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This Day In Naval History - July 14
1813 - LT John M. Gamble, the first marine to command a ship in battle (prize vessel Greenwich in capture of British whaler Seringapatam)
1853: Commodore Matthew C. Perry lands and holds the first meeting with the Japanese at Uraga, in which he delivers President Millard Fillmores request for a treaty to representatives to the Emperor. Allowing time for reflection and discussion, Commodore Perry returns in March 1854 and finalizes the Treaty of Kanagawa.
1882 - Sailors and Marines from 4 U.S. ships land to help restore order at Alexandria, Egypt.
1945 - In the first naval gunfire bombardment of the Japanese home islands, Task Unit 34.8.1 warships bombard ironworks plant at Kamaishi, Japan.
1950 - U.S. Marines sail from San Diego for Korean Conflict.
1952 - Laying of keel of USS Forrestal, the first 59,900 ton aircraft carrier.
This Day In Naval History - July 15
1870 - Act of Congress establishes Pay Corps, which later becomes the Supply Corps.
1942 - First photographic interpretation unit set up in the Pacific.
1942: USS Grunion (SS 216) sinks the Japanese submarine chasers (25 and 26) off Kiska, Aleutian Islands.
1958 - In response to request by President of Lebanon, Sixth Fleet lands
1,800 Marines at Beruit to support Lebanese government against Communist rebels.
This Day In Naval History - July 16
1862 - Congress creates rank of Rear Admiral. David G. Farragut is named the first Rear Admiral
1912 - Rear Admiral Bradley Fiske receives patent for torpedo plane or airborne torpedo.
1915 - First Navy ships, battleships Ohio, Missouri, and Wisconsin transit Panama Canal.
1945 - First atomic bomb test at Alamogordo, NM.
Today in History July 14
In France, Louis VIII succeeds his father, Philip Augustus.
Joan of Arc, taken prisoner by the Burgundians in May, is handed over to Pierre Cauchon, the bishop of Beauvais.
Hungarians defeat the Ottomans at the Battle of Belgrade, in present-day Yugoslavia.
France and Portugal sign the Treaty of Lyons, aligning themselves against Spain.
The Bastille, a fortress in Paris used to hold political prisoners, is stormed by a mob.
The Sedition Act is passed by the U.S. Congress.
At Harrisburg, Mississippi, Federal troops under General Andrew Jackson Smith repulse an attack by General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
European Allies retake Tientsin, China, from the rebelling Boxers.
Nazi Germany promulgates the Law for the Protection of Hereditary Health--the beginning of the Euthanasia program.
Howard Hughes and crew set a new world record for an around-the-world flight.
A force of German bombers attacks Suez, Egypt, from bases in Crete.
Vichy French Foreign Legionaries sign an armistice in Damascus, allowing them to join the Free French Foreign Legion.
American battleships and cruisers bombard the Japanese home islands for the first time.
The George Washington Carver National Monument in Joplin, Missouri becomes the first national park honoring an African American.
The United States sends 600 more troops to Vietnam.
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Retiree's Last Trip to Costco
Yesterday I was at Costco buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Necco, The Wonder Dog, which weighs 191 lbs. I was in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog.
What did she think I had an elephant?
So because I'm retired and have little to do, on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.
I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and that the way that it works is, to load your jacket pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.)
Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stopped in the cross walk to lick my butt, and a car hit me.
I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard.
Costco won't let me shop there anymore. Better watch what you ask retired people. They have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say.
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T-shirt shows Bill Belichick to be a true patriot | Boston Herald
Tom Shattuck Thursday, July 13, 2017
Former Navy Seal and current Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Jim Amann runs a website,, that sells police and military K9 equipment also sells t-shirts. Shown here is a detail of the front of a T-shirt available on his site. Courtesy of Jim Amann
Bravo to Bill Belichick.
A Twitter user yesterday afternoon posted a couple of pictures of the prodigious coach wearing a shirt bearing an illustration that shocked some, confused others and pleased many more.
The text reads, "Life is great" and features a depiction of an armed man in a turban being attacked by a military dog as he's being chased by a soldier carrying a rifle.
Is this hate-wear?
No way.
This is patriot-wear the Patriots head coach was showing off.
The shirts are sold on a site called, run by Jim Amann, now a deputy sheriff in Los Angeles. Amann is a former Navy SEAL who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with his military dog Rocky. Amman's company, Trident K9 LLC, provides police and military K9 equipment and training, as well as the light-hearted shirt Belichick was sporting yesterday.
As Amann describes it, the shirt "tells a cartoon story of a deployment in Afghanistan where SEAL operators are chasing bad guys." The website suggests wearing the shirt to "celebrate the end of Osama Bin Laden."
Not surprising that such a shirt found its way to Bill Belichick. He has been a strong supporter of the troops and has even employed the stories of American military heroism in his coaching, as he did in 2013 when he took the team to see "Lone Survivor," and in 2015 to watch "American Sniper."
