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This Day In Naval History – April 5, 2018
April 5
1944—PB4Y aircraft (VB 109) sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 46 off Wake Island.
1946—USS Missouri (BB 63) transports the body of the late Turkish Ambassador to the United States, Mehmet Munir Ertegun, home for burial, on a mission that was also made to influence Soviet Middle East policy.
1951—During the Korean War, Hospital Corpsman Richard De Wert is killed in action while administering first aid to an injured comrade. He is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
1961—A fire-fighting party from USS Prichett (DD 561) boards the burning Chinese tanker Kwang Lung at Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan, and extinguishes the fire before it spreads to a million gallons of gasoline.
2009—USS Warrior (MCM 10) and USS Chief (MCM 14), along with the Mexican Navy, rescue two fisherman 36 miles off Mexico. 
On this day in history (April 5):
1614: American Indian Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe in Virginia.
1951: During the Korean War, Hospital Corpsman Richard De Wert is killed in action while administering first aid to an injured comrade. He is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
1987: FOX Broadcasting Company launched "Married....With Children" and "The Tracey Ullman Show". The two shows were the beginning of the FOX lineup.
And today is:
National Caramel Popcorn Day
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Executive Summary:
In national news headlines today, media are reporting Facebook has sharply increased the number of users whose may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica to now as many as 87 million people, and that the Trump administration showed no signs of wavering as China matched the President's proposed tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese imports . Capt. Thomas J. Hudner, Jr., a naval aviator who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Korean War, was interred with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday, according to USNI.  Hudner was flying as the wingman for Ens. Jessie L. Brown during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in 1950 when Brown was forced to crash-land his F4U Corsair after being hit by enemy fire. Seeing that Brown had survived the crash but was trapped in the wreckage, Hudner crash-landed his own plane so he could try to free his fellow aviator. The Associated Press reports the U.S. Navy is adding another $57 million to what it's paying a Mississippi shipyard to repair USS Fitzgerald. The additional contract for repairing the USS Fitzgerald was awarded Tuesday to Ingalls Shipbuilding of Pascagoula, Mississippi. Additionally, President Trump instructed the military to end operations in Syria as quickly as possible reports the New York Times. The decision represents a reversal of Trump's earlier insistence on an immediate complete withdrawal after military advisors informed Trump that cleaning out the residual pockets of ISIS fighters would likely take months, not years.
April 5
Russian troops repel an invasion by Teutonic knights.
Pocahontas marries English colonist John Rolfe.
George Washington casts the first presidential veto.
Queen Victoria proclaims Hong Kong a British crown colony.
Gideon Welles, the Secretary of the Navy issues official orders for the USS Powhatan to sail to Fort Sumter.
As the Confederate army approaches Appomattox, it skirmishes with Union forces at Amelia Springs and Paine's Cross Road.
The Japanese Army reaches Yalu River as Russians retreat.
Eamon de Valera becomes president of Ireland.
Mahatma Gandhi defies British law by making salt in India instead of buying it from the British.
German commandos secure docks along the Danube River in preparation for Germany's invasion of the Balkans.
The British 8th Army attacks the next blocking position of the retreating Axis forces at Wadi Akarit.
Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are sentenced to death for espionage.
Winston Churchill resigns as British prime minister.
A bomb explodes in a West Berlin disco packed with American soldiers.
