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This Day In Naval History - November 2
1899 - The protected cruiser Charleston runs aground on an uncharted reef near Camiguin Island north of Luzon. Wrecked beyond salvage, she is abandoned by her crew who make camp on a nearby island.
1943: In the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, U.S. cruisers and destroyers of Task Force 39, commanded by Rear Adm. Aaron S. Merrill, turn back Japanese forces as they try to attack invasion shipping off Bougainville. This action, with its successful use of radar to manage U.S. forces, marks the end of Japan's previous advantage in night engagement.
1968 - Operation Search Turn began in Mekong Delta.
American Minute for November 2nd:
    After defeating the British, General George Washington was so popular that many urged him to declare himself king. Instead, on NOVEMBER 2, 1783, from his Rock Hill headquarters near Princeton, the General issued his Farewell Orders: "Before the Commander in Chief takes his final leave of those he holds most dear, he wishes to indulge himself a few moments in calling to mind a slight review of the past...The singular interpositions of Providence in our feeble condition were such, as could scarcely escape the attention of the most unobserving; while the unparalleled perseverance of the Armies of the United States, through almost every possible suffering and discouragement for the space of eight long years, was little short of a standing miracle." Washington continued: "To the Armies he has so long had the honor to Command, he can only again offer in their behalf his recommendations to their grateful country, and his prayers to the God of Armies. May ample justice be done then here, and may the choicest of Heaven's favours, both here and thereafter, attend those who, under Divine auspices, have secured innumerable blessings for others." A month later, Washington bid a tearful farewell to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York.
US Navy warships involved in fatal collisions in the Pacific earlier this year were both to blame, new report finds
In total 17 sailors were killed when the warships collided with commercial ships
Navy operations chief said accidents preventable but one person not to blame
Report found that 'multiple failures' on the part of crews led to the crashes 
Senior officers have been sacked and navy has promised shake up in procedures 
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November 2, 2017   Bear Taylor    
RIPPLE SALVO… #606… The first meeting of the President's Foreign Policy Advisors since 1965…The President's first question for about 20 of the wisest men in America was: "How do we unite this country?"… The meeting notes are great history and clear evidence of the important role that Operation Rolling Thunder–the bombing of North Vietnam–played in American foreign policy… but first…
Good Morning: Day SIX HUNDRED SIX of a day-by-day review of the 40-month portion of the air war with North Vietnam code named OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER…
2 NOVEMBER 1967… HEAD LINES and Leads from The New York Times on a cloudy and rainy Thursday in New York…
Page 1:"Johnson Asserts War Protestors Do Not Aid Peace–At Impromptu News Parley, He Calls Them No Help In Search For a Solution–Backs Critics Rights–But He Urges Courage and Stability At Home Front To Hasten A Settlement."…President Johnson said today that antiwar demonstrations in the United States were not helping to bring peace in Vietnam any closer. At an impromptu news conference this afternoon, the President said that if the demonstrators knew about Communist propaganda based on the protest against the war…they would see that they 'have not contributed a great deal to the solution that we so eagerly seek… 'If we are manifesting out there,' the President declared, 'I have not the slightest  doubt that we will find the solution–and find it much earlier united than we will divided.' "… Page 1: "Columbia Students Support On-Campus Recruiting"… "Following protests at Brooklyn, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Harvard and Fordham, and earlier at Columbia, the 3,100 men students at Columbia College and the School of Engineering were asked how they felt about recruiters for the military on campus… 2,175 responded, 1.473 (67.3%) said they did not object."...Page 1: "U.S. Sends Envoy To sound Nasser On Mideast Talks–Robert Anderson Former Secretary of Treasury Will Seek Discussion Under U.N.–Thant Issues An Appeal To Israel and the UAR to Use The U.N. Observation System When The Cease Fire Line is Broken"… Page 1: "President Asks Congress To Act On Tax Increase–Wants Lawmakers to Stay In Session 'Till They Have Faced Up to Problems–Avoids A Priority List–But He Empahasizes Ending Uncertainty on Economy and Urban Development"…
