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This day in Naval History
Aug. 28
1867—Capt. William Reynolds of the screw sloop-of-war, USS Lackawanna, raises the U.S. flag over Midway Islands and takes formal possession of these islands for the United States.
1891—During a period of political unrest at Valparaiso, Chile, Marines form boarding parties from cruisers USS San Francisco and USS Baltimore to protect American lives and guard U.S. Consulate.
1942—One hundred twenty women are commissioned as ensigns or lieutenant junior grades as WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) and report to "USS Northampton," Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
1942—PBY Catalinas from VP-92 and Canadian corvette HMCS Oakville sink German submarine U-94. USS Lea (DD 118) and Oakville pick up the survivors. Previously, U-94 had sunk 26 Allied vessels while also damaging one Allied vessel, although none from the United States.  
1952—USS Boxer (CV 21) launches an explosive-filled drone which explodes against a railroad bridge near Hungnam, Korea. This mission marks the first guided missile launched from a ship during the Korean War.
1991—A helicopter from USS America (CVA 66) rescues three civilian sailors who spent 10 days in a lifeboat 80 miles off Cape May, N.J., after their sailboat capsizes.
2004—USS Momsen (DDG 92) is commissioned at Panama City, Fla. The 42nd of the Arleigh Burke-class of guided-missile destroyers is the first to carry the remote minehunting system and the first ship named after Vice Adm. Charles B. Momsen, the designer of the submarine escape breathing apparatus now known as the Momsen Lung.
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In national news, dominating today's headlines are reports that the two victims killed by a gunman at a restaurant in Jacksonville, have been identified as Taylor Robertson, a 27-year-old from Giles, West Virginia, and Eli Clayton, a 22-year-old from Woodland Hills, California; and reports that the United States and Mexico have reached an agreement to change parts of NAFTA. With recent contracts to modernize the USS Cowpens and USS Gettysburg, which recently entered their final year in layup as part of the "2-4-6" plan, the Navy appears to have fulfilled a promise made to congress not to decommission the aging warships as the Navy seeks to extend the service lives of the cruisers reports Defense News. USNI News reports that the Navy's F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter has been incorporated into a carrier air wing's cyclic flight operations for the first time alongside aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 7. USNI News also reports that all Hawaii based ships and naval bases were unharmed by Hurricane Lane.

(Award Citation: https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/3628  Obama would call him a corpse man!!)
AW1Ed | August 25, 2018 21 Comments

Military Times tells the tale of, at the time, SA Fonseca, a Hospital Corpsman assigned to a Marine Battalion, and his actions under fire during the Iraq War.
The deadly battle of Nasiriyah reared its ugly head on March 23, 2003, when the Marines of 2nd Assault Amphibious Battalion were ambushed as they advanced to secure the Saddam Canal Bridge, the northernmost bridge in the Iraqi city.
The elaborate attack of small arms and indirect fire claimed the lives of 18 Marines that day, a number that could have been significantly higher had it not been for the bravery and instinctive actions of their corpsman, then-23-year-old Seaman Apprentice Luis Fonseca.
"As we came up and over the bridge, we ran right into an ambush," he said in a 2008 Department of Defense release. "They threw all they had at us — small arms fire, heavy machine gun fire, rocket propelled grenades, mortars and artillery rounds."
With all hell breaking loose, an amphibious assault vehicle to Fonseca's front was struck by a rocket propelled grenade, inflicting five casualties.
Seeing the vehicle beginning to catch fire, the platoon sergeant, then-Gunnery Sgt. David Myers, called for Fonseca, and the young corpsman on his first deployment sprung into action, grabbing his medical bag and sprinting through a wall of small arms fire on his way to the disabled vehicle.
When he arrived, he saw all five Marines were grievously wounded. Fonseca got to work immediately.
"I noticed I had two patients with partial lower-leg amputations, one with flash burns to his eyes, and all had shrapnel wounds," the corpsman said. "I applied tourniquets on the two Marines with the partial leg amputations and instructed the other Marines around to apply battle dressings on the others that were wounded."
Fonseca then coordinated the removal of the wounded Marines from the kill zone to a vehicle where the enemy ambush was less concentrated. After administering morphine to the two with the most urgent medical needs, he received a call that another vehicle had been hit.
Because the convoy had broken up at the outset of the firefight, the disabled vehicle he was looking for wasn't where it was supposed to be. Exposed and unsure where it was, Fonseca ran through more fire to get back to his vehicle.
