Friday, October 27, 2017

FlashBack! "As American As The Smiths And Joneses!"

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June 1942. Chicago, Illinois. 

"Manpower. Americans all. His war job with Pressed Steel Can Car Company gives Michael Kassalo an extra good appetite. Operating a vertical turret lathe in a Midwest tank plant, Michael is one of many hundreds of first- and second-generation Americans whose sole purpose during working hours is to get as many tanks as possible off the lines and ready for shipment to the fighting fronts. Michael's grandparents, with whom he lives, cling to the Slavic language and to many 'Old Country' customs, but Michael and his brothers and sisters are as American as the Smiths and Joneses." 

Photo by Ann Rosener for the Office of War Information

July 1942

"Posting ceiling prices in foreign languages. Charles Ruggiero, clerk in a grocery store in New York's Italian section, wishes the handful of spaghetti he is breaking were Mussolini's neck. The ceiling price sign above his head, written in Italian, is helping to defeat Il Duce by controlling inflation, one of America's most dangerous enemies."

 Medium format negative by Howard Liberman for the Office of War Information.

May 1942. Southington, Conn.

"Dimitrios Giorgios, who came from Greece, runs a soda fountain. He wasn't here long before the country entered World War I and he joined up. A member of the American Legion, he is shown here making banana splits." 

Photo by Fenno Jacobs, Office of War Information.

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