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This day in Naval History
June 19
1864—During the Civil War, USS Kearsarge, commanded by Capt. J.A. Winslow, sinks CSS Alabama, commanded by Capt. R. Semmes, off Cherbourg, France, ending the career of the South's most famous commerce raider, which included burning 55 vessels valued at $4.5 million.
1942—USS Ballard (AVD 10) is directed by a PBY (VP 11) to rescue 35 survivors (one dies shortly after rescue) from Japanese carrier, Hiryu, which is scuttled by destroyers Kazegumo and Yugumo on June 5 during the Battle of Midway. The men are members of the engineering department and were presumed dead by the Japanese.
1943—USS Gunnel (SS 253) damages Japanese gunboat Hong Kong Maru (ex-Philippine Argus) and sinks freighter Tokiwa Maru off Shirase, Japan, and costal minesweeper Tsubame. Also on this date, USS Sculpin (SS 191) sinks Japanese guardboat No.1 Miyasho Maru and army cargo ship Sagami Maru off Inubo Saki, Japan.
1944—Mulberry "A" off the coast of Normandy, Omaha Beach, is destroyed in severe storm that lasts until the following day. Deemed irreparable, the use of the mulberry ceases. The British and Canadian Mulberry "B," off Gold Beach, survives the storm.
1944—The largest aircraft carrier action in World War II, the Battle of the Philippine Sea begins as Task Force 58 shoots down hundreds of enemy aircraft in what becomes known as the "Marianas Turkey Shoot." 
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Executive Summary:
Today's national headlines include coverage of separation of migrant families at the U.S. southern border, additional tariffs suggested against China by the president, and the creation of a standalone Space Force within the Department of Defense. President Trump appeared to sign an executive order for the creation of a new "Space Force" on Monday reports Defense News. However, President Trump will likely need Congressional approval before a new branch of the military can be created. The New York Times reports that the Pentagon announced that it is suspending the upcoming Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise with South Korea. Additionally, the company that owns the oil tanker involved in the collisions with the USS John S. McCain is suing to prevent payments to the families of the sailors who died in the crash reports Stars and Stripes.
Today in History June 19
240 BC
Eratosthenes estimates the circumference of Earth using two sticks.
General George Washington's troops finally leave Valley Forge after a winter of training.
The Ottomans defeat the Greeks at the Battle of Dragasani.
The New York Knickerbocker Club plays the New York Club in the first baseball game at Elysian Field, Hoboken, New Jersey.
Virginians, in what will soon be West Virginia, elect Francis Pierpont as their provisional governor.
President Abraham Lincoln outlines his Emancipation Proclamation. News of the document reaches the South.
The USS Kearsarge sinks the CSS Alabama off of Cherbourg, France.
Mexican Emperor Maximilian is executed.
The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York City from France.
The young school teacher, Benito Mussolini, is placed under investigation by police in Bern, Switzerland.
Mustafa Kemal founds the Turkish National Congress at Ankara and denounces the Treaty of Versailles.
France grants Leon Trotsky political asylum.
The National Archives and Records Administration is established.
The town of Bilbao, Spain, falls to the Nationalist forces.
U.S. Navy carrier-based planes shatter the remaining Japanese carrier forces in the Battle of the Marianas.
President Harry S. Truman signs the Universal Military Training and Service Act, which extends Selective Service until July 1, 1955 and lowers the draft age to 18.
Nine entertainers refuse to answer a congressional committee's questions on communism.
Kuwait regains complete independence from Britain.
Soviet cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, becomes the first woman in space.
Air Marshall Nguyen Cao Ky becomes South Vietnam's youngest premier at age 34.
Over 50,000 people march on Washington, D.C. to support the Poor People's Campaign.
The Case-Church Amendment prevents further U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia.
The U.S. Supreme Court voids the Louisiana law requiring schools to teach creationism.
The Richmond Virginia Planning Commission approves plans to place a memorial statue of tennis professional Arthur Ashe.