2 November 1967: President's Daily Brief: NORTH VIETNAM: Hanoi radio on 25 October carried commentary on antiwar activities in the US during the 15-21 October "week of protest" for the benefit of its domestic audience. It called antidraft activities of American youth "most remarkable," and went on to note specific events across the country. The broadcast said "our people highly appreciate the strenuous struggle of the American people against the war and consider it a "precious conribution toour fight against the US aggressors." By coordinating our efforts on two fronts, we will certainly defeat"'the US ruling clique in Vietnam…. HANOI ON RECENT US ANTIWAR EVENTS: Hanoi's international broadcast on 28 October covered several recent manifestations of US opposition to the war, but without commentary. The broadcast noted a peace march in Hawaii on 22 October, the hunger strike of some of the Pentagon demonstrators, the release of folk singer Joan Baez from an Oakland jail, and US student protests against the Dow Chemical Company for making napalm for use in Vietnam…. HANOI ON VICE PRESIDENT'S TRIP TO SAIGON: "In a sarcastic commentary, a Hanoi broadcast in Vietnamese to South Vietnam ridicules Vice President Humphrey's trip and hints darkly that he will be in danger. The broadcast says "other people have reminded" the Vice President that there are "not only rotten eggs and tomatoes in Vietnam but some terrible things," and that "people should take precautions." The broadcast concludes by warning that "Mr. Humphrey had better be ready to get away quickly, for, who knows, this thorny land might be the place to bury not only his reputation but hid career."…
"The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the SILVER STAR MEDAL to LIEUTENANT COMMANDER (then lieutenant), U.S. Navy, for CONSPICUOUS GALLANTRY and INTREPIDITY IN ACTION on 1 November 1966, as a Pilot serving with Attack Squadron SEVENTY-TWO (VA-72), embarked in USS FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (CVA-42), during a mission in support of combat operations in Southeast Asia. Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER's mission was to provide missile suppression for a vital photographic reconnaissance flight in an extremely well-defended area of North Vietnam. When an enemy surface-to-air missile was launched against his flight, he immediately reacted with his own air-to-ground missile and, in the face of a solid barrage of light, medium and heavy anti-aircraft fire, followed his missiles track to the launching site to deliver a devastating rocket attack against the missile guidance vans. Determined to inflict maximum destruction, Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER skillfully directed additional attacks by his wingmen against the enemy launching site, thereby significantly reducing the anti-air threat in a major enemy complex, and assuring the successful completion of the photographic mission. His daring actions, inspiring leadership and courageous devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."
Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER was awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a Second Award of the SILVER STAR MEDAL for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while interned as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam from 1 November to 3 November 1966. Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER's captors, completely ignoring international agreements, subjected him to extreme mental and physical cruelties in an attempt to obtain military information and false confession for propaganda purposes. Through his resistance to these brutalities, he contributed significantly toward the eventual abandonment of harsh treatment by the North Vietnamese, which was attracting international attention. By his determination, courage, resourcefulness, and devotion Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Services and the United States Armed Forces."
Lieutenant Commander CARPENTER was awarded a Second Gold Star in lieu of a Third Award of the SILVER STAR MEDAL for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while a POW of the North Vietnamese in August 1967.
Among Commander CARPENTER's other combat awards: Legion of Merit with V; two Bronze Stars with V, 12 Air Medals, two Purple Hearts and the Prisoner of War Medal…..     oohrah…  Fifty Years ago this night Al Carpenter was in Hanoi… serving with honor…
2 November 1967… Operation Rolling Thunder…New York Times: Devoid of coverage of the airwar in North Vietnam…
"Vietnam: Air War" (Chris Hobson) There were two fixed wing aircraft lost in Southeast Asia on 2 November 1967.
