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This Day In Naval History - April 3
1797 - CAPT Thomas Truxtun issued first known American signal book using numerary system
1942 - ADM Nimitz named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, a joint command, and retained his other title, Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet
1943: USS Haddock (SS 231) sinks Japanese fleet tanker Arima Maru north of Palau, and USS Pickerel (SS 177) sinks Japanese submarine chaser Ch 1.
1992 - First five coed recruit companies from Orlando, FL Naval Training Center granduate.
On this day in history (April 3):
1882: The wood block alarm was invented; it was suspended over your bed; when the alarm went on, it dropped 20 wooden blocks over your head to wake you up.
1882: The American outlaw Jesse James was shot in the back and killed by Robert Ford for a $5,000 reward.
1953: T.V. Guide Magazine first appeared in newsstands. It sold for 15 cents a copy.
April 3
In Persia, Kavadh sues for peace with the Byzantines.
John of Gaunt and Edward the Black Prince win the Battle of Najera, in Spain.
Philip II of Spain and Henry II of France sign the peace of Cateau-Cambresis, ending a long series of wars between the Hapsburg and Valois dynasties.
The Pony Express connects St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California.
Slavery is abolished in Washington, D.C.
Union forces occupy the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia.
The American outlaw Jesse James is shot in the back and killed by his cousin, Bob Ford.
Alaska's Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America is climbed.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre are married at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.
Bruno Hauptmann, killer of the Lindbergh baby, is executed.
The Japanese begin their all-out assault on the U.S. and Filipino troops at Bataan.
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that black citizens are eligible to vote in all elections, including primaries.
President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan. It will revive war-torn Europe.
Three-thousand South Vietnamese Army troops lead a protest against the Ky regime in Saigon.
Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States after a twenty-year absence.
Coach John Thompson of Georgetown University becomes the first African-American coach to win an NCAA basketball tournament.
Submitted by Skip Leonard:

Alleged basketball quotes (not verified)
Senior basketball player at the University of Pittsburgh: "I'm going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes."
Shaquille O'Neal, on his lack of championships: "I've won at every level, except college and pro."
Shelby Metcalf, basketball coach at Texas A&M, recounting what he told a player who received four F's and one D: "Son, looks to me like you're spending too much time on one subject."
Basketball analyst: "He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces."
Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward: "I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body,"
L.A. Lakers rookie Elden Campbell when asked if he earned a degree at Clemson University: "No, but they gave one to me anyway."
"He's great on the court," a sportswriter said of a college basketball player in an interview with his coach. "But how's his scholastic work?" "Why, he makes straight A's," replied the coach. "Wonderful!" said the sportswriter. "Yes," agreed the coach, "but his B's are a little crooked."

     Two college basketball players were taking an important final exam. If they failed, they would be on academic probation and not allowed to play in the big game the following week. The exam was fill-in-the-blank.
     The last question read, "Old MacDonald had a ________."
     Bubba was stumped. He had no idea what to answer. But he knew he needed to get this one right to be sure he passed.
     Making sure the professor wasn't watching, he tapped Tiny on the shoulder. "Pssst. Tiny. What's the answer to the last question?"Tiny laughed. He looked around to make sure the professor hadn't noticed then he turned to Bubba. "Bubba, you're so stupid. Everyone knows Old MacDonald had a FARM."
     "Oh yeah," said Bubba. "I remember now."
     He picked up his No. 2 pencil and started to write the answer in the blank. He stopped. Tapping Tiny's shoulder again, he whispered, "Tiny, how do you spell farm?"
     "You are really dumb, Bubba. That's so easy. Farm is spelled E-I-E-I-O."

Submitted by Chuck Kincade:

How many NCAA basketball players does it take to change a light bulb?
At Vanderbilt it takes two. One to change the bulb and one more to explain how they did it every bit as well as any Ivy Leaguer.
At Georgia Tech it takes three. One to change the bulb and two to phone a friend at Georgia and get instructions.
At Arizona it takes four. One to screw in the bulb, and three to figure out how to get high off the old one.
At UCLA it takes five. One to change it, two to talk about how John Wooden would have done it and two to throw the old bulb at Cal students.
At San Diego State it takes six. One to change it, two to mix the drinks and three to design the perfect T-shirt to wear for the occasion.
At Duke it takes seven, and each one gets credit for four semester hours for it.
At UConn it takes eight. One to screw it in and seven to discuss how much brighter it shines during basketball season.
At Tennessee it takes ten. Two to figure out how to screw it in, eight to buy an orange lampshade.
At Texas it takes 100. One to change it, 49 to talk about how they do it better than Texas A&M and 50 who realize it's all a lie.
At USC it takes all of them. One to screw it in, and the rest to discuss how next year they will finally be in the Final Four.
At Arkansas it takes none. There is no electricity in Arkansas.

