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I hope you all have a great weekend. I think some good exciting college football on Saturday and the gym and a good book or movie on Sunday should be the way to go. But if you have never shed a tear just watching our flag fly at the top of the mast or drape the coffin of a friend then you have no idea of how many of us feel about the NFL nonsense.
This Day in Naval History September 29
1944 - USS Narwhal (SS-167) evacuates 81 Allied prisoners of war that survived sinking of Japanese Shinyo Maru from Sindangan Bay, Mindanao
1946: Lockheed P2V Neptune, Truculent Turtle, departs Perth, Australia on a long distance non-stop, non-refueling flight to the mainland United States that ends on Oct. 1 at Columbus, Ohio. The flight breaks the world record for distance without fueling at 11,235.6 miles over 55 hours and 17 minutes.
1959 - USS Kearsarge (CVS-33) with Helicopter Squadron 6 and other 7th Fleet units begin 6 days of disaster relief to Nagoya, Japan, after Typhoon Vera.
This Day in Naval History September 30
1800 - U.S. concludes treaty of peace with France, ending Quasi War with France.
1944 - USS Nautilus (SS-168) lands supplies and evacuates some people from Panay, Philippine Islands.
1946 - U.S. Government announces that U.S. Navy units would be permanently stationed in the Mediterranean to carry out American policy and diplomacy.
1954 - Commissioning at Groton, CT, of USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the world's first nuclear-powered ship
1958 - Marines leave Lebanon.
1959 - Last flight of airships assigned to the Naval Air Reserve at Lakehurst, NJ takes place
1968 - Battleship New Jersey arrives off Vietnam
This Day in Naval History - October 1
1800 - U.S. Schooner Experiment captures French Schooner Diana.
1844: The Naval Observatory, headed by Lt. Matthew F. Maury, occupies its first permanent quarters in the Foggy Bottom district of Washington, D.C. before it moves nearly 50 years later to its present location north of Georgetown.
1874 - Supply Corps purser, LT J. Q. Barton, given leave to enter service of new Japanese Navy to organize a Pay Department and instruct Japanese about accounts. He served until 1 October 1877 when he again became a purser in the U.S. Navy. In 1878, the Emperor of Japan conferred on him the Fourth Class of Rising Sun for his service.
1880 - John Phillip Sousa becomes leader of Marine Corps Band
1928 - First class at school for enlisted Navy and Marine Corps Radio intercept operators (The "On the roof gang")
1937 - Patrol aviation transferred to Aircraft Scouting Force, a reestablished type command. With change five patrol wings were established as separate administrative command over their squadrons.
1946 - Truculent Turtle lands at Columbus, Ohio, breaking world's record for distance without refueling with flight of 11,235 miles.
1949 - Military Sea Transportation Service activated.
1955 - Commissioning of USS Forrestal (CVA-59), first of postwar supercarriers
1979 - President Jimmy Carter awards the Congressional Space Medal of Honor to former naval aviators Neil Armstrong, CAPT Charles Conrad, Jr., USN (Ret.), COL John Glenn, USMC (Ret.), and RADM Alan Shepard, Jr., USN (Ret.)
1980 - USS Cochrane (DDG-21) rescues 104 Vietnamese refugees 620 miles east of Saigon
1990 - USS Independence (CV-62) enters Persian Gulf (first carrier in Persian Gulf since 1974)
2016 Today in History September 29
Emperor Henry VI dies in Messina, Sicily.
Richard II of England is deposed. His cousin, Henry of Lancaster, declares himself king under the name Henry IV.
Christopher Columbus leaves Cadiz, Spain, on his second voyage to the new world.
Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean.
Congress votes to create a U.S. army.
A civil war breaks out in Spain between Carlists, who believe Don Carlos deserves the throne, and supporters of Queen Isabella.
Mormon leader Brigham Young is named the first governor of the Utah Territory.
Union troops capture the Confederate Fort Harrison, outside Petersburg, Virginia.
Dissatisfied Ute Indians kill Agent Nathan Meeker and nine others in the "Meeker Massacre."
A five-day work week is established for General Motors workers.
Germany and the Soviet Union reach an agreement on the division of Poland.
30,000 Jews are gunned down in Kiev when Heinrich Himmler sends four strike squads to exterminate Soviet Jewish civilians and other "undesirables."
Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf is published in the United States.
Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev repeatedly disrupts a UN General Assembly meeting with his violent outbursts over intervention in the Belgian Congo, US U2 spy planes, and arms control.
General Douglas MacArthur officially returns Seoul, South Korea, to President Syngman Rhee.
Canada launches its first satellite, Alouette 1.
The popular Argentinian comic strip Mafalda beings publication, in the weekly Primera Plana; focusing on a six-year-old girl (Mafalda) and her friends, it has been called the Argentinian Peanuts.
Chevrolet introduces the Camaro, which will become an iconic car.
Oman joins the Arab League.
John Paul II becomes the first pope ever to visit Ireland.
The YF-22, later named F-22 Raptor, flies for the first time.
Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello impeached for corruptions; he was the youngest president in the nation's history, taking office at age 40 in 1990.
Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets 777.68 points in the wake of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual bankruptcies, the largest single-day point loss in Wall Street history.
An 8.1 earthquake causes a tidal wave that claims 189 lives in Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga.
Ken Burns Documentary on Vietnam. Lots of comments from folks. Read the one below before you read the next one from today and that sort of sums it up so far.
28 September 2017 – 0353
Another point of view
From a highly decorated Vietnam Marine Officer combat vet:
Below is a review from a dear friend and fellow Vietnam veteran. He captures my perspective exactly. Fourth paragraph touches on the theme of Grab Their Belts to Fight Them, a book about the Viet Cong in 1965-66,  which was published by the Naval Institute Proceedings and for which I wrote a review--a very favorable review.