Just as he arrived, four direct hits blasted the amtrak, creating havoc and dust-filled confusion.
"Two of them were on our right side," he said. "One was on our center top hatch. All three were … 122 mm mortar rounds. The fourth and final round that disabled the truck was a recoilless rifle round that blew up our transmission."
All wounded Marines from Fonseca's vehicle, except one, were quickly transferred out of the kill zone at the direction of the corpsman.
"I picked up the last Marine … and carried him to a ditch," Fonseca said. "The Marine and I sat in the ditch for about 30 minutes before I could get another vehicle to pick us up and drive us out of there."
Once that Marine was picked up, Fonseca rejoined his platoon in the fight, a brutal clash that would wind up lasting over six hours.
On top of the 18 killed, "fifteen others were wounded and left the battlefield, and about 10 others [who] were wounded … stayed," Fonseca said.
The corpsman treated and coordinated the evacuation of nearly a dozen Marines that day. For his bravery, he was awarded the Navy Cross, the service's second highest award for valor.
"The Navy Cross means to me honor, sacrifice and loyalty," Fonseca said. "Honor because it is my honor to wear the Navy Cross for my brothers that gave their lives in that fight. So, it's my honor to wear their Navy Cross that honors them. A lot of men sacrificed that day. Unfortunately, some families and friends had to sacrifice their loved ones."
When the fighting finally slowed, Gunnery Sgt. Myers, who once told Fonseca, "I'm only going to tell you this once. I don't like corpsman. Stay out of my way," approached the exhausted 23-year-old "doc."
"He came up to me and gave me a big hug," Fonseca said. "With pride in his voice, he said 'Doc, you did one hell of a job. Oorah Marine!' He became one of my biggest mentors."
Fonseca would go on to complete additional deployments and see combat with the Marines in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but that day in March 2003 is what showed him the true meaning of being a combat medic.
"The job of a corpsman is to go through hell and back for your Marines," Fonseca said in a release. "My brothers needed me, so I was going to be there for them. As long as I was alive, I would keep working, even if it meant my life. I wish I could have done more."
Another humble hero. Since there really isn't anything I can add, I'll just leave it here.
Committee of 100: Beijing's Bridge to America's ELITE
thanks to Tam - 
Welcome to the C-100!
Didn't know we were a member of this exclusive spy-on-America club? We are! We shouldn't be, but we are! 
Committee of 100: Beijing's Bridge to America's Elite
Though little known beyond elite circles, the Committee of 100 (C-100) is one of the Chinese Communist Party's most important American "influence" organizations.
The Committee of 100 works to further CCP social, economic, and political goals in the United States. Why is this permitted? Why are C-100 leaders not at least required to officially register as a foreign agents?
August 28, 2018Bear Taylor
RIPPLE SALVO… #907… A POLITICAL PARTY PLATFORM IS A FORMAL SET OF PRINCIPLE GOALS WHICH ARE SUPPORTED BY A POLITICAL PARTY IN ORDER TO APPEAL TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. In the presidential campaign of 1968 the most divisive issue holding up the Democratic Convention in Chicago from approving the party's 12,000 word Platform, was the "Vietnam Plank." The Democratic party was split in half. One half sticking with the President and the Johnson Administration that absolutely refused to include the cessation of the bombing of North Vietnam–Rolling Thunder–without North Vietnam agreeing to make some de-escalating initiative first. The other half was calling for the unconditional cessation of the Rolling Thunder Operations. On 26 August the platform committee produced, and passed by a vote of 62 to 35 vote, a compromise for the consideration of the convention a plank that reflected the President's position, to the consternation of the "doves." The plank called for a stop in the bombing of North Vietnam, but only when the cessation "would not endanger the lives of our troops in the field." A second condition in the plank on Vietnam said that any bombing cessation "should take into account the response from Hanoi." The "doves" opposed any conditions and vowed to carry their disgruntlement to the floor of the convention. The President prevailed. A side-by-side of the Democrats and G.O.P. Vietnam Planks is below… but first…
GOOD MORNING…Day NINE HUNDRED SEVEN of a return to the years of Operation Rolling Thunder to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam war…
HEAD LINES from The New York Times on Wednesday, 28 August 1968…
