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This day in Naval History
Aug 23
1819—Commodore Oliver H. Perry, the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie, dies aboard the schooner, USS Nonsuch, in Trinidad of a fever contracted during his successful efforts to suppress piracy while maintaining the friendship of Latin American governments. It was his 34th birthday.
1862—A boat crew from USS Essex, commanded by Capt. William D. Porter, is fired on by Confederate guerillas at Bayou Sara, LA. In return, USS Essex shells the town.
1864—During the Civil War, Rear Adm. David G. Farragut's squadron captures Fort Morgan at Mobile Bay, AL, winning control of Mobile Bay. The fort withstands naval bombardment for more than two weeks.
1890—USS Baltimore (Cruiser #3) departs New York Harbor to return the remains of inventor John Ericsson to his native Sweden. For the US Navy, Ericsson's most notable designs are for USS Princeton and USS Monitor. In honor of Ericsson, three U.S. Navy ships have been named in his honor: the torpedo boat Ericsson (Torpedo Boat # 2), 1897-1912; and the destroyers Ericsson (DD 56), 1915-1934; and Ericsson (DD 440), 1941-1970.
1942—During Operation Europe, USS Tuscaloosa (CA 37), escorted by destroyers Rodman (DD 456) and Emmons (DD 457) and British destroyer HMS Onslaught, arrives at Murmansk, Russia, and disembark men and unloads equipment from two RAF Bomber Command squadrons that were transferred to North Russia.
1944—USS Haddo (SS 255) torpedoes Japanese destroyer Asakaze as the enemy warship is escorting tanker, Niyo Maru, 20 miles southwest of Cape Bolinao, Luzon, Philippine Islands. Asakaze later sinks near Dasol Bay after attempts at salvage fail. Also on this date, USS Tang (SS 306) attacks a Japanese convoy off Honshu, sinking cargo ship, Tsukushi Maru off Hamamatsu.
1963—The first satellite communications ship, USNS Kingsport (T AG 164) connects President John F. Kennedy with Nigerian Prime Minister Balewa who is aboard for the first satellite (Syncom II) relayed telephone conversation between heads of state, in Lagos, Nigeria.
Thanks to CHINFO
Executive Summary:
Today's top headlines include continued coverage of the guilty verdict and plea of President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and personal attorney Michael Cohen, and the White House response, along with the attempted hacking of the Democratic National Convention's voter database. Defense News announced that CNO Adm. John Richardson will be the opening keynote speaker at the Defense News Conference on Sept. 5. Richardson will give his perspective on how the Navy is responding to changes in the U.S. defense strategy and a return to great power competition. USNI News reports that Rear Adm. David Goggins took command as Program Executive Officer for Submarines last week, relieving Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley. Additionally, Stars and Stripes reports that the Navy has evacuated all Hawaii-based vessels ahead of Hurricane Lane.
Today in History
August 23
Turks expel the crusaders under Frederick II from Jerusalem.
Scottish patriot William Wallace is hanged, drawn, beheaded, and quartered in London.
Jacques Cartier lands near Quebec on his third voyage to North America.
King George III of England refuses the American colonies' offer of peace and declares them in open rebellion.
After 11 years of war, Spain grants Mexican independence as a constitutional monarchy.
Union batteries cease their first bombardment of Fort Sumter, leaving it a mass of rubble but still unconquered by the Northern besiegers.
Booker T. Washington forms the National Negro Business League in Boston, Massachusetts.
Fanny Farmer, among the first to emphasize the relationship of diet to health, opens her School of Cookery in Boston.
The Emperor of Japan declares war on Germany.
Joseph Stalin and German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop sign a non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany, freeing Adolf Hitler to invade Poland and Stalin to invade Finland.
German forces begin an assault on the major Soviet industrial city of Stalingrad.
Up to 77,000 members of the U.S. Army Organized Reserve Corps are called involuntarily to active duty to fight the Korean War.
The Arab League security pact linking seven Arab States in a military, political and economic alliance goes into effect.
The first flight of the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft takes place.
The Second Taiwan Strait crisis begins: the People's Liberation Army bombards the island of Quemoy during Chinese Civil War.
Belgium sends troops to Rwanda-Urundi during bloody Tutsi-Hutu conflict.
Lunar Orbiter 1 takes the first photograph of Earth from the moon.
Pathet Lao communists occupy Vientiane, Laos.
Bryan Allen, piloting the Gossamer Condor, wins the Kremer prize for the first human-powered aircraft to fly a one-mile, figure-eight course.
The Iranian army opens an offensive against the Kurds.
Armenia declares independence from the USSR.