I will continue to watch this fine series and encourage you to do the same!
Semper Fidelis, Tom Draude (BGen, USMC, Ret. USNA '62)
I just watched the episode where the series finally got up to Northern I Corps...Con Thien, Gio Linh, etc.  It brought back many memories.  I spent over 30 days under the "cone of fire" at Con Thien...days when literally hundreds of rockets and artillery shells hit the base.  I remember thinking that it was WW I trench warfare all over again.  You simply had no idea when one of the shells was going to hit your bunker or catch you "in the open."
I can remember "sweeping" what was called "Leatherneck Square""...there was never any doubt that you would have contact.  The NVA were simply waiting for us.  I would talk to friends who would describe "a walk in the park" atmosphere on some of their patrolling...days w/o contact.  I had a tough time understanding what they could possibly be talking about.
I could not agree more about the quality of the NVA soldier...they were superb!!  They were extremely well led.  They had better equipment than we did...their 782 gear (packs, canteens, belts, uniforms) and their weapons (AK-47, light and heavy machine guns, and artillery) seemed to work extremely well whereas ours had major problems...especially in bad weather.)  My Marines would ALWAYS grab an NVA pack if they could...and I carried an AK-47 for a good part of both tours. (Shame on me!)
I might add that their tactics severely limited much of our advantage provided by air and artillery.  Simply put, they would wait until we got very close before they would initiate contact...and by very close, I mean VERY close.  Bottom Line: the NVA were battle-hardened.  Most of their officers, SNCO's and NCO's had fought against the French.  They were not newbies.  The young trooper had been indoctrinated that they were fighting Americans who were occupying their Country...that we were like Colonials, seeking to go back in time.  Those soldiers were fighting for Country, home, family, and, like us, the man on their right and left flank.
I continue to believe that the series is extremely well done and is showing the reality of what was going on at the well as providing a remarkable glimpse into the thought-process of both the Leaders in the North and South.  It is tragic that Johnston and McNamara both knew the war was unwinnable as early as 1965 (the tapes they made were very revealing),,,and by 1967, McNamara literally threw in the towel and left the Administration.
The Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam. Lots of comments by many of you. As we get to the end here is one that may sum much of your feelings. Yes it showed a lot of things that had never been seen before but it also
September 29, 2017
The Tragedy of the PBS-Ken Burns Version of the Vietnam War
Ken Burns, in his new PBS series, correctly points to the Vietnam War as a source of the polarization in our society today.  And he correctly urges us to revisit, understand, and come to grips with details making up that history through civil (as opposed to raucous) discourse.  He apparently believes he is presenting a fair picture of that history and that if we see it as the "tragedy" he paints, we will align our views with his so as to restore a more cohesive society.
The problem for many of us is that Burns does not see the same tragedy many of us lived in person day by day.  Yes, the deaths of millions, American and others, mostly Vietnamese, was tragedy – but not tragedy in the classic sense, that being the human characteristic, the hubris to believe we can design policy, take actions to thwart an undesirable or uncomfortable development in the future that we believe awaits us.
All the prime actors here exhibit that hubris, whether it was the communist leaders who believed that a Leninist state would bring prosperity (really? how about stability instead of prosperity?) to their people, or American presidents who thought their bombs and troops would bring the other side constructively to the negotiating table, or demonstrators who thought civil unrest would end a war and save lives.  And what about reporters who felt it necessary to disseminate facts without context, or academics who even today feel that overlooking and distorting untruths buried in the history they teach will better enable us to mature as constructive citizens?
The ironies abound in this chronology.  Had Mayor Daley not awarded Kennedy the "tombstone vote," JFK might have lived to become president after a two-term Nixon presidency during which there would be no disastrous Harriman Geneva Agreement providing the North Vietnamese communists with a transit corridor from North to South.  A winning vote for Barry Goldwater might have resulted in a wider war, but we got that anyway when he was defeated, in part, by the "Daisy" political ad.  While civil rights, voting rights, and even Medicare were positive developments in Johnson's Great Society, the War on Poverty was a costlier and a more destructive force in our society than the Vietnam War.  Protests enabled an enemy to hope for victory despite military failures like Tet and the Easter Offensive, resulting in eventual enslavement for millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians.
Supplying their proxies added to the Soviet Union failure to achieve economic sufficiency.  Chairman Mao's Little Red Book faded when it came in contact with capitalist possibilities.  The South Vietnamese's perpetual bickering, attendiste attitudes, and endemic peculation1  cost them their nation and a prosperous future, a victim of their own inability to constructively play the game of "messy" democracy.  The North Vietnamese fought hard to "liberate" their Southern brothers, only to put them both under the thumb of the Cong An (the Thought Police).
What we see today is the failure to learn lessons from the past.  Appeasement never works.  (We have Bill Clinton and Kim Jung-un to prove that.)  Wars must be pursued to their objective, as rapidly as possible, to save lives on both sides.  (Compare the conduct of the Gulf War with Iraq and Afghanistan today.)  Protests are intended not to unify a society, but to heighten the divisions and encourage anarchy for principal benefit of the protest leaders.  Some remnants of pride and honor have withstood the onslaught, as evidenced in some strange ways.  (The number of people who served in Vietnam was around 3 million, but three times that number claim to have been at a modern-day Agincourt.  Iraq and Afghan veterans are able to survive the trauma of war, but they return home to a society that seems inured to a high incidence of their suicide.)  Being nice in the messy corners of this world is not sufficient policy and is simply a method to no end.  Marxist theory still attracts young people who don't understand its symbiotic attachment to Leninism.