THE WAR: Page 1: "ENEMY DEATHS IN 8 DAYS PUT AT 7,500″… "A spokesman for the United States military command said yesterday that the enemy had lost more than 11 killed for each allied fatality in the recent increase in fighting throughout the country….about 7,500 enemy soldiers had been killed between midnight August 18 and midnight Monday (26th). Allied casualties were about 650 killed an 2,200 wounded in the period, he said…more than 50 per cent of the Vietcong and North Vietnamese  troops had been slain by troops of the South Vietnamese armed forces… In war action yesterday an American infantry fire-support base three miles east of Tayninh was struck by about 150 rounds on mortar fire and about 55 rockets early this morning. The shelling was followed by a ground attack. 27 enemy soldiers were killed and American casualties were described a light….n Air Force C-7 Caribou was downed by enemy ground fire Monday near the Duclap camp and all three crewmen were killed… In three days of fighting five miles west of Tamky in the central lowlands, the Americans reported having killed 511 of the enemy while sustaining losses of 7 killed and 47 wounded."… Page 3: "THIEU LINKS RAIDS TO POLITICS IN U.S.–Foe's Attacks Were Timed For Democrats Convention, He Says"… "President Nguyen Van Thieu said today that recent enemy attacks throughout the country had been designed to have an impact on the Democratic National Convention and what a major aim of threatened new assaults was to affect American public opinion before the Presidential election. Thieu responded to Americans who suggest South Vietnam negotiate with the Vietcong. 'We will never agree to talk to the front. We are willing to talk to Hanoi. I would never accept any Communist to run in an election in Vietnam. When we say one man, one vote, we mean the vote would only be given to Vietnamese citizens who deserve it."…
PEACE TALKS: Page 1; "U.S. TELLS HANOI AIDES IN PARIS TO STAY OUT OF AMERICAN POLITICS"… "The Johnson Administration told the North Vietnamese delegates to the Paris talks today to get down to serious business and stop trying to meddle in the American political campaign…. Ambassador W. Averell Harriman, the chief United States negotiator in Paris, 'has been instructed to tell the Hanoi delegation to stop miscalculating or trying to interfere in internal American affairs and get down to the serious business of making peace in Southeast Asia,' Mr. Robert McCloskey of the State Department said…Hanoi's statement amounted to an appeal to the American people to reject the Johnson Administration's war policy…
Page 1: "DEMOCRATS DELAY FIGHT ON THE VIETNAM PLANK–KENNEDY REJECTS A DRAFT TO RUN–Debate Set Today–Adjournment Forced By Jeering Delegates–Humphrey Gains"… Page 1: "DELEGATE FIGHTS TRANSFORM PARTY–Democrats Ousting Bigots And Becoming To Youth"… Page 31: "JOHNSON REMARKS FAVOR HUMPHREY–President Seeks A Candidate Who Backs War Policy"… Page 1: THREE RIVALS MEET IN DEBATE– McGovern Wins Ovations"… Page 1: "NEW HARRIS POLL PUTS NIXON ON TOP–6-Point Lead on Humphrey, McCarthy or Johnson."… Page 32: "MAYOR LINDSAY DECLARES DEMOCRATS PLANS FOR CITIES BETTER THAN G.O.P."…
Page 3: "Marine Hero's Medal of Honor Given To His Parents"… "Second Lieutenant John P. Bobo, USMC,  of Niagara Falls was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously, credited with saving his platoon in Vietnam. Secretary of the Navy Paul Ignatius presented the Medal of Honor to his parents at the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington that included a full Friday night Evening parade ceremony… .
TAKING A KNEE… On 30 March 1967 Company I, 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, in patrolling around Con Thien, south of the DMZ and settling in for the night when hit by the North Vietnamese with a heavy volume of fire. Second Lieutenant Bobo, 24, helped organize a defense. He moved from position to position, encouraging his outnumbered marines. After he recovered a rocket launcher from  a disabled marine and getting back into action, a mortar exploded at Bob's feet blowing off his right leg below the knee. The intrepid officer refused evacuation. Instead he wrapped a belt around his leg then, with his bloody stump jammed into the dirt, he stayed on the firing line, covering the withdrawal of the command group to safety. 'I saw him kill aat least five North Vietnamese,' said the company's first sergeant, Raymond G. Rogers. 'He killed the NVA who had wounded me in the leg and was standing over me. Bobo's heavy firing made him a target for the NVA. He was still kneeling there, rifle blazing, when he was cut down… HUMBLE HOST suggests 1LT Bobo's heroic act provides REAL MEANING TO THE NOW FAMOUS EXPRESSION "TAKING A KNEE."… oohrah…
28 AUGUST 1968… OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER… New York Times…No coverage of air operations over North Vietnam… VIETNAM: AIR LOSSES (Chris Hobson) There were two fixed wing aircraft losses in Southeast Asia on 28 August 1968…
(1) An A-1H of the 56th SOW out of Nakhon Phanom was heavily damaged on a landing at a forward strip in Laos. While undergoing repairs the aircraft suffered additional damage rendering the aircraft beyond repair. The aircraft was scrapped.