If you want a great book on the Marianas Turkey Shoot see Barrett Tillman's Clash of the Carriers. Skip
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Turkey Day
And not gobble-gobble!
19 June '44 was The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, largest carrier battle there will ever be: 15 US and 9 IJN.  (Leyte Gulf doesn't count because the strikes were all one-way.)
TF-58 repelled four attacks that morning, a wake-up for the Japanese Navy because previously it did not fully appreciate the sophistication of USN fleet defense: 60-80 mile skin paints on inbound hostiles, or more.  With 15 VF squadrons to rotate on ForceCAP, the Hellcats began working over the visitors, who operated beyond range of US strikers.  Attrition among Japanese formations was horrific, totaling over 200 among 328 claimed.  (Additional IJN planes were splashed on search missions).
Six Hellcat pilots became aces in a day.  LtJG Alex Vraciu of VF-16/CV-16 splashed 6 to become the leading Navy ace--added one more next day in "the mission beyond darkness."
A Hornet pilot, Ens. Wilbur Webb, was orbiting a downed flier off Guam when he saw what he saw.  He opened up: "This Spider Webb.  I have about 40 of 'em cornered over Orote Point and I could use a little help."  Joined the traffic pattern and hosed six.  His F6F was junked when he trapped aboard CV-12.
(Alex died this January, Spider in 2002.)
During the day no US CV aviators saw enemy flight decks but submarines sank Shokaku (a Pearl Harbor attacker) and the flagship Taiho.  
The Turkey Shoot name was applied by a VF-16 pilot, Ens. Ziggy Neff, who splashed 4 in his only combat of the war.  During debrief he said, "It was just like an old-time turkey shoot back home in Missouri."  (I suspect he said Missourah...)
USS Belleau Wood torpedo planes sank a third IJN CV the next evening, IJNS Hiyo.
The next time Japanese carriers deployed, the 4 available at Leyte in October were mainly used as bait.  Many/most of their aviators had not CQ'd.
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Jun 19, 1944:
United States scores major victory against Japanese in Battle of the Philippine Sea
June 19
On this day in 1944, in what would become known as the "Marianas Turkey Shoot," U.S. carrier-based fighters decimate the Japanese Fleet with only a minimum of losses in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.
The security of the Marianas Islands, in the western Pacific, were vital to Japan, which had air bases on Saipan, Tinian, and Guam. U.S. troops were already battling the Japanese on Saipan, having landed there on the 15th. Any further intrusion would leave the Philippine Islands, and Japan itself, vulnerable to U.S. attack. The U.S. Fifth Fleet, commanded by Admiral Raymond Spruance, was on its way west from the Marshall Islands as backup for the invasion of Saipan and the rest of the Marianas. But Japanese Admiral Ozawa Jisaburo decided to challenge the American fleet, ordering 430 of his planes, launched from aircraft carriers, to attack. In what became the greatest carrier battle of the war, the United States, having already picked up the Japanese craft on radar, proceeded to shoot down more than 300 aircraft and sink two Japanese aircraft carriers, losing only 29 of their own planes in the process. It was described in the aftermath as a "turkey shoot."
Admiral Ozawa, believing his missing planes had landed at their Guam air base, maintained his position in the Philippine Sea, allowing for a second attack of U.S. carrier-based fighter planes, this time commanded by Admiral Mitscher, to shoot down an additional 65 Japanese planes and sink another carrier. In total, the Japanese lost 480 aircraft, three-quarters of its total, not to mention most of its crews. American domination of the Marianas was now a foregone conclusion.
Not long after this battle at sea, U.S. Marine divisions penetrated farther into the island of Saipan. Two Japanese commanders on the island, Admiral Nagumo and General Saito, both committed suicide in an attempt to rally the remaining Japanese forces. It succeeded: Those forces also committed a virtual suicide as they attacked the Americans' lines, losing 26,000 men compared with 3,500 lost by the United States. Within another month, the islands of Tinian and Guam were also captured by the United States.