My own views on the Vietnam war haven't changed much in the intervening half-century, since my assignment in Vietnam with Special Forces, but I am called, today, a "revisionist" by some who have never served our country.  I have subsequently learned, thanks in part to Burns's history, that a "revisionist" is anyone who opposes the Communist Party line, so I guess I can live with that.  Many of my fellow veterans have succumbed to a constant din of false history.  Burns's documentary film series includes an Air Force general proclaiming that he thought we were fighting on the wrong side.  The view from a cockpit at several thousand feet must have been very different from that on the ground.
Burns seems reluctant or at least non-observant to accepting that there is inherent evil built into Lenin's theory and application.  His Vietnam documentary is accepting of half-baked college students and cub reporters having far greater insights into decision-making for our nation than the administration their fellow citizens had elected.  But fifty years have passed, and the statues of Lenin are mostly destroyed (though here and there some may outlast those of Robert E. Lee).  The murderous, corrupt, and totalitarian regime of communist Vietnam has been exposed.  Most Che Guevara t-shirts are, in shame, hidden away.
Thank you, Ken Burns, for bringing the issue of Vietnam back to our attention.  Thank you for doing this before all of us who served there, and the 70% of us who would have gone back and done it all again, have been silenced by actuarial factor death.  Thank you, Ken Burns, for imagining that this country can be healed and divisions overcome.
But just one more thing, Mr. Burns: come help us identify the untruths and tear down "this wall" of false history.
1 The U.S. Embassy labeled corruption as an acceptable level of peculation.
Stephen Sherman served as a civil affairs and psychological operations officer with 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam.  He is a founding member of Vietnam Veterans for Factual History ( and the editor of the Indochina Series that organization publishes.
Thanks to Shadow -
Random Thoughts about Protest and Common Sense... Lessons from Marines... then segue into the events of the NFL.
Gonna start with a short story about the Marine approach to common sense, and then get into the other.
As a young Marine, I was part of a "draft" of fellow Marines that were flown from MCAS New River in Jacksonville, N.C., to San Diego to attend the various specialists schools there… my assignment was to C&E Battalion at MCRD, to attend electronics school. Since most of us were from various parts of the deep south and had gone through boot camp at Parris Island;, we were in awe of the new world we were about to experience. After de-planeing... to add to our experience, one of our guys had a transistor radio that he turned on as we were headed into "Cattle Cars" for the short trip over to MCRD from the airport. As he dialed in a local station… the first song that was played (and this is the truth) was "California Dreaming" by the Momma's and Papa's. One of those coincidental moments in life that one never forgets. As we pulled onto Harbor Drive on our way to PCH… we passed the first "Topless" bar any of us had ever witnessed. I still remember the name of it… "The Barbary Coast". Big Vegas style, neon sign above the building. Pulling  onto PCH, we had to go by the old terminal building for the San Diego Airport, just in time to see a trio of PSA's finest, walking into the terminal as the Beach Boys were singing "California Girls". It was a scene right out of a movie… and the testosterone level in the Cattle Car, was off the meter! All of us had the same collective thought… We couldn't wait to go on liberty and throw ourselves into this strange new world that had been a dream beyond our reach, until now. 
But as usual…. "The Green Machine" had it's own agenda… and fantasies would be put on hold for the next few days. First we had to go through "Processing"… assigned quarters and we'd get no liberty until we'd received our "Indoc Lecture". MCRD had some of the most beautiful barracks and buildings of any military base I was ever assigned to… huge, adobe looking, classical looking, Spanish Architecture buildings, awesome!… Then reality set in as we were assigned the ubiquitous "Quonset Huts" across the grinder from those beautiful building, just like the recruits going through boot camp. Reveille was at 0400… a stark reminder that we were still at the bottom of the totem pole as far as the Corps was concerned. Processing took a couple of days and we finally were scheduled for our "Indoc Lecture" that was a requirement before going on Liberty. Cinderella Liberty during the week (in by 2400) and we could stay out all night on Friday's and Saturday's. I remembered my father's warning as I got into my teens… "Bad Chit happens after Midnight"… thus that was my curfew. Evidently my dad and the Marine Corps had a lot in common?
The lecture was given by a salty Staff Sgt…. and for years I thought his last name was "Early"… in later years, I've become convinced it was the great one… Lee Ermey. If it wasn't Lee, had to be his twin brother. He was the epitome of the lean, green, Fighting Machine. You knew just looking at him, he'd spent time on the Drill Field as a D.I. Spit shined shoes that you could see your reflection in and incredibly sharp creases in his trousers and military creases in his blouse… and brass polished to perfection. As he paced behind the podium with his hands behind his back… he stops and bellows out… "I'm here to give you the Welcome to California Lecture"! "I was chosen because I've seen it all and done it all… and you will pay attention if you want to stay out of trouble and the brig… so listen up"! In a funny way… his words reminded me of the lecture on "sex"… that we were given before we were released from boot camp. This is the God's truth… the lecturer was the Senior Catholic Chaplin at Parris Island!… And he started the lecture by saying; "The Commanding General Ordered the Recruit Command, Commander... to give you young Marines the lecture on sexual etiquette and do's and don'ts… and he wanted the most eminently qualified officer on the base to give the lecture… and that's why I stand before you today"! Who says, Marine's don't have a sense of humor and mirth? 
For those with sensitive ears and sensibilities… you can skip this next part… it ain't gonna be PC.
