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A bit of history and some tidbits. A year ago we got out and voted and what a year since.
This Day In Naval History - November 8
1861 - CAPT Charles Wilkes seizes two Confederate diplomats from the British steamer Trent, causing an international controversy with Great Britain (known as the Trent Affair).
1942 - Operation Torch (Allied landings in French Northwest Africa).
American forces land at Casablanca. French naval forces attack U.S. Navy ships and 13 French ships are sunk without a loss to the U.S.
1956 - Navy Stratolab balloon (LCDRs Malcolm D. Ross and M. Lee Lewis) better world height record soaring to 76,000 feet over Black Hills, SD, on flight to gather meteorological, cosmic ray, and other scientific data.
1975 - Over 100 Sailors and Marines from USS Inchon (LPH-12) and USS Bagley
(DE-1069) fight a fire aboard a Spanish merchant vessel at Palma.
From the Birth of the Marines to the First Jet Fight by W. Thomas Smith Jr.
This Week in American Military History:
Nov. 7, 1811:  The Battle of Tippecanoe is fought between U.S. forces – composed of U.S. Army infantry, Kentucky volunteers, and Indiana militia all under the command of Indiana Gov. William Henry Harrison – and elements of Shawnee chief Tecumseh's American Indian confederation under the command of Tenskwatawa (Tecumseh's brother).
The fighting, which takes place near present-day Battle Ground, Indiana, will be a victory for U.S. forces.  And Harrison – destined to become a brig. gen. during the War of 1812 and ultimately president of the United States – will forever be known as "the hero of Tippecanoe."
Nov. 7, 1863:  Union forces under the command of Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick decisively defeat Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Jubal Early in the Battle of Rappahannock Station (Va.).
Though a "a complete and glorious victory" for the Union Army, Confederate Col. Walter Taylor will refer to the battle as "the saddest chapter in the history of this army … miserable, miserable management."
In six months, Sedgwick will be shot and killed by a Confederate sharpshooter during the bloody Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.
Nov. 8, 1805:  The U.S. Army's Corps of Discovery – best known as the Lewis and Clark expedition – led by Capt. (future governor of the Lousiana
Territory) Meriwether Lewis and Capt. (future Brig. Gen. of Lousiana Territory militia and governor of the Missouri Territory) William Clark reach the Pacific Ocean.
In his journal, Clark writes (unedited): "Great joy in camp we are in view of the Ocian this great Pacific Ocean which we been so long anxious to See.
and the roreing or noise made by the waves braking on the rockey shores (as I Suppose) may be heard distinctly."
Nov. 8, 1942:  U.S. and British forces begin landing in French North Africa, primarily Morocco and Algeria. Codenamed Torch, the operation is a huge success: Vichy French (Nazi collaborating) forces capitulate within two days, and the Allies establish a major foothold in Africa.
Nov. 8, 1950:  U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Russell J. Brown, flying an F-86 Shooting Star, shoots down a North Korean MiG-15 fighter in history's first jet-to-jet combat. The dogfight, which lasts only 60 seconds, nearly kills Brown who barely manages to pull his shuddering aircraft out of a steep dive after the victory.
Nov. 10, 1775:  Happy Birthday and Semper Fidelis to "the world's most exclusive gun club!" The Continental Congress authorizes the establishment of a force of American Marines for service on land and sea in the American War of Independence.
The legislation reads (unedited):
Resolved, That two Battalions of marines be raised, Consisting of one Colonel, two Lieutenant Colonels, two Majors, and other officers as usual in other regiments; and that they consist of an equal number of privates with other battalions; that special care be taken, that no persons be appointed to office, or inlisted into said Battalions, but such as are good seamen, or so aquatinted with maritime affairs as to be able to serve to advantage by sea when required: that they be inlisted and commissioned to serve for and during the present war between Great Britain and the colonies, unless dismissed by order of Congress: that they be distinguished by the names of the first and second battalions of American Marines,  and that they be considered as part of the number which the continental Army before Boston is ordered to consist of."
This directive heralds the birthday of the Continental (eventually, U.S.) Marine Corps. The first recruits to enlist – two weeks later – will be a motley mix of young adventurers and street toughs captained by the barkeep of a Philadelphia alehouse.
Quickly whipped into a crack contingent of seagoing soldiers, the Marines will evolve into one of the world's premier military organizations, or – as rocker Ted Nugent says in a 2008 tribute to the Corps – "the world's most exclusive gun club."