The Japanese government of Premier Hideki Tojo resigned in disgrace at this stunning defeat, in what many have described as the turning point of the war in the Pacific.
Today on Fighter Sweep
Watch: F-15's Hit the 'Mach Loop' Like You Have Not Seen Before! Cool Stuff!
The Mach Loop (also known as the Machynlleth Loop) consists of a series of valleys in the United Kingdom in west-central Wales, notable for their use as low-level training areas View More ›
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Dick and Burt Rutan ... article on achievements!
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June 18, 2018Bear Taylor
RIPPLE SALVO… #836… THIS WEEK FIFTY YEARS AGO The New York Times' JAMES RESTON wrote a piece he titled, "HANOI'S TRAGIC MISCALCULATION." Here's a taste of it: "One of the surprising things of the last few weeks has been the movement of public opinion in the United States. No doubt the sentiment of most American people is for peace, but the pressure on the Government to settle at any price has let up. Letters on the war to newspapers, to the State and Defense Departments, and to the Presidential candidates have been reduced from a torrent to a trickle"…. Why? Reston has the answer and Humble Host has a Salvo… but first…
GOOD MORNING… Day EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX of thinking about the lost opportunities to put the history of the Vietnam war on a different course and a more satisfactory outcome for the United States of America… just thinking…
HEAD LINES from The New York Times, "The Gray Lady" ("All the news that's fit to print"), on Wednesday, 19 June 1968…
THE WAR: "Page 1: "HELICOPTERS SEEN NEAR BUFFER ZONE THIRD DAY IN ROW"… "Aircraft suspected of being North Vietnamese helicopters have been sighted over the demilitarized zone for the third day in a row, a United States military spokesman said last night. As on the previous day the aircraft were observed on radar in darkness…it was not possible to confirm the sightings visually. The latest aircraft reports came on a day when a total of 120 North Vietnamese and Vietcong soldiers surrendered in a Saigon suburb where street fighting has flared for more than a month. The group surrendered after two clashes northeast of the center of Saigon during which 47 of the enemy were killed. After retreating into a cemetery the enemy troops were surrounded by South Vietnamese marines. An attempt to break out of the cemetery failed, and the enemy soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered….AT KHESANH: …United States Marines turned back an early morning attack south of the Khesanh outpost yesterday and fought until the afternoon. They killed 128 North Vietnamese regulars and lost 11 men dead and 30 wounded. Three days earlier the marines killed 186 enemy soldiers in the same area…"
PEACE TALKS: Page 1: "BROOKE BIDS HANOI EASE PARIS STAND–SENATOR DISCERNS MOUNTING PRESSURE ON U.S. TO WIDEN WAR IF TALKS ARE STALLED"… "Senator Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts warned today that pressure was mounting for a renewed expansion of the war in North Vietnam if North Vietnam's negotiators did not show more flexibility in the Paris talks with the United States. Administration officials cited the speech by Senator Brooke as a useful warning, particularly amid reports that North Vietnamese helicopters might have entered the air war over the demilitarized zone… Page 5: "U.N.'S THANT PREDICTS A LONG DEADLOCK IN VIETNAM TALKS"… "…because both sides hope for  military victory."…
Page 1: "SENATE UNIT VOTES FOR BAN ON SALES OF RIFLES BY MAIL–Republicans Switch Spurs Hope For the Passage of The Administration Bill–Johnson Praises Move–He asks Judiciary Panel To Send Legislation To Floor For Immediate Action"… Page 1: "McCARTHY DELEGATES WIN MAJORITY OF RACES HERE (NY)–WAR ISSUE IS CITED–Humphrey Forces See Gains Of At Least 15 Delegates In state"… Page 1: JAMES EARL RAY'S LAWYER WINS DELAY TO JUNE 27–Judge Grants Plea for Time To Study Data–Suspect's Security Guard Is Again Heavy"… Page 9: "SOVIET MARSHALL ASSURES CZECHS–Exercises Are Limited"… "The Soviet commander of Warsaw Pact forces has said that maneuvers this month in Czechoslovakia would involve only command staffs of the various services."… Page 1: "22 Mayors Back Today's March In Washington"…
19 JUNE 1968… THE PRESIDENT'S DAILY BRIEF (CIA TS/SI)…NORTH VIETNAM: Moscow has authoritatively reiterated its full support for Hanoi at the Paris talks. An unsigned editorial article in the 17 June issue of Pravda states that Moscow stands behind Hanoi's demand for "an end to the bombing and other US acts of war against the North," and charges that the US is blocking progress at Paris by putting forward proposals for "reciprocity and de-escalation" on the part of North Vietnam. The piece concludes by alleging that a peaceful solution to the war is available if only Washington will match Hanoi's good will with concrete action…. AIR RAID ALERTS…North Vietnam is keeping its population on the alert against a possible resumption of air attacks north of the 20th parallel. According to press reports, air raid alarms went off in the capital area on Monday for the first time in months….
