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This Day In Naval History - October 24
1862: A landing party from stern wheel casemate gunboat Baron de Kalb, commanded by Capt. J.A. Winslow, lands at Hopefield, Ark., and engages a small Confederate scouting party. On mounted horses, the sailors then engage in a nine mile running fight, ending with the capture of the Confederate party.
1944 - In air-sea battle in the Sibuyan Sea, carrier aircraft attack Japanese Center Force.
1958 - USS Kleinsmith (APD-134) evacuates U.S. nationals from Nicaro, Cuba.
1962 - Atlantic Fleet begins quarantine operations to force Soviet Union to agree to remove ballistic missiles and long range bombers from Cuba.
Focke-Wulf 190
Thanks to Mitch
This may be old but it was forwarded to me this morning. It is the only Fock-Wulf 190 flying today. The flybys with the Mustang are worth the view. Perhaps one of the sharp-eyed readers can identify the twin in the early part of the piece. Did not know the 190 was mfg. by BMW.
Jump ahead to 7:00 for the flight footage.
Thanks to Chuck
Russian aircraft carrier, smoke, English Channel | Defensetech.org
Pretty ugly. Wonder if it's gonna need another tow before this is over???
Punday Morning Humor from Al
Can you guess what Forrest Gump's computer password is?   
One Forrest One

     For years, the campanile rang beautifully, under the guidance of a master bell ringer. But one day, the bell ringer fell from the tower, dying instantly.
     The distraught bishop advertised for a replacement. The next day, the bell ringer's brother appeared and requested an audition. The bishop sadly took him to the tower.  As the man bent to lift the hammer, he suffered a heart attack. He, too, plunged to his death.
     A monk ran up the stairs and said to the bishop, "My goodness!  How terrible!  What was his name?"
     Replied the weeping bishop, "I don't know, but he's a dead ringer for his brother!"

     A group of friars were behind on their belfry payments. So, they decided to open a flower shop to raise money. Their business was an instant hit.
     But a rival florist thought the competition was unfair. He asked the good fathers to close their shop.   
     They refused. He got on his knees and begged.
     Still, they refused.
     One day, he had had enough. He hired Hugh McTaggart, the toughest thug in town. Hugh beat up the friars and trashed the shop. Terrified, they closed their business.
     This just goes to prove, only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

     A food critic was traveling throughout England. He found most of the food bland and disappointing.   
     Then, one day, he stopped at a small London pub for fish and chips. The meal was so good that he asked the owner for the recipe. The owner eventually admitted that he had bought the food from the monastery next door.
     The food critic went to the monastery and knocked on the door. A brother opened the door. The critic asked the brother if he was the fish fryer.
     "Nope," replied the brother. "I'm the chip monk."

     A professor was teaching an introductory anatomy class. One day, he announced, "Today I will be lecturing on the contents of the abdomen. We will take a close look at the liver, pancreas, spleen, duodenum, jejunum, kidneys, ileum, adrenal glands and other structures."
     Just then, a student shouted, "If there's one thing I can't stand, it's an organ recital!"

     Speaking of music…Did you hear about the new line of Elvis Presley-themed steakhouses?  They will be for people who love meat tender.

     A man was married and happy, but he had one complaint. His wife was always nursing sick birds.
     One day, he came home to find a robin coughing in the living room. In the dining room, a bluebird had its wing in a sling. He went to the kitchen, where he found his wife cuddling a half-frozen bird.
     "We've got to get these #*@#! birds out of here," he yelled.
     Replied his wife, "Please, dear, no bad language in front of the chilled wren."

     God is talking to one of his angels. He says, "I just created a 24-hour period of alternating light and darkness on Earth."
     The angel says, "What are you going to do now?"
     Replies God, "Call it a day."

Submitted by Al Anderson:

     A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table. He has been checking her out since he sat down but lack the nerve to start conversation. Suddenly she sneezes and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket towards the man.  He reflexively reaches out, grabs it out of the air and hands it back.
     "Oh my!  I am so sorry," the woman says as she pops her eye back in place.  "Let me buy your dinner to make it up to you."
     They enjoy a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they go to the theater followed by drinks.  They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and he shares his. She listens. After paying for everything, she asks him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap…and stay for breakfast.
     They have a wonderful, wonderful time. The next morning, she cooks a gourmet meal with all the trimmings.  The guy is amazed! Everything has been so incredible!
     "You know", he said, "you are the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?"
     "No," she replies… You just happened to catch my eye."

