Friday, November 24, 2017

The Utter Mindlessness of The Annual Zombie-Fest Known As Black Friday

  Black Friday serves as an annual reminder of the very worst of consumer culture.
Other videos show fights in malls and stores across the country, including one instance where a woman threw a shoe that hit a baby.
People are even buying fake Walmart and Best Buy employee vests so they can try to skip the line.
Black Friday is a complete scam based around the myth that shoppers are getting discounts they wouldn’t get at any other time of the year.
In reality, stores enjoy higher profit margins during the holiday period because retailers artificially inflate prices of goods in the months before Black Friday in order to make the subsequent discounts look good in comparison.
Many of the same deals for which shoppers spend hours camped outside stores are also available online anyway, in some cases days in advance of Black Friday.

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