The Top Differences if the NCAA Basketball Tournament Were Run by Dogs
Not only is "traveling" no longer a violation, it's joyously greeted by heavy panting and hanging one's head out the window.
Stanford's tree mascot has to change its costume every time-out.
New method of "dribbling" is hard on the hardwood floors.
After a thunderous dunk a player would drop trou and mark the backboard as his territory.
An average of seven refs are mauled each year as a result of faking throwing the ball up at the tip-off.
Anyone caught double dribbling will be assumed to be rabid and destroyed accordingly.
UConn Huskies:  Automatically in Final Four.  Kentucky Wildcats: Automatically chased up a tree.
In order to score, the new rules require both ball and player to pass through the hoop.
Five fouls and you're neutered.

From the David Letterman's Late Show archives:

Top Ten Signs Your Basketball Team Is Not Going to Win the NCAA Championship
Power forward was featured on Dr. Phil's "Too Fat to Love?" episode
Whenever someone does a lay-up, he burns his arm on his cigarette
Players always show up at away games exhausted from all the hitchhiking
The Las Vegas odds against your team involve the sign for infinity
Your center won't stand during the national anthem because he's too drunk
The only thing Dick Vitale can say about them is, "These guys got a good grade point average, baby!"
Players refuse to guard other team because they're all "sticky and sweaty"
Jesse Jackson is protesting against team for being "too white"
They pointedly inform interviewers that the correct term is "little people," not "midgets"
Starting Center: Michael Moore

Top Ten Signs You've Been Watching Too Much Basketball
Your skin has turned orange and bumpy
After an enjoyable meal, you celebrate by cutting down the ceiling fan
You've named your kids Gonzaga and Xavier
Every couple of days you update your tattoo of the 64-team tournament bracket
Make up your own "35-second shot clock in the bedroom" joke
You actually know how to spell "Krzyzewski"
Instead of telling kids bedtime stories, you summarize beer commercials
You've worn out three La-Z-Boys in two weeks
You got sent home from work again for showing up in nothing but a well-placed "Go Bulldogs" 

Top Ten Signs You Won't Be the College Basketball 'Player of the Year
You've made more turnovers than Betty Crocker.
You keep asking the coach what inning is it.
You keep stepping on the referee's foot with your high heels.
You just got "drafted" to flip burgers at the local Wendy's.
The referee calls you for "just plain sucking."
Though the coach discourages it, you show up every game dressed like an astronaut.
Your strategy: take a shot, do a shot.
After every game, you receive a "thank you" note from the other team.
Can't take a shot without being blinded by ashes from your cigarette.
Frequently called for hand-checking yourself.

     Hanging on the wall in the sports center are the basketball team pictures from the past 40 years. A player in the center of the front row in each picture holds a basketball identifying the year -- "62-63," "63-64," "64-65," etc.
     One day I spotted a freshman looking curiously at the photos. Turning to me, he said, "Isn't it strange how the teams always lost by one point?"

     The sad part is things could be worse.  Imagine your school team has just won the final game of the NIT.  In the crowd, the chant begins, "WE'RE 69th!! WE'RE 69th!!"

     And remember, College basketball exists out of necessity. If there was no basketball, it would be necessary for the players to attend class. 

     I'm so old; I can remember when they shot the ball up at the basket, not down into it.

Have a great week,
It is Master's week for all the golfers
Golfing in Heaven from Dr. Rich
Thanks to David …
Three golfing partners died in a car wreck and went to heaven.
Upon arrival they discover the most beautiful golf course they have ever seen.
St. Peter tells them that they are all welcome to play the course, but he cautions that there is only one rule: Don't hit the ducks during your first three months here.
The men all have blank expressions, and finally one of them asks, "The ducks? 

"Yes", St. Peter replies, "There are thousands of ducks walking around the course, and if one gets hit, he quacks, then the one next to him quacks and soon they're all quacking to beat the band. It really breaks the tranquility, and if you hit one of the ducks, you'll be punished,.