(1) LTJG FREDERIC WOODROW KNAPP was flying an A-4E of the VA-164 Saints embarked in USS ORISKANY an armed reconnaissance mission north of Vinh and joined his flight in an attack on a truck 30 miles northwest of Vinh. He was observed to execute a 30-degree dive Zuni rocket attack on the truck but failed to recover and flew into the ground. No ejection. In October 1982 the Vietnamese handed over a Geneva Convention card belonging to LTJG KNAPP. He is carried as "Killed in Action/Body not recovered." Fifty years ago this day LTJG KNAPP laid down his life for his country. He is remembered with admiration…   (Oriskany's 29th Aircraft Loss of 1967 cruise)
(2) LCDR RICHARD DAVID MORROW and LT JAMES JOSEPH WRIGHT were flying an A-6A of the VA-196 Main Battery embarked in USS CONSTELLATION on night DST mine seeding attack on a ferry crossing 10 miles south of Hanoi and failed to return from the mission. There was intense AAA and SAM activity in the area. A fireball was seen by other Intruder crews in the area of Van La. The remains of both LCDR MORROW and LT WRIGHT were returned to the United states in August 1978 and positively identified in November 1978… They perished fifty years ago carrying the fight into the very heart of our enemy… bold and brave–and remembered…
RIPPLE SALVO… #605… The meeting of the President's "Foreign Policy Advisors" on the morning of 2 November 1967 was a milestone of the Vietnam War. It was the end of the McNamara era, as he himself noted in his autobiography. We are fortunate to have the minutes of that meeting in the historical documents of the Johnson library in Austin. Humble Host spent several days as a researcher at the library in 2002 and the Johnson meeting file was mostly pages of redacted copy, still too classified to be of any use in telling the Rolling Thunder story. What was Top Secret then, is unclassified now, 50-years after the fact… This is good reading for participants in the airwar. The important and unique role of the Rolling Thunder warriors as the gold plated bargaining chip for the United States in pursuing negotiations and settlement of the war. In the 2 November meeting of wizards the bombing of North Vietnam–Rolling Thunder–was the paramount issue, and topic of discussion, of the day….
Operation Rolling Thunder's place in the history of the Vietnam war remains a minor footnote, inexplicably.
Two historical documents are referenced. One: A memo by the President's Special Assistant Walt Rostow that reflects his meeting with the members of the President's Policy Advisors on the evening of November 1. Overnight Rostow put together an extraordinary example of high level staff work… He is the President's man-Friday and in this case he is brilliant… Document Two: A six-pager of meeting notes with nearly twenty really smart guys (BOGSAT) meeting for 3 1/2 hours in the Cabinet Room in the White House… The President's first question: "How do we unite the country?"… Our current President should be seeking the same advise…
RTR Quote for 2 November: MARCUS AURELIUS, Meditations: "We were born for cooperation, as are the feet, the hands, the eyelids, and the upper and lower jaws."
Lest we forget…     Bear…
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Diet Soda Makers Sued Over Deceptive, False and Misleading Advertising
Class action lawsuits could take aim at diet soda makers - (3:27)
By Dr. Mercola
Low- or no-calorie artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are typically used to sweeten so-called "diet" foods and beverages in lieu of calorie-rich sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The idea is that consuming fewer calories will result in weight loss. However, research has firmly refuted such claims, showing that artificial sweeteners actually produce the complete opposite effect. 
By lowering appetite suppressant chemicals and encouraging sugar cravings, artificial sweeteners actually raise your odds of weight gain. Studies have also shown artificial sweeteners promote insulin resistance and related health problems just like regular sugar does, so claims that "diet" soda and snacks are a safe and healthy option for diabetics are false as well.