(2) LTJG ROBERT RAY DUNCAN and LTJG ALAN FREDERICK ASHALL were flying an A-6B of the VA-85 Black Falcons embarked in USS America on a night Iron Hand SAM suppression flight in the area of Vinh Son, about 20 miles northwest of Vinh. They perished on the flight.
The A-6B was a modified A-6A capable of increased detection of fire control radars and capable of employment of both the Shrike and Standard Arm missile. The employment of the A-6B evolved into launching the Iron Hand with a full cycle of A-6A and A-7 aircraft to operate in the area of coverage of the A-6B, independent but coordinated. The A-6B Buckeye flight would double cycle to cover a second launch of strike aircraft. On 28 August LTJG DUNCAN, pilot, and LTJG ASHALL (on his second combat tour), Bombardier/Navigator were launched on their final Buckeye flight with a covey of a-6 and A-7 strike aircraft. There was no SAM or enemy radar activity on the first cycle. As the first covey of strike aircraft returned to USS America LTJGs DUNCAN and ASHALL headed for the tanker to top off for the Iron hand coverage for the oncoming covey of strike aircraft. They reported "feet dry" after tanking and were held on radar by the E-2c at sea when an A-7A operating 20 miles south of Vinh Son reported 3 surface-to-air missiles lifting off and the E-2A advised the Buckeye flight of the missile danger. There was no response. One minute and thirty seconds later the aircraft disappeared from radar and an A-7 pilot reported observing an explosion above 14,000-feet and shortly thereafter an other explosion on the ground.  There was no further response with Buckeye or emergency beeper signals. The two young aviators were gone. They were listed as MIA, LTJG DUNCAN until 1975 when his status was changed to Killed in Action. LTJG, now LCDR ASHALL was declared Killed in Action in 1978. They rest in peace where they fell in North Vietnam 50 years ago this day. They are remembered with highest respect and admiration…
"The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the SILVER STAR to MAJOR WESLEY DUANE SCHIERMAN, United States Air Force, for gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force over North Vietnam on 28 August 1965, as Pilot of an F-105 aircraft of the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron. On that date, Captain SCHIERMAN led his flight of F-105 aircraft in the employment of a new weapon against the Ban Luc barracks, troop and supply area. he displayed outstanding air discipline and devotion to duty as he guided each flight member in turn on their run to the target and then rolled in himself to attack flak positions which were menacing his wingman. As he passed over the target, his aircraft received a disabling hit forcing him to eject. Once on the ground, he made his way to a hill and heroically continued to call out hostile gun positions and troop concentrations to the attacking aircraft. By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Captain SCHIERMAN has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force."…
COLONEL SCHIERMAN became a POW on this day 53 years ago this day. He logged 2,725 in the North Vietnamese chain of prisons including the Hanoi Hilton and has told his story in several venues. Most highly recommended is his superb 13 page "short story" published in the Order of Daedalians' Spring and Summer 2005 editions of the Daedalus Flyer titled A BAD DAY AT SON LA… Read at…
Colonel Wes Schierman passed on 4 January 2014… As he "graduated" from his 7 1/2 year course in survival in Hanoi he was asked to contribute to the book project of Captain and Mrs. Frederick A. Wyatt , USNR, Retired, WE CAME HOME…  He wrote…    I quote…
"During my almost 7 1/2 years in North Vietnam my greatest tribulation was that of overcoming my grief at having subjected my wife and children to the painful and difficult experience that they were to undergo. However, I had great faith and confidence in my wife's ability to overcome these difficulties and that faith has been rewarded by a strength and steadfastness that far exceeded my greatest expectations.
