Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Message From the Administrator: A Special Report on This Site

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Special Report on

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Hi Friends, Followers, & Readers,
      I, Allen "the Raider" Erhard, your administrator,  has been in the hospital and will be going back in as soon as they find out which path to take with my health issues. This is why some of your favorite posts have not been up everyday.
      Ron Ernie, the owner of this site, & I hope you'll come back and check out all the things we offer here located in the Top Cross Bar and down both the Right and Left Side Bars if your favorite post isn't there. Also, check out our extensive archive.
      While I'm home for a couple of days, I will be putting up several posts and scheduling them for days to come. These will NOT show up on 'Twitter' or 'FaceBook', or 'Google Search', once I go back in the hospital, however, they will be there, so stop on by and continue to check us out.
      I am "Thankful" for all the prayers and well wishes that I have received and hope for a speedy recovery. I hope to be back at full strength in a short period of time. "Thank you" for your support & understanding during these times. Hope to see all of you when I get through this.


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