Amann was unaware that the five-time Super Bowl winning coach was wearing the item.
"I'm surprised," he said. "I'm a big fan of his. I respect him as a leader."
But Amann reserved his deepest praise for the military's four-legged soldiers.
"These dogs have saved more lives than we can count," he said. "They're more than a dog. They can do things that no man or machine can do."
After the combat tours, Amann said, the "Navy was generous enough to donate" Rocky to his sheriff's department, where the two went on to work together.
Rocky died this year, but Amann remembers him fondly.
"He was more than just a partner, he truly was special."
And today more of us know about Rocky and the many heroic dogs like him because Belichick thought to wear the shirt out in public where it was sure to get noticed.
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Subject: Fwd: Interesting stats
(A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.
(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171
Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Now think about this:
(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000.
(Yes, that's 80 million)
(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups,is 1,500.
(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .0000188
Statistics courtesy of FBI
So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.
Remember, 'Guns don't kill people, doctors do.'
FACT:  NOT EVERYONE HAS A GUN, BUT Almost everyone has at least one doctor.
This means you are over 9,000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor than by a gun owner!!!
Please alert your friends to this alarming threat.
We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!!
Out of concern for the public at large,
We withheld the statistics on Lawyers for fear the shock would cause
people to panic and seek medical attention!
July 14, 2017  Bear Taylor 
RIPPLE SALVO… #496… AND FEARLESS LEADER…"Never say die… "…also VADM Duke Hernandez: a day in Yugoslavia, the real story, I think… but first…
Good Morning: Day FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-SIX of a revisit to the three and a half-year air war called Rolling Thunder…
14 July 1967… HEAD LINES from The New York Times on a rainy, dark and dreary Friday in NYC…
SUMMER 1967: Page 1: Newark's Mayor Calls in Guard As Riots Spread Downtown Is Hit–Scores Are Injured–Police Are Instructed to Return Fire"... "The National Guard was called into this city early today as Negro mobs spilled from their Central Ward ghetto into the heart of the downtown business district…rampaging Negroes who had looted, burned and smashed their way through the city in the second straight night of violence produced 'an ominous situation'… raging fire at Broad and Market…"…
SIX DAY WAR: Page 1: "U.N. Urged to Overcome Israel Stand on Jerusalem"... "Communist, Arab and Muslim speakers urged the General Assembly today to find away to overcome Israel's defiance of the resolution calling for the annulment of the unification of Jerusalem. The will of the United Nations has been flouted by Israel, delegates were told."... Page 1: "Refugees Return Urged by Johnson"… "He asks that Israel allow a maximum number in Jordan to go home. President Johnson declared today there is an 'urgent need' for Israel to permit Arab refugees in Jordan to return to their homes in territory sized by Israel last month."… Page 3: "King of Jordan Revamping Jordanian Army...regrouping brigades into divisions in sweeping reorganization."... "Arab Leaders Hold Conference in Cairo"... "Communist  Leaders Meet in Budapest""Israel Charges New Attack Across Suez"… 
VIETNAM: Page 1: "Generals Agree With President On Build-Up Issue–Wheeler and Westmoreland Support Modest Increase In Forces in Vietnam–'Troop Balance' Called Goal"… "President Johnson won the public endorsement of his top military commanders today for a relatively modest build-up of American forces in Vietnam…Mr. Johnson said, 'We have had a meeting of the minds.'… 480,000 troops authorized."… Page 6: "U.S. Again Raiding the Buffer Zone–B-52s Strike Three Times After Two Month Layoff or shortly after the discovery that the North Vietnamese had placed surface-to-air missiles on the border."… Page 6: "The United States announced that 282 servicemen were killed and 1,170 were wounded in combat last week. It was the third largest weekly Killed In Action of the war. North Vietnam and Vietcong KIA for the week was 2,114. The South Vietnamese Army casualties for the week were 144 killed and 383 wounded."…
Page 7: "Marines Weary Near Buffer Zone–Far Off Guns Taking Toll in Men and Morale"... "The Marines have a new saying in their outposts near the demilitarized zone. It is: 'Go north and die.' Each day the North Vietnamese pound the outposts with heavy mortar and artillery fire killing three, four, five Marines. The daily barrage from an unseen enemy has left many marines exhausted and bewildered.
     "From Dongha, 10 miles south of the DMZ to Conthien than a mile and a half south of the zone Marine officers are coping with high casualties and low morale. The marines near the zone are frightened by the increasingly accurate artillery barrages, frustrated over their inability to fight an enemy who is usually miles easy, and they are weary, tired and depressed from lack of sleep, showers and hot food.
    "You're just fighting here for your life and your buddy's life,' said a 20-year old Californian in the hot, dusty shack that serves as Dongha's air passenger terminal. 'You are sure as hell not fighting for this country.'
