Friday, July 28, 2017

West Wing ‘Riddled With Rats

Geraldo Defends Scaramucci: 

West Wing ‘Riddled With Rats,’ Priebus is ‘Deep State’

If you thought we were done talking about Anthony Scaramucci‘s unique communications style you were woefully wrong. In light of last night’s stunning New Yorker report in which Ryan Lizza revealed colorful language put forth by the newly appointed White House Communications Director, Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends and gave a very frank assessment of his former Fox News colleague.
Rivera opened by explained the “locker room” language Scaramucci used with Lizza, saying that that’s the way people communicate in section of Long Island where he and Scaramucci (among other Fox News personalities) hail. But it was his defense of what Scaramucci said (not how he said it) that should raise the most eyebrows.
The West Wing is absolutely riddled with rats,” Geraldo explained, adding that the reason why President Donald Trump surrounds himself with family is because he won’t trust anyone in a “building filled with rats.” He then added that Scaramucci’s assessment on White House Chief of Staff Reince Prieibus is “absolute truth,” adding that he’s note a Trump guy, is a lifelong Republican who “comes from the deep state.”
He then hit Steve Bannon‘s agenda before suggesting that the President cleans house and replaces Bannon and Priebus with people more loyal to President Trump like Corey Lewandowski who would “take a bullet for the president.”
Fascinating candor from Mr. Rivera, who it should be noted, can boast a long-term friendship with Mr. Trump.

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