Submitted by Colleen Grosso:
The Grim Reaper came for me last night, and I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner. Talk about Dyson with death. 
A mate of mine recently admitted to being addicted to brake fluid. When I quizzed him on it he reckoned he could stop any time.
 I went to the cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on a grave. As I was standing there I noticed four grave diggers walking about with a coffin, three hours later and they're still walking about with it. I thought to myself, they've lost the plot!! 
My daughter asked me for a pet spider for her birthday, so I went to our local pet shop and they were $70!!!  Heck with this, I thought, I can get one cheaper off the web.. 
I was at an ATM yesterday when a little old lady asked if I could check her balance, so I pushed her over. 
I start a new job in Seoul next week. I thought it was a good Korea move. 
My girlfriend thinks that I'm a stalker. Well, she's not exactly my girlfriend yet. 
I was explaining to my wife last night that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. She said I would like to come back as a cow. I said you're obviously not listening.
The wife has been missing a week now. Police said to prepare for the worst. So I have been to the charity shop to get all her clothes back. 
Just got back from my friend's funeral. He died after being hit on the head with a tennis ball. It was a lovely service.

Have a great week,
For the list.  Some humorous relief.
One liners for this election year:
The problem with political jokes is they get elected.
~Henry Cate, VII~

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office
If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union speeches, there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven.
~Will Rogers~
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
~Nikita Khrushchev~
When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it.
~Clarence Darrow~

Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.
~John Quinton~

Why pay money to have your family tree traced; go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.
~Author unknown~

Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.
~Ronald Reagan~

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.
~Oscar Ameringer~
I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.
~Adlai Stevenson, 1952~
A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. 
~ Tex Guinan~
I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
~Charles de Gaulle~
Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.
~Doug Larson~
There ought to be one day -- just one -- when there is open season on Congressmen. 
~Will Rogers
Hillary Clinton's Security Detail Curses & Foul Mouth | National Review
If this is how Hillary Clinton handles those who have stood ready to take bullets for her, how would she treat 325 million everyday Americans?
Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe

by DEROY MURDOCK October 22, 2016
Hillary routinely berated her security detail — and in the worst language possible. Hillary Clinton's "treatment of DS [Department of State] agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere," according to a just-released summary of an FBI interview with a former State Department official. "Prior to CLINTON's tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State's protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON's tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her." 
Clinton's State Department agents are hardly the first to complain about her bullying.

"She derives pleasure from lording over other people who cannot do anything about it and who are less powerful than she is," author Ronald Kessler told Newsmax TV's J. D. Hayworth. 
In fact, Clinton's well-documented history of profane, unhinged outbursts against those who work for her spans decades. 
While Clinton's vulgarity is presented here in relatively family-friendly form, fill in the blanks and imagine the pain that this woman inflicted when she uttered these words. 
"I'm not voting for Clinton," Air Force staff sergeant Eric Bonner posted on Facebook in July. "It's because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence," wrote the Air Force K-9 handler. "I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors."

"It's because she actually talked to me once. Almost a sentence," wrote the Air Force K-9 handler. "I got to do a few details involving Distinguished Visitors." 
"One of my last details was for Hillary when she was Secretary of State," Bonner continued. "I helped with sweeps of her DV quarters and staff vehicles. Her words to me?" 
According to Bonner, Clinton told him, "Get that f***ing dog away from me." 
"Then she turns to her security detail and berates them up and down about why that animal was in her quarters," Bonner added. "For the next 20 minutes, while I sit there waiting to be released, she lays into her detail, slamming the door in their faces when she's done. The Detail lead walks over, apologizes, and releases me. I apologize to him for getting him in trouble. His words, 'Happens every day, Brother.'" 
"Hillary doesn't care about anyone but Hillary."