Use of the Word 'Diet' Is Deceptive, False and Misleading
How diet soda confuses your body (1:52)
False advertising is prohibited by federal law, and the term "diet" is only permitted on brands or labels when it is not false or misleading. Two years ago — in light of the overwhelming amount of research demonstrating that artificially sweeteners actually raise your risk of obesity rather than combat it — the consumer group U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) asked the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and other companies for false advertising.1,2
Item Number:1 Date: 11/02/2017 AFGHANISTAN - INSURGENT GROUP SURRENDERS, JOINS PEACE PROCESS IN KUNAR PROVINCE (NOV 02/PAJH)  PAJHWOK AFGHAN NEWS -- A small militant group in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province has laid down its weapons and joined the peace process, reports the Pajhwok Afghan News.   The 45-man group, led by Samiullah Malangyar, had been active in several districts, including Khas Kunar, Chawkai, Sarkano and Norgul, said Wahidullah Kalimzai, the provincial governor, as cited by Xinhua, China's state news agency.   Talks are underway with another 183 insurgents who may soon be persuaded to turn themselves in, the governor said.   Nearly 700 militants have surrendered to provincial authorities in the last year, Kalimzai said
Item Number:2 Date: 11/02/2017 AFGHANISTAN - WATCHDOG REPORT FINDS 54 DISTRICTS, OUT OF 407, UNDER MILITANT CONTROL, INFLUENCE (NOV 02/PAJH)  PAJHWOK AFGHAN NEWS -- A new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a U.S. watchdog, says Afghan security forces continue to lose ground to Islamist militant groups such as the Taliban and Islamic State, reports the Pajhwok Afghan News.   Fifty-four of Afghanistan's 407 districts are under insurgent control or influence, according to the SIGAR report released Tuesday.   This is an increase of nine districts over the last six months, the report says.   About 3.7 million of the nation's 32.5 million population live in areas under militant control or influence, an increase of 700,000 over the last six months, notes the report, as cited by Newsweek.   Civilian casualties from U.S. and Afghan air strikes have increased by 52 percent in the first nine months of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, says SIGAR.   The Afghan air force has not seen a significant increase in its aircrew numbers and aircraft availability. Strengthening the service should be a U.S. priority, says the report.   Measuring progress in Afghanistan has been made more difficult by the decision of the U.S. military command there to keep secret key statistics related to the growth and progress of local security forces, noted the New York Times. The number of Afghan security forces killed and wounded is classified, pointed out AFP.  
  Item Number:3 Date: 11/02/2017 CHINA - VIETNAMESE, CHINESE COAST GUARDS PATROL IN COMMON FISHING ZONE (NOV 02/XIN)  XINHUA -- The coast guards of China and Vietnam are in the midst of a three-day joint patrol in a common fishing zone in the Beibu Gulf (also known as the Gulf of Tonkin), reports Xinhua, China's state news agency.   The patrol began on Wednesday.   This is the second joint operation by the two coast guards this year, following a similar one in April.   Each country is deploying two ships. The operation is expected to include research, maritime search-and-rescue exercises and examination of fishing boats.   The joint patrols are designed to create a stable fishing environment and build trust between maritime law enforcement agencies, said Chinese officials.   The gulf is a traditional fishing area for fishermen from both countries.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 11/02/2017 IRAN - SUPREME LEADER SUGGESTS RUSSIAN-IRANIAN ECONOMIC RESPONSE TO WASHINGTON, BLASTS U.S. AS 'NUMBER 1 ENEMY' (NOV 02/TASNIM)  TASNIM NEWS AGENCY -- Iran's supreme leader has suggested that Tehran and Moscow could use returned currency to fight back against economic sanctions imposed by the U.S., reports the Tasnim news agency (Iran). Ayatollah Khamenei made his comments Wednesday after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tehran.   On Thursday, the ayatollah reaffirmed Iran's opposition to America and President Trump's recent actions, reports Reuters.   In a televised speech, Khamenei said "America is the number one enemy of our nation.... We will never accept their bullying over the nuclear deal."   He said Tehran would maintain the current nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Last month, Trump said the U.S. would keep the pact in place but refused to certify Iran's compliance with the agreement.  
  Item Number:5 Date: 11/02/2017 ISRAEL - ARAB MEDIA SAY ISRAELI JETS HIT WEAPONS DEPOT IN SYRIA (NOV 02/JP)  JERUSALEM POST -- Arab media have reported that Israel struck alleged weapons depots in Syria, reports Jerusalem Post.   According to Al Mayadeen, a Lebanon-based network considered to be close to the Syrian government, there was one attack Wednesday in a suburb of the city of Homs, noted Haaretz (Israel).   Another reportedly hit villages in al-Eyn al-Jedida, Homs province, close to the Lebanese border. The facility is alleged to double as a weapons facility for militant and terrorist groups supported by Damascus.   Several accounts said Syria responded by launching surface-to-air missiles at the Israeli jets, apparently without hitting them.  