19 JUNE 1968…  OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER… New York Times (20 Jun reporting 19 Jun ops) "…a Navy F-4 Phantom jet fighter-bomber was brought down by ground fire in North Vietnam."… And what a story that was, and Chris Hobson told it this way in VIETNAM: AIR LOSSES…
(1) LCDR JOHN W. HOLZCLAW and LCDR JOHN A. "Zeke" BURNS were flying an F-4J of the VF-33 Tarsiers embarked in USS America…
"As night fell a pair of Phantoms started an armed reconnaissance mission with an A-6C Intruder looking for trucks on the roads north of Vinh. The aircraft received a SAM warning and LCDR HOLZCLAW jinked to evade two missiles but his aircraft was hit by a third SA-2 at altitude of 2,600 feet. The Phantom starboard wing was blown off and both crew ejected near the village of VAN TAP, 20 miles northwest of Vinh. This was the first aircraft lost to an SA-2 SAM in almost four months. The two airmen landed in rice paddies between two villages and made their way slowly to a dense forested hillside to hide and hopefully await rescue.
"An SH-2 Seasprite flown by LT CLYDE E. LASSEN with LTJG C.I. COOK, AE2 B.B. DALLAS and ADJ3 D. WEST of Detachment 104 of HC-1 based on destroyer USS Preble. LT LASSEN made a daring flight into North Vietnam in total darkness over unfamiliar terrain. The helicopter was shot at by ground fire, including two SAMs, but eventually LT LASSEN located the burning wreckage of the Phantom. LT LASSEN landed in a rice paddy about 600 feet from the downed airmen but had to lift off again when enemy troops opened fire on the helicopter as it sat on the ground. A flight of Navy aircraft arrived and started to drop flares so LT LASSEN attempted to pick up the survivors from among the tall trees in the forest. As the rescue sling wos being lowered the flares went out and the helicopter hit a tree in the pitch dark.
"Despite the damage to the helicopter, LT LASSEN made several passes over the downed airmen so that his door gunner could fire at enemy troops approaching the survivors position. Eventually LCDRs HOLZCLAW and BURNS made it down to the flat rice paddies and LT LASSEN made another landing, but the airmen were too far away and the helicopter again came under fire, so LT LASSEN took off, circled and landed for a third time, closer to the survivors. Another SAM was fired as the helicopter was about to touch down, and enemy troops could be heard crashing trough the jungle trying to reach the survivors before they could get to the helicopter. For three minutes the helicopter sat in the rice paddy while LCDRs HOLZCLAW and BURNS struggled their way through the mud and vegetation to reach the Seasprite.