"Stay the f*** back, stay the f*** away from me!" the then-–First Lady screamed at her Secret Service agents. "Don't come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f***ing do as I say, okay!!?" Clinton demanded, according to former FBI agent Gary Aldrich's Unlimited Access, page 139. 
"If you want to remain on this detail, get your f***ing ass over here and grab those bags!" Hillary yelled at a Secret Service agent, as Joyce Milton reported in The First Partner, page 259. The officer explained in vain that he preferred to keep his hands free, in case a threat arose. 
"Good morning, ma'am," a uniformed Secret Service officer once greeted Hillary Clinton. 
"F*** off!" she replied, as Ronald Kessler documented in First Family Detail, page 16. 
"Put this back on the ground!" Hillary Clinton screamed at the pilot of presidential helicopter Marine One. "I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need my sunglasses! We need to go back!" Clinton so abused the chopper's crew that they christened it Broomstick One. 
Also in Dereliction of Duty, its author — Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson (Ret.), who carried the "nuclear football" — recalled hearing "volleys of expletives" erupting from Hillary's mouth. He also lamented "the Nazi-like edge that emerged when she was around." 
"Where is the goddam f***ing flag? I want the goddam f***ing flag up every f***ing morning at f***ing sunrise," Hillary snapped at state trooper Larry Patterson at the Arkansas governor's mansion on Labor Day 1991, according to Ronald Kessler's Inside the White House, page 246. 
"Good morning," an Arkansas state trooper said to Clinton, according to American Evita, by Christopher Andersen, a former contributing editor with Time magazine.

