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This day in Naval History
May 31
1900—Sailors and Marines from USS Newark (C 1) and USS Oregon (BB 3) arrive at Peking (now known as Beijing), China, to protect U.S. and foreign diplomatic legations during the Boxer Rebellion.
1918—USS President Lincoln is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine, (U 90). Twenty-six lives are lost.
1919—Curtiss flying boat NC 4 lands at Plymouth, England, concluding the first transatlantic flight.
1944—USS England (DE 635), assisted by six destroyers and destroyer escorts, sinks sixth Japanese submarine in less than two weeks.
1944—USS Barb (SS 220) and USS Herring (SS 233) attack Japanese shipping in the Sea of Okhotsk about 150 miles west of Matsuwa Island, Kuril Islands, sinking several ships. 
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Executive Summary:
In national news, headlines today report that a study by Harvard University found that the death toll in Puerto Rico stemming from Hurricane Maria is likely 70 times higher than official estimates, and media continue to report on ABC's cancellation of Roseanne Barr's series revival following posts of racist and anti-semitic tweets.  Adm. Phil Davidson officially relieved Adm. Harry Harris on Wednesday as the head of the newly renamed Indo-Pacific Command reports USNI News. At the change of leadership ceremony, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced the name change to reflect the importance of the growing interconnectivity between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The Washington Post reports that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin traveled to Singapore to meet with Kim Chang Son, a high ranking North Korean official, in an effort to work out the logistics of an upcoming summit between the U.S. and North Korea. Additionally, Stars and Stripes reports that Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Israel will join the RIMPAC exercise for the first time.
Today in History
May 31

Sigismund is crowned emperor of Rome.

The Godiva procession, commemorating Lady Godiva's legendary ride while naked, becomes part of the Coventry Fair.

At the Battle of Fair Oaks, Union General George B. McClellan defeats Confederates outside of Richmond.

New York's Madison Square Garden opens its doors for the first time.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania is destroyed by a massive flood.

U.S. troops arrive in Peking to help put down the Boxer Rebellion.

The Boer War ends with the Treaty of Vereeniging.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) holds its first conference.

The 17th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, providing for direct election of senators, is ratified.

A German zeppelin makes an air raid on London.

British and German fleets fight in the Battle of Jutland.

The first flight over the Pacific takes off from Oakland.

An armistice is arranged between the British and the Iraqis.

The Supreme Court orders that states must end racial segregation "with all deliberate speed."

Adolf Eichmann, the former SS commander, is hanged near Tel Aviv, Israel.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono record "Give Peace a Chance."

Israel and Syria sign an agreement on the Golan Heights.

Zimbabwe proclaims its independence.

President Ronald Reagan arrives in Moscow, the first American president to do so in 14 years.
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Trump was never involved with Tower Air.  He has always named everything "Trump" as his brand.  His only airline was the "Trump Shuttle" which was in business for only one year back in '89-'90.
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Actually, for a ship to be in a different century, it would have to be Jan 1st 1901 when the new century began. Cool story still.

