Thursday, June 22, 2017

In Trump Era, the Mean Streak of the Celebrity Liberal Is Out of Control

By Julienne Davis | 1:43 pm, June 21, 2017   


Want to understand what is wrong with the American left these days? Watch Chelsea Handler rant on her Netflix show.

The progessive comic’s latest painfully unfunny monologue was a full four minute rant ripping into Ivanka Trump, the President and even her own father, while neglecting to make a single coherent political point.

Like so many others—left-leaning mainstream media pundits, newscasters, celebrities and comedians—Handler uses vile language, puerile toilet humor, crass incest innuendo and utter disrespect not only toward the President and his daughter, but toward her own family.  Yet her ”edginess” is more desperate than most celebrity ‘Resistance’ liberals.

This type of insulting language by progressives is so strikingly common nowadays that it no longer has any shock value. Once you strip away the facile attempt to be cool, edgy or hip by using insults and four-letter words all you’re actually left with is an angry woman being crass, crude and downright disgusting.

Let’s not pretend that sneering diatribes by Handler and her ilk are anything new. Progressivism has dominated the media and driven popular culture ever since the 1960s. But the abuse has increased in its shrillness and shocking tone since Donald Trump became President.

What may have begun as questioning the status quo and the establishment has now descended into an all-out assault on civility, decency and morality. Anyone with a conservative viewpoint is considered a deserving target of the Left’s attack dogs.

Liberal celebrities now vent fury with smug, self-righteous glee on national TV, on newer venues like Netflix and Amazon, and in the old print media. In place of sophisticated political satire or any attempt at arguing ideas in an informed manner, the cultural apparatchiks of the media/entertainment complex have instead adopted the put-down tactics of 14 year old bullies.

They use lame insults and f-bombs to both amuse their fan base and to shut down any attempt at rational debate.

Some examples:

    Actress Patti LuPone recently said on live TV  on the Tony Awards red carpet that Trump shouldn’t see her show: “Well I hope he doesn’t, because I won’t perform if he does…Because I hate the motherf—er. How’s that?”
    CBS talk show host Stephen Colbert: “The only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.”
    HBO’s Bill Maher speaking to Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine, used suggestive hand gestures to insinuate that Ivanka performs sex acts on her father.
    CNN’s Anderson Cooper to Jeff Lord: “If [Trump] took a dump on your desk, you would defend him.”
    Director Joss Whedon: “I want a rhino to f*ck [Paul] Ryan to death with its horn because it’s funny.”

When in 2008 Sandra Bernhard expressed hope that Sarah Palin was “gang raped in NYC by my black brothers.” The Washington Post called it—the left’s favorite word—“edgy”! Now such sentiments are increasing in number and frequency.

It’s not as if these celebrity interventions are effective.  Doomed Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff enjoyed support from Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Fonda, George Takei and, of course, Handler. He still lost the Georgia House race. Ossoff even pathetically confessed to MSNBC’ s Nicole Wallace: “Celebrities across the country? That’s not what animates people in Georgia. ”

Furthermore, these guilt-ridden pop-cultural progressive influencers of Western culture obscure the fact that they are part of an obscenely wealthy elite by directing envy and class rage away from themselves and onto anyone seen as promoting conservative values or beliefs.

Those who are untouched by the average person’s reality preach to their audience that walls are wrong, before driving home to their gated communities or guarded mansions. Yet they believe that crass comments and personal insults make them “down with the people”.

Perhaps they’re hoping that if there is a real revolution, the starving masses will burn down their Beverly Hills and Hamptons homes last!

I keep hoping their followers will grow up and see the light; that Handler and Colbert and the others will check their own moral compass, mislaid by all that vile abuse, before prioritizing helping the poor, fighting injustice and making the world a better place.

But it seems that sneering cruel sarcastic variants of President Obama’s 2008 comment that midwest voters “cling to guns or religion” are now the default setting in the battle of ideas.

I’m not sure how we as a society deal with this kind of visceral hatred. But with every Handler rant and every Colbert crudity another brick drops from the wall that holds the center together. When that wall collapses no amount of sneering opinion pieces, foul-mouthed rants or abusive put-downs will be able to fix things.

The final irony is that the mega-rich wanna-be revolutionaries of the cultural-media class love to preach the virtues of positive discrimination but they might soon find out societal chaos is an equal opportunity destroyer of peoples lives.

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