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This Day In Naval History - April 10
1941 - USS Niblack, while rescuing survivors of torpedoed ship, depth charged German submarine; first action of WW II between U.S. and German navies
1963: During diving tests, USS Thresher (SSN 593) is lost with all hands east of Cape Cod, Mass., including commanding officer and 17 civilian technicians.
1966 - River Patrol Boats of River Patrol Force commenced operations on inland waters of South Vietnam
April 10
The U.S. patent system is established.
Austria declares war on France and her forces enter Bavaria.
Union forces begin the bombardment of Fort Pulaski in Georgia along the Tybee River.
At Appomattox Court, Va, General Robert E. Lee issues his last orders to the Army of Northern Virginia.
The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is formed.
South African Boers accept British terms of surrender.
The Titanic begins her maiden voyage which will end in disaster.
F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby.
The first synthetic rubber is produced.
Paul von Hindenburg is elected president in Germany.
U.S. troops occupy Greenland to prevent Nazi infiltration.
In their second attempt to take the Seelow Heights, near Berlin, the Red Army launches numerous attacks against the defending Germans. The Soviets gain one mile at the cost of 3,000 men killed and 368 tanks destroyed.
Allied troops liberate the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald north of Weener, Germany.
Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play major league baseball as he takes the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
The American table tennis team arrives in China.
Yitzhak Rabin replaces resigning Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir.
Imprisoned Irish Republican Army hunger striker Bobby Sands is elected to the British Parliament.
Today on Fighter Sweep
Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group Cancels Port Call in Australia Heads Towards Korean Peninsula Area
The USS Carl Vinson Strike Group has been ordered to cancel its planned port call in Australia and instead deploy to the western Pacific Ocean region. "US Pacific Command ordered View More ›
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Not only is there a "smoking gun" on this ObamaGate surveillance scandal, there's more ammo being revealed daily!
Being only a security assistant, Susan Rice needed an order from higher up in the Admin.
Susan Rice Ordered "Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls" With Trump Team
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                LCDR Lassen was an instructor at VT-1 at NAAS Saufley Field when I went through there in 69-70.  He was in the Fight that wore the baby blue hats, don't recall the number. He had his own parking place right in front of the building with the MOH ribbon painted on it and refused to use it.  I flew my Twelve Check with him and I don't think he said more than about a hundred words, during the brief, flight or debrief. 
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Subject: Clyde Everett Lassen -Navy Helicopter Pilot - Medal of Honor - Vietnam War
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Clyde Everett Lassen-Only Navy Helicopter Pilot to Earn the Medal of Honor During Vietnam War
April 10, 2017   Mighty Thunder   
Mighty Thunder is proud to pay tribute to Clyde Everett Lassen with many thanks to Bruce Herman for letting us learn about Clyde.  Clyde became the first naval aviator and fifth Navy man to be awarded the Medal of Honor for bravery in Vietnam.
DA NANG, Vietnam (Nov. 7, 2009) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen (DDG 82) anchors during a scheduled port visit in Da Nang. Cmdr. H.B. Le, commanding officer of Lassen is visiting Vietnam for the first time since he and his family fled the country in 1975. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Daniel Viramontes/Released)
USS Lassen (DDG-82) is a Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy. She is named for Medal of Honor recipient Commander Clyde Everett Lassen. This ship is the 32nd destroyer of its class. USS Lassen was the 14th ship of this class to be built by Ingalls Shipbuilding at Pascagoula, Mississippi, and construction began on 24 August 1998. She was launched and christened on 16 October 1999. On 21 April 2001, she was commissioned at the Florida Aquarium Pier in Tampa, Florida. She was homeported in San Diego until she shifted homeport to Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan in August 2005. In January 2016, she moved to Naval Station Mayport in Mayport, Florida. 
NAS Whiting Field Remembers Navy Hero

Story Number: NNS170120-01Release Date: 1/20/2017 7:59:00 AM
By Jamie Link, Naval Air Station Whiting Field Public Affairs
MILTON, Fla. (NNS) — Naval Air Station Whiting Field remembered a true hero and patriot during a ceremony renaming the base auditorium as the CDR Clyde E. Lassen Auditorium Jan. 17.
Lassen was the only Navy helicopter pilot to earn the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War. The ceremony was also a highlight of the installation's ongoing commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.