     "Nearly 6,000 marines are stationed at or near outposts that run inland below the DMZ. the area–dubbed Leatherneck Square– runs from the marine artillery bastion to Giolinh, six miles from Conthien to Camp Carroll the artillery base to the southwest and from Conthien to Dongha."….
"The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the NAVY CROSS to CAPTAIN ROBERT BYRON FULLER, United States Navy, for EXTRAORDINARY HEROISM as a Prisoner of War (POW) in North Vietnam during the month of October 1967. During this period, as a prisoner at Hoa Lo POW prison, he was subjected to severe treatment at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors. As they persisted in their harsh treatment of him, he continued in his refusal to give out biographical data demanded by the North Vietnamese. He heroically resisted all attempts by his captors to break his resistance indicating his willingness to suffer any deprivation and torture to uphold the Code of Conduct. Through these means, he inspired other POW's to resist the enemy's efforts to demoralize and exploit them. By his gallantry and loyal devotion to duty, he reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Naval Service of the United States Armed Forces."
"…CAPTAIN FULLER was the leader of a major airwing strike against the heavily defended enemy fighter airfield at Kep, North Vietnam. Approaching the target, the strike group encountered extremely heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire. The first volley completely enveloped the lead element of A-4C aircraft and the following elements were equally hard hit as the enemy gunners continued to pour our a combination of barrage and tracking fire with unerring accuracy. In addition, a number of Surface-to-Air Missiles were fired into the formations. Although his aircraft was damaged by the first shots, CAPTAIN FULLER pressed on toward the target. One aircraft after another was forced to jettison its ordnance and withdraw toward the Tonkin Gulf, leaving CAPTAIN FULLER as the only remaining attack aircraft. With F-8 fighter aircraft escorts in company, he valiantly continued his dash to the target. Despite the fact that his aircraft was hit a second time and seriously damaged, CAPTAIN FULLER plunged downward in a steep dive and fired his rockets directly into a revetment containing a parked MIG-17 fighter plane. Only after completing his lone attack did he withdraw, with no cockpit fuel-quantity indication, and made his way to the Tonkin Gulf and Safety…"
"…interned as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam on 14 July 1967. CAPTAIN FULLER's captors, completely ignoring international agreements, subjected him to extreme mental and physical cruelties in an attempt to obtain military information and false confessions for propaganda purposes. Through his resistance to these brutalities, he contributed significantly toward eventual abandonment of harsh treatment by the North Vietnamese, which was attracting national attention….determination, courage, resourcefulness, and devotion…"
25 APRIL 1967… Major air wing strike on Haiphong Ammo Depot at Kien An
11 JUNE 1967… Coordinated air wing strike on Uong-Bi Thermal Power Plant near Haiphong…
12 JUNE 1967… Led coordinated air wing strike on Thanh Hoa Thermal Power Plant…
5 JULY 1967… Led an air wing strike on Do Son POL facilities near Haiphong…
REAR ADMIRAL FULLER flew Panthers in the Korean war and had flown 110 missions in Rolling thunder before he was shot down on 14 July 1967. He would serve with honor as a POW and return to continue his naval career. He commanded a nuclear carrier and a carrier battle group before retiring as a Rear Admiral in 1982…
14 July 1967…Operation Rolling Thunder… New York Times (15 July reporting 14 July ops) Page 3: "In the air war in the North the United States pilots attacked two petroleum depots near Haiphong and rail lines near Hanoi yesterday in a day of heavy air strikes against North Vietnam…Air Force and Navy pilots flew 170 missions, the fourth highest number in a day since the air war began in August 1965…Navy pilots from Bon Homme Richard blasted the Doson petroleum storage area, 13 miles northwest of Haiphong, and one at Thai Binh, 33 miles southwest of the port city. Other pilots on anti-aircraft suppression missions reported the destruction of a surface-to-air missile site with missiles, rockets and cannon fire. Pilots from the Intrepid reported that a village 12 miles southwest of Haiphong was engulfed in flames after a North Vietnamese surface-to-air missile fell into it. This is the second village in the area the pilots have said was set afire by a missile falling back to the ground… Air Force pilots attacked the Thaihop military barracks 39 miles north of Hanoi and the Backan army barracks 77 miles north of Hanoi… Air Force Thunderchief  fighter-bomber pilots also attacked nine targets along the Red River rail line running northwest from Hanoi to the Chinese border. Thunderchief pilots also struck a missile site 20 miles north of Hanoi, reporting two explosions near a guidance van. This was the second day the site was attacked."
"Vietnam: Air Losses" (Chris Hobson) There were three fixed wing aircraft lost in Southeast Asia on 14 July 1967…
(1) LTJG I.J. CUNNINGHAM was flying an A-4E of the VA-164 Ghost Riders embarked in USS Oriskany on an armed reconnaissance mission south of Vinh. His aircraft was hit by ground fire while attacking barges on an inland waterway. The hit was in the nose of the aircraft and after ingesting a portion of the aircraft nose cone the aircraft engine was severely damaged. LTJG CUNNINGHAM was able to fly the aircraft back to the ship but the engine failed before he could attempt a landing. He ejected and was rescued by the carrier Seasprite helo. This was the first day on the line for Oriskany.