East and West Germany announce they will unite on Oct 3.
Osama bin Laden issues a message entitled "A declaration of war against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy places."
Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi is overthrown after National Transitional Council forces take control of the Bab al-Azizia compound during the 2011 Libyan Civil War.
A 5.8 earthquake centered at Mineral, Virginia, damages the Washington Monument, forcing the landmark to close for repairs.
A very interesting read indeed!
Great geo-political read!!!
The author is Joel Ross, Principal, Citadel Realty Advisors, 15 West 36th Street, NYC, NY.  Mr. Ross publishes the Ross Rant, a $300 per subscription newsletter, which makes predictions based upon economic data.
Ross Rant
July 29 2018
To understand the trade war with China, you need to understand that
China at the moment is having a major slowdown economically. The stock
market is down 25%. Many banks are being bailed out by the government.
Everything and everyone in China is way over levered, and the economy
is therefore in a high risk position which the government was trying
to fix.  The trade war got in the way, forcing the government to
subsidize the smaller banks. China is loaning tens of billions to
countries like Pakistan to build ports and railroads and
infrastructure. Problem is, these countries have zero possible way to
ever repay these loans.  So now they are faced with stopping the
projects or asking the IMF to bail them out.
It is a mess for China and the countries who took the loans.  There is
starting to be pushback against China for this. So, Trump's timing to
go after China is exactly right.  They are in a weakened position
right now. Ignore all the hype about how they could sell their $1.4
trillion of US Treasuries —to who???  Not going to happen.  The whole
world agrees China violates every rule on trade and steals IP.  Trump
is just the only one who is willing to take them on, with the rest of
the world cheering him on from the sidelines.  Now it appears the EU
is willing to cooperate with Trump and revise the WTO and to push
China on IP and other trade violations.  Something they were never
willing to do before.
Can 4% GDP growth continue?  Maybe. But 3.5% would be great.  Remember
the left, and the press saying in 2016 and early 2017,  2% was the new
normal maximum, and the US was at its peak and we faced stagflation,
economic decline, etc. 2% was the accepted number as what good growth
would be.  Larry Summers was right out there saying 4% was impossible.
Some in the mainstream media and Wall St said getting above 2% was
pure fantasy, and Trump was dreaming.
So, as I have said often, ignore the talking heads, and the mainstream
media.  They all have an agenda.  Almost none are objective.  The tax
bill and deregulation was a huge boost.  The left just can't admit it.
There are even stories now in the press that 4% is really a bad
thing???  4% is great, it may not be 4% next quarter, but 3.5% would
be terrific.  If Trump really does a deal with the EU, Mexico and
Canada, and then Japan, 3.5%, or better, is very realistic.
Capital expenditures will ramp up further once the tariff issues
subside and that uncertainty goes away.  They say exports were hyped
due to pending tariffs, but to do that, inventories were drawn down,
so this quarter inventories will be rebuilt, pushing up GDP growth
upward.  The press does not want you to believe it because it means
the Republicans win in November, so they will try to convince you
otherwise.  Even my very liberal economist friends admit privately to
me that the economy is going to be booming for at least 6 more
quarters.  The key is to reelect Republicans to control Congress.
Keep in mind Maxine Waters is chair of the finance committee if the
Dems get control, and Nancy is speaker.  Think about that combo, and
the ability to get budgets and more tax reform done.  It should drive
you to the polls and to take all your friends with you to vote.  What
a trade: Trump, and 4% GDP,or Maxine Waters.
If you want to understand Russia, and the whole gas pipeline issue---
gas and oil is 52% of Russia's GDP.  The GDP of Russia is slightly
smaller than NY State, around $1.5 trillion. GDP per capita is only
$8,748 in 2017.  Far lower than in 2013.  We heard this first hand
when I was in Russia, but now the stats show it to be true.  The
standard of living in Russia is declining. 20% of the Russian budget
goes to weapons and the army.
So Trump is right - how can Germany build a new gas pipeline with
Russia which will fund more weapons spending, when they are supposedly
having sanctions because of weapons and Crimea.  It is nuts.  The gas
line will provide Russia billions of new cash flow for weapons which
are aimed at ----Germany.  But Merkel also thought letting in over 1
million Muslims was also a great idea until the voters rebelled, and
the rest of the EU voted right wing in response.