Otherwise everything here is yours to enjoy.
Upon entering the course, the men noted that there were indeed large numbers of ducks everywhere.
Within fifteen minutes, one of the guys hit a duck. The duck quacks, the one next to it quacked and soon here was a deafening roar of duck quacks.
St. Peter walked up with an extremely homely woman in tow and asks, "Who hit the duck?" 
The guy who had done it admitted, "I did." 
St. Peter immediately pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the man's right hand to the homely woman's left hand. "I told you not to hit the ducks,", he said. Now you'll be handcuffed together for eternity."
The other two men were very cautious not to hit any ducks, but a couple of weeks later, one of them accidentally did. The quacks were as deafening as before, and within minutes St. Peter walked up with an even uglier woman. 

He cuffed the man's right hand to the homely woman's left hand. "I told you not to hit the ducks," he said; "Now you'll be handcuffed together for eternity."
The third man was extremely careful. Some days he wouldn't even play for fear of even nudging a duck. After three months, he still hadn't hit a duck. 

St. Peter walked up to the man at the end of the three months, and had with him a knock-out, gorgeous woman - the most beautiful woman the man had ever seen. St. Peter smiled at the man and then, without a word, handcuffed him to the beautiful woman and walked off.
The man, knowing that he would be handcuffed to this woman for eternity, let out a contented sigh and said aloud, "I wonder what I did to deserve this?
The woman responds, "I don't know about you, but I hit a duck."
Thanks to Dr. Rich
History and Heritage of Naval Aviation Series ... Cubi Bar
Dear Trustees and Friends of our Naval Aviation Museum Foundation,
This is our second video in a series of information clips about the National Naval Aviation Museum.  Our hope is that you find it informative but more importantly, that you send the information to friends you think would share our passion for this Museum.  This Museum is a magnificent place for those of us who participated in Naval Aviation and for anyone who loves aircraft, history, and patriotism.  Help us get the word out and help us connect with those of similar mind.
Thanks to Carl
(24 graphic photos!!)
FBI pictures reveal fiery aftermath and appalling destruction at the Pentagon on 9/11 - including remains of the plane hijacked by bin Laden's attackers
The FBI Vault has published images taken by investigators at the Pentagon after the 9/11 attack 
Al Qaeda's five hijackers claimed 184 lives when they crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon
Photographs show debris from the Boeing 757 on the ground outside the Defense Department building
The FBI led the forensic investigation on the ground at the Pentagon. collecting tiny fragments of evidence 

