Friday, January 12, 2018

New Jersey officer gives clothes to homeless man shivering in cold

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It's what the world needs more of - acts of kindness. One act from a New Jersey officer has gone viral. The Highlands officer saw a 25-year-old homeless man without clothing with temperatures in the teens, so he made sure he did something about it.

"It's a good thing, it's always good to help out people in need. I knew he was in need," said Officer Kevin O'Donnell.

Last Wednesday as snow and freezing temperatures took hold, Officer O'Donnell was on his way to work when he noticed a young man not dressed for the cold near Katz's Grill. The officer then stepped in and stepped up.

"I ran home, I grabbed an old winter jacket I had, winter socks and an old pair of boots I had. I told him 'I have a few items for you,' and I gave him what I picked up from home and he thanked me, he was like 'a lot of people don't do that for me," O'Donnell added.

Jerry Homiak lives nearby, and did not want the officer's act of kindness to go unnoticed. He posted on social media where it has been seen and shared many times over.

"It really hit home with me," Homiak said.

The Highlands community lets their police force know exactly how they feel about them. Signs that read 'We support our police. They risk THEIR lives to protect OURS everyday' are posted throughout the area.

As for the young man who the officer helped? O'Donnell says he is not done with him yet - he says he is doing everything in his power to help him find a job.

"I've been here 20 years, and they're old school here - they care about the community, the kids," says resident Patricia Phillips.

Officer O'Donnell was born and raised in Highlands - he knows the young man, but does not want to reveal his identity, he says he just wants to make sure he gets back on his feet.

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