Nov. 11, 1839:  Virginia Military Institute opens its doors for the first time.
Nov. 11, 1865:  Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a surgeon contracted to the Union Army, becomes the first and only female recipient of the Medal of Honor.
Walker receives the Medal for "meritorious service." But her award will be rescinded in 1917 when standards are stiffened and recipients have to have been engaged in "actual combat with an enemy." Nevertheless, Walker refuses to surrender the Medal, wearing it every day of her life until her death in 1919.
Walker's award will be reinstated in 1977.
Nov. 11, 1918:  World War I ends with the signing of the armistice between the Germans and the Allies on the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month." Thus, Armistice Day, which in the United States will evolve into our present Veterans Day.
In 1927, nine years after the war, Pres. Calvin Coolidge will issue a congressionally authorized proclamation calling for the display of U.S.
flags on all government buildings to remember Armistice Day. In 1938, Pres.
Franklin D. Roosevelt will sign a bill into law making Armistice Day an official holiday within the District of Columbia. In 1954, Congress will change the name to Veterans Day to honor all American servicemen and women from all eras, and Pres. (retired Gen.) Dwight D. Eisenhower will call on the entire nation to appropriately observe the day.
Nov. 12, 1912:  Nearly three years to the day before Lt. Commander Henry Mustin becomes the first American to make a catapult launch from a ship underway (see last week), Lt. Theodore Gordon Ellyson makes the first successful aircraft catapult launch in Naval aviation history. He does so in a Curtiss A-3 launched from a stationary coal barge.
Ellyson will rise to the rank of commander, receive the Navy Cross for service in World War I, and be killed in a plane crash in 1928.
Nov. 12, 1942:  The Naval Battle off Guadalcanal – pitting U.S. and Australian forces against the Japanese – opens, which will not only result in heavy losses for the Japanese, but will effectively turn the enemy's prosecution of the war from offense to defense.
Open the site below to in order see the whole article and play the video which contains the Big and Rich song the 8th of November. Very good.
Video embedded · 118 Responses to November 8, 1965 – Operation Hump. A tribute to the brave ... Rich's song 8th of November to teach about Vietnam to ... up November 8, 1965 ...
A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.
-Theodore Roosevelt-
Every once in a while I like to pay tribute to certain troops who have sacrificed their all fighting for the American Military. This tribute goes back to the Vietnam war, to Operation Hump. A search and destroy mission that was fought from November 5 – 8th, of 1965, and involved the 173rd Airborne brigade, and some troops from Australia. The total force for the American forces that day were about 400. The enemy who ambushed the 173rd, numbered around 1200. Here is their story, along with the video of the song 8th of November by Big and Rich, with an introduction by Kris Kristofferson.
Operation Hump was a search and destroy operation initiated on 5 November 1965[1] by the 173rd Airborne Brigade, in an area about 17.5 miles north of Bien Hoa. The 1st Battalion,[2] Royal Australian Regiment, deployed south of the Dong Nai River while the 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry, conducted a helicopter assault on an LZ northwest of the Dong Nai and Song Be Rivers. Little contact was made through 7 November, when B and C Companies settled into a night defensive position southeast of Hill 65, a triple-canopy jungled hill.
Operation detail
At about 0600 on the morning of 8 November C Company began a move northwest toward Hill 65, while B Company moved northeast toward Hill 78. Shortly before 0800, C Company was engaged by a sizable enemy force well dug in to the southern face of Hill 65. At 0845, B Company was directed to wheel in place and proceed toward Hill 65 with the intention of relieving C Company.
B Company reached the foot of Hill 65 at about 0930 and moved up the hill. It became obvious that there was a large enemy force in place on the hill, C Company was getting hammered, and by chance, B Company was forcing the enemy's right flank.
Under pressure from B Company's flanking attack the enemy force—most of a People's Liberation Armed Forces (Viet Cong) regiment—moved to the northwest, whereupon the B Company commander called in air and artillery fire on the retreating troops. B Company halted in place in an effort to locate and consolidate with C Company's platoons, managing to establish a coherent defensive line running around the hilltop from southeast to northwest, but with little cover on the southern side.