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The Navy is preparing to commemorate the Battle of Midway, which was fought 3-7 June 1942 at and near the island of Midway in the central Pacific Ocean. The United States took the offensive in World War II after this victory of the U.S. Navy over the Japanese Imperial Navy. After Midway, the tide of the war turned in favor of the United States and her allies.  More information is available on our website:
- Battle of Midway - combat narrative, history, people, digital collections:
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May 31, 2018   Bear Taylor  
RIPPLE SALVO… #817… TALES OF GREAT COURAGE FROM 31 MAY DAYS-AND-NIGHTS OF OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER…The stories of Navy A-7 Tailhooker Lieutenant Kenny Fields; of Air Force Major Edward Leonard, holder of four Silver Stars, three DFCs and 23 Air Medals earned while flying Spads to save downed pilots, including Ken Fields; of Navy LCDR Arv Chauncey, Rampant Raider, of Nav Cad Class 34-55, oohrah; of the C-130 Charge of the Herc Brigade in Project Carolina Moon; and the 31 May 1965 one way flight of Phantom warrior Major Bob Peel, who logged 2,815 days as an unwilling guest in the prisons of North Vietnam…. but first….
Good Morning…Day EIGHT HUNDRED SEVENTEEN of a remembrance of the events and warriors of the war fought over North Vietnam in the years 1965  to 1 November 1968…
HEAD LINES from the OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER on Friday, 31 May 1968…   
THE WAR: Page 1: "WHILE TALKS CONTINUE, REDS MAINTAIN PRESSURE, HIT HARD IN SAIGON AREA"… "Viet Cong troops pressed hard on two edges of Saigon today in a new cupboard of fighting in the capital and two enemy rockets landed north\west of Saigon's sprawling Tan Son Nhut air base. Other enemy forces trained big Russian guns for the first time on allied bases in the central highlands…. Enemy pressure was maintained as North Vietnam and U.S. negotiators met for the sixth session of cease-fire talks in Paris. In a Saigon news conference today the second-highest Viet Cong ever to defect, Col. Ham Mau said the Communist strategy was to keep up attacks on South Vietnamese cities to improve the bargaining position in Paris. South Vietnamese bombers plastered Viet Cong troops trying to push into the city from the northeast. Aerial  observers estimated the strikes killed as many as 200 enemy troops… More serious than the guerrillas surge from the northeast, however, was the infiltration of small squads of Viet Cong into Cholon, the Chinese quarter in Saigon's western sector….After five days of skirmishing near the U.S satellite communications station in Phu Lam, the government troops appeared to have the situation in Hand… On the northeastern edge of Saigon infiltrators slammed bazooka-type rockets and grenades into a U.S. motor pool and a National Police center. Eleven Americans and six government policemen were wounded, but there were estimates of the 30 to 40 Viet Cong killed. One U.S. Army gunship helicopter was shot down as it worked against the Viet Cong. In the northern sector of the country, U.S. paratroopers government soldiers sealed hamlet held by enemy soldiers and reported killing 168 enemy and taking 49 prisoners today after an all-night artillery barrage. U.S. 101st Airborne Division spokesman said a cordon was placed around the hamlet six miles east of Hue and artillery hammered the trapped enemy all night. When the allied troops entered the hamlet there was little resistance, the spokesman said."…
PEACE CONVERSATIONS: Page 1: "PEACE TALKS FAIL TO RECORD GAINS"… "U.S. and North Vietnamese negotiators clashed today over ways of de-escalating the war in Vietnam, yet failed again to make any progress toward breaking their deadlock. North Vietnamese Ambassador Xuan Thuy rejected all U.S. proposals for joint action to curb the conflict. He said the United States is the 'aggressor' in Vietnam and must end the bombing and other military operations against the North without reciprocity. U.S. W. Averell Harriman made a new appeal to Thuy to take a different tack and told him President Johnson is prepared 'to go far and fast' to a common search for peace. The meeting lasted three hours and 45 minutes and ended with an agreement to meet next Wednesday."… Page 1: "DE GAULLE ACTIONS LULL MOMENTUM OF STRIKE EFFORTS–VAST AREAS OF FRANCE REPORT 'BACK TO WORK' MOMENT"… "The great French strike wave seemed to be receding today under the countermeasures of President Charles de Gaulle..  