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The World's Largest Jet Engine Takes Maiden Flight - GE Reports
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April 5, 2018  Bear Taylor 
RIPPLE SALVO… #761… President Johnson drew the line on Rolling Thunder operations in his 31 March speech. Unfortunately, the speech did not specify the 20th parallel but his instructions to CINCPAC, COMUSMACV and 7th Air Force did. So on 1 April the Navy bombed targets north of Thanh Hoa and arguably above the 20th parallel, one target was bombed at 206 miles north of the DMZ… Several Senators had understood the President's new limits on the bombing to mean only that part of North Vietnam immediately adjacent to the DMZ. Out of the flap, the President specified the 19th parallel as the northern limit of Rolling Thunder. As a result, the Air Force and Navy were left with a  box about 50-miles by 150-miles in size in which to conduct the new interdiction bombing program Humble Host refers to as Rolling Thunder II, a 7-month campaign to cut them off at the pass… but first…
GOOD MORNING: Day SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE digging in the archives and old papers to review the air war fought fifty years ago over North Vietnam and remembering the service and sacrifice of warriors who carried the fight to the enemy where he lived…
HEAD LINES from the Ogden Standard-Examiner for Friday, 5 April 1968…
Page 1: "LONE SNIPER ASSASSINATES MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR–RIOTS ERUPT AS SEARCH FOR KILLER CONTINUES–WHITE GUNMAN SOUGHT IN SLAYING AT MEMPHIS"… "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the nonviolent prophet of the civil rights movement, was assassinated Thursday by a white sniper who 'simply faded away.' Riots erupted in Harlem, in Memphis, Nashville, Tallahassee, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina, despite President Johnson's televised plea for calmness. Two persons died in the outbursts. The President summoned Negro leaders to an 11 a.m. meeting at the White House, calling off his trip to Hawaii for conferences on Vietnam. Memphis police Chief Frank Holloman announced early today that 'certain evidence has been found which we believe will be helpful in apprehending the suspect.' "… Page 1:"NATION HIT BY SHOCK AND GRIEF"… "Black and white, famous and unknown, Americans reacted to the news of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination Thursday night with shock, sorrow and prayers that the violence of his death would not overshadow the nonviolence he preached."… Page 1:  "PRESIDENT URGES TENSE NATION TO DENY VICTORY TO VIOLENCE"… "President Johnson called on the nation today–all men and all races–to 'stand their ground to deny violence its victory' in the wake of slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The President's statement was issued after a hastily summoned meeting at the White house of civil rights leaders, government officials and members of Congress. He voiced again his sorrow at the death of the Negro apostle of non-violence, assassinated by a rifleman Thursday night in Memphis, Tennessee."…
Navy History Matters
Yesterday, Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Thomas J. Hudner, Jr. (Ret.) was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. To read more about his incredible story, follow this link .
(THE SEXTANT 29 MAR 18)…Megan Churchwell, Museum Curator, Puget Sound Navy Museum
When you picture women and Navy work, you probably think of 'Rosie the Riveter,' a term popularized during World War II. But the history of women in the Navy starts much earlier than this.
Thanks to Dr. Rich…..A tool that all amateur wood workers need
For those of you who do some tinkering in the shop, and come up "short" sometimes …
A real board stretcher
Item Number:3 Date: 04/05/2018 ISRAEL - AIRSTRIKE KILLS PALESTINIAN MAN APPROACHING GAZA BORDER (APR 05/NATIONAL)  THE NATIONAL -- An Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza has killed a Palestinian man, reports the National (U.A.E.).   The unidentified man died in Shifa Hospital in Gaza city on Thursday, after being struck earlier that day, said the Health Ministry in Gaza.   Israel said one of its aircraft "targeted an armed terrorist" in the buffer zone area of the border, reported the Jewish Telegraph Agency.   The man was in Gazan territory but approaching the border, the Israeli army said, as reported by the Times of Israel.   Meanwhile, another Palestinian died from wounds he received during violence following mass protests last week. Nineteen other people died during or after those protests.   The militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has called for six weeks of protest to coincide with Land Day and the Nakba, an Arabic term referring to the establishment of Israel and the displacement of many Palestinians.   Fresh protests are expected on Friday. Israel says it will not allow protesters to damage the border fence separating Gaza and Israel, including using live fire if necessary. Rights groups have criticized the decision
  Item Number:4 Date: 04/05/2018 LATVIA - RUSSIAN MISSILE DRILLS IN BALTIC FORCE LATVIA, SWEDEN TO SHUTDOWN AIRSPACE (APR 05/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- Russia has begun live-fire exercises in the Baltic Sea, prompting diplomatic protests, reports Defense News.   On Wednesday, Russia began three days of missile tests with its Baltic Fleet based in the Kaliningrad exclave. The drills are focused on hitting air and sea targets, said Russian officials.   Three corvettes, a frigate and ship-based helicopters are participating in the exercises, which include anti-submarine drills, reported the Independent (U.K.).   Some of the missile fire is taking place within Latvia's exclusive economic zone, prompting protests from Latvia and other regional states.   Latvia and Sweden have been forced to shut down airspace and sea lanes due to the danger.   This is the closest Russian drills have come to Latvian territory, said officials. They acknowledged that the exercises do not violate international regulations.   The Latvian Defense Ministry summoned the Russian military attache to express concern about the drill.   "It is a demonstration of force," said Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis, as reported by Reuters.   "Drills lasting for three days in the region where there is very intensive aviation traffic and given everything else that is happening in relations between the West and Russia, I think that it is a rather provocative action," Maris Riekstins, the Latvian ambassador to Russia, told Latvian television.  