(2) LT J.N. DONIS was flying an A-4C of the VA-76 Spirits embarked in USS Bon Homme Richard on an armed reconnaissance mission south of Nam Dinh. His aircraft was hit in the port wing and a rocket pod. A rocket exploded and debris damaged the engine leading to engine failure requiring LT DONIS to eject about 125 miles off the coast where he was rescued by the Northern SAR helicopter.
(3) COMMANDER ROBERT BYRON FULLER, Commanding Officer, VA-76 Spirits embarked in USS Bon Homme Richard was flying an A-4C and leading a strike on the Cao Tri 262… "We were attacking bridge near Hung Yen, about 20 miles south of Hanoi and as he commenced his attack, his aircraft was hit by an SA-2. He delivered his bombs before he lost control of the Skyhawk forcing him to eject in the target area. COMMANDER FULLER was captured immediately and interned as a POW until released in March 1973. 
Add this from Steve Gray's journal "Rampant Raider"… Page 262:
"We were attacking the Cao Tri bridge…when a barrage of SAMs from Hanoi streaked toward us. VA-76's skipper, Cdr. B.I. Fuller (sic), was hit right over the target area and immediately ejected. As his parachute floated down almost directly over the target, we saw to our horror a 37-mm gun firing at him. The parachute canopy was riddled with holes, and some of it was smouldering when he hit the ground hard just yards from the revetment of the flak site that had been shooting at him. Commander Fuller lay motionless after hitting the ground, and enemy gunners swarmed out of their revetment to take him captive. SAMs hit two other VA-76 airplanes at the same time. One was heavily damaged, but the pilot was able to make it out over the gulf before ejecting and was rescued unharmed (Humble Host note: This has to be Lt. Donis, who was downed on 14 July but not on this strike: see above); the other had only minor damage and the pilot was able to return to the ship.
"All the pilots who saw Commander Fuller go down were convinced that he was dead. But confirming the wisdom of the Defense Department's policy of listing downed pilots as 'missing in action' until death has been positively confirmed, Fuller's name was released on a POW list three years later…. An A-4C bearing Commander Fuller's name is on display at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C."
RIPPLE SALVO… #496… Humble Host is in receipt of "the real story" of VADM DUKE HERNANDEZ's trip to Yugoslavia. Red Best offered the widely understood version of the unique flight and I reported that in my post two days ago and in Ripple Salvo #494. The following is from Jim Ripple who reports that he had access to Duke's debrief… This is version #2 of tale for the archives…
"In addition to his accomplishments, Duke was a VF-11 Crusader pilot, deployed with Air Group 1, on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, during our 1958-60 (?) Med deployment. he was ferrying a replacement F8U from Rota (Spain) to Capochino (Naples), while we were in-port Naples. Duke lost his navaids, was flying singly, over an overcast, and let down when he thought he was just east of Italy, knowing he would visually recognize where he w and could go either north of south to get to Naples and Capochino.
"Shortly after turning north, he was intercepted by an F-86D, with a red star on its fuselage. Yup, he missed Italy and was flying along the Yugoslav coast. They ordered him to land, which he did, and then treated him like a king. They tried to refuel his F-8, but the F-86 nozzle would not fit his F-8. They put him up overnight, loaned him clothes and money and took him out on the town. They machined an adapter overnight and refueled his bird.
"But then their F-86 starters did not have enough oomph to start his engine. We sent a starter unit in on the COD the next day and Duke completed his mission (to Capochino)."
Jim Ripple adds this as "the rest of the story"… "Once the F-8 was prepped and checked for carrier ops, and we put to sea another VF-11 pilot was to bring it out to the ship. However, he did a burner takeoff–with his wings folded! When he realized what he had done, he returned to Capochino, had the plane re-checked for over-stress and brought it out to the ship. When he arrived, his squadron mates had prepared a special set of wings for him. The tips of a set of Golden Wings had the tips cut off and soldered folded. He had to wear them for a while."…    Thanks Jim…
RTR QUOTE for 14 July… SAMUEL DANIEL (To Delia. Sonnet xxx): "For who gets the wealth, that puts not from the shore? Danger hath honour; great designs, their fame; Glory doth follow, courage goes before."…
Lest we forget….    Bear
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Another view on the TWA 800 loss
I'm not buying the TWA 800 speculation.  My daughter-in-law's sister was on that flight, on her way to meet her boyfriend, a Navy LT, in Paris.  My son and daughter-in-law spent a long time in New York with the rest of the families, getting daily briefings from the investigators and the FBI, asking questions, and hanging on every word.  We've discussed it at length, of course.  Like many on your list, I went to the Aviation Safety Officer course at USNPGS and investigated several aircraft accidents.  I think we discovered the correct causes of all those, but they were hard.  Although I'm not entirely sure that the final conclusion of this investigation has it perfectly figured out, I do think they accurately ruled out all the nefarious causes.