Following a multimedia presentation honoring Lassen's heroic efforts, guest speaker retired Capt. Dick Catone, former Training Air Wing 5 commodore, shared personal memories of Lassen and fondly recounted Lassen's humility and character.
"Clyde was a very humble man; his loyalty to his country, family, and fellow shipmates epitomize his life," Catone said. "If he were here, Clyde would tell you, 'I was just doing my job like any other helicopter pilot.' His life is an inspiration to all who were fortunate to have known him."
Late in the night, Lassen and his crew were sent to rescue two downed aviators who were shot down over North Vietnam, June 19, 1968. Running low on fuel in a damaged UH-2 Seasprite helicopter, the team successfully pulled the pilots out on the fifth attempt. It was the first nighttime helicopter rescue attempt over Vietnam.
Prior to being commissioned, Lassen received his enlisted training at NAS Pensacola. After concluding his service in the Vietnam War, he served as an instructor pilot in the local area and ended his Navy career as Helicopter Squadron (HT) 8 commanding officer.
Among the ceremony's attendees were several of Lassen's squadron mates from Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (HC) 7, with whom he served in Vietnam. Following the ceremony, the men assisted Commanding Officer Capt. Todd Bahlau with the unveiling of the new building facade, featuring backlit wings of gold and lettering indicating the auditorium's new designation in Lassen's honor.
The auditorium serves as the location where 100 percent of the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps rotary wing aviators receive their wings of gold designating them as naval aviators. Training Air Wing 5 holds winging ceremonies every two weeks onboard NAS Whiting Field, the busiest air complex in the world, which produces more than 600 winged aviators per year.
Hill Goodspeed, National Naval Aviation Museum historian, served as the featured speaker at the event. Goodspeed attended the 25th reunion for Lassen's crew and the two rescued pilots in 1993 at the museum, and shared his memories of the men reminiscing about that daring rescue. He spoke about how Lassen humbly recounted the details of the mission, 25 years earlier to the day. According to the historian, everyone present was mesmerized by Lassen's retelling of the story.
"In disbelief, we listened as Lassen told of the sudden darkness as the last of the flares extinguished, and the jolt of the Seasprite striking a tree as he attempted to maneuver to a position from which the downed aviators could be hoisted aboard," Goodspeed said.
He went on to explain how Lassen reacted to the appreciation, after returning safely from the rescue mission.
"When safely on deck, Lieutenant Commander John 'Zeke' Burns (one of the rescued F-4 Phantom II pilots) tapped Lassen on the shoulder to thank him," Goodspeed added. "'He replied, just as cool as a cucumber,' Burns remembered, 'We've been over here several months now — nice to have something to do.'"
Goodspeed told those present at the dedication Lassen "fulfilled that obligation held sacred by all who serve, to come to the aid of comrades in arms with a willingness to put himself in danger in the process. That is the legacy of the Medal of Honor and those who wear it. That is the legacy of Commander Clyde Everett Lassen."
Whiting Field to Name Auditorium for Vietnam Hero
By Melissa Nelson Gabriel
Pensacola News Journal
January 12, 2017
The Whiting Field Naval Air Station auditorium where hundreds of Navy, Marine and Coast Guard flight students receive their coveted flight wings every year is being named to honor former Whiting helicopter instructor and Medal of Honor recipient Navy Cmdr. Clyde Lassen.
Lassen, who died in 1994, flew his helicopter into North Vietnam and rescued two Navy pilots while taking enemy fire during the harrowing 1968 mission that led to his Medal of Honor recognition. He was the first Navy helicopter pilot to receive the nation's highest military honor for action in the Vietnam War.
A Whiting flight training building previously named for Lassen was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and had to be bulldozed, said Jay Cope, spokesman for the base.
Cope said base officials wanted to do something else to recognize Lassen, who became a helicopter training squadron commander at Whiting Field after his time in Vietnam.
"Every two weeks, the helicopter students who graduate from our program get their wings in a ceremony at the auditorium," Cope said. "We thought it was the appropriate place to honor him."
A display case in the auditorium lobby contains personal items donated to the base by Lassen's family. The display also includes audio recordings made of radio communications during Lassen's Medal of Honor mission.
According to Lassen's citation, the downed pilots ran out of flares used to indicate their location on the ground.