Meanwhile, the PLAF commander realized that his best chance was to close with the US forces so that the 173rd's air and artillery fire could not be effectively employed. PLAF troops attempted to out-flank the US position atop the hill from both the east and the southwest, moving his troops closer to the Americans. The result was shoulder-to-shoulder attacks up the hillside, hand-to-hand fighting, and isolation of parts of B and C Companies but the Americans held against two such attacks. Although the fighting continued after the second massed attack, it reduced in intensity as the PLAF troops again attempted to disengage and withdraw. By late afternoon it seemed that contact had been broken off, allowing the two companies to prepare a night defensive position while collecting their dead and wounded in the center of the position. Although a few of the most seriously wounded were extracted by USAF helicopters using Stokes litters, the triple-canopy jungle prevented the majority from being evacuated until the morning of 9 November.
Operation results and aftermath
The result of the battle was heavy losses on both sides—48 Paratroopers dead, many more wounded, and 403 dead PLAF troops.
Operation Hump is memorialized in a song by Big and Rich named 8 November (Introduction, by Kris Kristofferson):
"On November 8th 1965, the 173rd Airborne Brigade on "Operation Hump", war zone "D" in Vietnam, were ambushed by over 1200 VC. 48 American soldiers lost their lives that day. Severely wounded and risking his own life, Lawrence Joel, a medic, was the first living black man since the Spanish-American War to receive the United States Medal of Honor for saving so many lives in the midst of battle that day. Our friend, Niles Harris, retired 25 years United States Army, the guy who gave Big Kenny his top hat, was one of the wounded who lived. This song is his story. Caught in the action of kill or be killed, greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend.
To me, it is amazing that any of the American forces survived this battle, as the enemy outnumbered the Americans 3 to 1. But the casualties tell the story. On the American side there were 48 killed, many wounded. 2 Australian MIA's *located and repatriated to Australia on the 5th of June, 2007. The Commanders for the American side was the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The Commanders for the People's Liberation Armed Forces (Viet Cong) are unknown. Their strength was around 1,200 and they lost 403 that day. The result was a standoff. To me, that means the American forces that day did America proud. And I am very proud of what the American soldiers did on that bloody day on the 8th of November, 1965.
This my friends is what we should be proud of. The ability of Americans to do the impossible. And to come out of it not losing. The song 8th of November is about one of those brave men that fought that day against overwhelming odds…..and lived to tell about it. God bless these men who fought and died that day for the American might, against oppressive odds.
As an addition to this, I got a comment from a Dutch Holland, who was there on the 8th of November, of 1965, and fought in that battle. He was wounded there. He gave some additional information that I felt needed to be added here.
This my friends is what we should be proud of. The ability of Americans to do the impossible. And to come out of it not losing. The song 8th of November is about one of those brave men that fought that day against overwhelming odds…..and lived to tell about it. God bless these men who fought and died that day for the American might, against oppressive odds.
As an addition to this, I got a comment from a Dutch Holland, who was there on the 8th of November, of 1965, and fought in that battle. He was wounded there. He gave some additional information that I felt needed to be added here.
I was wounded on Hill 65 during Operation Hump (B1/503d) and would like to add more history to our legacy. After the battle of Hill 65 the 1st Infantry Division found hospital records from the 272nd VC Regiment when they took over one of their unit locations. In those records the 272nd recorded over 800 deaths on or near Hill 65 on the 8th of November. The 272nd was attached to the elite VC 9th Division who the 173d Airborne Brigade went against throughout their tour in the War Zone "D" area. I would also like to mention and thank the USAF ParaMedics (PJ's) who delivered us critical ammo and med supplies during our battle.
So that being added, I have to add, God bless all you who fought this battle, and Thank You all for your service.
God Bless America, her troops and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…
Thanks to John and Dick….Humor helps you live longer….Welcome additions to any ready room
A humorous repeat… except for the report of the accidents it may have caused.
  In Minnesota . . .
This actually happened.....They dressed the truck up with the guy tied down on the roof.
The driver and passengers put on moose heads. Then they went down road I-35 Interstate................... causing 16 accidents.

Yes, they went to jail.
Yes, alcohol was involved...
Yes, men cannot be left alone.