Regarding something like a Stinger:  a really stupid idea, in my opinion.  The place to use those is near an airport, when you can catch an airplane at low level, low speed.  Even then, their lethality is limited on something like a wide-body, particularly one with four engines.  [Note:  I do know about weapons—rocket motors, seeker heads, guidance systems, warheads, fuzing, probability of guidance/fuzing/kill.  I was Director of Weapons Engineering at NAVAIRSYSCOM, responsible for RDT&E for all weapons carried on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, and I had two tours of duty as a test pilot doing weapons and weapons system testing at Pax River and as head of F-14 Flight Test at the Pacific Missile Test Center.]  The Stinger (and its competitors have similar specs) has a MAXIMUM effective altitude of about 10,000 feet and MAX RANGE of about 5 miles.  TWA 800 exploded at 13,800 feet, as I recall, about ten miles off-shore (yes, someone could have a Stinger out on a boat waiting for a target).  As you approach max altitude or max range, the probability of kill drops significantly, of course.  A Stinger will NOT, most likely, hit the fuselage (or center fuel tank) of an airliner because it will guide on ONE of those huge engine plumes.  As it gets close, the plume is so huge that the seeker head will not make terminal corrections of any note (that is, turning into the fuselage).  Again, most likely.  So, it will knock out one engine.  For that to eventually cause complete destruction of a 747 from an explosion will take awhile.  A 6.6-lb frag warhead from a Stinger would not break the back of a 747 by hitting an engine.  A Stinger has a MAXIMUM time of flight of 17 seconds, after which it self-destructs.  We've done lethality studies on every anti-air missile.  The factors that go into those studies are mind-boggling, considering where on the target aircraft a "hit" of a portion of a specific type of warhead at what distance from its initiation (speed of fragments, diameter of frags/rods, density of pattern, etc.), the angle of approach, the relative speeds of missile and target factored into the fuze detection/delay/initiation, etc., etc., etc., and how it could possibly cause lethal damage. I can only make an educated guess, but I think a Stinger against a 747 at max range would be, at best, a lucky shot with such a low probability of occurrence as not to be worthy of consideration.  Given what we now know about terrorists, any such success would have been claimed loud and clear (with proof), followed by a lot more attacks of the same kind.
Here is the best analysis I've seen of the "missile sightings":
Item Number:1 Date: 07/14/2017 CHINA - TOKYO COMPLAINS ABOUT NEARBY CHINESE BOMBER FLIGHT; BEIJING SAYS 'GET USED TO IT' (JUL 14/XIN)  XINHUA -- China insists its recent military exercises held close to Japan were "routine," telling Tokyo to "get used" to such actions, reports Xinhua, China's state news agency.   On Thursday, Japan's Defense Ministry said a flyover of Chinese H-6 bombers over the Miyako Strait between Japan's Miyako and Okinawa Islands was "unusual." The aircraft did not enter Japanese airspace during the flight on Thursday, noted the ministry statement.   Those flights were "routine exercises" and "more similar training will be conducted on the high seas as needed," responded a Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman on Friday.   "The parties concerned don't need to overact and make a great fuss about it. They will feel better after getting used to such drills," the spokesman said.  
Item Number:2 Date: 07/14/2017 CROATIA - DEFENSE MINISTRY ABOUT TO OPEN COMPETITION FOR FIGHTER JETS; REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS TO BE SENT TO 5 COUNTRIES (JUL 14/REU)  REUTERS -- Croatia is about to ask five countries to bid for supplying fighter jets, reports Reuters.   "Next week we will send requests for proposal for buying fighter jets to five countries: Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Greece and Israel," said the Defense Ministry on Thursday.   Issues being considered for the ultimate discussion are "the price, a state-to-state rather than solely state-to-company deal, and wider economic cooperation prospects between the countries," the ministry said.   Assuming a decision is made this year, the new jets could join the air force by the end of 2020.   The Croatian air force currently operates an aging fleet of MiG-21s
Item Number:3 Date: 07/14/2017 EGYPT - POLICE SLAIN SHORT DISTANCE FROM GIZA PYRAMIDS (JUL 14/MENA)  MIDDLE EAST NEWS AGENCY -- Unidentified gunmen have ambushed an Egyptian security checkpoint south of Cairo, killing five police officers, reports the state-run Middle East News Agency (MENA).   Early Friday, assailants on a motorbike attacked police in the town of El-Badrashein in Giza province, about 20 miles south of Cairo, said an Interior Ministry source.   Security forces are hunting for the attackers, the source said. According to one account, the assailants stole the radios and weapons of the police victims and tried to set their bodies on fire.   No group immediately claimed responsibility.   The incident occurred not far from the oldest pyramids in the nation. The police involved were assigned to guard the popular tourist area.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 07/14/2017 FRANCE - ISIS MAGAZINE SAYS 2 'SOLDERS OF THE CALIPHATE' WERE BEHIND ATTACKS IN PARIS, BRUSSELS (JUL 14/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- The Islamic State terrorist group says two of its members were responsible for two attempted attacks in France and Belgium last month, reports Agence France-Presse.   The group made the claims in the latest edition of its monthly online Rumiyah magazine released on Thursday.   The propaganda publication said the perpetrators in both incidents were "soldiers of the caliphate." Abu Maysun al-Faransi was the attacker who drove a car loaded with weapons and explosives into a police van on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on June 19. Faransi was known to police and died in the incident.   A man named Usamah Zaryuh set off a small explosion at Brussel's central train station on June 21. He was shot and killed by security forces.   Neither attack killed anyone.  