  Item Number:5 Date: 04/05/2018 NIGER - SAHEL COUNTRIES AGREE TO COORDINATE BORDER SECURITY EFFORTS (APR 05/SUDTRIB)  SUDAN TRIBUNE -- Representatives from Chad, Libya, Niger and Sudan have agreed to coordinate border security efforts to combat terrorism and organized crime, reports the Sudan Tribune.   The countries "agree on the establishment of a cooperation mechanism for border security," says a statement released after Tuesday's meeting in Niamey, the Nigerien capital.   The participants agreed to deploy their militaries to fight transnational organized crime in the region, reported the Libya Herald.   Experts from the four countries will meet in N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, on May 3 to study a draft protocol on security cooperation, according to a statement released by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry.   The agreement will be signed in Khartoum, Sudan's capital, at a date to be determined, said the ministry.   The Libyan delegation was represented by members of the internationally-recognized government based in Tripoli.   Southern Libya has become a particular concern for all states in the region. Traffickers, terrorists and criminal groups exploit the ongoing war in Libya's south and absence of the central state to further their operation.  
  Item Number:6 Date: 04/05/2018 NORTH KOREA - FOREIGN MINISTER HEADED TO MOSCOW FOR TALKS (APR 05/YON)  YONHAP -- North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho is scheduled to travel to Russia to meet with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov on April 10, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   The agenda covers bilateral relations and issues encompassing the situation on the Korean peninsula, specifically the upcoming talks about the North Korean nuclear program with South Korea and the U.S., as well as potentially Japan.   The North Korean foreign minister just wrapped up talks in Beijing and is headed to Azerbaijan for a meeting with the Non-Aligned Movement on Thursday and Friday, as well as a yet-to-be announced country within the Commonwealth of Independent States, prior to traveling to Moscow.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 04/05/2018 NORWAY - BERLIN, OSLO EYE POTENTIAL DUTCH ROLE IN JOINT SUBMARINE PROGRAM (APR 05/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- Seeking reduced costs, German and Norwegian defense officials have indicated readiness to bring the Netherlands into their joint type 212CD submarine program, reports Defense News.   The 212CD is in the final stages of design, so the Netherlands Defense Ministry would need to make a decision quickly in order to have input before the design is frozen.   The statement from the Norwegian Defense Ministry comes as German defense industry officials have noted a potential move by Berlin to revamp major naval building programs via a new cooperation agreement with the Netherlands. This would involve the Dutch joining the Type 212CD program and gaining a say in the German MKS-180 frigate project.   Norway and Germany plan to purchase four and two submarines, respectively. Both parties would like to reduce their portion of overall shared costs through the addition of another party.   The sub design will need to be frozen soon to give the contractor, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, the chance to provide a final offer by July 2018, officials said.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 04/05/2018 PHILIPPINES - COMMUNIST REBELS REJECT PRECONDITIONS FOR RESUMPTION OF PEACE TALKS (APR 05/REU)  REUTERS -- Communist insurgents in the Philippines are willing to restart talks with the government but reject preconditions laid out by the government, reports Reuters.   "There should be no preconditions on the resumption of peace talks," Jose Maria Sison, founder and leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), said on Wednesday.   President Rodrigo Duterte campaigned on a promise to end the nearly 50-year Maoist rebellion by CCP's armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA).   Duterte ordered his Cabinet to focus on securing a new truce to enable talks. Efforts to negotiate a peace were abandoned in November after repeated rebel attacks.   The primary precondition for talks would be a complete cease-fire from both sides, said a presidential adviser. The rebels must also cease their extortionary practices, he said.   The NPA has attacked mines, plantations, construction and other business to collect "revolutionary" taxes to fund its operations.   Sison said both sides must comply with agreements reached during November negotiations to resume the process. These include agrarian reform, economic development and amnesty for prisoners, reported the Philippine Star.   Representatives from the government will meet Friday to discuss their exact conditions