  Item Number:6 Date: 11/02/2017 LEBANON - U.S. DELIVERS 2 SUPER TUCANO AIRCRAFT, WITH 4 MORE TO COME (NOV 02/DAILYSTAR)  DAILY STAR -- The Lebanese military says the United States has delivered the first two of six A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft, reports the Daily Star (Beirut).   The aircraft were handed over on Oct. 31 at the Hamat airbase in Batroun.   Four more Super Tucanos will be delivered in the next 12 months as part of a U.S. aid package.   All of the aircraft are armed with a pair of .50-caliber machine guns and the ability to fire 70-mm rockets and laser-guided Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) rockets.   The A-29s will be used as armed observation aircraft, said a security source cited by Reuters.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 11/02/2017 NIGERIA - TROOPS DIE DURING ESCORT DUTY IN BORNO; BOKO HARAM FIGHTERS SET AMBUSH (NOV 02/THIS)  THIS DAY -- The Nigerian army says four of its soldiers have been killed in a Boko Haram ambush in Nigeria's northeastern Borno state, reports This Day (Lagos).   Troops from the 152 Battalion, 21 Brigade, were escorting civilians from Banki to Maiduguri when they were ambushed, said an army spokesman on Wednesday.   The soldiers were killed when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device on the road, the spokesman said.   In addition to the deaths, six soldiers, two members of the Civilian Joint Task Force and six internally displaced persons were reportedly injured.   A suicide bomber was killed when he set off his explosives after coming under heavy fire from the soldiers, the spokesman said
  Item Number:8 Date: 11/02/2017 QATAR - U.S. STATE DEPT. GIVES NOD TO MAJOR DEAL TO SERVICE DOHA'S F-15S (NOV 02/DAILYSABAH)  DAILY SABAH -- The U.S. State Dept. has approved a possible deal to support Qatar's F-15QA fighter jets, reports Daily Sabah (Turkey).   The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of the possible US$1.1 billion sale in a statement released Wednesday.   The potential deal includes both service on the aircraft themselves as well as the building of facilities, including hardened bunkers and weapon storage areas.   The DSCA said the sale would support U.S. interests in the region and not upset the military balance. "Qatar is an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Persian Gulf region," an agency statement read in part.   Qatar and the United States signed a contract in June for 72 jets, noted Al Jazeera (Qatar). The Qatari government is locked into a dispute with many of its neighbors, and Qatar is also home to the largest U.S. bases in the Middle East
Item Number:9 Date: 11/02/2017 RUSSIA - ARMY COMMANDER IN SYRIA TO HEAD AEROSPACE FORCES (NOV 02/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- For the first time, an army general will lead the Russian aerospace forces, according to Russia's Kommersant newspaper, as cited by Interfax-AVN.   Sources in the Defense Ministry also told other domestic media outlets about the move.   Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin is currently the commander of Russian forces in Syria. He has also commanded Russia's Eastern Military District.   The four-star general is expected to remain in Syria until his successor is named, said Kommersant.   Col. Gen. Andrei Serdyukov, the head of Russia's airborne forces, was originally expected to take on the post, but he is recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident
Item Number:10 Date: 11/02/2017 SINGAPORE - PURCHASE FINALIZED FOR NORWEGIAN SAM SYSTEM (NOV 02/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- Indonesia's Defense Ministry has signed a contract with Norway's Kongsberg for the NASAMS ground-based air-defense system, reports Defense News.   The US$77 million deal covers the complete NASAMS system, to include command posts, radars, launchers, radios and integration, and training and logistics support, said the firm on Tuesday.   The Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAM) for the system must be purchased separately. Indonesia has previously been cleared to purchase the missiles, which are made by Raytheon, for its fighter jets.   No delivery date was specified.  
