Thursday, January 5, 2017

Elvis Presley Month! - The Elvis Presley Story Starts Thursday Jan. 5, 2017 On Remember Radio

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A Remember Radio Rareity

In Honor And Memory Of
The King Of Rock & Roll
During The Month Of His Birthday
(January 8th, 1935)
Remember Radio Will Host The Original
Elvis Presley Story.
This Rare Collection Of Elvis Presley's Life And His Musi
Is A 1971 Radio Production
Which Was Distributed In One Hour Increments With A Show Total
Of 13 Hours.
Remember Radio Will Host The Total 13 Hours For A Totall
Entertaining And Educational Feature Presentation

The Elvis Presley Story, produced and directed by Ron Jacobs, was first distributed by Watermark in 1971 as a 12-hour program. Following Presley's death in 1977, the original was updated and an additional hour was added.
The Elvis Presley Story was written by Elvis biographer Jerry Hopkins and narrated by long-time Los Angeles media personality Wink Martindale. This show, crammed full of interviews and music, is a MUST for any Elvis fan.

The Elvis Presley Story 13 Parts each One hour
In 1971 "The Elvis Presley Story" hit the air waves. Originally a 12hr radio documentary, giving the Elvis fans the first complete insight in the life and career of the most exciting entertainer of the 20th century "ELVIS PRESLEY".
Produced by Water Mark INC., narrated by Wink Martindale and story content based on the best selling book "ELVIS" by Jerry Hopkins, this program came second to none, in providing the Elvis fans with informative interviews with family and friends who had worked with Elvis through the years, thus allowing one to hear the master at work through his musical journey in chronological order, and allowing one to listen to insightful interviews of Elvis himself.
As mentioned, 1971 was the year this program became available for the first time as a 12hr radio documentary, in 1975 the program was updated with new information and song, making it a 13hr program. In 1977 the program was rearranged to adapt the program to Elvis' premature death, with adding and taking away information to update the year to 1977, leaving the documentary still a 13hr program.
In 1997 restoring the documentary started, with combining the 1975 and 1977 versions together.

Thirteen hours of the King on Remember Radio

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