Reality is Russia is now in economic decline due to lower oil prices
and corruption.  Defense spending was reduced this year.  So what does
Merkel want to do – build the pipeline to pay them more badly needed
money.  Trump is not out of line for his comments.  The pipeline is
the same as Obama paying Iran $150 billion just as their economy was
tanking.  Truth is Russia cannot afford to wage a real war in Europe
now that Trump has forced NATO to materially up spending and
If Obama was still in power Putin could take over Baltic states and
have only a few sanctions because under Obama NATO was militarily
unable to react.  That was why Putin felt he could go into Crimea with
no big problem.  Putin also knew he could continue his cyber war with
no real consequences under Obama.  Don't believe the crap about Trump
favors Putin, or they have something on him.  It is more lefty
nonsense.  The US pays 71% of NATO costs.  Germany pays less than 1.2%
of their GDP for their own defense.  We pay far more for Germany's
defense than Germany does, and they can afford to pay.
Trump is right for making this a major issue.  So in 2018, NATO and
the US are upping spending on defense and Russia cannot keep up.
Russia is forced to reduce spending because oil prices did not rise as
much as Putin needed.
Under Obama US defense spending went down from 2013 on, and Russia
went up a lot, and China even more.  Obama left us in very bad and
weak shape vs our main adversaries.  It was massive US defense
spending by Reagan vs Russia, that won the cold war.  The story now is
very similar vs Russia and Iran.  The best way to win a war is to far
out spend the bad guys until they fold with no shots being fired.  A
strong offensive capability and willingness to use it (missiles fired
at Syria) is the best defense.  Putin and Xi got the message.  Putin
blew it by favoring Trump.  The last thing he wanted was a much
stronger US military and stronger, capable NATO.
Iran's GDP is $439 billion, less than that of 14 states.  And now it
is tanking. Obama gave them $150 billion - 34% of their GDP.  Iran
cannot compete with US and Israel.  Israel is much smaller by
population and has a GDP of $320 billion.  With sanctions Trump is
imposing, Iran is in real economic trouble, and cannot afford a war
with us, the Sunnis and Israel.
The Obama nuke deal just empowered Iran to go on an expansion into
Syria, Iraq, Yemen  and Lebanon.  Now Israel and the US are pushing
back with the help of the Sunnis.  Reimposing sanctions will severely
cripple Iran and they will likely try to attack shipping in the
straits and the Red Sea.  It will end very badly for them now that the
Sunnis, Israel and the US are teamed up, the US military is being
rebuilt, Sadr is pushing back on Iran trying to control Iraq, and the
Iranian people are protesting and ready to revolt.
The entire Mideast situation is going to change by year end when
sanctions go back into effect.  Iran will run out of money to continue
their expansion.  What is astonishing is Merkel and the EU prefer to
try to get around the US sanctions and trade with Iran instead of
cooperating with us and destroying the regime.  And the press thinks
Trump acts badly with the EU???  The EU doesn't pay for their own
defense and they favor Iran.
The US economy is on a roll.  It will be strong well into 2019 and
maybe into 2020.  The stock market will go up. Just be patient.  Bond
prices will decline further.  All equities will continue to work.
They will resolve trade in the next 90 days.  Before November. NAFTA
will get revised. WTO will get revised.  Putin is in no economic shape
to invade anyone, or do another Syria.  He is now motivated to try to
work with Trump.  If oil prices stay around where they are, Russia is
hurting. Q3 GDP will be over 3%.  This is like under Reagan.
Trump will bury Putin in military spending and Putin will have to
concede on some issues.  It will just take time.  It took Reagan three
years.  If the result is no pipeline, Russia is in more trouble.  Farm
products in the EU will still be a big problem.  Macron cannot give in
on this and stay in office.  From here on it is all about China, and
how Xi can give in and not lose face.
Bottom line, a very strong US economy and big defense spending will
overwhelm Russia and Iran. A strong economy, allowing big defense
spending, matters a lot in terms of geopolitics. The price of oil is
strategic, not just economic.
Nicky Haley will be elected president in 2024  She will be the first
woman president. Mark it down
There are many great Hoser Stories. Here are 2
Thanks to Billy, and many others who know Hoser …
This story came from a U.S. Naval Academy alumni blog                    
Like all great TINS flying stories, this one starts with, "Once upon a time…"
Once upon a time there was this infamous Navy fighter pilot named Joe "Hoser" Satrapa (USNA'64).
Joe got his call sign the first time he was on a gunnery range near El Centro, California. On his first three firing passes, he missed the target. This upset him to the bone, so he resolved to make his fourth pass count. Flying as number four in a flight of four, he cut off number three during the last gunnery circuit, then "hosed" all his remaining ammunition at the target . . . missing it again! 