Item Number:1 Date: 04/03/2017 AUSTRALIA - BAE, FINCANTIERI, NAVANTIA VIE FOR FUTURE FRIGATE PROGRAM; DEFENSE RELEASES RFT (APR 03/ADOD)  AUSTRALIAN DEPT. OF DEFENSE -- The Australian Dept. of Defense has released a request for tender (RfT) to three competitors for its future frigate program.   BAE Systems in the U.K., Fincantieri in Italy and Navantia in Spain were previously shortlisted for the project, the department noted in a Friday release.   The department will begin evaluating the responses later this year, said Minister for Defense Industry Christopher Pyne.   BAE Systems is offering its Type 26 frigate; Fincantieri, the European Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM); and Navantia, the redesigned F100. All three firms have been working with the department since 2015 to refine their designs, said Pyne.   The Aus$35 billion (US$26.9 billion) program aims to develop a next-generation surface combatant capable of more challenging maritime operations, including enhanced anti-submarine capabilities.   Nine frigates are planned as part of Canberra's Aus$89 billion (US$68.4 billion) program to build a strong and sustainable domestic naval shipbuilding industry.  
  Item Number:2 Date: 04/03/2017 BANGLADESH - SECURITY OFFICIALS END STANDOFF, STORM HIDEOUT, KILL 3 IN MOULVIBAZAR (APR 03/REU)  REUTERS -- Three suspected militants were killed in last week's police operation in Bangladesh's northeast, says a counter-terror official, as reported by Reuters.   An 80-hour standoff started last Wednesday, noted bdnews24.com (Bangladesh).   The militants were killed Saturday in Moulvibazar of the Sylhet region, said Monirul Islam, the chief of the counter-terrorism unit of Bangladesh police.   "Police asked them to surrender but instead the female militant [of the three]...responded with a grenade attack on SWAT," he said.   The militants likely killed themselves in "suicide explosions," said Islam, as quoted by the Indo-Asian News Service.   The hideout likely belonged to the New Jamatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, he said.  
 Item Number:3 Date: 04/03/2017 BELARUS - RUSSIAN PARATROOPERS DROP IN FOR DRILL IN VITEBSK (APR 03/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- Personnel from the Russian airborne forces and Belarusian special operations forces have just completed the first stage of a tactical brigade exercise, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   During the drills at the Losvido range in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, which concluded on Friday, a Russian paratrooper unit was subordinated to an airborne battalion of the Belarusian special operations airborne brigade.   The exercise featured operations against simulated illegal armed groups, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.   The main phase of the exercise will run through April 6.   About 1,000 Belarusian troops and more than 200 pieces of equipment are taking part, along with more than 100 Russian paratroopers
Item Number:4 Date: 04/03/2017 CANADA - NAVY HAMSTRUNG BY POSTPONED SPENDING, INCREASED RUSSIAN ACTIVITY, SAYS ANALYST (APR 03/CHER)  CHRONICLE HERALD -- The latest Canadian defense budget is "unhelpful" for the Royal Canadian Navy at a time when the service faces growing challenges in the North Atlantic, says a senior defense analyst cited by the Halifax Chronicle Herald.   The budget, released in late March, postponed about Can$8.5 billion in funding to 2035-2036. As a result, the navy will not receive needed submarines to patrol its coasts, said David Perry, a fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute in Ottawa.   "The Canadian government does not have funding at present to maintain a modern submarine capability," Perry told the newspaper.   The navy also lacks destroyers. The service has retired all four of its Iroquois-class warships and the planned Canadian Surface Combatant vessels are not expected to start construction until the mid-2020s.   Meanwhile, Russian submarine activity in the North Atlantic has returned to Cold War levels and the navy is more advanced. This combination challenges Canada both along its Atlantic coast and in increased activity in the Arctic, he said
Item Number:5 Date: 04/03/2017 EGYPT - FOUNDER OF SINAI PROVINCE TERROR GROUP DIES FROM MARCH AIRSTRIKE (APR 03/NA)  NEW ARAB -- The Egyptian army says that an airstrike made last month killed a leader of the Islamic State's affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, reports the New Arab (U.K.).   The strike on March 18 killed Salem Salmy al-Hamadeen, also known as Abu Anas al-Ansari, said the military in a statement on Sunday. A total of 18 were killed or injured in the strike, said the army, as cited by AFP.   Hamadeen was one of the founders of Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, now known as the Sinai Province. He was responsible for arming and training militants, said the army. The group pledged allegiance to ISIS in November 2014.   The militant leader died of wounds sustained during the air raid, according to the statement.   Islamic State announced his death last week in its latest weekly newsletter, reported AFP.  