He then starts his lecture thus… "Welcome to California… the only state in the union that when you suck on an orange… it sucks back"! Followed by… "The mating call of the California Queer is… Hey Marine… you want a ride"? And then he went on and on… "Squids out number Marines ten to one in San Diego… leave them alone". Here are some of the other highlights… "Stay away from downtown… nothing but clip joints, tattoo parlors and bars... and very few of you are legal to get into the bars. Even fewer of you will have cars, so you'll be walking everywhere. As Marines, you'll stick out like a sore thumb… your high and tight haircuts (which you will maintain) will give you away every time. And whenever two or more of you are walking together… the dead give away is that you will always be in step with each other… and will always step off with your left foot from the curb (that was absolutely true… it was so ingrained in us from our hours of drill in boot camp. it was second nature… couldn't avoid it even when we tried… within two steps… we were back in step). Every time a squid gets beat up… you will be the number one suspect. The San Diego Police patrols heavily in downtown and along PCH. You can expect to be stopped and questioned if something happens. Listen to me!… DO NOT… ever give any lip or argue with someone who has a badge, a billy club and a gun… I guarantee you, you will lose every time. The man is just doing his job. You will comply, be polite and say Yes Sir and No Sir and do whatever he says… as long as you do that, you will be on your way shortly. And sad to say… just because you think being a Marine is something special… most civilians don't see it that way out here. All your dreams of Surfer Chicks, Beach Blonds in skin tight Ski Pants (the sixties answer to Yoga Pants) will more than likely remain just that… a California Dream… they want nothing to do with your short hair and high libido… besides… what kind of mother would let her daughter date a Marine? In reality… between laundry bills, health and comfort items… you won't have enough money to afford a nice date anyway(I think we were making about $42.00 dollars a payday, every two weeks). You want to meet a nice girl… go to church. He went on and on. He hit Tijuana… "The dirt is dirtier in Mexico and you will still stick out amongst all others… be very, very careful there… you won't like the Tijuana Jail". And finally, he concluded with this short comment…
 "Men… it is a matter of common sense… know your surroundings and use your head. Life isn't fair… no one owes you anything". And that was how the lecture ended.
Now I'm sure most of you are thinking… what the hell does this have to do with what is going on today?
The answer is … "Common Sense".
Those who chose to protest (and the idiots who support them) by kneeling during our National Anthem, display a total lack of common sense! If any of them with half a brain had stopped to think about it… they'd have realized that it would backfire, big time. Of course… intellectual excellence is not a high priority for being an NFL player. Besides, as extremely gifted and talented athletes… most of their peccadillos and major personal faults had been swept under the rug and excused for most of their lives, since high school and beyond. They have been coddled, fawned over and inherently developed an "entitled" mind set. An "I can do anything I want and get away with it, because I'm a world class athlete"… and sad to say… for the most part, that has become true. No one can argue that over our lifetime, the public behavior of professional football players have become so coarse as to be bordering on the obscene… and that is despicable. Witness Odell Beckham's imitating a dog pissing on a fire hydrant after scoring a touchdown last Sunday. An offense so egregious… that just a decade ago, it would have drawn a 15 yard penalty, ejection from the game and maybe even a loss of his job. The fact that it didn't, says a lot about how NFL owners and management have let themselves become prisoners of accepting the worst that modern culture has to offer in terms of personal behavior. Its' become a tail, wagging a dog kind of thing. And the left wing media has been cheering them on, every step of the way. A pox on their house!
Now let's get down to the nitty gritty… "Not one of us white folk… know what it's like to be a black man or woman in America today"… there I've said it! I accept it poses unique challenges. But as a world traveler "I Also Know"… that the challenge; is the same the world over. Be it here or Europe, the Mid East, Latin America or the Mother Land… Africa its' own self. Even in the islands of the Pacific… Black Folk's lot in life is a constant challenge. BUT… and you know there has to be a but… a major component is a cultural problem… almost as much as the obvious color of one's skin. Somewhere along the line, things went terribly wrong. From the time the Civil Rights Act was passed in Congress with Republican votes and leadership (not the majority of Democrats) when I was in high school. We have witnessed the slow and then rapid, disintegration of the Black Family in America… along with it… the dissolution of acceptable behavior. It has become pandemic throughout Black Culture, from the arts to everyday life… they went from beautiful, soulful love songs... to the obscene Hip Hop and Rap. From polite manners, to the sultry and confrontational. From peaceful communities to enclaves of violence, rampant drug use and murder rates that exceed the deaths annually; of American fighting men in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Think of it… more Black People were murdered in one city (Chicago) last year… than all American's were killed on the battlefields of Afghanistan! And 99% were killed by other Blacks! The greatest threat to the lives of young Black Men in America today… is not the police who are so outrageously criticized… but other young Black Men who've known no discipline, nor expected to act according to societies norms.
Let's go back to Ermey's lecture on common sense… his admonishment to us that when stopped by the police to cooperate fully; be compliant… "The man is just doing his job"! You're in an area where something bad has happened… you fit the general description of a suspect. Common sense dictates you have a good chance of being stopped and interrogated... Common sense... Somewhere along the line… that simple logic has escaped the modern Black Community. Instead it is viewed as racial prejudice and harassment by the police and society at large. Again, I appeal to your common sense… there is a shooting in a black neighborhood… the perpetrator is described as a young Black Male who jumps in a car… two streets over, three young black males (totally innocent) are cruising in a car. The police searching for a suspect pulls them over, because they fit the description of the suspect. That is not police harassment… "They are just doing their job"! Common sense. Instead of being outraged at the police… be outraged at the culture that promotes aberrant behavior that leads to such enforcement. A culture that harbors 75% of the violent crime in America today. Common sense… if you belong to that subculture… you have to expect more interaction with authority. Its not the cops fault… it's societies fault. Common sense.