"When flare illumination was again lost, Lt. Lassen, fully aware of the dangers in clearly revealing his position to the enemy, turned on his landing lights and completed the landing. On this attempt, the survivors were able to make their way to the helicopter. En route to the coast he encountered and successfully evaded additional hostile antiaircraft fire and, with fuel for only 5 minutes of flight remaining, landed safely aboard USS Jouett," the citation stated.
Retired Navy Capt. Dick Catone was a longtime friend of Lassen's and a fellow Vietnam-era helicopter pilot.
Catone, who also served as a training wing commander at Whiting, plans to attend the auditorium dedication ceremony at the base Tuesday and speak about Lassen.
Catone said Lassen was a phenomenal pilot who was able to share what he learned in combat with hundreds of young flight students to better prepare them for what they might experience in their military careers.
"Clyde's philosophy was that he wanted to give each student the opportunity to reach their pinnacle," Catone said. "You don't want to scare the students, but you want them to know why we are training. You never know what you might have to do; you are a warrior, you are going into harm's way, and you have to be prepared as best you can."
Lassen's Medal of Honor mission is an example of making quick decisions, finding solutions to problems and accepting risks to save others, he said.
"He was flying an old, single-engine helicopter. He was out there in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of rescuing the aviators. When he put on his landing lights it made him a great big target, but he was able to do the rescue," Catone said.
"He is a hero to many of us."
Medal of Honor Citation
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as pilot and aircraft commander of a search-and-rescue helicopter, attached to Helicopter Support Squadron 7, during operations against enemy forces in North Vietnam. Launched shortly after midnight to attempt the rescue of two downed aviators, Lt. (then Lt. (j.g.) Lassen skillfully piloted his aircraft over unknown and hostile terrain to a steep, tree-covered hill on which the survivors had been located. Although enemy fire was being directed at the helicopter, he initially landed in a clear area near the base of the hill, but, due to the dense undergrowth, the survivors could not reach the helicopter. With the aid of flare illumination, Lt. Lassen successfully accomplished a hover between two trees at the survivors' position. Illumination was abruptly lost as the last of the flares were expended, and the helicopter collided with a tree, commencing a sharp descent. Expertly righting his aircraft and maneuvering clear, Lt. Lassen remained in the area, determined to make another rescue attempt, and encouraged the downed aviators while awaiting resumption of flare illumination. After another unsuccessful, illuminated rescue attempt, and with his fuel dangerously low and his aircraft significantly damaged, he launched again and commenced another approach in the face of the continuing enemy opposition. When flare illumination was again lost, Lt. Lassen, fully aware of the dangers in clearly revealing his position to the enemy, turned on his landing lights and completed the landing. On this attempt, the survivors were able to make their way to the helicopter. En route to the coast he encountered and successfully evaded additional hostile antiaircraft fire and, with fuel for only five minutes of flight remaining, landed safely aboard U.S.S. Jouett (DLG-29).
Some humor from Robert
Subject: Fwd: The Toilet Seat
If this doesn't get a laugh out of you, nothing will !  My wife, Judy, had been after me for several weeks to varnish the wooden seat on our  toilet.  Finally, I got around to doing it while Judy was out.
After finishing, I left to take care of another matter before she returned.  She came in and undressed to take a shower.  Before getting in the shower, she sat on the toilet.  As  she tried to stand up, she realized that the not-quite-dry epoxy paint had glued her to the toilet seat.
About that time, I got home and realized her predicament.  We both pushed and pulled without any success whatsoever.  Finally, in desperation, I undid the toilet seat bolts.  Judy wrapped a sheet around herself and I drove her to the hospital emergency room. 
The ER Doctor got her into a  position where he could study how to free her (Try to get a mental picture of this.) 
Judy tried to lighten the embarrassment of it all by saying, "Well, Doctor, I'll bet you've never seen anything like this before."
The Doctor replied;  "Actually, I've seen lots of them I just never saw one mounted and  framed."