The chief of state, following up his dissolution of the National Assembly, named a new government with Georges Pompidou back as Premier."… Page 1: "JOHNSON BOWS TO CONGRESS–OKs 46-BILLION SPENDING CUT–MILLS PREDICTS QUICK PASSAGE OF TAX HIKE"… "…reluctantly agreed to accept a $6-billion cut in government spending in order to get the tax increase he thinks vital to the nation and economy."… Page 1: "LBJ Hikes Interest On Bonds"… Page 1: "Hunt For Scorpion Detects Submerged Metal Object"… Page 1: "LOOTING AND SNIPING IN LOUSIVILLE STRIFE–Arrests Pass 400″… "Arrests in Louisville's West End climbed to more than 400 today as police and volunteer Negro marshals tried to cope with scattered looking and isolated incidents of sniping."… Page 3: "NIXON TAKES FIGHT TO DEEP SOUTH–HOPES TO ATTRACT INDEPENDENT AND DEMOCRATIC VOTE"… "…takes his fight for the Republican presidential nomination into the Deep South today on the eve of a weekend strategy huddle to plan what he calls 'a brand new campaign.' "…
31 MAY 1968… OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER… New York Times (1 June reporting 31 May ops)… Page 3: "In the air war over North Vietnam, American pilots flew through moderate to heavy ground fire to strike road and river traffic and storage areas together with bridges, barges and a SAM–or surface-to-air missile — transporter. The United States Command reported that 44 secondary explosions and 31 fires were set off by the bombing raids."… "VIETNAM: AIR LOSSES" (Chris Hobson) There were four fixed wing aircraft lost in Southeast Asia on 31 May 1968…
(1) An A-7E of the VA-82 Marauders embarked in USS America was lost at sea when the engine failed during an aerial refueling. The pilot ejected and was rescued by Navy helicoper.
(2) MAJOR EUGENE PAUL BERESIK was flying an F-105D of the 469th TFS and 388th TFW and was downed near Tiger Island while strafing an enemy gun position. MAJOR BERESIK was apparently too low to eject and was killed in action. A detailed story of the flight is below.
(3) LT KENNETH WALLACE FIELDS was flying an A-7E of the VA-82 Marauders embarked in USS America and went down while striking a storage area in southern Laos. His rescue — THE RESCUE OF STREETCAR 304: A Navy Pilot's Forty Hours on the Run in Laos– is his story. Buy the book. A review is below to suck you in to some great reading…
(4) CAPTAIN EDWARD W. LEONARD was flying an A-1H of the 602nd ACS and 56th ACW in the rescue of LT FIELDS, was downed in the action and evaded capture for a time, but wound up a POW. More on CAPTAIN LEONARD's participation below.
RIPPLE SALVO… #817… Tales from 31 May 1968; then one each from 1967, 1966, and 1965…
1968: "THE RESCUE OF STREETCAR 304… "In 1968, during a forty hour period, the Air Force flew 189 sorties to rescue a Navy A-7 pilot, call sign Streetcar 304, (LT KENNETH W. FIELDS)  in one of the largest rescue efforts of the Vietnam war. Before it ended, four pilots had ejected, seven planes were lost or heavily damages; and, at one point, seven airman awaited rescue behind enemy lines. Streetcar 304 now provides his personal narrative about the event. On his very first combat mission, Fields catapulted off the USS America, flew to Laos, dropped his bombs in the midst of an enemy (flak) trap and was shot down. Streetcar describes his last fearful farewell night at home with his wife, his tracer ridden bomb runs and a last moment ejection. Cringe when he describes being shot at while floating down in his parachute. Ride along in the cockpit of two rescue pilots as enemy tracers zoom upward and shoot each one down. Feel your heart skip a beat as Streetcar and one Air Force pilot (CAPTAIN EDWARD W. LEONARD) separately evade numerous close encounters with Pathet Lao guerrillas, are nearly killed time and again by friendly bombs, and deal with the stress of jungle animals and lack of sleep. Suffer with his wife when she receives word that he is down, fate unknown, and then describes her own forty hours of suspense. Relate to the pilots who are ordered to make one final rescue attempt. Shed a tear with Streetcar when one rescuer (CAPTAIN LEONARD) is captured by the enemy. Experience the final harrowing rescue attempt during which Fields is wounded by a friendly bomb." STREETCAR 304 is published by U.S. Naval Institute and is available on Amazon hardcover like new or new for $24…