"F*** off!" Hillary told him and his fellow bodyguards. "It's enough I have to see you s***-kickers every day! I'm not going to talk to you, too! Just do your goddam job and keep your mouth shut." 
If this is how Hillary Clinton handles those who have stood ready to take bullets for her, how would she treat 325 million everyday Americans?
Item Number:1 Date: 10/24/2016 BELARUS - DURING MEETING IN WASHINGTON, DEFENSE OFFICIALS SIGN MILITARY COOPERATION PLAN WITH U.S. (OCT 24/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- Senior Belarusian and U.S. defense officials have finalized a cooperation plan for next year, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   Representatives met in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 20 to discuss perspectives over the development of bilateral military cooperation, according to a Belarusian Defense Ministry release.   The talks covered areas for potential cooperation between the two countries, the ministry said.   The meeting concluded with the signing of a joint declaration on cooperation and a plan for bilateral military cooperation in 2017.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 10/24/2016 BURKINA FASO - INTERIOR MINISTER REVEALS FOILING OF COUP PLOT BY FORMER PRESIDENTIAL GUARDS (OCT 24/BLOOMBERG)  BLOOMBERG NEWS -- The interior minister in Burkina Faso says government forces thwarted a plot to overthrow the government earlier this month, reports Bloomberg News.   About 30 men from the disbanded presidential guard planned a coup on Oct. 8, said Interior Minister Simon Compaore on Friday. The onetime guards are loyal to former Presiden Blaise Compaore. The two men are not related, noted the BBC.   An attack was reportedly planned on the presidential palace and a military camp where Gilbert Diendere is held. Diendere, an officer of the guard that supported the former president, led a failed coup in September 2015.   At least 19 were arrested and two killed in clashes with security forces, said the interior minister. The timing of the arrests was not specified.   The presidential guard was disbanded because it supported former President Blaise Compaore, who was ousted in 2014.   The former president is exiled in neighboring Ivory Coast.  
 Item Number:3 Date: 10/24/2016 CANADA - AIR FORCE SEARCH-AND-RESCUE CREWS TO TRAIN IN COMOX, B.C.; AIRCRAFT BEING EVALUATED (OCT 24/PROV)  THE PROVINCE -- The head of the Royal Canadian Air Force says a national training facility for its new fixed-wing search-and-rescue aircraft is going to be located in Comox, British Columbia, reports the Province (Vancouver).   The installation will include flight simulators and a maintenance program will be set up at the base, said Lt. Gen. Mike Hood, the RCAF chief, told newspaper editors last week.   The service is currently reviewing bids from three companies for an estimated Can$3 billion (US$2.3 billion) contract to replace its aging CC-115 Buffalo and CC-130 Hercules search-and-rescue aircraft, said the general.   A decision on the plane is expected by the end of 2016, said Hood. The new aircraft should be delivered starting in 2019, with the full fleet entering service over three years.   The aircraft will be deployed at Canada's four SAR bases at Comox; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Trenton, Ontario; and Greenwood, Nova Scotia, the general said.   The competitors are the Italian Leonardo C-27J; Airbus C-295; and Brazilian KC-390
Item Number:4 Date: 10/24/2016 CHINA - AIRMEN STATIONED IN DISPUTED PARACELS, CONFIRMS BEIJING (OCT 24/UPI)  UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL -- The Chinese government has confirmed that it has stationed military personnel in the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, reports United Press International.   Airmen have been deployed on Woody Island, which is known as Yongxing Island in China, reported the People's Liberation Army Daily on Oct. 20.   Air assets from China's South China Sea Fleet will monitor activity near the disputed Paracel chain of islands. The islands are also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.   Beijing has already built a 1.9-mile (3-km) airstrip on Woody Island, said the PLA Daily.   Earlier this year, Fox News reported that China had deployed HQ-9 air defense systems on the island.   Beijing noted in 2015 that military training was occurring there, but last week's acknowledgment was the first time that the government confirmed the presence of Chinese personnel on the island
Item Number:5 Date: 10/24/2016 CZECH REPUBLIC - SAYING MOSCOW IS WAGING 'INFORMATION WAR,' GOVERNMENT SETS UP UNIT TO FIGHT RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA (OCT 24/GUARDIAN)  GUARDIAN -- The Czech government has a new unit within the Interior Ministry designed to counter Russia's propaganda efforts in the Czech Republic, reports the Guardian (U.K.).   In September, the Czech counter-intelligence service reported that Moscow was conducting "an information war" in the Czech Republic and using propaganda agents to destabilize the country.   A 20-member team is being set up that will combat that propaganda in the public domain in real time, including on social media, and train public officials to deal with it, said Interior Minister Milan Chovanec on Oct. 20.   "We want to get into every smartphone" to counter Russian disinformation, Chovanec said
