Wednesday, November 29, 2017

To My Wife On Her First Anniversary In Heaven

You gave me back my soul again by showin' me
the laughter and the wonder in your eyes
saved me from the shuttered man I used to be
opened up the windows of my life

And the happiness you've given me for lovin' you
is sweeter love and deeper every day
I couldn't stop the changes that you were goin' through
or keep the cancer from stealin' you away

So darlin' the time came for you to take your angel wings
and I had to set you free - to fly away to Heaven - and it's ok
cause darlin' time changes everything
but it won't change me
I love you - oh... I love you

Inside of me you'll always be my valentine
I prayed your prayers of freedom from the pain would come through
as long as there's a heartbeat in this soul of mine
you'll know there's someone so in love with you


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