Item Number:9 Date: 04/05/2018 RUSSIA - CHINESE DEFENSE MINISTER TOUTS TIES WITH MOSCOW (APR 05/TASS)  TASS -- China's new defense minister has pledged his country's support for Russia against the U.S., reports Russia's Tass news agency.   "I am visiting Russia รข€¦ to show the world a high level of development of our bilateral relations and firm determination of our armed forces to strengthen strategic cooperation," Wei Fenghe told Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday.   "The Chinese side has come to show Americans the close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia," Wei said on the sidelines of the Moscow International Security Conference.   Both China and Russia share "common concerns and common positions" on international issues, he added.   Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accompanied Wei, suggesting Russia and China were considering regular 2 + 2 ministerial talks including defense and diplomatic officials, said analysts cited by the South China Morning Post.   This year's iteration of the conference is focused on Russia's operations in Syria and the broader Middle East.  
  Item Number:10 Date: 04/05/2018 SAUDI ARABIA - CROWN PRINCE SEES U.S. DEFENSE COOPERATION BOLSTERING DOMESTIC INDUSTRY (APR 05/D1)  DEFENSE ONE -- Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited U.S. defense contractors during his U.S. tour as part of efforts to build his domestic industry, reports Defense One.   Last week, bin Salman visited a Boeing plant near Seattle, where he signed an agreement to localize more than half the repair and maintenance services of Saudi military aircraft.   A visit to Lockheed Martin's satellite facility in Silicon Valley, Calif is planned this week. Lockheed finalized a US$481 million contract last month to build four warships based on the Freedom-class littoral combat ship.   Bin Salman has set a goal of spending 50 percent of military equipment funding domestically by 2030 as part of his Saudi Vision 2030 plan
  Item Number:11 Date: 04/05/2018 SIERRA LEONE - FORMER MILITARY LEADER SWORN IN AFTER WINNING RUN-OFF ELECTION (APR 05/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- An opposition candidate has won Sierra Leone's presidential elections, reports the BBC.   Julius Maada Bio was officially sworn in by judges on Wednesday, two hours after the country's electoral commission certified the results.   Bio won nearly 52 percent of the vote in the March 30 election, defeating ruling party candidate Samura Kamara.   He succeeds Ernest Bai Koroma, who stepped down after serving two five-year terms.   The former soldier briefly ruled the country in 1996 as part of a group of soldiers that overthrew Capt. Valentine Strasser, who resisted efforts to hand over power to a civilian government.   Bio celebrated the results, calling it "the dawn of a new era," for the country, one of Africa's poorest. Sierra Leone is still struggling to rebuild from a civil war that lasted from 1991 to 2002 and killed more than 50,000 people.   Kamara said he would take legal action to contest the results.   Elections earlier in March failed to produce the constitutionally-mandated majority, forcing a run-off.   The ruling party alleged fraud and requested the court suspected elections indefinitely until the fraud could be fully investigated. The court rejected that request.  
 Item Number:12 Date: 04/05/2018 SLOVAKIA - POTENTIAL F-16 BUY APPROVED BY U.S. (APR 05/ID)  INSIDE DEFENSE -- The State Dept. has approved the sale of 14 F-16V Block 70/72 fighter jets to Slovakia, reports Inside Defense.   The approval also includes 30 AIM-120C7 air-to-air missiles, 100 AIM-9X air-to-air missiles, 150 guidance kits for Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and 400 Mk 82 or BLU-111 500-pound bombs and fuzes, according to a U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency release on Wednesday.   The deal could be worth as much as US$2.9 billion dollars.   Slovakia has yet to announce a winner for its fighter jet competition, noted Defense News. The preliminary approval could help expedite the decision and a future deal.   Slovakia is seeking a replacement for its current fleet of aging MiG-29s. It is also considering the Swedish Saab Gripen.  