Item Number:6 Date: 10/24/2016 EGYPT - GENERAL WHO LED COUNTERTERRORISM IN SINAI ASSASSINATED IN CAIRO; AIR FORCE HITS ISIS-AFFILIATED GROUP (OCT 24/DEWELLE)  DEUTSCHE WELLE -- A newly emerged militant group in Egypt has claimed responsibility for the assassination of a senior military officer.   Brig. Gen. Adel Rajaaie was shot and killed Saturday morning while leaving his home in Obour city on the outskirts of the capital to go to work, said relatives, as reported by Deutsche Welle.   Rajaaie was the commander of an armored division deployed in northern Sinai. He is the highest-ranking officer to be assassinated since the military took power in 2013.   An apparent Islamist group calling itself Louwaa el Thawra (the Revolutionary Brigade), claimed responsibility for the attack on its Twitter account, reported Reuters.   Separately, on Sunday, Egyptian warplanes hit outposts of the Sinai Province terror group in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, killing 70 militants and injuring 70 others, reported UPI.   Vehicles belonging to the militant group were also targeted in Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid. The group is affiliated with Islamic State
Item Number:7 Date: 10/24/2016 INDIA - AFTER LENGTHY DELAY, PURCHASE OF M777 HOWITZERS FROM U.S. MAKES IT THROUGH KEY DEFENSE BODY (OCT 24/ECON)  ECONOMIC TIMES -- India's Defense Acquisition Council (DAC), which is headed by Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, has authorized the purchase of dozens of lightweight howitzers from the United States, reports the Economic Times (India).   On Friday, the DAC resolved the discrepancies between the letters of request from India and the letters of acceptance from the U.S., said unnamed Defense Ministry sources.   There were differences on price and technology offsets as part of the deal, reported Defense News.   The US$758 million deal for 145 M777 howitzers must still be cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Security before contract negotiations can begin, the sources said.   Twenty-five of the guns will be built by BAE Systems in the U.S., with the balance to be assembled locally with Mahindra Defense Systems.   The guns are expected to be stationed in mountainous regions along India's borders with China and Pakistan.   The DAC previously approved the deal in June, but problems identified by the Ministry of Finance required a reauthorization, noted IHS Jane's Defence Weekly.   India's MoD issued a letter of request to the U.S. over its interest in 2013, but permission has been delayed repeatedly, noted the International Business Times.  
Item Number:8 Date: 10/24/2016 INDIA - POLICE RAID TRAINING CAMP IN ANTI-MAOIST OPERATION, KILLING AT LEAST 24 (OCT 24/HINDU)  THE HINDU -- Indian police have killed 24 Maoist rebels during an operation in Odisha state, reports the Hindu.   Police from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha raided a training camp operated by the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-M) on Monday near the village of Jantri after receiving a tip.   Casualties have been reported variously. Some injured rebels may have escaped into the jungle, said police officials. Top leaders may be among the dead, though that was not yet confirmed, said one top official.   Two police officers were reported injured.   Police said they seized four AK-47 rifles and several other weapons
  Item Number:9 Date: 10/24/2016 IRAQ - KURDS LIBERATE BASHIQA FROM ISIS, SAYS BARZANI (OCT 24/RUDAW)  RUDAW -- Kurdish peshmerga forces say they have taken the northern Iraqi town of Bashiqa from the Islamic State as part of the offensive against the terrorist stronghold in Mosul, reports Rudaw (Iraqi Kurdistan).   Bashiqa, which is about 8 miles northeast of Mosul, is "completely controlled" by peshmerga fighters, said a spokesman on Sunday.   U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said initial reports suggested that "there has been considerable success at Bashiqa," reported Reuters.   "I have not received a report that says every house has been cleared, every Daesh [Islamic State fighter] has been killed and every IED has been removed," he noted.   Journalists were not allowed in the town. Masoud Barzani, the president of Kurdistan, told U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter that Kurds had liberated Bashiqa, reported Reuters.   This is the second Kurdish push against the town. An assault last week was abandoned amid heavy clashes with ISIS militants, reported the BBC
Item Number:10 Date: 10/24/2016 JAPAN - IN A FIRST, BRITISH TYPHOONS DRILL WITH JAPANESE FIGHTERS (OCT 24/JIJI)  JIJI PRESS -- British warplanes are in Japan for joint aerial combat drills, reports Jiji Press (Tokyo).   Four Eurofighter Typhoons and a C-17 arrived on Saturday at Misawa Air Base in northern Aomori prefecture.   The Guardian North 16 exercise began on Sunday. The Typhoons were expected to face off against Japanese F-15s and domestically built F-2s, reported Reuters.   "The purpose of this exercise is to enhance tactical skills of Japan Air Self-Defense Force unit and strengthen Japan-U.K. defense cooperation. We have no specific country or region in our mind," said the Japanese Defense Ministry.   This is the first time the JASDF has drilled with a country other than the United States