And look at it from the cops point of view… ask any cop… Black or White… whether they expect a routine traffic stop to break bad when they pull over a car with Blacks aboard or any other ethnic group… Common Sense dictates the obvious answer. As an example, let's look at the latest 'cause celeb'  of Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks… that has led to the current "taking of the knee" protests, during our National Anthem. Bennett's version of events was that as he was leaving the latest faux professional fight in Las Vegas… he and others in his group heard gunshots! He admits that he and others started running, trying to get away from the danger that was apparently close by. Natural instinct… up to then, his story and the Las Vegas police version are the same. Then the story changes drastically. Bennett claims he was accosted by the Las Vegas Police, forced to the ground and handcuffed. Bennett's version is that its was simply because he was a Black Man… absolutely no reason for them to have done that. It wasn't until the Las Vegas Police held a subsequent press conference, that the whole truth came out. Their version was… in fact there was a shooting in close proximity where Bennett and his party were located. In 911 phone calls and police radio traffic… the shooter was described as a "Large" Black male (Bennett certainly fit that description as he is a defensive end in the NFL)… who took off running (which Bennett also admits he did) after firing multiple rounds. A couple of police officers see Bennett running as the perpetrator's description comes over the radio… they take chase and take him in custody, handcuff him, pending a search and questioning. Was Bennett singled out simply because he was a Black Man? Not quite… he was singled out because he was a "Large Black Male"… fleeing the scene of a shooting, wherein the shooter was described by witnesses as a "Large Black Male", fleeing on foot! Get the picture? He wasn't shot, he wasn't tasered, he wasn't beaten… he wasn't harmed. He was simply inconvenienced! Inconvenienced because another "Large Black Male"… fired multiple gunshots in close proximity to him and took off running. The shooter was not described as simply a Black Male… a short Black Male… or a White Male… he was described as a "Large" Black Male… who took off running. Michael Bennett, by his own admission fit that description perfectly. Instead of being pissed at the perpetrator who did the nasty deed… he turns it into a racist act by out of control cops! Shame on you Michael… instead of accepting the obvious… you chose to turn it into a racial confrontation (which it wasn't) and to show your outrage… you refused to stand for our National Anthem… Give me a break! Shame on you!
And to you other NFL players that fell in line like lemmings… shame on you too! And to Roger Goodell and you owners… a pox on your house! You have brought dishonor on "America's Game"… and that's gonna be hard to recover from. Goodell is a left winger… part of the New York City elite and media mob… I expected something like that from him. But I thought others would have more common sense than to let themselves get dragged into it. I'm especially disappointed in our Jaguars owner, Shahid Khan… who more than all the other owners in the NFL, has more reason to respect the Flag and Anthem of a nation, who graciously accepted him and allowed him to become one of the richest men in our nation, through his good work and intellect. Shahid is an American success story… where a first generation "legal" immigrant, was afforded the opportunity to succeed on his own… and frankly, beyond his wildest dreams. Only in America! 
In conclusion… I'll state the obvious… does racism still exist in modern America… certainly it does. It also exists in every other country in the world… that can't be denied. But I will also submit… a lot of it is self induced. And that may be the saddest statement of all.
Item Number:1 Date: 09/29/2017 AFGHANISTAN - ENEMY ADVANCES LEAD TO MORE SUPPLY AIRDROPS TO AMERICAN TROOPS; U.S. STRIKES UP TOO (SEP 29/MILTIMES)  MILITARY TIMES -- The U.S. military recently conducted its first airdrop of supplies to American troops in Afghanistan since September 2014, reports the Military Times.   Airdrops are typically conducted to resupply ground forces in remote or high threat areas.   "In order to keep our aircraft and aircrews out of harm's way, we have been attempting to airdrop supplies into areas which have historically seen higher levels of engagements against airborne assets," a spokesman for U.S. Air Force Central Command (AFCENT) told the newspaper.   The resumption signals a deterioration of security in Afghanistan as the Taliban gains ground, threatening major population centers.   It may also indicate that American troops may be operating closer to the front lines than officials have generally admitted.   On Sept. 1, "the 774th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron conducted the first combat airdrop in Afghanistan in more than two years," said the spokesman.   So far, 12,000 pounds of supplies have been airdropped to U.S. forces, according to AFCENT statistics.   In addition, more weapons are being dropped. In August, more were released than in any other month since 2012, according to Air Force data, as cited by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  
 Item Number:2 Date: 09/29/2017 CAMEROON - FED UP WITH VIOLENCE IN CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, GOVERNMENT CLOSES BORDER (SEP 29/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- The Cameroonian government has sealed its northern border with the Central African Republic due to escalating violence across the frontier, reports the Voice of America News.   Several Cameroonian citizens have been kidnapped by armed groups and taken to the C.A.R.   Three traders were captured two weeks ago. Each was held for a US$10,000 ransom until freed by the Cameroonian military.   More troops have been deployed to the region to combat the cross-border attacks, said local officials.   Cameroon is a major source of consumer goods and food for the C.A.R. and the border closure could well cause shortages.   For months, armed groups from the C.A.R. have been crossing into Cameroon to kidnap cattle ranchers and businessmen for ransom, or to steal their possessions.   Cameroon has a 560-mile (900-km) border with the C.A.R. and hosts 300,000 refugees from the conflict there