  Item Number:5 Date: 07/14/2017 FRANCE - IN 'PROFOUND REVOLUTION,' PARIS, BERLIN AGREE TO DEVELOP EUROPEAN FIGHTER JET (JUL 14/RT)  RUSSIA TODAY -- Germany and France have agreed to work together on a new fighter jet, reports Russia's RT news channel.   The announcement was made Thursday after talks between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Macron in Paris.   The planned joint fighter will replace the current fleets of Rafale and Eurofighter jets. A roadmap is scheduled to be finalized by mid-2018, said a statement from the French presidency.   "Today there are too many European standards and qualifications and sometimes there is competition among Europeans internationally," said Macron.   Macron said the aim of the project is "to do research and development together... to use it tighter and to coordinate in export." He called this "a profound revolution," as quoted by AFP.   The parties also agreed to develop a cooperation framework for the next model of the Tiger attack helicopter and tactical air-to-ground missiles, reported Reuters
Item Number:6 Date: 07/14/2017 IRAQ - FIGHTING HASN'T ENDED IN MOSUL (JUL 14/REU)  REUTERS -- Several days after victory was declared, Iraqi forces are still clashing with Islamic State fighters in the northern city of Mosul, reports Reuters.   Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory in the city on July 10.   On Friday, Iraqi army helicopters flew overhead and explosions could be heard, including mortars, residents told the wire service.   Meanwhile, human-rights groups have raised concerns after a video posted online on Wednesday purportedly showed Iraqi soldiers throwing ISIS militants off a building and then shooting them, reported Fox News.   Human Rights Watch, based in New York, said it confirmed the video was taken in Mosul, but could not determine when it was filmed.   The Iraqi government said it was investigating the video.   U.S. State Dept. officials say it could take years to clear the city from explosives and other munitions, noted the Washington Post.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 07/14/2017 ISRAEL - 2 POLICE, THEIR 3 ATTACKERS KILLED IN JERUSALEM'S OLD CITY (JUL 14/WP)  WASHINGTON POST -- Three gunmen have been killed after they shot and killed two Israeli police officers at the entrance to the holiest site in Jerusalem, reports the Washington Post.   On Friday morning, the gunmen opened fire at the Lion's Gate into the Old City near one of the entrances to the Al-Aqsa mosque, said Israeli authorities. The site is called the Noble Sanctuary by Muslims; Jews know it as the Temple Mount.   The gunmen then ran into the courtyard of the complex and were killed in a shootout with police, noted the Los Angeles Times.   Two Israeli border policemen later died of their injuries. The complex was closed ahead of Friday prayers for the first time in years.   Police said the attackers were Israeli Arabs from the northern city of Umm al-Fahm, reported the BBC.   No group immediately claimed responsibility, but Hamas praised the "guerrilla attack
Item Number:8 Date: 07/14/2017 ITALY - CONSTRUCTION OFFICIALLY BEGINS FOR NEW LANDING HELICOPTER DOCK (JUL 14/FINCA)  FINCANTIERI -- Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has just cut the first steel for a new landing helicopter dock for the Italian navy.   The milestone took place on July 12 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia, the company said in a release.   The ship is about 656 feet (200 m) long with a top speed of 25 knots. It will be powered by a combined diesel and gas turbine system.   In addition to supporting military amphibious transport and landing missions, the ship can support a variety of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, including hospital services, drinking water supply and electricity.   The amphibious vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2022
  Item Number:9 Date: 07/14/2017 KENYA - SECURITY FORCES RESCUE OFFICIAL FOLLOWING AL-SHABAAB ABDUCTION IN LAMU (JUL 14/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- Kenyan security forces have rescued a senior government official who had been taken hostage by militants, reports Agence France-Presse.   Miriam El Maawy, who heads the public works department of the Infrastructure Ministry, was kidnapped with five others on Thursday by suspected Al-Shabaab militants in the coastal district of Lamu, said security sources.   A joint police and military rescue mission was then launched. During the operation, the car the hostage was in lost control and rolled while heading toward the border with Somalia, said the sources.   In the ensuring gunfight, four security personnel and Maawy's bodyguard were killed. The official's driver was also killed, reported Reuters.   Maawy was taken to a hospital and was expected to be airlifted to the capital Nairobi, said a military spokesman.  
