortunately, the reports from the slime media of those days apparently turned to acid.  While very little of our history was written, almost nothing was preserved.  

The thoughtful and courageous acts of Susan and her crew during their 2014 dive on Oriskany resulted in a superbly recorded and produced video, Oriskany Honor Mission, as they attached an engraved container enclosing my last letter to roommate Norm Levy, on the Pri-Fly Control Tower of Oriskany.  

Three years later, being in contact with another diver and former member of our Sundowner squadron, J. K. Morley, Susan led another dive on Oriskany.  They skillfully  produced another fantastic video, this time with a side-by-side comparison of Jim Morley's remembrances serving in VF-111's Line Division before and during the horrible explosion and fire that crippled Oriskany and killed so many of her crew.  They have made that remarkable video available online at USS Oriskany Dive & Memorial After 51 Years.  I checked my 1966 Oriskany Cruise book, and found this photo of our Sundowner Line Division.  They were the guys working in the world's most hazardous environment - the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in combat!
A "rosy cheeked" Jim is the third guy from the right end in the back row.  As shown in the video, he was "front row" on our flight deck!  I assume the handsome young diver in the video, referred to only as "James" but bearing an uncanny family resemblance to the older Jim, was probably a son?  Thanks, James for that "Nickel on the grass" that you laid on Norm's plaque. He would be so proud!  I sure am!  The "flying/sailing" of the flag over the sunken Oriskany was again a beautiful much appreciated ceremony.  The flag Susan so graciously gave me from the 2014 Memorial Dive is waiting to accompany my remains to our National Cemetery at MCAS Miramar, where so many of those who died fighting off Oriskany are already interred.  I'll be requesting it be placed in their Museum, to be flown annually over the cemetery on the 26th of October.
Dick Schaffert aka Brown Bear
The link is: <>  
 or use the keywords: USS Oriskany Dive & Memorial After 51 Years.
It has sound. (Music only)
Item Number:1 Date: 10/10/2018 AFGHANISTAN - 27 TALIBAN KILLED IN AIRSTRIKES (OCT 10/TN)  TOLONEWS -- At least 27 Taliban fighters have been killed and 13 wounded in two airstrikes in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, reports Tolo News (Kabul).   The strikes hit two separate locations in the province's Nad Ali district on Tuesday, local officials said on Wednesday.   The attacks were launched in response to insurgent attacks on security forces.   Further details about the strikes were not provided.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 10/10/2018 GRENADA - CHINESE HOSPITAL SHIP WRAPS UP PORT VISIT IN ST. GEORGE (OCT 10/CMO)  CHINA MILITARY ONLINE -- Grenada has been hosting a Chinese navy hospital ship as part of a humanitarian mission, reports the China Military Online.   The Daishandao, also known as the Peace Ark, arrived in St. George, the capital, on Oct. 2 for an eight-day port call.   The ship provided medical services, community and off-island itinerant visits and academic exchanges to strengthen relations between the countries.   The visit was the sixth stop of the hospital ship's 11-nation Harmonious Mission, which began on June 28.   The ship is staffed with 120 medical personnel working in 18 clinical departments and five auxiliary and is equipped with a medevac helicopter, China Military Online noted in June.   The mission included visits to Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu and Venezuela.   The Peace Ark first visited Grenada in 2015, treating more than 9,000 locals.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 10/10/2018 SOMALIA - AL-SHABAAB EXECUTES ALLEGED SPIES (OCT 10/REU)  REUTERS -- The Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab says it has executed five men for spying, reports Reuters.   The men were executed by firing squad in Jilib in the Middle Jubba region, the group announced on the radio Tuesday.   Among the dead was a 32-year-old British man of Somali heritage.   Awale Ahmed Mohamed had spied for Britain's MI6 intelligence agency, said the local Al-Shabaab commander, who acts as the militant group's governor in the province.   Three of the men worked with the Americans, helping to guide drone strikes.   Another worked with the Somali government, said the militants.   Separately, two Kenyan teachers were killed near the Somali border after militants threw explosives into their houses.   The teachers died in the ensuing fire. Guards engaged the attackers but they were believed to have fled the scene.   Al-Shabaab, which is active in the region, was suspected.  
  Item Number:11 Date: 10/10/2018 TURKEY - DISSIDENT JOURNALIST KILLED ON RIYADH'S ORDERS, SAY INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS (OCT 10/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- Turkish security officials say that a dissident Saudi journalist was assassinated on orders from leaders in Riyadh, reports the New York Times.   Jamal Khashoggi was killed within two hours of his arrival at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, a senior Turkish official said on Tuesday.   A team of Saudi agents arrived that day to carry out the operation and dismembered the body within the consulate, said the source.   On Wednesday, the pro-government Daily Sabah (Istanbul) said it had identified the 15-person team whose arrival in Turkey coincided with the incident.   Sources told the Turkish daily on Tuesday that they were investigating the possibility that the former government ally turned critic had been abducted, not killed.   One anonymous Turkish security official told the Times that Turkish intelligence had obtained a video of the killing.   Khashoggi has not been seen since he entered the consulate to obtain routine documents, said his fiancee.   Turkish officials did not say how they linked the killing to the Saudi ruling court.   Saudi officials deny the accusations and say that Khashoggi walked out of the building shortly after his arrival. Turkish police reportedly received security camera footage and saw no evidence that Khashoggi left on foot.   On Tuesday, Saudi officials said they would allow Turkish authorities to search the consulate
Item Number:15 Date: 10/10/2018 USA - MATTIS GIVES AIR FORCE, NAVY 1 YEAR TO BOOST READINESS ON KEY JETS (OCT 10/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has given the Air Force and Navy one year to get mission-capable rates for four fighter jets above 80 percent, reports Defense News.   In a Sept. 17 memo, Mattis identified the F-35, F-22, F-16 and F/A-18 fighter fleets as those that needed to reach the 80 percent availability rate.   According to Air Force readiness figures released in March, about 71 percent of the service's aircraft were mission-capable during 2017, a slight decrease from the previous year.   The rate was highest for the F-16C fleet, standing at just over 70 percent, and lowest for the F-22, at about 49 percent. The recently-introduced F-35 had a mission-capable rate of about 54 percent.   Mattis also called on the services to reduce operational and maintenance costs on those aircraft starting in fiscal 2019.   The defense secretary acknowledged that budget constraints and aviation squadron shortcomings have resulted in "systemic underperformance, overcapitalization and unrealized capacity" in the fighter fleets.   Mattis cited the commercial aviation industry as an inspiration, urging the military to learn from its "benchmarks for measuring speed, cost and mission capability" and best practices for creating a sustainable system.   He also indicated that he expected other aviation assets to be bought up to the 80 percent availability mark in the future.  

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