Item Number:1 Date: 04/10/2017 AFGHANISTAN - U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES SOLDIER DIES IN OPERATION AGAINST ISIS (APR 10/FN)  FOX NEWS -- The U.S. military says an Army Special Forces troops was killed Saturday in a combat operation against Islamic State terrorists in Afghanistan, reports Fox News.   The soldier was mortally wounded in fighting Khorasan, an ISIS branch, in Achin district of Nangarhar province, said a military spokesman for the NATO-led Resolute Support mission.   The circumstances of the death were unclear, said the spokesman.   This is the first American casualty in Afghanistan from hostile fire since the beginning of the year, noted the New York Times.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 04/10/2017 ARGENTINA - GENDARMERIE GOES WITH AW169 HELICOPTERS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, BORDER MISSIONS (APR 10/LEONARDO)  LEONARDO -- Italian defense firm Leonardo will build an AW169 light helicopter for the Argentine National Gendarmerie.   The aircraft will be used for law enforcement and border patrol missions, Leonardo said in a release late last week.   Delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2017. The value of the contract was not disclosed. Leonard expects follow-on orders once the Argentine economy improves, noted   The gendarmerie helicopter will be equipped with a night-vision-goggle-compatible cockpit; cabin roof hooks and wire strike equipment; and provisions for cargo hook, external loudspeakers, rescue hoist, searchlight, fast-roping and rappelling systems and forward-looking infrared sensors.   The multi-mission AW169 is designed for surveillance, command, rescue and transport operations.  
Item Number:3 Date: 04/10/2017 CHINA - BEIJING AUTHORITIES OFFER UP TO US$72,000 FOR TIPS ON FOREIGN SPIES (APR 10/XIN)  XINHUA -- The city government in Beijing is offering cash rewards for information on foreign spies, reports Xinhua, China's state news agency.   Residents in the capital can earn rewards by contacting a police hotline, sending letters or visiting Beijing's state security bureau, according to a policy that went into effect on Monday.   Potential rewards will vary from US$1,448 to US$72,426 depending on the usefulness of tips, said the local security branch.   Informants that deliberately slander others or spread false information will be punished, said the branch.   The announcement was accompanied by an animated video showing locals what to look out for and how to claim rewards, reported the Washington Post.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 04/10/2017 CHINA - PIRATE ATTACK FOILED IN GULF OF ADEN BY CHINESE, INDIAN NAVAL COOPERATION (APR 10/REU)  REUTERS -- A Chinese warship, supported by an Indian navy helicopter, has foiled an apparent Somali pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden, reports Reuters, citing India's Defense Ministry on Sunday.   The Tuvalu-flagged ship, OS 35, issued a distress signal on Saturday about 75 miles from the coast of Yemen. The vessel was transporting lumber from Kelang in Malaysia and Aden in Yemen, reported the BBC. The crew took refuge in the ship's strong room.   Navy ships from India, China and Pakistan changed course to approach the hijacked vessel, according to the Dubai-based U.K. Marine Trade Operations.   The Defense Ministry in New Delhi said it deployed an Indian navy helicopter for aerial reconnaissance of the ship.   A boarding party from a nearby Chinese navy ship boarded the merchant vessel on Sunday while the India helicopter provided air cover. All 19 Filipino crew members were safe, said the ministry. The hijackers apparently fled the ship during the night.   The Defense Ministry in Beijing said a Chinese frigate responded to the distress signal before 16 navy special operations forces were sent aboard the ship.  
  Item Number:5 Date: 04/10/2017 COLOMBIA - FARC REBELS ATTACK TROOPS (APR 10/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- Apparent renegade members of the FARC guerrilla group killed a Colombian soldier and injured four others over the weekend, say officials, as reported by the BBC.   The government and the FARC signed a peace agreement in November. Most of the group's members are in transition camps where they are supposed to disarm.   On Saturday, some rebels detonated an improvised explosive device as an army vehicle passed in the southeastern district of Guaviare, said an army statement.   One missing soldiers was later found and given treatment, said the statement.   The government blamed the "first front" of the FARC, which has been committing crimes in the region and opposed the peace accord, reported AFP.   Some accounts have indicated that the disarmament process is going slowly and coca production has increased recently
  Item Number:6 Date: 04/10/2017 EGYPT - ISIS KILLS DOZENS IN PALM SUNDAY COPTIC CHURCH BOMBINGS; PRESIDENT DECLARES EMERGENCY (APR 10/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has announced a three-month emergency state after twin church bombings in Palm Sunday, reports Agence France-Presse.   The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deadly bombings against Coptic Christians, reported CNN.   One blast hit a church in the northern Egyptian Nile city of Tanta, killing 27 people and injuring 78, according to local officials.   Hours later, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria, the historic seat of the pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Eighteen civilians and four police were reported killed and dozens wounded.   ISIS claimed the bombings on its Amaq news agency and warned Egyptian Christians of more attacks, reported the Washington Post.   The president also ordered troops to deploy around "vital facilities" and the formation of a supreme council to counter terrorism and extremism.  