After being chewed out by his mission leader for his lack of in-flight discipline, Satrapa was awarded the call sign "Hoser."He became an excellent pilot, completed 162 combat missions over Vietnam, made more than 500 carrier landings, and was known throughout the Navy for his dogfighting prowess. But Hoser was almost as well known for his don't-give-a-crap-about-paperwork attitude and the lack of deference he showed non-aviators, especially those of higher rank. Because of his "administrative deficiencies", he was forced out of the Navy as an 0-4 in the early 1980's. 
When John Lehman (a former Navy A-6 bombardier - WSO) became Secretary of the Navy a couple of years later, he arranged for a presidential order by Ronald Reagan to return Hoser to service with a promotion to 0-5. Lehman himself handed over the Silver Leafs on the day Hoser was welcomed back into the Navy. 
Hoser was assigned to the Navy's Fighter Weapons School, Topgun, and was put in charge of the F-14 gun program where he continued to do what he did best . . . fly and fight and train Naval aviators to do the same. Hoser's Air to Air Guns brief, done as Patton's Flag Speech, was a highlight.
Sometime in 1986, Hoser "procured" a 20MM barrel from an F-14 gun.  He attached it to a breach and fashioned himself a rather formidable weapon. One day while Hoser was playing around with his new invention, the breach blew up taking off Hoser's right index finger and thumb.  Note well that a right thumb is essential for flying a jet fighter because the electric trim tab is located on the top of the control stick where the pilot's thumb rests while holding the stick. Thus a pilot without a right thumb is unable to fly a jet fighter.
But the lack of a right thumb would not stop Hoser. He convinced the surgeon to take off his right big toe and attach it to his right hand . . . now he had three fingers and a big toe. It looked a bit like a lobster claw but Hoser demonstrated that he could operate the trim button, so he went back on flight status . . . with a new call sign, "Toeser". 
Hey, you just can't make this stuff up.
So what does an old Navy fighter pilot do when he gets too old to fly Navy fighters? Joe becamea water bomber, sometimes called a smoke bomber. THE USN S-2F "TRACKER" WITH RADIAL ENGINES REPLACED WITH TURBOPROPS.  
When a smoke pilot is on a run, he says, "I'm in the smoke." 
The YouTube video captures the essence of Toeser:
And if you look closely, you can see the toe on his right hand several times in the video, but you have to be watching for it.
PS - my brother-in-law, Chris "Boomer" Wilson, was CO of FWS when Hoser was there … no end to Hoser stories … and many can be found w. Google ...

  Item Number:4 Date: 08/23/2018 LIBYA - ISIS ATTACK KILLS 4 AT ZLETIN CHECKPOINT (AUG 23/LIBOB)  LIBYA OBSERVER -- Four security personnel have been killed and three badly injured in an attack by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in western Libya, reports the Libya Observer.   The attack on Thursday targeted a checkpoint between the cities of Al-Khumus and Zletin, reported local media.   The checkpoint was manned by the Al-Sahel Protection Force, the head of security for Zletin told Alnabaa TV.   Militants attacked with guns and grenades rather than a vehicle bomb, he said.   ISIS has typically used large car bombs to target checkpoints and other security sites in Libya
  Item Number:7 Date: 08/23/2018 NORTH KOREA - PYONGYANG CONTINES NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES, SAYS IAEA (AUG 23/GU)  THE GUARDIAN -- North Korea is continuing to work on its nuclear program, according to a new report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as cited by the Guardian (U.K.).   Activities consistent with the enrichment of uranium and construction at the country's main nuclear site is a cause for grave concern, says the report published on Aug. 20.   Pyongyang expelled IAEA inspectors from North Korea in 2009 and has not permitted them to return since, noted Agence France-Presse. The agency has subsequently enhanced monitoring through open source information and satellite imagery. However, the lack of verification activities limits its knowledge of the North Korean program, said the IAEA. As activities continue, the agency's knowledge erodes.   There is evidence of continued operations at the Yongbyon nuclear site as well as indications of ongoing use of the reported centrifuge enrichment facility at the plant, says the report.   In June, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula during a summit in Singapore.   Some officials expressed concern that North Korea would continue developing its nuclear program after the summit since a formal deal between Washington and Pyongyang was not signed.   North Korea wants to hold onto its nuclear weapons as long as possible while extracting as many concessions as it can, said analysts.   U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to make a fourth visit to Pyongyang for further nuclear negotiations.   During the planned talks, North Korea is expected to provide a list of its secret nuclear test sites, as well as information about its nuclear warheads, likely in exchange for a formal declaration of the end of the Korean war, said an unnamed source cited by the Korea Times.  