"Under fire from three sides, LT LASSEN took off as soon as the men were aboard after a total of 56 minutes over North Vietnam and 45 minutes under fire. The helicopter was fired on by AAA as it crossed the coast and the side door was torn off during evasive maneuvers. Short of fuel and his helicopter heavily damaged, LT LASSEN headed for the nearest ship and landed on the destroyer USS Jouett with only five minutes of fuel remaining. For his outstanding effort to complete the rescue, one of the most daring and successful flight rescues of the war, LT LASSEN was awarded the MEDAL OF HONOR at the White House on 19 January 1969."…       oohrah++
1966… NONE…
1967… NONE…
1968… NONE… (Thanks to Lt Lassen and his Sh-2 Crew)…
Humble Host flew #191 and #192. #191 was another very dark nite armed recce with flares and MK-82s with wingman. Started at Ha Tinh south of Vinh and went southwest to Happy Valley. No truck lights, so on reverse course put out flares over Highway 15 and with nothing but road under the flares put our 12 500-pounders on the road for decent BDA of two or three big holes… No opposition noted. Night CCA approach through cloud layer and trap. #192 was a group grope of eight A-4s led by VA-56 to hit a bridge northwest of Vinh. Rolled in next to last and enjoyed the sights–bombs all over the bridge and puffs of 37/57 all around. My look back over my shoulder to watch my hits is a permanent memory. At this stage in the deployment everybody was a good bomber and the hits on this strike were all on the bridge– score it gone. Of note: within about eight hours, at least six SAMs were fired at the HOLTZCLAW/BURNS F-4 and LASSEN SH-2 just a few miles further west of the bridge that was..
"The Vietnam war is now going through a bloody and tragic phase. In an effort to put pressure on the United States to accept their peace terms in Paris, the North Vietnamese have stepped up the fighting in both I Corps area and the highlands of II Corp[s nd launched a campaign of terror against the civilian population of Saigon. The cost in human life has been appalling and the political gains have been nil. In the month of May alone the enemy lost 26,000 lives (mostly Vietcong, not North Vietnamese). By forcing the battle, the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese have been killing Americans at the rate of about 500 a week. They are losing ten men to every one of ours.
"Meanwhile, they have bombarded Saigon with 122-mm rockets for 24 out of the last 39 days. These rockets, which are over six feet long, have a range of almost seven miles. They are fired from concealed positions all around the South Vietnamese capital nd have already killed 132 civilians and wounded more than 1,000. Yet in thee last seven weeks they have not hit a single military target and they have only killed one American soldier.
"The brutality and stupidity of this latest offensive are fairly obvious. It has a certain propaganda advantage. It demonstrate that the United States and the Arvin (South Vietnamese) troops cannot prevent these portable rocket-launching devices from hitting the capital, but aside from this it is not only failing to achieve its peace objectives but weakening Hanoi's position in the United States and elsewhere…..
CHANGING OPINION… lead paragraph of this post… then…
"Senator Eugene McCarthy said here this week that while he thought this sentiment of the American people was now for 'withdrawal,' he was getting very few letters on the topic and even the 'peace candidates' in the election campaign have not been talking much about Vietnam. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. President Johnson's speech on March 31, limiting the bombing of North Vietnam and withdrawing from the election, seems to have satisfied most people that he was genuinely seeking peace on honorable terms. On this point he got much of the unity he requested.
"Meanwhile, the murders of Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy turned the mind of the country from violence in Vietnam to violence at home, and even the increase in American casualties in the last seven weeks has not resulted in any pressure on Washington to make concessions to the enemy.
"On the contrary, the indiscriminate rocketing of Saigon is beginning to have precisely the opposite effect in the United States from what Hanoi intended. It is putting the peace advocates in the United States on the defensive and strengthening h\those who want to answer the Vietcong offensive on Saigon with a renewal of American bombing of North Vietnam, including Hanoi and Haiphong.
"This the U.S. Government does not want to do. It wants to restrict the bombing even further, if Hanoi will agree to any reduction in the level of combat. It wants to keep the Paris peace talks going, and preferably to move on to substantive proposals for reducing the fighting and a cease-fire and it is still privately working for the support of the Soviet Union on this procedure.