Item Number:7 Date: 04/10/2017 INDONESIA - POLICE KILL 6 SUSPECTED ISLAMIST MILITANTS IN EAST JAVA (APR 10/IBT)  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES -- Police in Indonesia announced killing six Islamist militant suspects in a gunfight on Saturday, reports the International Business Times.   Seven men drove up to a traffic police post and opened fire in East Java, said a police spokesman on Sunday.   The attackers, pursued by police, abandoned their vehicles in a village in the Turban area, close to the city of Surabya. After a second gun battle, six militants were killed and one was arrested, said the spokesman.   Police were monitoring the vehicle prior to the attack in connection to an arrest last week of three suspected members of the Jemaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD) group, said authorities. The suspects were believed to be planning an attack on a police station and had reportedly purchased weapons from the southern Philippines.   The JAD is an umbrella Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. It has been blamed for several attacks, including one in Jakarta in January 2016.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 04/10/2017 KUWAIT - U.S. STATE DEPT. ON BOARD WITH $319 MILLION PROPOSAL TO EXPAND AL MUBARAK AIRBASE (APR 10/DSCA)  U.S. DEFENSE SECURITY COOPERATION AGENCY -- The Kuwaiti government is seeking U.S. assistance to expand the Al Mubarak Airbase, reports the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency.   The U.S. State Dept. has cleared the potential deal, the DSCA noted on April 6.   The proposed US$319 million Foreign Military Sales program covers facilities and infrastructure construction support services.   The possible deal covers the design, construction and procurement of key airfield operations; command-and-control; readiness; sustainment; and life-support facilities for the Al Mubarak Airbase.   If the deal is finalized, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would provide project management, engineering services, technical support, facility and infrastructure assessments, surveys, planning, programming, design, acquisition and other technical services for the construction of additional infrastructure at the base, noted the DSCA.   The potential project includes a main operations center, hangars, training facilities, barracks, warehouses, support facilities and other infrastructure.   The facilities would replace existing infrastructure and provide autonomous airbase operations to the Kuwaiti air force, the agency said
  Item Number:9 Date: 04/10/2017 LITHUANIA - DUTCH DEFENSE LEADERS JOIN THEIR TROOPS IN LITHUANIA (APR 10/LIMOD)  LITHUANIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- Senior Dutch defense officials have plans to visit Vilnius on Monday to address issues dealing with regional security and bilateral cooperation, reports the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.   Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimondas Karoblis and defense chief Lt. Gen. Jonas Vytautas Zukas are scheduled to meet with their Dutch counterparts, Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Gen. Tom Middedorp.   The leaders are also expected to talk about the deployment of the NATO enhanced forward presence battalion in Lithuania, which includes Dutch forces.   Around 100 Dutch troops completed their deployment to Lithuania on March 23, bringing the total in the NATO German-led battalion to about 250 from the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces.   The Netherlands has also sent 40 vehicles, including CV 90 infantry fighting vehicles; Fennek reconnaissance vehicles; Boxer armored vehicles; armored recovery vehicles; and other supporting equipment
Item Number:10 Date: 04/10/2017 NEW ZEALAND - CONVENING IN AUCKLAND, S. PACIFIC DEFENSE MINISTERS DISCUSS SECURITY (APR 10/SCOOP)  SCOOP -- The third biennial South Pacific Defense Ministers' Meeting has concluded in Auckland, New Zealand, reports Scoop, a New Zealand news site.   Hosted by New Zealand, the April 6-7 conference was attended by Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne along with the defense ministers and senior defense officials from Australia, Chile, France, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. This was the first time Fiji attended the talks.   Observers from the U.K. and United States also attended.   The agenda included regional security, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, peacekeeping and coordination of military exercises across the Pacific, according to a release from the Australian Dept. of Defense.   Payne also detailed design changes to the Australian-built Guardian-class patrol boats being built for South Pacific partners that will enable women to deploy on maritime security missions, said a departmental release.   Fiji will host the next meeting in 2019.  