Item Number:11 Date: 10/24/2016 LITHUANIA - ACCORD WITH NORWAY COVERS NASAMS AIR DEFENSE SYSTEMS; DELIVERY SET FOR 2020 (OCT 24/LIMOD)  LITHUANIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- Lithuania has signed a technical agreement with Norway for the purchase of launchers and missiles for NASAMS medium-range air defense systems, reports the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.   The accord, which was inked on Oct. 20 by the respective defense ministries, defines the conditions and responsibilities of the parties for the purchase and sale of components as well as Norwegian support, the ministry said.   Norway has agreed to sell the system and assist Lithuania with the operational introduction of the capability, said Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas.   Lithuania is still working on the purchase of radars and fire-control centers to support the new air defense capability, the ministry said.   The project is estimated to be worth 100 million euros (US$110 million), covering two air defense batteries. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed by 2020
Item Number:12 Date: 10/24/2016 MALAYSIA - UPGRADED LEKIU-CLASS FRIGATES TO CARRY SCANTER 6000 RADARS (OCT 24/TERMA)  TERMA -- The Royal Malaysian Navy has selected the Scanter 6000 radar for a mid-life upgrade of its Lekiu-class frigates, reports Danish defense firm Terma, which builds the radars.   The Scanter 6000s will provide combined navigation and helicopter control for the two warships, the company said in a release on Oct. 20.   The radar can detect and track small targets on the surface, in low-level airspace and in all weather conditions.   The Scanter 6000 will also provide a data feed to the BAE Systems Nautis combat system on the frigates, said Terma officials.   The Malaysian navy has also chosen the Scanter 6000 for its two new multi-purpose common support ships (MPCSS).   The company made the announcement last week at Euronaval 2016 in Paris.  
  Item Number:13 Date: 10/24/2016 NIGERIA - NEW COMMUNICATION STRUCTURE SEEN COORDINATING COUNTERTERRORISM STRATEGY (OCT 24/THIS)  THIS DAY -- The Nigerian federal government has formally established a structure for implementing its strategy against terrorism, reports This Day (Lagos).   The National Counter-Terrorism Strategy (NACTEST) was set up during a conference in Lagos last week, said Maj. Gen. Babagana Monguno, the national security adviser.   The strategy aims to prevent and respond to extremism, terrorism and organized violence in all parts of Nigeria, said Steve Agbana, the head of the nation's counterterrorism office.   NACTEST outlines the roles for various ministries, departments and agencies; civil society organizations; and community-based organizations, said Agbana.   Officials from state and local governments, as well as non-governmental organizations will work together to address potential threats, reported the News Agency of Nigeria.   The conference last week in Lagos will inform the various stakeholders of their roles in the strategy and in securing Nigeria, said Agbana
Item Number:14 Date: 10/24/2016 PAKISTAN - GUNMEN ON MOTORCYCLE KILL POLICE INTEL OFFICER IN NORTHWEST (OCT 24/REU)  REUTERS -- A police officer in northwest Pakistan has been killed in an attack on Monday claimed by both the Islamic State and the Pakistani Taliban, reports Reuters.   Akbar Ali, a member of the police intelligence wing (special branch) in Charsadda, was shot and killed by two motorcycle riders at a bus stop, about 20 km (12 mi) from the Khyber Paktunkhwa provincial capital of Peshawar, said police officials.   The Islamic State claimed responsibility on its affiliated Amaq news agency.   The Pakistani Taliban also claimed responsibility.   The military last month announced it had stopped the Islamic State from expanding after arresting more than 300 people suspected of plotting attacks
Item Number:15 Date: 10/24/2016 PHILIPPINES - NAVY FINALIZES DEAL FOR 2 FRIGATES WITH S. KOREAN SHIPBUILDER; DELIVERY EXPECTED BY 2020 (OCT 24/YON)  YONHAP -- The Philippine navy has awarded a contract to South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for two new frigates, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   The US$325 million contract covers two 2,600-ton frigates, said the company on Monday.   HHI was picked as the preferred bidder in August 2016 and has been negotiating details since, reported the Korean Herald.   The 107-meters (351-foot) warships will be equipped with a naval gun, anti-ship and anti-air missiles and torpedoes. The frigates will have a maximum speed of 25 knots, said HHI.   The ships will be delivered by 2020, said the company
Item Number:16 Date: 10/24/2016 SOMALIA - AFTER RANSOM IS PAID, PIRATES FREE 26; HOSTAGES HELD SINCE MARCH 2012 (OCT 24/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- Somali pirates have released 26 Asian crew members of a fishing vessel who were held hostage for almost five years, says an organization involved in mediation, as cited by the BBC.   Pirates hijacked a Omani-flagged vessel in March 2012 south of the Seychelles, abducting 29 crew members, reported CNN.   One of the crew died during the hijacking; two others died from illness while in captivity, according to the Colorado-based Oceans Beyond Piracy group.   The marines were held in Dabagala near the town of Harardheere about 400 km (250 miles) northeast of the capital Mogadishu after their ship sank.   The hostages were from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. They were freed on Saturday after a ransom was paid.   The ransom was paid by the ship's owner, a Taiwanese company, as well as groups contracted to negotiate with the pirates, said Taiwan's Foreign Ministry. A pirate representative said that a US$1.5 million ransom was paid.   A U.N. flight is going to repatriate the crew members, according to Oceans Beyond Piracy. As of Saturday, there was still a potential problem -- trying to depart a port of Galkayo, where regional fighting rages, noted AFP