Item Number:11 Date: 11/02/2017 SOUTH KOREA - ARMS AGENCY DEVELOPS THERMAL IMAGERY SIGHT, GIVING VULCAN AIR DEFENSE CANNONS BETTER NIGHT CAPABILITY (NOV 02/YON)  YONHAP -- The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) in South Korea says it has developed a new thermal imager for 20-mm Vulcan anti-aircraft cannons, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   The new system will replace the existing AN/TVS-5 night-vision sight with local army, air force and marine units starting in 2019, the DAPA said on Nov. 1.   The development project was launched in May 2016 with seven domestic firms, including Hanwha Systems.   The sight should significantly improve the Vulcan's night-firing capability and allow it to detect hostile aircraft and drones well before they enter range, the agency said
  Item Number:12 Date: 11/02/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - DEFENSE MINISTER RESIGNS, ACKNOWLEDGES IMPROPER BEHAVIOR IN PAST (NOV 02/CNN)  CABLE NEWS NETWORK -- In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, U.K Defense Minister Michael Fallon has resigned from his position, reports CNN.   In a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May released Wednesday night, Fallon wrote that "in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces, which I have the privilege to represent."   Fallon has been accused of repeatedly touching a radio presenter's leg at a Conservative Party dinner in 2002, noted the New York Post. Fallon's resignation letter suggested other allegations might be forthcoming.   May said she would announce a replacement on Thursday
Item Number:13 Date: 11/02/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - MANCHESTER BOMBER'S BROTHER BEING HELD IN LIBYA; BRITISH POLICE REQUEST EXTRADITION (NOV 02/GUARDIAN)  GUARDIAN -- British police have requested Libya to extradite the brother of a suicide bomber who killed more than 20 people at a pop concert last spring in Manchester, reports the Guardian (U.K.).   Hashem Abedi, 20, was detained in Libya days after his brother, Salman, blew himself up outside of a concert in Manchester in May. Authorities suspect that Hashem conspired with and aided his brother in the attack.   Police in Manchester say they have been granted an arrest warrant and have made a formal request to Libyan authorities. Hashem would face murder charges for the 22 people killed in the blast, as well as attempted murder and conspiracy charges.   Both brothers were raised in Manchester in northwest England. Their parents are Libyan nationals. According to authorities, they traveled to Libya in April. Salman returned to commit the attack while Hashem remained in Libya. He is currently in the custody of an unnamed militia group.  
  Item Number:14 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - 2 AIR FORCE GROWLER PILOTS TRAIN WITH NAVY FOR ELECTRONIC ATTACK MISSIONS (NOV 02/ACC)  AIR COMBAT COMMAND (USAF) -- The U.S. Air Force has sent its first two electronic attack fighter pilots for training with the U.S. Navy, reports the Air Combat Command.   The pilots, both first lieutenants from the 390th Electronic Combat Squadron, a geographically separated unit of Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, are working out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash.   In 2015, the Air Combat Command and Naval Air Forces agreed to bring Air Force pilots to the joint airborne electronic attack program.   Air Force pilots and weapon system officers have flown with the program previously, but these two are the first to fly EA-18G Growlers.   After 40 weeks of training, the pilots will be assigned to a Navy expeditionary EA-18G squadron for three years, said the ACC release on Oct. 30.  
  Item Number:15 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - CBO PUTS $1.2 TRILLION PRICE TAG ON 30-YEAR COSTS OF PLANNED NUCLEAR FORCE (NOV 02/HILL)  THE HILL -- A report by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it would cost around $1.2 trillion over the next 30 years to modernize and maintain U.S. nuclear weapons, reports the Hill (Washington, D.C.).   Updating or buying new versions of the land, air and sea components of the nuclear triad and sustain them would cost 50 percent more than operating and sustaining alone, according to the CBO report that was released on Oct. 31.   Donald Trump, in his presidential campaign, vowed to overhaul the nuclear arsenal. The CBO estimates are based on the Obama administration's 2017 budget request.   The study also includes nine options that could lower or delay the costs of planned modernization, including reducing the number of deployed warheads.   This was the first official independent assessment of what it would cost to sustain and upgrade the aging nuclear arsenal.   The U.S. has begun a multi-billion-dollar effort to modernize or rebuild many of its warheads and related components, but much of the costs have been classified.   The planned projects include the Air Force's new B-21 Raider bomber and the Long-Range Standoff missile.   The Air Force plans to buy at least 100 B-21s, which are expected to enter service by the mid-2020s. The service has provided no details of the development contract awarded to Northrop Grumman. The CBO report estimates that the bombers would costs $266 billion over 30 years.   The Air Force has also awarded contracts to Boeing and Northrop Grumman, worth up to $359 million each, for the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program, which will replace aging Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.   The new ICBMs will cost an estimated $149 billion over 30 years. New ballistic-missile submarines are expected to cost $313 billion over the same period
