Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday's Headlines: The political stakes for the midterm elections: A blue wave or not?

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The political stakes for the midterm elections: A blue wave or not?
That's the overriding question for the 2018 midterms, because if that happens, the second half of President Trump's first term will be significantly different than the first half for both the president and his party.
'Two easy wins now in doubt': Trump renews attack on Sessions
The president's tweet cites the indictments of a pair of Republican congressmen and seems to suggest that politics should guide his attorney general's actions.
Hours before Kavanaugh hearings, Bush lawyer releases 42,000 pages of documents
Senators considering the Supreme Court nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh won't have time to review the newly released material, complained Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Who is Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's pick for Supreme Court?
A look at the nominee as the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday begins what is expected to be a four-day confirmation hearing.
In San Francisco, a new mayor confronts a city's old problems with practical solutions
Mayor London Breed is trading San Francisco's liberal-laboratory style of local government for a practical, down-and-very-dirty approach that is reflected in what she said she wants as her legacy: "I want people to walk around this city and think, 'Wow, it's so clean here.' "
'I begged him not to': He loved the CIA. And that's what led to his death.
George "Alexi" Whitney volunteered for a mission in Afghanistan, where he became one of a tiny group of CIA contractors killed in the longest war in U.S. history.
The case that highlights Kavanaugh's capacity for judicial restraint
Kavanaugh should break the trend of stonewalling the Senate
Why Trump is so frantic right now
It's time to give prisoners a big raise
Trump promised farmers 'smarter' trade deals. Now he has to bail them out.
Trump has drawn much of the media into a distortion of their traditional roles
More News
As crisis envelops Catholic Church, is Pope Francis facing a 'watershed moment'?
Francis faces pivotal decisions about whether to release sexual-abuse-related documents or greenlight a who-knew-what investigation — with the possibility that such a probe could point fingers back to the Vatican.
A hostile Hungarian government targets a university with U.S. roots
There is no precedent for a European Union member state expelling an entire university. But Central European University has become a target of the Orban government's campaign to dismantle liberalism and cement a culture that is Christian, conservative and nationalist.
Turkey's woes could be just the start as record global debt bills come due
Ten years after the worst financial panic since the 1930s, growing debt burdens in key developing economies are fueling fears of a new crisis.
Roger Federer knocked out of U.S. Open by little-known John Millman
Federer had never lost at the U.S. Open to someone ranked outside the top 50. With the victory, Millman earned his first career win over a top 10 opponent and will make his first appearance in a Grand Slam quarterfinal.
Chinese anger grows as 'get rich quick' investment schemes go bust
The collapse of the once-unregulated peer-to-peer investment networks in China swallowed up many people's life savings. Now they want the government to help get their money back. 
New Yorker bails on Steve Bannon interview
COLUMN | The former Trump adviser had been invited to the magazine's prestigious fall festival, but critics asked, why on earth give these people a platform?
Colin Kaepernick to star in Nike's 'Just Do It' campaign
The former 49ers quarterback has not played since 2016 and is taking the NFL to court, alleging an organized effort to keep him off a roster because of his protests during the national anthem in the 2016 season.

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