1968: (Hobson)  "When LT FIELDS was shot down near Ban Kate a USAF Skyraider, which was already in the area was directed to search for the downed airman. Night was drawing in rapidly but CAPTAIN EDWARD W. LEONARD came down to 500-feet in an effort to protect the Corsair pilot until the rescue forces arrived. Unfortunately, the Skyraider was hit by automatic weapons fire about 10 miles to the southwest of LT field's position. Captain Leonard ejected but was captured by a North Vietnamese soldier. He was eventually sent to Hanoi and was released on 28 March 1973. Captain Leonard had flown over 250 missions in Southeast Asia and had been shot down during a mission over northern Laos on 18 March but managed to fly most of the way back to base before having to eject on that occasion."… Writing of his experience MAJOR LEONARD wrote the following (extracted from pow network and WE CAME HOME)… "After being shot down while flying a rescue mission over Laos, I managed to avoid capture for two days. While sitting in a tree, a Communist soldier lying in a hammock, looked up and saw me….In the summer of 1969 for some unknown reason I was interrogated about a possible escape attempt. They did not appreciate my answers and as the saying goes, 'they tortured me until I was guilty.'… I have no regrets over any of the twelve years of military service. In fact, I regard my time as senior officer in the compound as the most important job I ever had, and in the glory of the company of some of the most magnificent men I have ever known. Those years gave me the opportunity to know how to use freedom….Boredom was the one thing I was not prepared for. I spent hours exercising, praying and filling in the hours with various mental projects. I had a 'patriot hour.' I recalled everything from my Boy Scout Oath to my commissioning at the Air Force Academy. Then there was 'story hour' during which I imagined myself in various situations and acted the parts of every character in dramas. Dreams were many and coming home has more than fulfilled my fondest dreams."… LTCOL EDWARD W. LEONARD went west on 16 November 2014. He was awarded four Silver Stars, the Legion of Merit, three Distinguished flying Crosses, the Bronze Star with Combat V, two Purple Hearts  and 23 Air Medals for his heroic service as a pilot and a POW for five years…    oohrah… His daughter Tracy wrote: "The measure of any man is whether he leaves this earth having added more than he extracted. My father positively changed the lives of numerous men for the better. In many cases they were strangers and he risked his life for them, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, so they could live."
1968: From the Compilation "34TFS/F-105 History" by Howie Plunkett…31-May-68… "On 31 May, a practice strike exercise was conducted to simulate a typical strike in RP-5 or RP-6…. One of the 44 total aircraft taking part in the exercise was damaged by 37-mm AAA fire. Only two instances of AAA fire were recorded. No SAMs were launched… but three aircraft were lost in the exercise: An F-105D whose pilot MAJOR EUGENE P. BERESIK from the 34th TFS was KIA; A Navy A-7A, call sign Streetcar 304 piloted by LTKENNETH FIELDS; and an A-1H of the 602 ACS piloted by MAJOR EDWARD LEONARD… "… "The 34th TFS F-105D piloted by MAJOR BERESIK was hit by gunfire while strafing a Tiger Island gun site in RP-1, North Vietnam. Crashed at sea off the coast of North Vietnam. MAJOR BERESIK ejected but rescue failed and the pilot was declared KIA. Call sign 'No Trump 01" Cause of the loss is unknown. He was on an armed reconnaissance when his aircraft went down about 20 miles southwest of Dong Hoi, near Tiger Island. He was the lead aircraft in a flight of two F-105s No Trump flight had completed its primary mission and had been directed to return to an island in the Gulf of Tonkin called Tiger Island to strafe. No Trump flight was joined by Detroit flight consisting of CAPTAIN JOSEPH SECHLER AND CAPTAIN LAWRENCE BOGEMANN."… "Detroit One and No Trump 02 heard No Trump 01 call that he was hit and was bailing out. He repeated the bail out call. No Trump 02 stated that MAJOR BERESIK's voice sounded strange, like he may have been hit personally or was under some strain. He also saw a large puff of smoke and saw the aircraft hit the water about 5 or 6 miles east of Tiger Island. He and the two members of Detroit flight saw the chute descending. Detroit 01 saw the chute collapsing. He made a turn in order to make a low pass and lost sight of him. No Trump 02 and Detroit 02 lost sight of the chute at approximately the same time. There was no beeper signal heard, no radio contact and no survival equipment sighted. There were two Covey FACS and a Jolly Green helicopter in the immediate area. SAR was conducted and terminated at 1945 due to darkness MAJOR BERELIK had flown a total of 73 missions into North Vietnam, five of which had been in RP-6. His body was not recovered."