Item Number:10 Date: 07/14/2017 LITHUANIA - MULTINATIONAL TOBRUQ LEGACY AIR DEFENSE DRILLS UNDERWAY AT SIAULIAI AIR BASE (JUL 14/LIMOD)  LITHUANIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- For the first time, Lithuania is hosting the Tobruq Legacy multinational ground-based air defense exercises, reports the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.   The Lithuanian air force formally launched the NATO exercise on July 11 at the Siauliai air base.   The drills focus on developing interoperability among alliance ground-based air defense units and refining airspace command-and-control procedures, the ministry said.   The exercise, which is scheduled to conclude on July 22, involves around 500 personnel and 30 air defense systems from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the U.K. and U.S. The U.S. has deployed the Patriot system in Lithuania for the first time for the drills, the Defense Ministry noted earlier this week.   The training is being conducted concurrently in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Romania under the command of the NATO Joint Force Air Component Command in Romania.  
  Item Number:11 Date: 07/14/2017 NIGERIA - AIR FORCE RESUMES DRONE PILOT TRAINING WITH MODIFIED UAVS (JUL 14/NANIGERIA)  NEWS AGENCY OF NIGERIA -- The Nigerian air force has resumed pilot training for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), reports the News Agency of Nigeria.   Training began in 2013, but was soon suspended due to problems with serviceable parts for the aircraft.   Those initial pilots "contributed immensely to the ongoing operation in the northeast with our CH-3A UAV conducting both combat and non-combat operations," said Air Vice Marshal Iliyasu Muhammad, the head of logistics for the air force, on Wednesday.   "Following successful modification and reactivation of the trainer UAVs, we are gathered here today to flag off the continuation of UAV pilot training," Muhammad said in Kaduna. He made his comments while receiving the air force's oldest aircraft, which were repaired in December.   Five officers are undergoing the training, which is expected to be completed within three months
Item Number:12 Date: 07/14/2017 SOUTH AFRICA - PEACEKEEPING EXERCISE WITH U.S. WILL TRAIN FOR U.N. PEACE SUPPORT OPERATIONS (JUL 14/SAGNA)  SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT NEWS AGENCY -- The South African military is about to host U.S. troops at its combat training center in Lohathla, in the Northern Cape, for a bilateral peace support operation exercise, reports the South African Government News Agency.   Exercise Shared Accord is scheduled to run from July 17 to Aug. 4.   The scenario involves a combined task group from both countries conducing a peace support operation and intervention operations under a U.N. mandate.   The drills will focus on interoperability, individual skills, bush craft, counter-improvised explosive devices (C-IEDs), night operations, strongpoint defense, direct action and targeted offensive actions, said a South African military spokesman.   Washington has dispatched a company from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division for the drills. A company from 2 South African Infantry Battalion will also take part, reported the Business Day (Johannesburg).   A company from 21 SA Infantry Battalion will serve as the opposition force, noted defenceweb (South Africa).  
  Item Number:13 Date: 07/14/2017 SOUTH KOREA - IN FACE OF POLITICAL OPPOSITION, PRESIDENT APPOINTS FORMER NAVY CHIEF AS DEFENSE MINISTER (JUL 14/YON)  YONHAP -- President Moon Jae In has moved ahead with the appointment of his controversial nominee for the defense ministry post, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   Moon appointed Soo Young Moo on Thursday after previously delaying the decision. The retired admiral and former navy chief has come under political fire over allegations of a cover-up of drunk driving and close ties to defense firms.   "I call for (the opposition parties') understanding of my position that we can no longer delay the appointment of the defense minister to ensure unwavering national security amid the grave situation both at home and abroad," said the president.   The most important job for the defense minister is to enhance the military's readiness against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats, said Moon.   The president also urged Soo to press for an early takeover of wartime operational control of South Korean forces from the U.S. by bolstering the nation's capabilities
Item Number:14 Date: 07/14/2017 SOUTH KOREA - INDIGENOUS FIGHTER PROGRAM, INCLUDING RADAR, MAKES HEADWAY (JUL 14/YON)  YONHAP -- The South Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) says that the country's domestic KF-X fighter development program is making progress, with a final design planned to be completed by mid-2018, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   Work is also advancing on an indigenous active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar for the new jet, said DAPA.   Hanwha Thales says it has produced an initial prototype of the radar that should demonstrate if the company can proceed with the development of a production system for the KF-X, reported the Korea Observer.   The system consists of an antenna and power supply, said the Agency for Defense Development.   The ADD anticipates sending the prototype to Elta Systems in Israel for ground and air trials in September. Elta Systems was contracted to assist with the testing of the radar
Item Number:15 Date: 07/14/2017 TAJIKISTAN - SNAP DRILL INCLUDES THOUSANDS OF RUSSIAN, TAJIK PERSONNEL (JUL 14/TASS)  TASS -- The Russian and Tajik militaries are holding their first joint snap combat readiness exercises, reports Tass (Russia).   Friday's exercises in Tajikistan involve more than 3,000 Russian and Tajik military personnel, said Col. Yaroslave Roshchupkin, the assistant commander of Russia's Central Military District.   The drills involves Russian army aviation personnel. It is taking place "in a common operation situation on the mountainous firing grounds of Lyaur and Kharbmaydon," he said.   Before the exercise, the Kremlin deployed eight Su-24 bombers and Su-25 attack aircraft to Tajikistan.   