Item Number:6 Date: 04/03/2017 EGYPT - MILITANT GROUP CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY FOR BOMBING POLICE TRAINING CENTER IN TANTA (APR 03/AHRAM)  AHRAM ONLINE -- A bomb blast targeting a police training center in Egypt's Nile Delta has killed one officer and injured 16 others, say officials, as reported by Ahram Online (Egypt).   An explosive device hidden in a motorcycle was detonated on Saturday near the training center in Tanta, said the Interior Ministry.   Five of the injured were said to be in critical condition.   A militant group called Liwa el-Thawra, or the Revolution Brigade, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was revenge for violations against civilians and prisoners, reported Daily News Egpyt.   The group has claimed responsibility for several attacks, including the assassination of a senior Egyptian military official in Cairo in October 2016
Item Number:7 Date: 04/03/2017 INDIA - NEW DELHI, MOSCOW STEP UP TALKS TO UPGRADE ALMOST 1,000 T-90 TANKS (APR 03/BLOOMBERG)  BLOOMBERG NEWS -- New Delhi is negotiating with Russia over a multi-million dollar program to upgrade India's nearly 1,000 Russian-built T-90 tanks, according to unnamed sources cited by Bloomberg News.   Under the potential deal, Russian firms would transfer tank technology to Indian partners.   The modernization is expected to increase the accuracy, mobility and ergonomics for the crew. The work would take place by Indian ordnance factories and private firms, the sources said.   India has purchased about 1,450 T-90s from Russia since 2001. A total of 124 were bought directly, with the remainder being built domestically under license
Item Number:8 Date: 04/03/2017 IRAQ - MILITARY ANNOUNCES DEATH OF ISLAMIC STATE'S DEPUTY (APR 03/NBC)  NBC NEWS -- Iraqi state media say the Islamic State's second-in-command has been killed in an airstrike in Iraq's western Anbar province, reports NBC News.   Ayad al-Jumaili, also known as Abu Yayha, was killed in an Iraqi airstrike directed at a meeting of ISIS commanders in the town of Qaim, said a military spokesman on Saturday. No date was given for the strike.   The terror group's director of administrative affairs, Salem Mudafar Al-Ajmi, was also killed in the raid, he said.   Jumaili was known as ISIS's minister of war, said the spokesman. He had been an intelligence officer under Saddam Hussein and then later ran the Islamic State's top security agency in Iraq and Syria, reported the Daily Telegraph (U.K.).   The U.S. has not confirmed the report
  Item Number:9 Date: 04/03/2017 LITHUANIA - RUSSIA'S KALININGRAD UPGRADES PUT BALTICS IN GREATER DANGERS, SAYS THREAT ASSESSMENT (APR 03/SPUTNIK)  SPUTNIK -- Russia has developed the capability to attack Lithuania within just a 24-hour notice, reports Russia's Sputnik news agency, citing Lithuania's intelligence agency.   The Kremlin upgraded its military in the Kaliningrad exclave last year, reducing the time needed to prepare for an attack into Lithuania. Upgrades have included Su-30 fighter aircraft and anti-ship missile systems," according to a report form the Defense Ministry and State Security Dept., Lithuania's intelligence service.   "Currently, Russia is capable to conduct combat activities against the Baltic states with 24-48 hours' notice," said Monday's report.   "This is a signal to NATO to improve its decision speed. NATO's reaction time is not as fast as we would like it to be," said Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis, as reported by Reuters.   The annual threat assessment calls Moscow "a major source of threats." It points out that Russia's intelligence services have been cooperating closely with those of Belarus to continue "their active and aggressive activity" against Lithuania.   A Kremlin spokesman dismissed the concern as anti-Russian sentiment. "There is total Russophobia, hysterical Russophobia going on," he told reporters.  
  Item Number:10 Date: 04/03/2017 PHILIPPINES - NPA TALKS START AGAIN IS OSLO, WITHOUT TRUCE (APR 03/PHILSTAR)  PHILIPPINE STAR -- The Philippine government and representatives of Maoist rebels have restarted formal peace talks in Norway, reports the Philippine Star.   Talks with the New People's Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), were scrapped in February. Both sides ended their own unilateral cease-fires earlier this year, with the army accusing the communists of attacking soldiers.   Negotiations resumed on Sunday in Oslo on a bilateral cease-fire.   The government cannot renew its truce because the NPA had used it to extort businesses and citizens, said Gen. Eduardo Ano, the chief of the army, as reported by Reuters.   The rebels said they did not declare a unilateral cease-fire because the government refused to do so
Item Number:11 Date: 04/03/2017 SOMALIA - HIJACKED INDIAN CARGO SHIP ON THE WAY TO SOMALIA (APR 03/FINEX)  FINANCIAL EXPRESS -- Pirates have hijacked an Indian commercial vessel off the coast of Somalia, reports the Financial Express (India).   The hijacking was announced on Monday by officials of the Directorate General of Shipping, an Indian government agency, reported PTI.   The Al Kaushar, with 11 Indian crewmembers aboard, was en route to the Yemeni port city of Mukalla from Dubai when it was hijacked on Saturday.   The captain of the Indian-flagged ship was reportedly able to contact authorities in Dubai and the owner of the vessel.   Somalia media reported that the attack took place about 50 km (30 miles) south of the port town of Hobyo.   The hijacked vessel is heading toward Somali shores, Abdirizak Mohamed Dirir, a former director of the anti-piracy agency in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region, said on Monday, as cited by Reuters.   In recent years, there has been a significant drop in the number of piracy incidents in the area. At its height, the attacks cost about US$8 billion annually, noted the BBC