Item Number:1 Date: 11/08/2017 AFGHANISTAN - TALIBAN FAIL IN ATTACK ON POLICE TRAINING CENTER; 15 INSURGENTS KILLED (NOV 08/TN)  TOLONEWS -- Local officials say at least 15 Taliban fighters have been killed attacking a police training center in Afghanistan's Wardak province, reports TOLO News (Afghanistan).   The insurgents were trying to infiltrate the center in Dasht-e Top to launch a suicide attack on Tuesday evening, said police.   A source told China's Xinhua agency that one militant detonated a car bomb at the gate, letting the gunmen enter. Fifteen attackers were reportedly killed in the ensuing clash.   The attackers reportedly had firearms and suicide vests.   Casualties among the police were not immediately reported
  Item Number:2 Date: 11/08/2017 FRANCE - ANTI-TERRORISM RAIDS NAB 9 IN FRANCE, 1 IN SWITZERLAND (NOV 08/DEWELLE)  DEUTSCHE WELLE -- Ten people have been detained in counterterror raids carried out in France and Switzerland, reports Deutsche Welle, citing officials.   Tuesday's raids in Paris suburbs, southeastern France and western Switzerland resulted in nine arrests in France and one in Switzerland.   Swiss police said they detained a 23-year-old Colombian woman, suspected of being involved with Islamic State.   French police said they arrested a 27-year-old Swiss man, accusing him of contact with a 14-year-old boy who was "about to carry out" an attack, reports Agence France Presse.   Authorities began the investigation after suspicious activity on the messaging app Telegram. A Swiss suspect reportedly communicated with people in France and discussed terrorist activity
Item Number:3 Date: 11/08/2017 INDIA - DOMESTICALLY DEVELOPED NIRBHAY CRUISE MISSILE PASSES LATEST TEST (NOV 08/INDIAMOD)  INDIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- India's Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has completed a successful test-flight of the Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile, reports the Indian Ministry of Defense.   On Tuesday, the domestically developed weapon was test-fired at the integrated test range in Chandipur on India's east coast.   The Nirbhay missile met all test objectives throughout the flight, officials said.   This was the fifth experimental test of the missile, noted the Economic Times (India). Only one of the previous four was considered successful.   The missile successfully launched and cruised for 50 minutes, flying 402 miles (647 km) during the trial.  
Item Number:4 Date: 11/08/2017 IRAQ - LEAVE KIRKUK TO SECURITY FORCES, SHI'ITE LEADER TELLS HIS MILITIAMEN (NOV 08/RUDAW)  RUDAW -- An influential Shi'ite cleric has ordered militiamen loyal to him to leave the Iraqi city of Kirkuk within 72 hours, reports Rudaw (Iraqi Kurdistan).   In a statement released Tuesday, Moqtada al-Sadr urged the Saraya al-Salam militia to vacate the northern city and close their offices there. He told them to hand over control of the city to security forces.   The militia group is are part of the Popular Mobilization Forces, an umbrella organization of mostly independent, predominately Shi'ite militias loyal to Baghdad.   The Iraqi army and militias loyal to Baghdad retook the oil-rich city from Kurdish peshmerga fighters in late October.  
 Item Number:5 Date: 11/08/2017 JAPAN - TRILATERAL EXERCISES WITH U.S., INDIA CONCLUDE (NOV 08/JT)  JAPAN TIMES -- Ships from the U.S., Indian and Japanese navies have just concluded three days of exercises, reports the Japan Times, citing statements from the Ministry of Defense.   The Nov. 3-6 drills featured the USS Ronald Reagan carrier, a Japanese destroyer and two Indian warships. The exercise took place in the Sea of Japan.   The passing exercises included the USS Chafee guided missile destroyer as well as India's Satpura frigate and Kadmatt corvette and Japan's Inazuma destroyer. The ships practiced communications, leap-frog maneuvering, division tactics (DIVTACS), military security operation (MSO) training and  replenishment-at-sea (RAS), the 7th Fleet said in a statement
  Item Number:6 Date: 11/08/2017 NATO - ALLIANCE MISSION IN AFGHANISTAN TO INCREASE; 3,000 MORE ADVISERS EXPECTED (NOV 08/RFE/RL)  RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY -- NATO's top official says alliance members are ready to agree to increase the size of the NATO training mission in Afghanistan, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.   The addition of 3,000 troops, half expected to come from the United States, will increase the size of the Resolute Support mission to about 16,000, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told journalists in Brussels on Tuesday.   The move is anticipated during NATO defense minister talks in Brussels on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9.   The goal is to help Afghanistan break the stalemate, said Stoltenberg. NATO will also provide more support to the Afghan air force, he said.  