"The Johnson Administration has taken a decision not to increase the size of its forces in Vietnam. It has speeded up the training and arming of the South Vietnamese Army, over half of which is now equipped with the M-16 rifle, and it is confident that this army will be able to play a larger role in dealing with the enemy, which not only replaced the 26,000 dead last month but sent 29,000 new men into the South.
"This infiltration and the escalation of the war, however, are a factor on the peace talks. They are not only breaking the spirit of accommodation and adding greatly to the bloodshed, but hardening the American negotiating position, which is precisely the opposite of what Hanoi intended."…  End Reston Quote…
SALVO… In mid-June 1968 our side had all they needed to know to understand that the North Vietnamese had no intention of settling the war by anything less than an American withdrawal from South Vietnam. When they were talking peace in Paris while fighting and chose to escalate the war by attacking civilians in Saigon, our Lame-Duck President had the opportunity to execute the same devastating offense–no holds barred– that Nixon did in 1972. In fact, the weather for maximum advantage was on our side and we would have had more than three months of 24-7 maximum effort to finish the job. Our forces were at maximum on the ground and our air forces were poised for a maximum surge–for example, USS Enterprise could have been extended for the duration of the flying season and with their relief in the theater we were capable of putting five vice three carrier air wings over the North every day for sixty days, if necessary. The B-52s were going full-bore and the new Air Force F-4 Phantoms were coming on-line by the hundreds every month. The American public was prepared to accept that the North Vietnamese had no interest in peace, just more war. The rocket assault on the civilians of Saigon was a cause for war. The Joint Chiefs were recommending all-ahead-full, but the new Secretary of Defense was  in all-stop. Opportunity was lost and the peace talks fizzled, the fighting escalated, and another 33,000 American boys and men were doomed. He who hesitates is lost… Fortune favors the bold… Just thinking… What do you think?…
Lest we forget…    Bear…
Item Number:1 Date: 06/19/2018 AFGHANISTAN - TALIBAN RESUMES ATTACKS AFTER CEASE-FIRE ENDS (JUN 19/TN)  TOLONEWS -- At least four members of the Afghan security forces and seven Taliban fighters have been killed in Afghanistan's northern Kunduz province, reports the Tolo News (Afghanistan).   Members of the Taliban attacked security posts in Dasht-e-Archi Bazar on Monday night, said local media.   At least two Afghan soldiers and two police officers were killed in the fight, said officials. Four more were wounded.   An anonymous security official told Pajhwok Afghan News that as many as seven soldiers were killed in the attack.   The Taliban managed to escape with vehicles and ammunition, he said.   The attack was the first since a cease-fire between the government and Taliban ended on Sunday night
  Item Number:3 Date: 06/19/2018 INDIA - 4 PARAMILITARIES KILLED, 6 WOUNDED IN SEPARATIST ATTACK IN NORTHEAST (JUN 19/TI)  TIMES OF INDIA -- Four paramilitary soldiers of the 40th Assam Rifles were killed and six injured in an attack in northeastern India, reports the Times of India.   The soldiers were ambushed while collecting water Sunday in Aboi in the Mon district of Nagaland state near the border with Burma.   The Khaplang faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) insurgent group claimed responsibility for the attack, reported Pakistan Today. The group said it had killed six paramilitaries, reported the United News of India.   The paramilitary forces returned fire, but no information was made available regarding NSCN casualties, reported Daily News and Analysis (India).   Hostility in the region has increased after the Burma-based group withdrew from a 15-year cease-fire agreement with the Indian government in 2015
Item Number:6 Date: 06/19/2018 KENYA - ROADSIDE BOMB KILLS 8 POLICE IN NORTHEAST (JUN 19/STDN)  THE STANDARD (NAIROBI) -- Eight police officers have been killed in an attack in northeastern Kenya, reports the Standard (Nairobi).   The officers were traveling in a vehicle that hit a roadside bomb on Sunday while on a routine patrol in Tarbaj in Wajir County near the border with Somalia.   The victims included five administration police officers and three police reservists.   Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group, was suspected to be responsible for the attack. The group has been active in the region since 2011 after Kenya deployed troops to Somalia to fight an insurgency against the Somali government.   Authorities last week warned that the terrorist group planned attacks ahead of the conclusion of Ramadan.   Earlier this month, six paramilitary personnel were killed and three injured in a similar roadside attack in Liboi in Lamu County.    