  Item Number:11 Date: 04/10/2017 NORWAY - THREAT LEVEL UP AFTER BOMB SCARE IN OSLO (APR 10/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- Norway has raised the country's terror threat level after a homemade bomb was found in Oslo on Saturday, reports Agence France-Presse.   The explosive device was found Saturday night in Gronland in central Oslo. Police cordoned off a large portion of the district and destroyed the device in a controlled detonation.   The device was found to be a "primitive explosive device" capable of causing only "limited" damage, said an intelligence official.   A 17-year-old Russian citizen, who had lived in Norway since 2010 and had applied for asylum, was arrested in connection to the device, said police cited by Reuters.   The bomb was found the day after a terror attack in Sweden.   On Sunday, the PST domestic intelligence agency raised the risk of a terror attack from "possible" to "probable." The new threat level will be in place for two months.  
 Item Number:12 Date: 04/10/2017 RUSSIA - FLOTILLA FROM BALTIC FLEET ON WAY TO N. ATLANTIC (APR 10/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- A flotilla of ships assigned to the Russian Baltic Fleet is en route to the North Atlantic for training, reports Interfax-AVN, citing military officials.   The Steregushchiy-class corvettes Boiky and Soobrazitelny, tug MB-123 and tanker Kola departed Baltiysk last week, said a spokesman for the Western Military District on Friday.   The planned exercises include at least 10 different combat scenarios, including joint communications, air defense, anti-submarine warfare and resupply at sea operations, according to the navy
  Item Number:13 Date: 04/10/2017 SOMALIA - 15 DIE IN FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT OF NEW MILITARY CHIEF (APR 10/IBT)  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES -- The recently named military chief of Somalia has survived an assassination attempt, reported the International Business Times.   A suicide car bomber tried to ram through a convoy carrying the chief near the Defense Ministry compound in Mogadishu, the capital, said police.   The car hit a minibus, killing 15, mostly civilians, said police.   Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Jimale, who was recently named to head the military three days before, was not injured, said a military official.   Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, confirming that Jimale was the target, reported Al Jazeera
Item Number:14 Date: 04/10/2017 SOUTH KOREA - DRONES WILL HEAD TO BORDER AREAS TO KEEP EYE ON N. KOREAN TROOPS (APR 10/YON)  YONHAP -- The South Korean military says it will begin stationing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at front-line facilities to improve its monitoring of North Korean troop movements, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   Around 10 surveillance drones will be assigned to selected division-level units of the army and marine corps, the military said on Friday. Units responsible for general outposts and coastal defense will have the priority.   The initial drones are expected to be deployed by the end of 2017.   Another 20 UAVs are scheduled to be assigned to border forces by 2021
Item Number:15 Date: 04/10/2017 SWEDEN - UZBEK WITH ISIS SYMPATHIES BEING HELD FOR TRUCK ATTACK IN STOCKHOLM (APR 10/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofver has called last Friday's truck attack in Stockholm "an act of terror," as quoted by the New York Times.   Four people were killed and 15 others injured when a man drove a truck into a department store in the Swedish capital, reports the Local (Sweden).   The attacker drove a hijacked truck into pedestrians on a busy road in Stockholm's Drottninggatan shopping district before crashing into the front of the Ahlens department store.   He then fled the scene. Police confirmed that an explosive device was in the truck, reported the Daily Express (U.K.).   Police later on Friday arrested an Uzbek man in connection to the attack.   Swedish media on Sunday named the suspect as Rakhmat Akilov, 39. He reportedly had been refused residency in Sweden in late 2016 and went underground to avoid being deported. He expressed support for the Islamic State and other extremist groups on social media, said police cited by CNN.   Akilov reportedly told police that he had "achieved what he could achieve," and that the "order" for the attack came directly from ISIS from Syria, reported the Independent (U.K.). He allegedly sent messages to an ISIS supporter saying that he ran over people in Stockholm.  