  Item Number:12 Date: 04/03/2017 SWEDEN - ARMED BY US$361 MILLION CONTRACT, SAAB TO PROVIDE AIR FORCE, NAVY WITH NEW ANTI-SHIP MISSILE (APR 03/SAAB)  SAAB -- The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) has awarded Saab a contract to develop and manufacture a next-generation anti-ship missile system, reports the Swedish defense firm.   The deal is worth US$361 million, with deliveries scheduled from 2017 to 2026.   The new anti-ship missile will be developed in both air-launched and ship-launched configurations and integrated with new Gripen E fighters and Visby-class corvettes, said company officials in a release on Friday.   The missile system will provide improved combat range, upgraded target seeker and lower weight compared to previous systems, according to the Saab officials. It will be able to strike a wide range of naval and land-based targets, have an all-weather capability and contain the potential for future growth.   The new weapon will combine proven capabilities from the existing RBS 15 missile family with new and enhanced capabilities, said Saab.   The RBS 15F ER is expected to enter service in the mid-2020s, reported FlightGlobal
  Item Number:13 Date: 04/03/2017 SYRIA - ISIS COUNTERATTACKS AT TABQA DAM; SDF KEEPS UP FIGHT TOWARD RAQQA (APR 03/AL-MASDAR)  AL-MASDAR NEWS -- Forces from a U.S.-backed rebel group have repelled a major Islamic State counterattack in Syria's Tabqa dam, reports Al-Masdar News (U.A.E.).   The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been advancing on Tabqa dam, a key strategic target, on its way to surround Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS.   ISIS pushed back on Sunday south of Tabqa airport and against SDF positions northeast of Tabqa, said the rebels. Dozens of ISIS fighters, including a terrorist leader, were reportedly killed.   Concerns have been raised both by the Syrian government and ISIS that the dam might collapse due to strikes by the U.S.-led coalition, reported Reuters.   The SDF and the coalition insist that the dam is not in danger. SDF engineers last week opened spillways to relieve the dam's water levels, though locals say that flooded agricultural land in several villages
Item Number:14 Date: 04/03/2017 SYRIA - OUTPOST OF 'MODERATE' REBELS HIT NEAR TURKISH BORDER; RUSSIAN PLANES SUSPECTED (APR 03/REU)  REUTERS -- Russian jets were likely responsible for hitting an outpost in northern Syria near the Turkish border, say rebel sources cited by Reuters.   There were several overnight raids on Babeska, a village in Idlib province near a major border crossing with Turkey. The attacks killed at least one FSA fighter and wounded several people, said rebel sources on Sunday.   The area is controlled by several groups part of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Jaish al-Islam, which controls the last major rebel stronghold near Damascus.   Jaish al-Islam has been part of a cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey late last year. However, the Syrian government considers it a terrorist group, and has blamed it for recent attacks on government-held areas in the capital.   Airstrikes by the suspected Russian warplanes also hit the town of Urum al-Kubra in the western Aleppo countryside, killing five civilians, said the rebel source.  
  Item Number:15 Date: 04/03/2017 UKRAINE - U.S. ARMY PROGRAM TO UPGRADE CYBERSECURITY SNAGGED BY SOVIET-ERA TECHNOLOGY (APR 03/C4ISRN)  C4ISR & NETWORKS -- A U.S. Army program to enhance Ukraine's cybersecurity technologies is being hampered by that country's Soviet-era technology, say officials working on the program, as cited by C4ISRNET.   The Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative-Information Technology, which was created by the U.S. Congress, is supposed to build a joint cybersecurity, command-and-control, medical and logistics data system for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.   There are problems with basic infrastructure, such as networks, cabling, defense business systems and logistics systems that are not interoperable with NATO standards, said Andrew Strand, chief of international programs at PEO Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). "We are also providing a cybersecurity infrastructure that will enable them to build out that capacity for intelligence-gathering and the kinds of surveillance techniques and training they need to protect themselves."   The PEO EIS bills itself as the "Army technology leader."   The project is made more complex because most existing systems are Russian in origin and are being hardened against the Russians, Strand said.   As a result, much of the US$300 million allocated for the project will go toward replacing existing systems, he said.  
