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Sue Serino

Dear Friend:

With multiple, ongoing investigations now pending against the Governor, an increasing number of residents have reached out to express their desire to see the Governor’s Emergency Pandemic Powers fully rescinded.

While these powers were necessary at the start of the pandemic, the Legislature's Majority has neglected its obligation to provide necessary oversight or act as a check on the Executive Branch. It is clear that it is past time to bring balance back to Albany and ensure that lawmakers are doing the job they were elected to do. Every single day that we have been in session this year, my colleagues and I have put forth an amendment that would fully repeal these emergency powers, and every day—despite widespread bipartisan support for the measure—the Legislature’s Supermajority rejects the proposal outright. 

Yesterday, we learned that the leaders of the Senate and the Assembly made a backroom deal with the Governor to put forth a proposal aimed at addressing his Emergency Powers. After careful review of the legislation, it is clear that this proposal is not a repeal of the Governor’s Emergency Powers—it is an absolute sham. It does nothing to meaningfully change the current circumstances, does nothing to restore balance in government, and it even removes the original April 30th expiration date, essentially extending the Governor’s control indefinitely.

After everything we have learned in the past weeks—a cover-up of nursing home deaths, multiple sexual harassment allegations, accusations of bullying of lawmakers, press and others—the Legislature has a duty to get back to doing the people's work by advancing a clean repeal of the Governor’s Emergency Powers. 

To read my full statement on this bill, and to view the legislation in full, please click here.

With the bill expected to be voted on as soon as tomorrow, I will be working tirelessly to push for a clean repeal bill that brings transparency and accountability back to state government. You can check my website,, or follow me on social media for real-time updates. I encourage you to share this message with friends and family who may be interested in this latest news from the Capitol.


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Saturday, February 13, 2021

THE MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALL Jack Blanchard's Column February 13, 2021





Thousands of readers around the world

NOTE: I've written so many stories that I can't always remember when I last sent them out, so if I send one again too soon, don't tell me. It would only make me cry.


My sister Virginia passed away Easter weekend, 2002,
after a prolonged stay in hospitals and nursing homes.
Much of her suffering during the last few years
was due to horrible healthcare workers, arrogant doctors,
and the wrong medications they prescribed.

Ginny deserved better.
She was in poor health and nearly blind most of her life,
and was the closest thing to a saint I've ever encountered.
She was cheerful and funny even after all her suffering,
and never hurt anyone in her life.

One night in 2005, at 11PM, Three years after her death,
I got a phone call from Ginny.

The call came in on our private line,
known only to friends and relatives,
and the Caller ID said "BLOCKED NUMBER".
I never pick up on blocked calls, but this time I did.
It was, after all, our private number,
and I thought maybe somebody close to us might be in trouble.

It was Virginia.
I know that voice, probably better than my own.
I was covered with chills and goose pimples from head to foot, and had to hang on to something to keep from falling.

At first the voice was soft and distant, and I said "Hello?"
Her tone sounded desperate and pleading.
Then I recognized words: "I can't find my ball."

"Who is this?” I asked.
"I've lost my ball", she said a little more emphatically.

"What ball did you lose?” I asked.
I already knew who it was,
and I didn't understand any of this weirdness,
but my reaction was to try and help my kid sister.
The voice on the line started to fade away,
still pleading for help I couldn’t give.

I called our sister Valerie and told her about the call.
We both got chills.
Val told me that Ginny had had trouble with one of her hands.
I think it was caused by a stroke.
She was given a ball to squeeze for therapy,
and occasionally the ball would get lost among the bed covers.
Val would enter the hospital room and ask Ginny how she was,
and the reply sometimes was "I've lost my ball".

We're trying to figure it all out,
and have found no easy answers.
Here's one remotely possible conclusion.
We had a lot of trouble with hospital staff,
and threatened to sue them more than once.
We may have gotten an employee fired, and angry at us.

This is pretty far-fetched, but barely possible.
A disgruntled employee could have recorded Ginny's voice,
and is trying to scare us for revenge.
But why would they wait for three years?

Later Valerie received a call
from a rest home in Minneola, a nearby town.
She found the number on her Caller ID this morning.
They left no message.
Could a worker who is holding a grudge be working there?

The easiest explanation is that it was a call from a ghost.
What doesn't seem to fit is this...
Our sister Virginia would be in a better place,
and not still suffering after death.

If I get another blocked number call on our private line,
I am going to pick it up.

Jack Blanchard

             Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan.

Grammy Nominees. Billboard Duet of the Year.
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