  Item Number:7 Date: 11/08/2017 PHILIPPINES - BEIJING, MANILA TREAD CAREFULLY ON S. CHINA SEA ISSUES (NOV 08/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered his military to stop construction on a sandbar in the South China Sea, following a complaint by China, reports the New York Times. The decision was announced Wednesday by the defense chief.   Duterte has also said that he will ask Beijing for clarification on China's ambitions in the waters during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam, reports Reuters. "You want to control the passage or do we have the free passage?" Duterte said on Wednesday.   China claims much of the strategic waterway and is building islands to extend its claims in the area. About US$3 trillion worth of goods pass through these waters each year.   Separately, Defense Minsiter Delfin Lorenzana said the two countries will negotiate in order to avoid "miscalculations" at sea, citing August's standoff after Manila began construction of a sandbar in the Spratly archipelago.   "We intend to sit down with China to draft and agree on a protocol to resolve immediately any incident," he said
Item Number:8 Date: 11/08/2017 PHILIPPINES - UPGRADING ON THE WAY FOR FACILITIES ON PAGASA ISLAND IN SPRATLYS; RAMP COMPLETION SET FOR EARLY 2018 (NOV 08/PDI)  PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER -- The government of the Philippines is building a beaching ramp on Pagasa Island (Thitu Island) in the disputed South China Sea, reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Manila refers to the waters as the West Philippine Sea.   Construction is supposed to be completed by early 2018. This is the first phase of an upgrade to the facilities on the island. The ramp will allow ships to dock and deliver heavy construction materials, officials said.   Once that phase is completed, the government can improve other facilities, including repairing the runway on the island, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.   The Dept. of Agriculture also plans to build a fishing port, the spokesman said.   The government has allocated US$31 million for the work.   Pagasa Island is the seat of government and largest island claimed by the Philippines in the Spratly Islands.  
  Item Number:9 Date: 11/08/2017 SAUDI ARABIA - KING HOSTS PALESTINIAN LEADER ABBAS; DISCUSSION CENTERS ON PEACE PROCESS, RECONCILIATION WITH HAMAS (NOV 08/WAFA)  PALESTINE NEWS AGENCY -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi King Salman have met in Riyadh to discuss Palestinian issues, reports Wafa, the Palestine New Agency.   The agenda for Tuesday's meeting reportedly included regional dynamics affecting the peace process as well as the reconciliation between Fatah and rival Hamas.   U.S. President Trump's efforts to restart the peace process was also discussed.   Abbas was accompanied on the trip by, among others, Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and security chief Majid Faraj, according to Turkey's Anadolu Agency.   Abbas is scheduled to visit Kuwait next week.  
  Item Number:10 Date: 11/08/2017 SOMALIA - 1,000 AMISOM PEACEKEEPERS ARE LEAVING SOON, SAYS TOP OFFICIAL (NOV 08/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- The head of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has indicated that 1,000 of its peacekeepers will withdraw next month, reports Voice of America News.   On Tuesday, Francisco Madeira told reporters in Mogadishu, Somalia that the pullout reflects the increasing responsibilities shouldered by Somali security forces.   The countries contributing troops to AMISOM – Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti – say they cannot sustain current deployment levels.   AMISOM forces have been in the country since 2007. Their primary goals are fighting the Al-Shabab terrorist group that controls parts of the country and supporting national security forces.  

  Item Number:11 Date: 11/08/2017 SOMALIA - GOVERNMENT TROOPS, PEACEKEEPERS TAKE AIM AT AL-SHABAAB FIGHTERS IN LOWER SHABELLE REGION (NOV 08/AMISOM)  AFRICAN UNION MISSION IN SOMALIA -- The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali government forces have kicked off a major operation against Al-Shabaab militants in the nation's southern Lower Shabelle region, reports AMISOM.   The military operation began Monday after intelligence was received that militants were destabilizing areas along the Afgooye-Balidoogle road, Afgooye town around the Elasha Biyaha-Mogadishu road and the surrounding areas of Jambalulu, Baghdad and Basra, said Lt. Col. Israel Kaheru Bagenda, the commander of the Ugandan 11 Infantry Battalion.   AMISOM peacekeepers and Somali forces have been working together around the country liberate areas held by Al-Shabaab, noted Monday's AMISOM release.   The latest operation will continue to ensure the main supply routes connecting the Lower Shabelle region and the capital, Mogadishu, are secured to allow the free movement of goods and people, said Bagenda.  
