Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Facebook has a real problem with disturbing content

By John Crudele

June 23, 2018 

Dear John: I reported a profile to Facebook through their proper channel because it contained nudity and pornography.

This was the Facebook reply: “Thank you for letting us know about this. We’ve looked at the photo, and although it doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards, you did the right thing by letting us know about it.

“We understand that it may still be offensive or distasteful to you, so we want to help you see less of things such as this in the future.”

Facebook then explained how I can block this page.

Does Facebook realize that there are children on Facebook who are being exposed to such filthy stuff? M.C.

Dear M.C. First, something important that all my readers need to know — DO NOT send me dirty pictures. If you do, I will have to contact my lawyer and put it on record that I did not ask for this stuff or purposely open it.

It’s a pain!

Plus, you can be prosecuted for sending child porn by e-mail.

The reason I say that is because MC sent me a dirty picture. In fact it was a very dirty, lifelike drawing of a boy performing oral sex on a man. Very graphic.

And it was on Facebook where any kid could see it. But Facebook didn’t think this was bad enough to ban on its site.

Even the fact that the pervert who posted the picture also wrote: “I like little boys … Proud supporter of NAMBLA and die-hard Antifa supporter” There was something even more graphic in his statement that I had to leave out.

NAMBLA is a pedophile organization in the US, enough said. Antifa is a self-styled anti-fascist group that harasses right-wing extremists.

Why this guy with the dirty Facebook page is part of both these groups, which don’t appear to have anything in common, is anyone’s guess.

Even with all that, Facebook still wouldn’t block this page for MC and others who complained.

That’s when MC contacted me.

I forwarded everything to Facebook and threatened the company. That’s the only way to get Facebook’s attention.
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I said that if the page wasn’t taken down immediately I would start calling companies that advertise on Facebook and request that they drop their ads. I did this for the same reason a few years back, and Facebook became petrified.

Within a few hours, Facebook contacted MC and told her that the offensive page had been removed. “Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may go against the Facebook Community Standards. We’ve removed [the pervert’s] profile from Facebook. If [the pervert’s] profile is restored, the photo that you reported might reappear. If this happens, please feel free to report it again.”

That’s swell.

But here’s the real problem with Facebook. There is no way the company can control what all its millions of users decide to put on the site. So unless Facebook comes up with a much better way of policing its site, every parent is going to have to worry about their kids getting recruited by perverts — lured or worse.

I’ll make a prediction now that in the next five years Facebook will be out of business if it continues to turn a blind eye to people who misuse its site.

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