… MAJOR EUGENE P. BERESIK'S name is on The Wall. You are invited to "leave a remembrance" by calling up the FACES ON THE WALL site. ..You will join a remembrance from the recent past by MAJOR BERESIK's "youngest son and namesake" who has left a remembrance for the ages: "Thanks for your service and sacrifice. I was too young to remember but thanks to your wonderful brothers and sisters, I've gained knowledge and insight into the man you were. The folks you grew up with in Webster still speak with great pride when they say 'did anybody ever tell you the time your father buzzed Webster in his F-105?' They're all very proud of you too. I've inherited quite a few of your traits (good and bad) first and foremost my love of this country and family. Mom remarried a great man who raised us as his own–I know you'd be proud of the three of us. Life is short but heaven is forever–We'll see you again."…
1967… Search the RTR archives, 31 May 1967 … Ripple Salvo #452… Title "Flying Eagle Two Two Six" and it tells the story of one of the great ones: LCDR ARV CHAUNCEY.  "I'M HIT AND I'M HEADING BACK"…that was 31 May 1967 and he got home in March 1973…
1966… Search the RTR archives,   31 May 1966 … Ripple Salvo #93….  Title "CAROLINA MOON" and the story I called "The Charge of Hercules" as the C-130s tried a different way to wipe out the "Dragon's Jaw."… and the loss of an F-4C with MAJOR DAYTON WILLIAM RAGLAND  and 12LT NED RAYMOND HERROLD, who were flying a night diversionary mission south of Thanh Hoa to improve the chances of the C-130s putting mines in the Song Ma River. MAJOR RAGLAND's service and sacrifice was unsurpassed. He is remembered with admiration and respect. As is young 1LT HERROLD, who was killed in action 52 years ago this day… Ripple Salvo #93 is a remembrance of the nine brave C-130 crew that tried mightily, twice, in CAROLINA MOON, but failed and paid the ultimate price… MAJOR THOMAS FRANKLIN CASE and his eight brother in arms on the flight were killed in action and lay where they fell for many years, but their remains were returned home, identified and buried at home thanks to the Joint Recovery Team…
1965… On 31 May 1966 1LT ROBERT  D. PEEL  was flying an F-105D of the 563r TFS and 23rd TFW out of Takhli as part of a strike group attacking JCS Target #14, the Thanh Hoa Bridge, and was shot down while approaching roll-in at 14,000-feet a few miles south of the target. He was captured and spent the rest of the war in the North Vietnamese prison system– 2,815 days and nights… He returned in March 1973 and continued his service until his retirement from the Air Force in 1980 in the grade of LCOl…
RTR Quote for 31 May: MARK KNOPFLER, Brothers in Arms: "Through these fields of destruction, Baptisms of fire. I've witnessed your suffering, As the battles raged higher. And though we were hurt so bad, In the fear and alarm, You didn't desert me, My brothers in arms."…
Lest we forget…     Bear
Item Number:1 Date: 05/31/2018 JAPAN - ABE HOSTS VIETNAMESE PRESIDENT IN TOKYO TO TALK STRATEGIC, ECONOMIC TIES (MAY 31/KNA)  KYODO NEWS AGENCY -- Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a bid to enhance bilateral economic and security ties, reports the Kyodo news agency.   The leaders met on Thursday in Tokyo as their two countries approach the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations.   Japan sees Vietnam as an integral piece of its efforts to counter growing Chinese influence in East and Southeast Asia.   Abe and Quang also discussed ways to strengthen their economic ties through infrastructure projects, Japanese officials said.   The two countries are planning cultural exchanges in the future