 Item Number:12 Date: 11/08/2017 TAIWAN - AIR FORCE GROUNDS MIRAGES AFTER PILOT GOES MISSING DURING TRAINING; SEARCH CONTINUES (NOV 08/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- Taiwan's air force has grounded all its Mirage jets after a pilot went missing, the service said on Wednesday.   The Defense Ministry lost contact with a Mirage-2000 fighter jet during a drill on Tuesday and is now conducting a search for the missing pilot, reports Agence France Presse.   The aircraft disappeared from radar while it was conducting regular nighttime training, off the island's northeast coast, the ministry said.   The pilot was said to bean experienced captain who graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2013. He had logged over 700 hours of flight time, 491 of which were on the Mirage-2000.   Taiwan's air force launched a S-70C rescue helicopter and C-130 transport aircraft as part of a search-and-rescue mission. Six vessels from the military and the coast guard were also sent to assist in the operation
Item Number:13 Date: 11/08/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - 19-YEAR-OLD MAN TRIES TO BUY CAR BOMB ON DARK WEB, WINDS UP WITH CONVICTION (NOV 08/BIRMMAIL)  BIRMINGHAM MAIL -- A 10-year-old from the West Midlands in England has been found guilty of trying to buy explosives for a car bomb over the "dark web," reports the Birmingham Mail.   On Tuesday, Gurtej Randhawa was convicted of maliciously possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life.   Authorities charge that the Wolverhampton youth used the dark web - sites not available through standard search engines such as Google – to order what he thought were explosives. National authorities sent him a dummy package instead. The teen attempted to test the device before being arrested in May, said officials.   Randhawa had previously pleaded guilty to attempting to import explosives, noted the Anadolu Agency (Turkey).   The National Crime Agency said it had no knowledge linking him to terrorist groups.   Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2018.  
  Item Number:14 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - FACING MORE AGGRESSIVE RUSSIA, NATO EYES TRANSPORTATION CHANGES FOR U.S. REINFORCEMENTS (NOV 08/S&S)  STARS AND STRIPES -- NATO is preparing to reconstitute two Cold War-era commands in an effort to make it easier for U.S. reinforcements to arrive in and maneuver around Europe in a conflict, reports the Stars and Stripes.   NATO's defense ministers will approve a general outline for the new commands as well as a more prominent role for cyber operations within NATO's command structure during this week's meetings in Brussels, said Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday.   The alliance is still considering where to locate the new commands as well as personnel increases to man the headquarters. Germany has been named as one potential site, while the command focused on transatlantic troops movements could be based in the U.S.   The alliance's planned actions are in response to a more aggressive Russia and come after years of cutbacks to NATO commands, which have fallen from 22,000 personnel at the end of the Cold War to 7,000 personnel today, said Stoltenberg.   "In a more unpredictable world, we have to adapt again to ensure that our command structure is fully capable of providing deterrence and defense at home, and projecting stability abroad," the secretary-general said.   The defense ministers are also expected to discuss the infrastructure in Europe for deploying troops
Item Number:15 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - LOCKHEED MARTIN WINS CONTRACT TO DEVELOP HIGH-ENERGY LASER WEAPON (NOV 08/LM)  LOCKHEED MARTIN -- The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to design, develop and manufacture a high-energy fiber laser, reports the defense firm.   The $26.3 million contract is part of AFRL's Self-protect High-Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) program, which aims to develop protective airborne laser systems.   The lab plans to test the fiber laser on a tactical fighter jet by 2021, said the Lockheed release on Nov. 6.   The SHiELD program has three subsystems: the beam control system that directs the laser onto targets; the laser pod mounted on a fighter jet, which powers and cools the laser; and the high-energy laser itself.   The Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments (LANCE) laser contract builds on technology from internal Lockheed development projects, including the ATHENA system, ALADIN laser and other programs, said a company release.  