  Item Number:3 Date: 09/29/2017 CHINA - J-20 FIGHTER COMMISSIONED INTO MILITARY SERVICE (SEP 29/XIN)  XINHUA -- The Chinese Defense Ministry has announced that its stealth fighter is now in official service, reports Xinhua, China's state news agency.   Flight-testing of the J-20 is continuing as scheduled, said a ministry spokesman on Thursday.   The J-20 made its maiden flight in 2011 and was displayed publicly for the first time in November 2016.   The air force began training a new batch of pilots for the J-20 earlier this month, noted Fortune magazine
Item Number:4 Date: 09/29/2017 COLOMBIA - AIR FORCE KILLS DISSIDENT FARC COMMANDER IN JUNGLE OPERATION (SEP 29/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has announced that the military killed a FARC dissident leader in Guaviare province, reports the BBC.   The man known as Euclides Mora was expelled from the FARC last year, alongside four other mid-level commanders, for not agreeing to the peace agreement signed with the government.   They refused to disarm with the others in the now-demobilized rebel group, noted Colombia Reports.   Mora was killed in an air force operation in the jungle, Santos said on Twitter on Wednesday.   The dissident commander led a group of 25 fighters blamed for extortion, cocaine production, smuggling and the recruitment of minors in the region, according to the military
Item Number:5 Date: 09/29/2017 COLOMBIA - U.N. MISSION EMPHASIS SHIFTS TO REINTEGRATING FARC'S FORMER FIGHTERS (SEP 29/UNNS)  UNITED NATIONS NEWS SERVICE -- Another United Nations post-conflict mission has begun in Colombia, reports the U.N. News Service.   The initial phase was mandated to verify the implementation agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorist group covering the cease-fire, cessation of hostilities and surrendering of weapons.   "We are pleased that the laying down of weapons has been successfully concluded," Jean Arnault, the special representative of the U.N. secretary-general for Colombia and head of the U.N. Verification Mission said on Tuesday.   The follow-up mission maintains 10 regional offices and will continue its presence at 26 territorial areas for training and reincorporation. Seven sub-offices will also be set up in various parts of the country, the U.N. said in a release on Wednesday
Item Number:6 Date: 09/29/2017 IRAQ - GOVERNMENT FORCES KICK OFF NEXT PHASE IN HAWIJA LIBERATION (SEP 29/BGP)  BAGHDAD POST -- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has just announced the beginning of the second phase of the operation to liberate Hawija in Kirkuk province, reports the Baghdad Post.   The offensive was launched Friday against the Islamic State-held town, reports Agence France-Presse.   An overall operation to regain control of Hawija began on Sept. 21; it quickly took Sharqat on its second day. The army, federal, police, counterterrorism units and rapid-response forces are taking part in the operation.   "A huge military operation has begun to liberate Hawija and its surrounding areas," Lt. Gen. Abdel Amir Yarallah said in a statement on Friday.   The latest phase is aimed at Hawija district and the surrounding towns of Al-Abbasi, Riyadh and Rashad, said Yarallah.   Troops were already advancing on Al-Abbasi, he said
Item Number:7 Date: 09/29/2017 ITALY - FOLLOWING LONG ROW, ITALY'S FINCANTIERI WILL TAKE CONTROL OF FRANCE'S STX (SEP 29/FINCA)  FINCANTIERI -- The governments of Italy and France have reached an agreement that will allow Fincantieri to acquire French shipbuilder STX, reports the Italian shipbuilder.   There has been a standoff for some time. In July, France threatened to nationalize STX if Italy didn't accept its offer for an equal split. The shipyard is the only one in France with facilities large enough to build carriers, Reuters noted at the time.   Fincantieri will acquire 51 percent of the French shipyard, due to the loan of 1 percentage point from the French government, reported Defense News, citing local media.   The agreement was reached at a bilateral summit in Lyon in central France after weeks of talks. The acquisition has been sensitive as both sides sought to protect commercial interests and find a politically acceptable solution.   Under the accord, Fincantieri will acquire 50 percent of STX and France will lend 1 percentage point of its holding for 12 years, reported Le Monde (France).   France will hold 34 percent of STX, Naval Group 10 percent, STX staff 2 percent and STX local suppliers 3.66 percent, reported Reuters.   The two countries also authorized the heads of Naval Group and Fincantieri to hold talks on the consolidation of the surface warship sector. The goal is to create a "naval Airbus," officials said.   The objective is to make a giant to compete with the U.S. and China, noted the Wall Street Journal.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 09/29/2017 KYRGYZSTAN - LAWMAKERS RATIFY BORDER TREATY WITH UZBEKISTAN; 36 SECTIONS REMAIN UNRESOLVED (SEP 29/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- The Kyrgyz Parliament has ratified a treaty with Uzbekistan, settling more than 80 percent of the mutual border, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   The treaty was passed in the second and third readings on Thursday and will now be submitted to the head of state for signature, said a parliamentary spokesman.   The document was signed on Sept. 5 during a visit to Bishkek by Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.   The treaty delimits 85 percent of the border, or about 727 miles (1,170 km). The remaining 135 miles (217 km) includes 36 sections still to be resolved, the spokesman said.   The unresolved border has been a source of conflict between the neighbors. The spokesman noted that there are two Uzbek exclaves, Sokh and Shahimardan, in Kyrgyzstan; one Kyrgyz exclave, Barak, is in Uzbekistan.  