  Item Number:9 Date: 06/19/2018 SOUTH KOREA - PLANNING FOR ULCHI FREEDOM GUARDIAN DRILLS WITH U.S. SUSPENDED IN SUPPORT OF N. KOREAN DENUCLEARIZATION TALKS (JUN 19/YON)  YONHAP -- South Korea and the U.S. have officially suspended joint military exercises planned for August, reports South Korea's Yonhap news agency.   "Following close cooperation, South Korea and the U.S. decided to suspend all planning activities for the Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG), the defensive exercise slated for August," the South Korean Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.   The move comes after President Donald Trump called for an end to "provocative, inappropriate and expensive" drills with South Korea after meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12.   The computer-based command-post exercise focuses on improving the readiness of South Korean and U.S. forces for a major conflict with North Korea. Pyongyang has called the drills a prelude to war.   The exercises will remain on hold as long as North Korea continues to act in good faith in its negotiations with other countries regarding its nuclear program and missile testing, said a White House spokeswoman.   The U.S. secretary of defense, secretary of state and the national security adviser will meet later this week to discuss the issue, a Pentagon spokeswoman told Military Times.   A decision on other joint military exercises is forthcoming, said the South Korean Defense Ministry.   Seoul is expecting a North Korean response that "corresponds" with the size of the U.S.-South Korea announcement.  
  Item Number:15 Date: 06/19/2018 USA - TRUMP DIRECTS PENTAGON TO BEGIN PREPARATIONS FOR 'SPACE FORCE' (JUN 19/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create a new force responsible for military operations in space, reports Defense News.   Trump signed an executive order directing the Dept. of Defense to begin preparing for a new "Space Force" that would become the sixth military branch during a meeting of the National Space Council on Monday.   A readout of the executive order issued later did not provide for the creation of a new military branch, leading to questions about whether Trump actually issued formal guidance to the Pentagon.   The Air Force, which conducts space activities through the Air Force Space Command, referred questions to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the newspaper said.   "The Joint Staff will work closely with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, other DoD stakeholders and the Congress to implement the President's guidance," said an anonymous defense official.   The proposed force would consolidate many of the space functions carried out by different services, noted Defense One. Among these functions are the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command and the Air Force Space Command.   It was not immediately clear where the command would be situated within the chain of command and military bureaucracy. Among the questions left unanswered was whether the service would have its own secretary or occupy a position within another service, similar to the Marine Corps.   The decision to create a new branch of the armed forces ultimately rests with Congress, noted experts. As a result, the military will likely be laying the groundwork for the potential force, studying the new force and making proposals, they said.   Trump said last May that he opposed the creation of a separate Space Force. Defense Secretary James Mattis previously opposed the move.  
  Item Number:16 Date: 06/19/2018 YEMEN - COALITION TROOPS ENTER AIRPORT IN HODEIDAH (JUN 19/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- Yemeni troops backed by the Saudi-led coalition captured parts of the airport in the city of Hodeidah as part of an operation to drive out Houthi rebels, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   Yemeni forces and their coalition backers attacked the gates of the Hodeida International Airport on Tuesday, said a military source cited by Reuters.   Houthi fighters responded with artillery, mortar and tank fire, witnesses said.   Coalition and Yemeni troops gained control of large sections of the airport but it remains contested, reported the official Emirates News Agency (Abu Dhabi).   Coalition forces are hoping to sever Houthi supply lines between Hodeidah and the capital, Sanaa.   Operations to retake the city were slowed by international concerns about a humanitarian catastrophe. Much of the aid that Yemen's population depends on flows through Hodeidah. 

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