Sunday, August 5, 2018

Well Now Time Sure Flys.....(GRIN)

Ron Ernie
"My Brother Was An Only Child"

I am an egotistical good for nothing traveler with the ways and means to do anything I want to.
Thanks To The Lord Jesus

No, I am not rich, just BLESSED!

I Am Just One Actor In This 3 Act Play Called LIFE.

ACT 1 - The Birth
ACT 2 - The Journey
ACT 3 - The Gate


I am on stage for a brief time and will exit stage left just like the rest of you!  I will not impress anyone.  I do not care for political correctness and do not practice it. 
I am self made, self supporting, self motivated
and so far self propelled. Propelled by what I refer to as

(Jesus Assisted TakeOff!)

I do not take government cheese, welfare, food stamps etc. etc..when I was down (as we all are sometime)  I got up and dusted myself off and humped to get it.  I say screw diplomas, titles, and all the associated bullshit props in this 3 act play we are in.  All you need is The Lord.  I cannot stand strong and healthy people who stick their hand out when they should get off their workless asses.

I love people who TRY TRY TRY...

I love folks who want what they need and not need what they want.
Everyone Is In The 3 Act Play.   When The Lord Sends Us To Earth On Loan To Our Parents, We Will Each Need A Loving Hand And A Guide
As We Travel On Our Journey Toward The Gate.
If We Give The Dusty Roads And Dangerous Passages
Along The Way To Jesus,
Our Journey Will Lead Us To The Gate.

The Gate To Heaven And Eternity With The Lord

I love the needy not the greedy



Ron Ernie

Ron At 17 Years Young!

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