Item Number:2 Date: 05/31/2018 JAPAN - RAYTHEON TO SUPPLY AIR SELF-DEFENSE FORCE WITH ADVANCED RWR (MAY 31/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- Raytheon has been awarded a U.S. Air Force contract to supply the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force with AN/ALR-69A(V) digital radar warning receivers (RWR), reports Defense News.   The Dept. of Defense announced the US$90 million indefinite-delivery and indefinite-quantity contract on Tuesday.   Radar warning receivers detect radio signals used by radar systems and alert users to potential threats via audible and visual cues. The systems can distinguish between land-based and air-based threats, noted the newspaper.   The ALR-69A is also capable of enemy air defense suppression and has improved spectral and spatial coverage for improved detection in challenging environments.   The contract comes after a request from Japan, which will pay Raytheon US$51.5 million after placing its initial order.   Planned future upgrades include machine-learning-based modules that will enable the system to autonomously adapt to the latest threats, said Raytheon officials.   Work under the contract is scheduled to conclude by May 2023.     
  Item Number:3 Date: 05/31/2018 LIBYA - HAFTAR MAKES GAINS IN DERNA AMID HEAVY FIGHTING (MAY 31/OCHA)  OCHA -- Fighting in the city of Derna in eastern Libya, has reached "unprecedented levels" as forces loyal to the government in Tobruk fight to control the city, reports the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).   Air raids, the shelling of residential areas and heavy ground fighting have created a potential humanitarian catastrophe in the city of 125,000, according to the May 30 report.   Electricity and water services in the city have been cut and food and medicines are in short supply, said the U.N. humanitarian watchdog.   Civilians have been prevented from fleeing the city, noted the report.   Five civilians have been killed since May 22, when Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) launched an operation to wrest control of the city from the Derna Protection Forces, formerly known as the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council.   Haftar's forces now control the eastern and western entrances of the narrow coastal city, which is less than 0.7 miles (1.1 km) wide at points. The LNA also controls one of the highest points in Derna, which overlooks the Bab Tubruk district.   Fighters from the Derna Protection Forces have largely withdrawn from contested areas in the city and have retreated to the city center, reportedly blending in with civilians, says the report.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 05/31/2018 NICARAGUA - 11 DIE IN CLASHES DURING LATEST PROTESTS (MAY 31/CNN)  CABLE NEWS NETWORK -- As many as 11 people have been killed and 79 injured in ongoing protests in Nicaragua, reports CNN.   The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights released the figures on Thursday, one day after security forces opened fire on demonstrators protesting the government of Daniel Ortega.   Protests have been ongoing since April, when proposed budget cuts sparked a backlash. Ortega rescinded those proposed cuts but has refused to leave office and has been slow to respond to accusations of violence against protesters.   During Wednesday's march in the capital, Managua, a delegation from U.K.-based rights group Amnesty International said that police and pro-government "Sandinista mobs" attacked protesters.   Ortega led the Sandanistas in their rebellion against President Anastasio Somoza DeBayle, who was ousted by the group in 1990.   In response to the growing violence, a business group known as COSEP has called for Ortega to organize early elections, reported Reuters. The next presidential elections are currently scheduled for 2021.   Ortega has indicated that he has no plans to step down
Item Number:5 Date: 05/31/2018 PAKISTAN - ISLAMABAD THREATENS TO CUT OFF U.S. SUPPLY LINES TO AFGHANISTAN AS RELATIONS SINK (MAY 31/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- Pakistan is considering blocking U.S. supply lines into Afghanistan, reports the Voice of America News.   U.S.-Pakistani relations have deteriorated to the point that Islamabad is considering closing U.S. access to routes that supply American troops in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan told the U.S. news service on Thursday.   Khan blamed the Trump administration for vilifying Pakistan and pushing for its inclusion on the Financial Action Task Force's "gray list" of countries not taking necessary steps against terrorist financing.   Pakistan's inclusion on the gray list was approved in February and is set to take effect on Friday. The punitive move is part of the administration's strategy to pressure Islamabad to cut ties with the Taliban and other militant groups in Afghanistan.   Islamabad denies that it supports any terrorist groups and rejects Washington's efforts to pressure it as an attempt to blame Pakistan for the failure to end the Afghan conflict.   On May 11, the U.S. barred Pakistani diplomats in the U.S. from traveling more than 25 miles (40 km) from their posts. Pakistan imposed a similar restriction on U.S. diplomats in Pakistan.   Khan said that the U.S. has abandoned his country to terrorists, leaving only Pakistan's traditional ally, China, at its side.  