R READY FOR AIR DEFENSE OPS (APR 10/UKROB)  UKROBORONPROM -- Ukraine's Iskra scientific and production complex recently delivered a state-of-the-art radar system to the Ukrainian military, reports Ukroboronprom, Kiev's state defense holding company.   The 79K6 radar three-dimensional surveillance radar, designed for air defense missions, features a digital phased-array antenna and a modern multi-beam klystron transmitter. The system can overcome passive obstacles and detect targets with low radial velocities, according to a Ukroboronprom release on April 6.   The system can detect and transfer target data to surface-to-air missile systems and assist aerial and air defense units with flight safety, noted the release
Item Number:17 Date: 04/10/2017 USA - 5 MARINES WALK AWAY AFTER CH-53E HELICOPTER CRASHES DURING EXERCISE IN ARIZ. (APR 10/MCT)  MARINE CORPS TIMES -- A crash landing of a Marine helicopter last week in Arizona is under investigation.   A U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopter went down on April 5 near the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma during a training flight, reports the Marine Corps Times.   The aircraft was flying a mission in support of the Marine Corps Weapons and Tactics Instructors Course when it crashed, said a service spokesman.   The extent of the helicopter's damage was not known, the spokesman said last week. All five personnel aboard escaped unharmed, he said. described the incident as a "hard landing."   The Super Stallion has had the most significant readiness issues of all of the Corps' aircraft, the Times noted.  
Item Number:18 Date: 04/10/2017 USA - FOLLOWING INVESTIGATION, XO OF GUIDED-MISSILE SUB OHIO LOSES POST (APR 10/NTIMES)  NAVY TIMES -- The executive officer of the guided-missile submarine Ohio has lost his job after an investigation into allegations of personal misconduct, reports the Navy Times.   Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Ferrari was relieved of duty as the executive officer of the Ohio's Gold Crew on April 3 by Capt. Brian Humm, the head of Submarine Squadron 19.   The decision came after the squadron received the results of a Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe into allegations of personal misconduct, the Navy said last week.   "The decision to relieve Lt. Cmdr. Ferrari was based on findings that called into question his judgment, professionalism and ability to lead effectively as executive officer," said a statement from Submarine Group Nine. "The chain of command continues to evaluate the investigation for any further action."   The investigation may have stemmed from allegations that Ferrari made unwanted advances toward a female junior officer, an unnamed Navy official said to be familiar with the probe told the paper
Item Number:19 Date: 04/10/2017 USA - IN SHOW OF FORCE, CARRIER-LED STRIKE GROUP HEADS TO KOREAN PENINSULA (APR 10/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- The head of U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) has rerouted the Carl Vinson carrier strike group toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force, reports the New York Times.   On Saturday, Adm. Harry Harris directed the strike group to sail north to the western Pacific from Singapore, said a statement from PACOM.   The carrier was scheduled to take part in exercises and port calls in Australia before being diverted.   The strike group includes the carrier's air wing, the Wayne E. Meyer and Michael Murphy destroyers and the Lake Champlain cruiser, reported the Stars and Stripes.   Military and intelligence officials said the deployment was made in anticipation of the anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, North Korea's founder. North Korea has often conducted major missile and weapons test during such events.   The carrier group made port calls in Seoul last month for joint annual exercises. "It's very unusual for a U.S. aircraft carrier to be re-deployed here in such a short period," said a South Korean defense official, as reported by the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told Fox News on Sunday that President Trump had ordered him to prepare "a full range of options on North Korea's threat.   North Korea, in response to the carrier move, promised to strengthen its nuclear force, noted the Wall Street Journal
Item Number:20 Date: 04/10/2017 USA - PAUL IGNATIUS GUIDED-MISSILE DESTROYER CHRISTENED IN PASCAGOULA, MISS. (APR 10/DOD)  DEPT. OF DEFENSE -- The U.S. Navy has christened another Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, reports the Dept. of Defense.   The Paul Ignatius (DDG-117) was formally named during an April 8 ceremony at the Ingalls Shipbuilding yard in Pascagoula, Miss.   The destroyer is named after Paul Ignatius, who served as assistant secretary of defense for installations and logistics and later as Navy secretary between 1967 and 1969. He also served as a lieutenant in the Navy during World War II.   The 96-year-old Ignatius was scheduled to be in attendance for the ceremony.   The warship is the 67th Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and the fifth of 14 ships being built under the latest phase of the program. 

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