Item Number:9 Date: 08/23/2018 RUSSIA - KALASHNIKOV UNVEILS BIPEDAL COMBAT ROBOT CONCEPT (AUG 23/RT)  RUSSIA TODAY -- Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has unveiled a concept design for a humanoid combat robot, reports Russia Today.   The 13-foot (4-meter) tall "controlled bipedal walker" was unveiled this week at the Army 2018 weapons expo outside of Moscow.   The platform walks upright and has two arms said to be capable of holding and moving objects, including weapons. The robot is intended for engineering and combat missions, according Kalashnikov. It weighs about 4.5 tons.   The operators sit in a pod atop the legs surrounded by bulletproof glass and armor.   A company source told RBC news that the system was named "Igoryok." The company denied naming the design.   Tthe announcement was met with incredulity and derision in a number of outlets. Some including Gizmodo, said it was unlikely that the robot was able to move.   Analysts noted the platform's similarity to a number of robotic weapons seen in U.S. films.  
  Item Number:10 Date: 08/23/2018 SOMALIA - 2 AL-SHABAAB MILITANTS DIE IN U.S. AIR STRIKE NEAR KISMAYO (AUG 23/AFRICOM)  AFRICA COMMAND -- Two Al-Shabaab militants have been killed in a U.S.-led airstrike in southern Somalia, reports the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).   U.S. forces, in coordination with the Somali government, conducted an airstrike about 28 miles (46 km) northeast of Kismayo on Tuesday.   No civilians were killed in the strike, said an AFRICOM statement.   AFRICOM supports the U.N. African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), providing advice and assistance as well as air support against Al-Shabaab forces, noted the Defense Post.   U.S. forces have carried out 20 airstrikes against Al-Shabaab this year, reported Mareeg (Somalia).  
Item Number:13 Date: 08/23/2018 SYRIA - ISIS LEADER CALLS FOR PATIENCE, URGES ATTACKS IN WEST IN RARE AUDIO MESSAGE (AUG 23/LWJ)  LONG WAR JOURNAL -- The Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) has released a new audio message it says comes from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reports the Long War Journal.   In the message released on Wednesday, the first in nearly a year, Baghdadi downplays the group's territorial losses in Iraq and Syria while calling for patience and faith.   The recording references current events, including ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Turkey, which suggests it was made recently.   Baghdadi suggested that the U.S. was at a low point in its international influence. He also spoke of the growing role of Russia and Iran in Syria, promising to fight on.   Referencing the Syrian government's advances in the south and west, Baghdadi criticized opposition groups who entered into settlements with Damascus.   Soldiers fighting for the regime should open their eyes and fight only to implement ISIS' version of Islamic law in Syria, said Baghdadi.   He also called for adherents to conduct attacks in the West, such as stabbings, bombings and vehicle attacks.   Baghdadi's speech coincides with the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice.   His last audio recording was released in September 2017. Since then, the group has lost significant sections of territory it once controlled. Baghdadi's son was reportedly killed fighting in July.  
  Item Number:14 Date: 08/23/2018 USA - F-35A NOSE GEAR COLLAPSES AFTER LANDING AT EGLIN AFB (AUG 23/DN)  DEFENSE NEWS -- A U.S. Air Force F-35A fighter jet has suffered a mishap while landing at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., reports Defense News.   The fighter, assigned to the 58th Fighter Squadron, was returning to the base on Wednesday after experiencing a mid-air emergency, when its nose landing gear collapsed on the runway. The fighter landed safely and parked before the landing gear collapsed, said officials from Eglin AFB.   Photos published by the Northwest Florida Daily News (Fort Walton Beach) show the jet nose down on the runway.   Fire crews responded immediately. The pilot was unhurt in the incident.   The damage from the mishap, or the unspecified mid-air emergency, has not been made public.   The Air Force has launched an investigation
  Item Number:16 Date: 08/23/2018 YEMEN - AIRSTRIKES IN NORTH KILLS 21, INCLUDING TOP HOUTHI LEADER (AUG 23/AL ARABIYA)  AL ARABIYA -- A senior leader was among 21 Houthi fighters killed in an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, reports Al Arabiya (Dubai).   Mohammed Hassan Haddad al-Aqwaa and 20 other fighters were killed in an air attack on Wednesday in Yemen's northern Hajjah governorate.   The strike targeted a meeting of Houthi leaders in the Abes district, which the group calls its fifth military district.   Meanwhile, the Houthis declared a state of emergency in the Marran area of the Saada governorate in the face of increasing attacks from the Saudi-led coalition, said a Yemeni military source.   At least 12 Houthi fighters were killed and two military vehicles destroyed in fighting along the border between Saada and Hajjah, said the Yemeni army.

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