  Item Number:6 Date: 05/31/2018 SAUDI ARABIA - NATIONAL GUARD BASE IN TAIF ATTACKED; POLICE OFFICER KILLED, SEVERAL GUARDSMEN INJURED (MAY 31/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- A Saudi police officer has been killed and several national guardsmen wounded in a militant attack in the western city of Taif, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   On Thursday, two attackers stabbed a police officer who was directing traffic near a national guard facility, reported the news website Sabq. The man later died of his wounds.   The gunmen seized the officer's weapon and service vehicle, entered the base and opened fire, injuring several guardsmen.   One of the attackers was wounded during the exchange of gunfire and subsequently arrested. The other attacker fled.   There were no immediate claims of responsibility.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 05/31/2018 SYRIA - WASHINGTON DENIES DEAL REACHED ON KURDISH FORCES IN MANBIJ (MAY 31/ANADOLU)  ANADOLU NEWS AGENCY -- Senior Turkish officials say an agreement has been reached with the United States on the withdrawal of armed Kurdish groups from Manbij in northern Syria, reports Turkey's official Anadolu Agency.   In an interview with Turkish television channel A Haber on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that a plan to withdraw the People's Protection Units (YPG) from Manbij "could be applied by the end of summer."   Turkish officials say the deal would consist of a three-part plan: a withdrawal of YPG forces from Manbij, jointly supervised by Turkey and the U.S.; a guarantee of security provided by to-be-deployed Turkish troops and U.S. troops already stationed in Manbij; and the eventual removal of all YPG fighters from Turkish border areas, reported Al-Monitor (Washington, D.C.).   The U.S. denied reaching any deal with Turkey regarding the city, which is currently under the control of the U.S.-backed YPG.   "We don't have any agreements yet with the government of Turkey," State Dept. spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Wednesday, reported Reuters.   A statement issued after May 25 talks between Turkish and U.S. officials in Ankara emphasized a shared interest in security and stability in Manbij but did not include specifics.   Cavusoglu and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are scheduled to discuss the issue during a June 4 meeting in Washington, D.C.   The roadmap agreement to be finalized during the talks calls for the YPG to withdraw 30 days after the accord is signed. Turkish and U.S. forces will begin joint supervision 45 days after the deal is inked and a local administration is to be established 60 days after signature of the agreement.   Turkey considers the YPG an arm of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), listed as a terrorist group by the Turkish and U.S. governments. The U.S. considers the YPG separate from the PKK and indispensable in the fight against terrorists in Syria.   
  Item Number:8 Date: 05/31/2018 USA - IN A NOD TO INDIA, PACIFIC COMMAND RENAMED (MAY 31/CNN)  CABLE NEWS NETWORK -- The U.S. has renamed the command responsible for military operations in Asia, reports CNN.   The U.S. Pacific Command is now the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said on Wednesday at the command's headquarters in Hawaii.   Mattis made the announcement during the change-of-command ceremony for Adm. Phillip Davidson, who assumed command of the now Indo-Pacific Command from Adm. Henry Harris, who has been nominated as the ambassador to South Korea, reported Defense One.   The change does not mean more assets will be sent to the region at this time, reported Reuters. The command currently includes 375,000 personnel, reported Newsweek.   The renaming of the U.S. military's "primary combatant command" is seen by analysts as largely symbolic, recognizing India's importance to the U.S. in defense cooperation and other fields.   The change is also intended to better reflect the command's area of responsibility, which covers 36 countries and the Pacific and Indian Ocean, said U.S. officials.

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