"Throughout many years of torture, exploitation, deprivation and degradation, my will to live was sustained primarily by this faith and love for my family. I vowed that if it was humanly possible for me to return to them and still do my duty to my country, I would do so. Through this faith and the Grace of God I have been fortunate enough to have endured this trial. Generally speaking, I was quite impressed with the ingenuity and tenacity of the men I served with while imprisoned in North Vietnam. However, I feel that the real heroes in this war are those who unfortunately will not return–those many thousands who gave their lives that we might enjoy the benefits and way of life of this wonderful country in which we live. I must also mention the great sacrifice of those who have been maimed and incapacitated as a result of this conflict. I pray to god that these men will be able to bear their burden and continue on with the same spirit that gave them the courage to participate in this very difficult conflict in the first place."…
I will conclude with this one thought which is a quotation by William Allen White. 'Liberty is the thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.'… 
End quote…
RIPPLE SALVO… #907… The New York Times ran a comparison of the Democratic and Republican Vietnam planks on 27 August 1968.
VIETNAM POLICY: Democrats: "We strongly support the Paris talks an applaud the initiative of President Johnson which brought North Vietnam to the peace table." ; Republicans: "The Administration's Vietnam policy has failed–militarily, politically, diplomatically, and with relations to our own people."
NEGOTIATIONS: Democrats: "Our most urgent task in Southeast Asia is to end the war in Vietnam by an honorable and lasting settlement which respects the rights of all people in Vietnam." ; Republicans: "We will sincerely and vigorously pursue peace negotiations as long as they offer anyu reasonable prospect for a just peace. We pledge to develop a clear and purposeful negotiating position."…
SURRENDER: Democrats: "We reject as unacceptable a unilateral withdrawal of our forces which would allow that aggression and subversion to succeed. We have never demanded, and do not now demand, unconditional surrender of the Communists."…; Republicans: "We pledge a program for peace in Vietnam– neither peace at any price nor camouflaged surrender of legitimate United States or allies interests."…
STRATEGY: Democrats: "We want no bases in South Vietnam, no continued military presence and no political role in Vietnamese affairs." ; Republicans: "We pledge to adopt a strategy relevant to the real problems of the war, concentrating on the security of the population, and developing a greater sense of nationhood and on strengthening the local forces it will be a strategy permitting a progressive de-Americanization of the war, both military and civilian."…
MILITARY: Democrats: "Stop all bombing of North Vietnam when this action would not endanger the lives of our groups in the field: this action should take into account the response from Hanoi." ; Republican: "The Administration's piece-meal commitment of men and material has wasted our massive military superiority and frittered away our options. The result has been a prolonged was of attrition."
RTR quote for 28 August 1968: JAMES MADISON, Letter, 1822: "A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."
Lest we forget…    Bear
Item Number:1 Date: 08/28/2018 AFGHANISTAN - 8 TALIBAN FIGHTERS KILLED IN AIRSTRIKE ON BORDER WITH TAJIIKISTAN (AUG 28/RFE/RL)  RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY -- At least eight Taliban fighters have been killed and six wounded in an airstrike along the Afghan border with Tajikistan, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.   On Monday, jets struck Taliban positions in the Darqad district of Takhar province, said local police.   The origin of the aircraft was unclear. Both the Tajik and Russian governments denied that their aircraft were involved. Russia maintains a military presence in Tajikistan. Afghan officials quoted by Tolo News (Afghanistan) said the jets were Tajik.   The airstrike followed a shooting on Sunday that killed two Tajik forest rangers. Both Tajik officials and a Taliban spokesman blamed the shooting on drug-smugglers.   Clashes are rare along the border but have increased recently amid deteriorating security in the region.  
Item Number:5 Date: 08/28/2018 CHINA - AG600 AMPHIBIOUS AIRCRAFT SET FOR WATER TRIALS (AUG 28/XIN)  XINHUA -- China's indigenous AG600 Kunlong amphibious aircraft has completed ground trials and will soon begin water testing, reports Xinhua, China's state news agency.   The Kunlong successfully completed a trial flight from Zhuhai in the southern Guangdong province to Jingmen in the central Hubei province on Sunday, said the manufacturer, China Aviation Industry General Aircraft.   The aircraft is scheduled to undertake flight and technical tests at the Zhanghe Reservoir in Jingmen.   The Kunlong, powered by four domestic turboprop engines, has an endurance of up to 12 hours and an operational range of up to 2,800 miles (4,500 km). It can accommodate 50 people for search-and-rescue missions and can take off and land in 6.5-foot (2-m) waves.   The latter capability enables the AG600 to operate from China's facilities in the South China Sea.   The aircraft is designed for search-and-rescue, firefighting and maritime surveillance missions.   The Kunlong made its first flight in December
  Item Number:6 Date: 08/28/2018 CHINA - TYPE 001A AIRCRAFT CARRIER BEGINS FINAL SEA TRIALS (AUG 28/SCMP)  SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST -- The first indigenously-built Chinese aircraft carrier has entered its final sea trials, reports the South China Morning Post.   Photographs released by the Chinese military on Sunday showed the carrier being pulled by several tugboats into the Yellow Sea, some three months after its initial sea testing.   The trials could take between six and 12 months to complete, said analysts.   The tests will focus on evaluating the ship's propulsion, communications, weapons and damage control systems, said one Hong Kong-based analyst.   Take-off and landing tests with helicopters and carrier-based jets are also likely.   The Type 001A is expected to be commissioned before the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China in October 2019.   