 Item Number:9 Date: 09/29/2017 LIBYA - U.S. AIRSTRIKES AGAIN HIT ISIS FIGHTERS; LATEST ATTACKS MADE SOUTHWEST OF SIRTE (SEP 29/AFRICOM)  AFRICA COMMAND -- A release from U.S. Africa Command says American airstrikes directed at the Islamic State in Libya have killed several fighters this week.   Two precision airstrikes were made Tuesday, in coordination with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), said AFRICOM on Thursday.   The strikes took place about 100 miles southeast of Sirte, a former ISIS stronghold, said the command.   These strikes were the second in Libya in less than a week. On Sept. 22, six U.S. precision strikes hit a camp used to transport ISIS fighters, killing 17 terrorists and destroying three vehicles, according to the Voice of America News at the time.   ISIS set up a desert army with at least three brigades after being forced out of Sirte last year, said a senior Libyan prosecutor cited by Reuters
  Item Number:10 Date: 09/29/2017 PAKISTAN - POLICE RAID TERRORIST COMPOUND IN KARACHI, KILL MILITANTS LINKED TO ISIS, AL-QAIDA (SEP 29/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- Provincial police in southern Pakistan say they have killed five suspected terrorists and arrested two others, reports the Voice of America News.   The suspects were killed in a shootout Thursday near the Sachal neighborhood in the port city of Karachi, said a Sindh provincial police official.   Three suicide jackets, one rocket, hand grenades and other explosives were recovered, said police.   Amir Sharif, an Al-Qaida member, was among the dead. The others killed were members of the Islamic State who had previously been in Lashkar I Jhangvi and the Pakistani Taliban, said the official.   Police said they were plotting to target the city during the Islamic month of Muharram. Sharif improvised an unmanned explosive-laden vehicle to attack Shi'ite Muslims, said authorities
  Item Number:11 Date: 09/29/2017 RUSSIA - PUTIN BOASTS OF DESTRUCTION OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS, CHIDES U.S. POSTPONEMENT (SEP 29/RFE/RL)  RADIO FREE EUROPE/RADIO LIBERTY -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that his country is destroying its final stocks of chemical weapons, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.   On Wednesday, the president said that "the last chemical ammunition from Russian chemical weapons stockpiles" was then being destroyed. Putin made his comments during a video link with Russia's remaining chemical weapons storage facility in the central Udmurtia region. He called it an "historic event."   Putin criticized the U.S. for not meeting its obligations for the destruction of chemical weapons, postponing its conclusion three times.   Both countries are signatories to the Chemical Weapons Convention, which required them to destroy their stockpiles by 2007, with a potential extension until 2012.   Both Russia and the U.S. received the extension, but failed to meet the 2012 deadline.   By 2013, the U.S. had destroyed about 90 percent of its declared chemical weapons, according to the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) in Washington, D.C.   Seven of nine American disposal facilities have concluded their work and closed. The last is scheduled to eliminate its stockpiles by 2023, according to the NTI.  
  Item Number:12 Date: 09/29/2017 SOMALIA - AL-SHABAAB ATTACKS MILITARY BASE, NEARBY VILLAGE (SEP 29/REU)  REUTERS -- Al-Shabaab terrorists have attacked a military base near the capital of Somalia, killing at least 15 soldiers, reports Reuters, citing both government and Al-Shabaab officials.   Early Friday, the militants used car bombs to storm the Barire base and the nearby town, which is about 30 miles southwest of Mogadishu.   The fighters reportedly took 11 "technicals" (pickup trucks mounted with machine guns), said an Al-Shabaab spokesman.   Casualties were reported variously. Al-Shabaab said 21 soldiers were killed, while the government said there were 15 deaths.   The soldiers stationed at the base were Somali military and special operations forces called Danab who were trained by the U.S., said a military official. (The name of that commando battalion means "Lightning
  Item Number:13 Date: 09/29/2017 SOUTH KOREA - U.S. AGREES TO SPEED TRANSFER OF OPERATIONAL COMMAND TO SEOUL (SEP 29/YON)  YONHAP -- South Korean and U.S. officials have agreed to step up plans to transfer wartime operational control (OPCON) to Seoul, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   In recent years, South Korea has pressed to retake wartime control of its troops from the U.S. military. Seoul gave it to U.S.-led U.N. forces during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.   During this week's 12th Korea-U.S. Integrated Defense Dialogue meeting in Seoul, the allies discussed plans to implement the transfer through the "Condition-based OPCON Transition Working Group," said the South Korean Defense Ministry.   "The two countries agreed to accelerate joint efforts to push for the early and effective OPCON transition," said the ministry.   There is a major precondition for the transfer: the acquisition of the necessary major military capabilities by South Korea for leading the combined force, noted the ministry
Item Number:14 Date: 09/29/2017 SYRIA - ISIS LOSES DRONE EXPERTS, WEAPONS RESEARCH TO U.S. AIRSTRIKES (SEP 29/VOA)  VOICE OF AMERICA NEWS -- The U.S. military says it has killed three Islamic State drone experts in Syria, reports the Voice of America News.   U.S. airstrikes near Mayadin, Syria, killed Abu Muadh al-Tunisi on Sept. 12 and Sajid Farooq Babar on Sept. 13, said a spokesman for the U.S.-led military coalition on Thursday.   The two men were responsible for "manufacturing and modifying commercially produced drones," said the spokesman.   In a separate operation on Sept. 14, two airstrikes targeted ISIS drone developer Abu Salman near Mayadin and destroyed his research lab in Ashara, Syria, the spokesman said.   Salman and an associate were killed while traveling from Mayadin to Ashara, said the spokesman.   "The removal of these three highly skilled ISIS officials disrupts and degrades ISIS's ability to modify and employ drone platforms as reconnaissance and direct-fire weapons on the battlefield," he said
Item Number:15 Date: 09/29/2017 SYRIA - NEW ISIS AUDIO SUGGESTS LEADER IS ALIVE; SPEECH RALLIES FIGHTERS (SEP 29/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- The Islamic State has released a new audio recording that appears to be of group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reports the New York Times.   The ISIS leader's voice has not been heard for 11 months.   Baghdadi has been reported killed several times. In June, Russia reported that he had likely been killed in an airstrike outside Raqqa, Syria.   The 46-minute audio message released Thursday seem to be Baghdadi praising his foot soldiers. It makes indirect references to terrorist attacks in Europe and Russia.   The recording suggests he is still alive. Current events, including North Korea's nuclear threat, are mentioned.   If confirmed, this would be Baghdadi's first message since November 2016. He has not been seen in public since 2014
Item Number:16 Date: 09/29/2017 TURKEY - PROSECUTORS ISSUE WARRANTS FOR 117 MILITARY PERSONNEL SAID TO BE TIED TO FAILED COUP (SEP 29/NA)  NEW ARAB -- Prosecutors in Turkey have ordered 117 military personnel to be detained over their alleged links to last year's coup, say security sources cited by the New Arab.   Counterterrorism police began an operation early Friday in western Izmir province to arrest the military personnel, said the sources. Some are said to serve in key units.   The security sources said the targeted personnel had been phone contact with senior members of the movement of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen between 2010 and July 2016, when the coup was launched.   The military personnel included 19 dismissed and 98 active soldiers, reported Turkey's Anadolu Agency.   Ankara says Gulen was behind the coup.  