  Item Number:16 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - CIA RELEASES BIN LADEN DOCUMENTS, REVEALING SECRET DEALINGS WITH IRAN (NOV 02/HILL)  THE HILL -- The CIA has released hundreds of gigabytes of the files seized in the 2011 raid in Pakistan killed Al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden, reports the Hill (Washington, D.C.).   Wednesday's release includes 470,000 files containing audio messages, videos, pictures and the terrorist leader's 228-page journal.   One key revelation unearthed during initial the analysis by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies concerned Al-Qaida's relationship with Iran. One file details an arrangement to attack targets in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in exchange for money, arms and training.   The data dump has more recent photos of bin Laden's son Hamza, a high-profile Al-Qaida member. Also included are a series of letters that suggest bin Laden was firmly in control of the terror group until the time of his death at the hands of U.S. Navy SEALs
Item Number:17 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - CARRIER REAGAN SCRAMBLED JETS TO ESCORT APPROACHING RUSSIAN BOMBERS IN PACIFIC (NOV 02/CNN)  CABLE NEWS NETWORK -- U.S. officials say the USS Ronald Reagan had to scramble its fighter jets this week after Russian aircraft approached the carrier.   Two F/A-18 Hornets escorted a pair of Russian Tu-95 bombers away from a U.S. aircraft carrier, reports CNN.   On Wednesday, the officials revealed that the bombers came within 80 miles of the Reagan as it was operating in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea.   The officials said Sunday's interaction was safe and professional
Item Number:18 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - NEW EXPEDITIONARY SEA BASE SHIP TO HONOR MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT (NOV 02/NAVTOD)  NAVAL TODAY -- The U.S. will name its fifth Expeditionary Sea Base after Marine Corps veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Miguel Keith, reports   Navy Secretary Richard Spencer made the announcement Wednesday. The official naming ceremony for the T-ESB 5 is scheduled to take place on Nov. 4 in National Harbor.   According to a statement from the Navy, Keith served as a machine gunner with Combined Action Platoon 132, III Marine Amphibious Force in Vietnam. He was severely wounded on May 8, 1970, during a firefight. Despite his injury, he continued to engage the enemy, killing three attackers and injuring two more. Keith was then injured by a grenade but continued to advance, killing four more soldiers. He later succumbed to injuries sustained during the fight.   The new 784-foot ESB will support maritime security operations, disaster-relief missions, air mine countermeasures, counter-piracy operations and crisis response operations, said the service.   Construction began in January. The ESB expected to be delivered in 2019.  
  Item Number:19 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - OLIVER BERRY CUTTER OFFICIALLY JOINS COAST GUARD IN HONOLULU (NOV 02/USCG)  U.S. COAST GUARD -- The U.S. Coast Guard has commissioned its 24th Sentinel-class fast response cutter.   The Oliver Berry formally entered service during a ceremony on Oct. 31 at its homeport in Honolulu, Hawaii, said a Coast Guard release.   The cutter is the first in the class to be based in Hawaii.   The cutter's name honors Chief Machinist's Mate Oliver Berry, who led maintenance efforts across several classes of Coast Guard aircraft, including airplanes, seaplanes and helicopters.   Berry served as the lead instructor for the first U.S. military helicopter training unit, which was established in Elizabeth City, N.C., in 1946. He also contributed to the rescue of airliner crash victims in Newfoundland in that year, which required rapid dismantling, air transport and reassembly of helicopters, noted the Coast Guard release.   The Sentinel class is designed for missions including search-and-rescue; ports, waterways and coastal security; drug and migrant interdiction; and fisheries patrols
Item Number:20 Date: 11/02/2017 USA - ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS TO GET UPDATED COMPUTER SYSTEMS (NOV 02/UPI)  UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL -- The U.S. Dept. of Defense has announced a $29 million contract with Raytheon to update systems on its most advanced ships, reports UPI.   Raytheon will deliver total ship computing environment hardware and software to the Navy's Zumwalt class of advanced guided-missile destroyers.   The work is expected to be completed by September 2018. Much of the work will take place in at the company's facilities in Portsmouth, R.I. 

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