  Item Number:13 Date: 04/05/2018 TURKEY - ROUHANI, PUTIN AND ERDOGAN VOW TO CONTINUE COOPERATION TO ELIMINATE ISIS IN SYRIA (APR 05/FARS)  FARS NEWS AGENCY -- The presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey have been discussing the situation in Syria, reports Iran's semi-official Fars news agency.   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Ankara.   The talks on Wednesday covered areas of cooperation to bring an end to the conflict in Syria.   A joint statement emphasized the importance of Syria's territorial integrity the need for a lasting cease-fire and a political settlement. The leaders also discussed the role of the U.N. in the conflict and reaffirmed their intent to eliminate the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria.   The three heads of state first agreed to cooperate against ISIS after a conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, in January 2017.   The three leaders agreed to hold their next meeting in Tehran at the invitation of Iranian President Rouhani
  Item Number:14 Date: 04/05/2018 USA - ARMY SCRUTINIZING FUTURE BUDGETS TO ENSURE FUNDING FOR MODERNIZATION PRIORITIES (APR 05/BREAKDEF)  BREAKING DEFENSE -- The U.S. Army is looking for budget efficiencies after 2020, when the current two-year budget deal expires, reports Breaking Defense.   The goal is to protect the service's six major modernization priorities should budget caps be reinstated in 2020, said Undersecretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy on Tuesday.   The budget deal provided the Army with a significant increase that will help modernization, McCarthy said.   Should sequestration return, funding for the priorities could be significantly cut. The Army is looking to carve out money from its supply chain, property management, healthcare and IT accounts through "efficiencies" and reallocate it for modernization.   The Army has already allocated $1 billion from lower priorities to support its modernization goals in the 2019 to 2024 budget plans.   Analysts caution that efficiencies in many cases do not free up much money. No amount of such efficiencies are likely to be able to insulate the Army if the budget caps return, said Todd Harrison, a defense budget analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C
  Item Number:15 Date: 04/05/2018 USA - MARINE HARRIER JET, CH-53E HELICOPTER GO DOWN IN SEPARATE INCIDENTS (APR 05/MCT)  MARINE CORPS TIMES -- Marine aviation suffered two accidents on Tuesday, including a fatal helicopter crash, reports the Marine Corps Times.   The CH-53E Super Stallion heavy lift helicopter went down near El Centro, Calif., during a routine training mission, killing all four crewmembers.   The Marine Corps has prioritized readiness of its aging CH-53E fleet over the last two years. A crash in October 2017 led to a temporary grounding of Japan-based Super Stallions.   In another incident, an AV-8B Harrier crashed shortly after takeoff from Djibouti Ambouli International Airport. The pilot ejected safely and was in stable condition at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, officials said.   The Harrier was participating in the first day of a two-week Alligator Dagger amphibious training event with the U.S. Navy when it went down
  Item Number:16 Date: 04/05/2018 USA - NAVY EYES NEW CONCEPTS FOR PLANNED FRIGATE PROGRAM (APR 05/WARMAV)  WARRIOR MAVEN -- The U.S. Navy is reviewing new concepts for its planned guided-missile frigate program, reports the Warrior Maven.   The new warship should have long-range sensors, employ next-generation precision weapons, apply the latest networking and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technologies and deploy unmanned systems, according to the service.   The new capabilities should allow the warship to better defeat swarming small boat attacks, support carrier groups, conduct detached operations, launch over-the-horizon strikes and perform advanced surface and anti-submarine warfare tasks.   In February, the Naval Sea Systems Command chose Huntington Ingalls, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Austal USA and Marinette Marine to advance technologies and designs for the FFG(X).   The service wants to award a production contract in 2020, enabling the first ship to enter service in the early to mid-2020s.   The Navy envisions the FFG(X) as more survivable and more lethal than the littoral combat ship and fitting better within the service's distributed lethality strategy.

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