  Item Number:7 Date: 08/28/2018 IRAN - PILOT DIES IN FIGHTER LANDING MISHAP IN SOUTHWEST (AUG 28/FARS)  FARS NEWS AGENCY -- An Iranian air force pilot has been killed in a hard landing at an airfield in southwestern Iran, reports the semi-official Fars news agency.   The two-seat F-5 fighter jet experienced a technical malfunction while landing at the 4th military air base in Dezful in Khuzestan province on Sunday.   The co-pilot survived the crash and was rushed to the hospital.   The fighter sustained minor damage in the crash, said a statement from the Dezful airbase.   The military has launched an investigation into the cause of the crash
  Item Number:9 Date: 08/28/2018 LIBYA - CEASE-FIRE REACHED IN TRIPOLI AFTER 5 KILLED, 33 INJURED IN CLASHES (AUG 28/LIBOB)  LIBYA OBSERVER -- A cease-fire has come into effect after heavy fighting in the Libyan capital between government forces and militias, reports the Libya Observer.   On Tuesday, fighters withdrew from many areas of Tripoli's southern suburbs and security forces resumed control of checkpoints, reported the news channel Libya Al-Ahrar.   Under the cease-fire agreement reached on Monday, all sides must remove heavy weapons from the areas where fighting took place, said Jalal al-Wershifani, a senior commander of the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade.   The 7th Brigade would return to its home district of Qaser Bin Ghashir, he said.   Fighting broke out on Sunday between the Tarhuna-based 7th Infantry Brigade, also called the Kani or Kaniat Brigade, and a group of Tripoli-based militias., reported the Libya Herald.   At least five people were killed and 33 injured in the violence, according the Tripoli-based health ministry.   Residents reported heavy gunfire and the deployment of tanks and armored vehicles, reported Al Jazeera (Qatar).   Both sides accused the other of fomenting the violence, accusing the other expanding into new territory.  
Item Number:11 Date: 08/28/2018 MALI - ISIS DEPUTY KILLED IN FRENCH AIRSTRIKE (AUG 28/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- The French military says it has killed a senior leader of the local affiliate of the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) in northeastern Mali, reports Agence France-Presse.   Overnight Sunday, two French Mirage 2000 jets attacked targets in the Menaka region, the French armed forces said in a statement.   Ground forces followed up on the airstrike and confirmed the death of Mohamed Ag Almouner and his bodyguard at an isolated camp, said an army spokesman.   Ag Almouner was a deputy leader in the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) militant group, the spokesman said.   Two civilians, a woman and a teenager, were also killed. Two civilians and an ISIS member were injured in the strike. The link between the civilians and the ISGS leader was unknown, said the spokesman.   The French statement expressed regret at the loss of civilian life and promised an investigation.   ISGS is believed to be responsible for the October 2017 ambush that killed four U.S. Green Berets.   
  Item Number:16 Date: 08/28/2018 USA - NAVY DEMONSTRATES AIR-LAUNCHED DECOY CAPABILITIES IN FREE-FLIGHT TESTS (AUG 28/FG)  FLIGHTGLOBAL -- The U.S. Navy's next-generation miniature air-launched decoy (MALD-X) has successfully completed a series of free-flight demonstrations, reports Flight Global.   The flights were conducted at the Point Mugu Range in southern California on Aug. 20 and Aug. 22.   The project aims to demonstrate the operational effectiveness and tactical advantages of large numbers of collaborative, expendable platforms, the Pentagon said in a release on Aug. 23.   The MALD-X has an improved electronic warfare payload, enhanced net-enabled data link and can perform low-altitude flight. It is modular, allowing the Navy to insert adaptive payloads and capabilities for future missions.   The decoy is slated for integration with the Navy's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter jets.   The service plans to conduct additional tests on other enhancements to the MALD-X next year. 

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