 Item Number:16 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - NEARLY 9,000 NAVY CHIEFS FACE REVIEW TO KEEP SERVING (NOV 08/NTIMES)  NAVY TIMES -- The U.S. Navy plans to convene a continuation board in December in an effort to cut underperforming senior enlisted sailors, reports the Navy Times.   The board will determine whether they can continue to serve or must retire.   The board, which begins on Dec. 4, wants to clear out senior enlisted personnel who have engaged in misconduct or whose performance has noticeably fallen.   One goal is to free up posts for younger sailors who are performing well, the Navy said.   The board has no quotas to meet, meaning no mandatory cuts to make. Historically about 4 percent have been forced to retire, noted the paper.   "We're just looking to make sure the chief petty officers who have the privilege of serving beyond the 20-year point are earning that privilege by meeting our high standards," Fleet Master Chief Russell Smith, the senior enlisted advisor for the chief of naval personnel, told the newspaper in a recent interview.   The continuation board will review the personnel files of all retirement-eligible sailors at the E-7, E-8 and E-9 pay grades. Active-duty chiefs will be reviewed only if they have at least 19 years of active service and have spent three years in their current pay grade as of August 2017.   About 8,700 sailors meet that criteria
  Item Number:17 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - TRUMP CRITICIZES PYONGYANG'S HUMAN-RIGHTS ABUSES, NUCLEAR AMBITIONS (NOV 08/WP)  WASHINGTON POST -- U.S. President Donald Trump has warned about the threat of the "rogue regime" in North Korea a part of his case for greater international pressure on Pyongyang, reports the Washington Post.   In a speech to South Korea's National Assembly on Wednesday, Trump detailed Pyongyang's litany of human-rights abuses. "North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves," he said.   "The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer," the president told North Korea. "They are putting your regime in greater danger."   He kept the door open for dialogue, saying: "Despite every crime you have committed against God and man รข€¦ we will offer a path to a much better future."   North Korean officials told CNN that the government was no longer interested in listening to Trump. They blamed the U.S. for escalating regional tensions to their worst point since the Korean War
  Item Number:18 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - WASHINGTON CALLS ON ISLAMABAD TO USE 'EQUAL DILIGENCE' AGAINST TERRORIST GROUPS (NOV 08/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- David Hale, the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, has urged the Pakistani government to show "equal diligence" in its fight against the various terrorist groups active in the country, reports Voice of America News.   The Trump administration's recently unveiled South Asia strategy seeks a secure and stable Afghanistan and looks to Pakistan to take decisive action against all terrorist groups, Hale said in Islamabad on Monday.   The diplomat praised Pakistan's efforts against anti-state terrorist groups, saying Islamabad has been on the front line in the battle against Al-Qaida and the Islamic State in the region.   "We ask for equal diligence in decimating all the groups operating in Pakistan which threaten the region's stability, including the Haqqani Network," said Hale. "We seek a sustained and irreversible effort to achieve an aspiration and commitment that was made public by Pakistani officials themselves, and end to the use of Pakistan soil for attacks on its neighbors."   Afghan and U.S. officials say that the Taliban and its Haqqani Network allies are directing the insurgency in Afghanistan from safe havens in Pakistan. the allegations have created tensions between Islamabad and Kabul and Washington.   When President Trump announced his Afghan strategy this summer, he was critical of Islamabad, saying the U.S. had paid "billions and billions of dollars" to Pakistan only to have it shelter terrorists the U.S. is opposing on the other side of the border, as VOA News reported in August.  
  Item Number:19 Date: 11/08/2017 USA - WHITE HOUSE SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET FOCUSES ON MISSILE DEFENSE, SHIP REPAIR, AFGHAN STRATEGY (NOV 08/HILL)  THE HILL -- The White House is asking Congress for another $4 billion for missile defense due to growing threats from North Korea, reports the Hill (Washington, D.C.).   The supplemental budget request sent to Capitol Hill on Monday also seeks $1.2 billion more for the administration's new Afghanistan strategy and $674 million to repair two U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers that were badly damaged in collisions with merchant ships over the summer.   The $4 billion emergency missile defense request would go toward construction of an additional field of Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI) launchers at Fort Greely, Alaska, as well as initial funding to buy 20 new interceptors, according to the White House letter published on Monday.   The funds would also purchase 16 SM-3 Block IIA interceptors, 50 Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors, missile detection radar upgrades, intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities and long-range strike capabilities, said the request to Congress
Item Number:20 Date: 11/08/2017 VIETNAM - RUSSIAN TANKS START ARRIVING; TOTAL ORDER CALLS FOR 64 (NOV 08/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- Russia has started delivering T-90S and T-90SK tanks previously ordered by Vietnam, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   Hanoi ordered 64 of the tanks, with deliveries beginning this year, Mikhaul Petukhov, the deputy director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, told Interfax on Tuesday at the Defense and Security exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.   Uralvagonzavod initially reported the delivery schedule for the T-90S and T-90SK tanks in its annual report earlier this year. The T-90S is the basic export version; the "SK" is a command version.   Vietnam has been buying a variety of military equipment from Russia as it modernizes its armed forces.

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