Item Number:17 Date: 10/24/2016 SOMALIA - ETHIOPIAN PEACEKEEPERS ABANDON ANOTHER TOWN; AL-SHABAAB TAKES OVER, STARTS EXECUTING GOVERNMENT SUPPORTERS (OCT 24/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- Al-Shabaab militants say they are now in control of a town in central Somalia after African Union peacekeepers withdrew, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   Hundreds of Ethiopian troops abandoned the town of Halgan in the Hiran region on Sunday, allowing Al-Shabaab fighters to enter and take control, said a spokesman for the group, as reported by AFP.   No explanation has been given for the withdrawal. This is the third time this month that Al-Shabaab seized a town after Ethiopian troops with the AMISOM force withdrew.   Town residents suspected of being government supporters are being executed, said a local lawmaker cited by Reuters
Item Number:18 Date: 10/24/2016 SYRIA - HEAVY FIGHTING RESTARTS IN ALEPPO; LITTLE IF ANY AID DELIVERED DURING TRUCE (OCT 24/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- Heavy fighting resumed over the weekend in the Syrian city of Aleppo after a 72-hour-truce for aid delivery.   Clashes in besieged rebel-held areas of the city restarted after the end of a short truce, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   An extended cease-fire declared by Russia to allow civilians, fighters and the wounded to leave the city ended late Saturday. No planned aid deliveries or medical evacuations apparently took place, reported the Wall Street Journal.   Unidentified fighter jets bombed rebel-held areas in southwestern Aleppo on Sunday, according to the U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.   Government artillery also targeted the rebel-controlled town of Khan Touman, which overlooks the highway connecting Aleppo and government-held cities, said activists.   A commander from the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) said that opposition fighters had repulsed an attack and inflicted "big losses."   Hezbollah, which backs the government in Damascus, broadcast footage over its Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) of its tanks coming under fire in the region.   Clashes were also reported in the government-held southern district of al-Hamandaniyah.  
 Item Number:19 Date: 10/24/2016 USA - MARINES SEEK NEW TECHNOLOGY TO MODERNIZE AMPHIBIOUS OPERATIONS (OCT 24/USNIN)  USNI NEWS -- The U.S. Marine Corps has decided to turn its attention to updating its ship-to-shore maneuver tactics to keep up with new threats and technology, reports USNI News.   Amphibious operations need to be upgraded using the same technological advances that have moved air and ground operations forward, including robotics, unmanned vehicles, data-sharing and leveraging the electromagnetic spectrum, said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, the head of Marine Corps Combat Development Command and deputy commandant for combat development and integration.   Earlier this month, the service released a special notice seeking ideas from defense industry, commercial industry, academia, government labs, warfare centers and beyond.   The Ship-to-Shore Maneuver Exploration and Experimentation (S2ME2) Task Force, which was formally established on Aug. 24, is leading the project.   The first exercise that will experiment with the new ideas is slated for April 15-27, 2017, at Camp Pendleton, Calif., according to the service.   The effort is limited to five main areas: ship-to-shore maneuver; amphibious fire support and effects; clearing amphibious assault lanes; amphibious command, control, communications and computers (C4); and amphibious information warfare, although there will be some flexibility for innovation, Walsh told reporters
Item Number:20 Date: 10/24/2016 USA - MARINES' KING STALLION HELICOPTER WRAPS UP INITIAL OPERATIONAL TRIALS IN FLA. (OCT 24/NAVAIR)  NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND -- The Marine Corps has completed two weeks of initial operational testing of its new CH-53K King Stallion heavy-lift helicopter at its facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., reports the Naval Air Systems Command.   The trials included multiple external lift scenarios of 27,000 pounds (12,200 k) in hover and 110-nm radius missions carrying 12,000 pounds (5,422 kg) of cargo, said a NAVAIR release on Oct. 20.   Ground events included embarking and disembarking combat-equipped personnel; internal and external cargo rigging; operating the tactical bulk fuel delivery system; and operations in the medical evacuation litter configuration, according to the release.   This was the first time that an all-Marine crew was involved in its operational testing, said the service's program manager.   There are currently four test aircraft that have accumulated more than 200 flight hours, the command said.   A Milestone C review for entry into low-rate production is expected in the second quarter of fiscal 2017, with initial operational capability still on track for 2019, said NAVAIR.


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