  Item Number:17 Date: 09/29/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - HOT WEATHER IN IRAQ DEFEATING FOXHOUND PROTECTED VEHICLES IN IRAQ (SEP 29/BBC)  BRITISH BROADCASTING CORP. -- The British military's Foxhound vehicles brought to Iraq and Afghanistan keep breaking down, apparently because of the weather, says an army source cited by the BBC.   The Foxhound mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle entered service in Afghanistan in 2012, replacing the lightly armored Snatch Land Rover, noted the Daily Telegraph (U.K.). It is designed to operate in the hot and dusty climate of Afghanistan's Helmand province.   However, those used for patrols in Iraq keep overheating and breaking down, said an army sergeant in charge of maintaining a fleet of seven Foxhounds.   The vehicles have to be stripped down every five or six weeks. This normally would only be done twice a year, a source told the Sun (U.K.) this week.   The source said he had to alter the vehicle to increase air supply to cool the engines with his own specialist equipment.   The Ministry of Defense maintained that its armored vehicles were "dealing with the demanding conditions in Iraq."   The MoD spent 370 million British pounds (about US$495 million) for 400 Foxhounds to replace the Snatch Land Rover, noted the Telgraph.  
Item Number:18 Date: 09/29/2017 USA - CONGRESS BALKS AS ARMY SHIFTS STRATEGY ON WIN-T NETWORK PROJECT (SEP 29/C4ISRN)  C4ISR & NETWORKS -- The U.S. Army has been asking lawmakers to shift around half a billion dollars from the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) system and spend the money on capabilities that will provide a more survivable, mobile and hardened tactical network, reports C4ISRNet.   On Wednesday, the House Armed Service Committee's tactical air and land forces subcommittee held a hearing on the matter.   Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), the subcommittee chairman, asked what had changed since the Army's budget request in May sought around $500 million for the WIN-T program.   One top Army official testified that the current network was developed and fielded for "static operations" in Iraq and Afghanistan, "but does not meet the future warfighting needs of a high-end conflict," as quoted by Breaking Defense.   Gen. Mark Milley, the Army chief of staff, has ordered a complete review of the tactical network, which revealed that WIN-T had vulnerabilities and that their were gaps between the rate at which the service could upgrade it and the pace of growing threats, according to a summary of that review obtained by Defense News.   The Army's new strategy is to quickly update the network by taking funds from parts of the system that are not working and spending them on fixing capability gaps.   The service also wants better methods to procure new technology quickly to get it into soldiers' hands faster.   As for the WIN-T, the Army plans to stop Increment 2 at the end of fiscal 2018. Certain elements of the overall program will continue to be fielded through fiscal 2021
Item Number:19 Date: 09/29/2017 USA - JCS CHAIRMAN POINTS TO LIMITATIONS OF CURRENT INDUSTRIAL BASE; OTHERS SEE ADVANTAGES OF MODERN NON-MASS PRODUCTION (SEP 29/BREAKDEF)  BREAKING DEFENSE -- The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned lawmakers this week that the industrial base in the U.S. may not be able to sustain the military for a lengthy war, reports Breaking Defense.   The general is not the only one concerned about the potential problem. A White House task force has been established by President Trump to evaluate a war with a peer competitor "that would really stress all the different vectors of the industrial base," an administration official told the publication.   This is in contrast to the last 16 years of counterinsurgency warfare, which taxed certain sectors, such as armored vehicles.   As opposed to the 20th century, the nation today does not have the manufacturing capacity on the civilian side to pick up any shortfalls in production by defense contractors, said one administration official.   On the other hand, a new model employing 3-D printing could allow units to build their own spare parts and potentially food and ammunition, without having to rely on long supply lines going back to the U.S. to the same extent, said an expert panel on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.   Advanced manufacturing and robotics could also meet some manufacturing requirements, experts said
  Item Number:20 Date: 09/29/2017 USA - NAVY POSEIDONS BEGIN INITIAL MARITIME-SECURITY MISSIONS OUT OF HAWAII (SEP 29/S&S)  STARS AND STRIPES -- The U.S. Navy is deploying P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft to Hawaii for the first time this week, reports the Stars and Stripes.   The P-8s are part of a rotational deployment of forces. They will operate out of Marine Corps Base Hawaii and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, said the Navy on Thursday.   P-3C Orion aircraft previously conducted such security missions from those bases.   The Poseidons are assigned to the Skinny Dragons of Patrol Squadron Four (VP-4), which is stationed at Whidbey Island in Washington state. This is the first time the squadron has flown the P-8A, the Navy said. 

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