Item Number:16 Date: 07/14/2017 THAILAND - COMMISSION GREENLIGHTS INTELLIGENCE REFORM PLAN (JUL 14/BANGPOST)  BANGKOK POST -- A security commission led by Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has approved a plan to restructure the nation's intelligence apparatus, reports the Bangkok Post.   The core of the plan is to network the nation's 27 intelligence agencies to help identify threats in support of the National Intelligence Agency under the prime minister's office.   The commission also approved a plan on Wednesday to develop an app to decode encrypted information that is classified as confidential and related to national security, said Thawip Netniyom, the national security council chief.   The plan is being forward to the steering committee on security reform for further review.   The Thai Cabinet has established a number of panels to consider areas for reform
Item Number:17 Date: 07/14/2017 TURKEY - 3 SUSPECTS LINKED TO AL-QAIDA PICKED UP IN TEKIRDAG, SAYS SOURCE (JUL 14/ANADOLU)  ANADOLU NEWS AGENCY -- Turkish security forces have arrested three suspects in the country's northwest for suspected links to Al-Qaida, says a security source cited by the state-run Anadolu Agency.   The suspects were detained in an operation on Friday in the Cerkezkoy district of Tekirdag province, said the source.   They were then reportedly transferred to a courthouse
Item Number:18 Date: 07/14/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - RAF WILL OPEN CLOSE COMBAT JOBS TO WOMEN IN SEPTEMBER, AHEAD OF SCHEDULE (JUL 14/UKMOD)  U.K. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- The British Royal Air Force Regiment will open its ground close combat jobs to women starting in September, reports the U.K. Ministry of Defense.   The change will come well before previously planned.   Beginning in September all trades and branches in the RAF will be open to both women and men, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said on Thursday at the RAF Air Power Conference in London.   The RAF Regiment protects the service's bases, aircraft and equipment in the U.K. and abroad.   In July 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May and Fallon announced that all three British military services would open recruitment for ground close combat roles to women.   The RAF Regiment was originally due to open recruitment to women by the end of 2018, at the same time as the infantry and Royal Marines.   However, that timeline was accelerated after a review concluded that regiment was better prepared to begin admitting women than the Royal Armored Corps, which already does so, the ministry said.  
  Item Number:19 Date: 07/14/2017 USA - 1ST ARMORED DIVISION TAKES COMMAND OF COALITION LAND FORCES IN IRAQ (JUL 14/S&S)  STARS AND STRIPES -- The 1st Armored Division has assumed command of the multinational land component for the U.S.-led coalition battling the Islamic State, reports the Stars and Stripes.   On Wednesday, Maj. Gen. Pat White, the commander of the division based at Fort Bliss, Texas, relieved Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, the commander of the 1st Infantry Division, based at Fort Riley, Kan. The 1st ID has led the land component since November.   The transfer ceremony from the "Big Red One" to the "Iron Soldiers" was presided over by Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the head of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). It took place at Forward Operating Base Union III in Baghdad, the Army said.   The OIR land component works with the Iraqi security forces, including the Counterterrorism Service and the Kurdish peshmerga.   The land component also provides diplomatic information, economic and law enforcement assistance for Iraq's counter-ISIS efforts
Item Number:20 Date: 07/14/2017 USA - ARMY LETS $471 MILLION CONTRACT FOR MORE GUIDED ROCKETS (JUL 14/LM)  LOCKHEED MARTIN -- The U.S. Army has awarded Lockheed Martin another production contract for Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) rockets, reports the defense firm.   The $471 million deal covers Lot 12 production of the rockets, including GMLRS alternative warhead; unitary; and reduced-range practice rockets, as well as integrated logistics support.   Work will take place at Lockheed facilities in Camden, Ark., and Dallas, Texas, with deliveries to be completed by the summer of 2019, said a company release on July 12.   The GMLRS is designed to be fired from M270 or High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers.   The alternative warhead is designed to destroy area targets without leaving unexploded ordnance, noted a company release.

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