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December 30th...This Day in History

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USSR established 1922


In post-revolutionary Russia, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) is established, comprising a confederation of Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, and the Transcaucasian Federation (divided in 1936 into the Georgian, Azerbaijan, and Armenian republics). Also known as the Soviet Union, the new communist state was the successor to the Russian Empire and the first country in the world to be based on Marxist socialism.

During the Russian Revolution of 1917 and subsequent three-year Russian Civil War, the Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin dominated the soviet forces, a coalition of workers’ and soldiers’ committees that called for the establishment of a socialist state in the former Russian Empire. In the USSR, all levels of government were controlled by the Communist Party, and the party’s politburo, with its increasingly powerful general secretary, effectively ruled the country. Soviet industry was owned and managed by the state, and agricultural land was divided into state-run collective farms.
In the decades after it was established, the Russian-dominated Soviet Union grew into one of the world’s most powerful and influential states and eventually encompassed 15 republics–Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. In 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved following the collapse of its communist government.

(More Events on This Day in History)
  • American Revolution

  • 1803 Francis Lewis dies
  • Automotive

  • 1936 Sit-down strike begins in Flint
  • Civil War

  • 1862 U.S.S. Monitor sinks
  • Cold War

  • 1950 Acheson calls for renewed effort to meet communist threat
  • Crime

  • 1994 An anti-abortion activist goes on a murder spree
  • Disaster

  • 1903 Fire breaks out in Chicago theater
  • General Interest

  • 1853 Southern U.S. border established
  • 1916 Rasputin murdered
  • 1965 Marcos inaugurated
  • Hollywood

  • 1940 Cheers co-creator and famed TV director James Burrows born
  • Literary

  • 1816 Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin wed
  • Music

  • 1968 Led Zeppelin captured live for the first time in Spokane gym
  • Old West

  • 1905 Former Idaho governor Steunenberg assassinated
  • Presidential

  • 1852 Rutherford B. Hayes marries Lucy Webb
  • Sports

  • 1978 OSU fires coach Woody Hayes for attacking an opposing player
  • Vietnam War

  • 1970 U.S. Navy transfers some responsibility to South Vietnamese
  • 1972 Negotiations to resume in Paris
  • World War I

  • 1916 Rasputin is murdered
  • World War II

  • 1884 Tojo is born

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