Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Shoppers line up around store for supplies ahead of Hurricane Irma

Major hurricane projected to approach Florida

By Troy Campbell - Reporter 
ORLANDO, Fla. - People around Central Florida were already experiencing a shortage of supplies at grocery stores on Monday.
Although days away from potential impact, the current projected path shows Hurricane Irma possibly hitting Florida as a category 4 storm.

On Tuesday, shoppers lined up outside several stores, including Costco in Altamonte Springs, for a chance to get supplies, including water, batteries, food and more. (See video below.)
"(It was) a little bit of a pandemonium," shopper Diane Williams said. "Getting here was worse than being inside. It's just that everybody is panicked, so they are preparing, which is wise, but it's just, like, crazy."
On Monday night, shoppers said Publix in College Park was out of bottled water. A viewer also gave News 6 a picture showing empty water shelves at the Walmart on Alafaya Trail near the University of Central Florida.
Micah Kropp stopped by Publix in College Park and bought water by the gallon since that was the only option. He's also stocking up on canned food, crackers and diapers.
"I got a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, so (I've) got to think a little differently with them at the helm, and then will be traveling this week for work, so not sure when I will have the time. It will be kind of hectic," Kropp said. 

News 6 picked up supplies at the Walmart located on the corner of Princeton Street and John Young Parkway. Supplies there were plentiful, with employees steadily restocking the water aisle.
Pictures on social media showed empty water and bread shelves at other stores, including the Walmart on Alafaya Trail near UCF.
Min Cho said he's preparing for his electricity to go out.
"(I) ordered a generator on Amazon. Should be coming on Friday. Also, some dry foods and stuff like that," Cho said.
With Hurricane Harvey ravaging the Texas and the Gulf of Mexico last week, Cho said it serves as a reminder of how bad things can get. 

"With Harvey, everyone is kind of taken aback to see how that was," he said. "Obviously we are in Florida, so we are used to this type of situation, but it's always good to be prepared." 

People are also urged to fill their gas tanks before gas stations could see long lines and a supply shortage.
Cash will also be essential in the case of a power outage since ATMs would not be able to operate and businesses would not be able to process credit cards. 

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