  Item Number:16 Date: 04/03/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - BRITISH MILITARY TRAINERS WILL BOOST JORDANIANS FIGHTING ISIS, SAYS MAY (APR 03/INDEP)  INDEPENDENT -- British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a plan to boost security cooperation with Jordan, reports the Independent (U.K.).   Monday's announcement came during her trip to Jordan. The prime minister plans to visit Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to discuss trade and security ties as part of a three-day trip to the Middle East, noted the BBC.   The plan calls for British military trainers to deploy to Jordan to help the air force improve its ability to strike Islamic State targets.   May was expected to discuss assisting Jordan deal with an influx of refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.   "It is clearly in the U.K.'s security and prosperity interests to support Jordan and Saudi Arabia in tackling regional challenges to create a more stable region, and in delivering their ambitious reform programs to ensure their own stability," she said ahead of her visit.  
  Item Number:17 Date: 04/03/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - MATTIS MEETS FALLON, EXPRESSES CONCERN ABOUT N. KOREA (APR 03/UKMOD)  U.K. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE -- Defense Secretary Michael Fallon met with his U.S. counterpart, Jim Mattis, last week in London, reports the U.K. Ministry of Defense.   This was Mattis' first visit to the U.K. as U.S. defense secretary.   The leaders discussed a number of issues, including NATO modernization; increased spending by alliance members; the fight against ISIS; and joint equipment and defense trade programs, the ministry said on Friday.   Fallon also confirmed that all 800 British troops would be deployed in Estonia this week as part of NATO's enhanced forward presence program.   The defense secretaries also agreed on simplifying NATO command structures as part of alliance modernization efforts.   While in London on Friday, the retired Marine general also suggested that North Korea represented the largest threat to the U.S. Without elaborating, he cited Pyongyang's reckless agenda and said that "has got to be stopped," as quoted by ABC News.  
  Item Number:18 Date: 04/03/2017 USA - AFTER FINDING ISIS USING CIVILIAN HOSTAGES AS TARGET BAIT, COALITION ADJUSTS TACTICS (APR 03/S&S)  STARS AND STRIPES -- The U.S.-led coalition battling the Islamic State says it is modifying its tactics based on evidence that the terrorists are drawing airstrikes against buildings where they are holding civilians, reports the Stars and Stripes.   "What you see now is not the use of civilians as human shields. Now it is something much more sinister," a spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said on Thursday at the Pentagon. ISIS "is smuggling civilians into buildings so we won't see them, and trying to bait the coalition to attack."   The terrorist group has held civilians hostages in such a fashion at least three times, the spokesman said.   The actions are part of the ISIS strategy to create civilian casualties and "take advantage of the public outcry and deter action in the future," he said.   The spokesman declined to provide specifics on how the coalition is altering its tactics in response to the practice
Item Number:19 Date: 04/03/2017 USA - BACKLOG AT PUBLIC SHIPYARDS COULD BE CLEARED IN 6 YEARS, SAYS NAVSEA CHIEF (APR 03/USNIN)  USNI NEWS -- The head of the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command says about 2,000 more workers are needed at public shipyards to address a major maintenance backlog, reports USNI News.   The Navy has experienced a backlog in its public yards, growing from 4.7 million man-days in 2011 to about 5.3 million man-days this year, Vice Adm. Tom Moore told the Senate Armed Service subcommittee on readiness and management support on March 29.   The command set a goal of hiring up to 33,500 workers across its four public yards by the end of fiscal 2016.   "Despite hiring 16,500 new workers since 2012, naval shipyards are more than 2,000 people short of the capacity required to execute the projected workload," said written NAVSEA testimony for the hearing.   According to NAVSEA, the personnel shortage and an inexperienced work force -- about half have less than five years of experience -- have extended maintenance availabilities for submarines and aircraft carriers to more than twice their planned length.   If the service did get the additional personnel, it would allow the Navy to begin clearing the backlog and move in a positive direction for ship repair, Moore told USNI News. The change could clear the current backlog by 2023, he said.  
  Item Number:20 Date: 04/03/2017 USA - COAST GUARD COMMISSIONS MUNRO NATIONAL SECURITY CUTTER IN SEATTLE (APR 03/SEAT)  SEATTLE TIMES -- The U.S. Coast Guard has commissioned its newest Bertholf-class national security cutter in Seattle, reports the Seattle Times.   The Munro (WMSL-755), the sixth cutter in the class, entered service during a Saturday ceremony.   The cutter honors Signalman First Class Douglas Munro, the Coast Guard's sole Medal of Honor recipient.   Munro, who hailed from South Cle Elum, Wash., was killed during the battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 while rescuing a detachment of 500 U.S. Marines, said a Coast Guard release.   The Munro will be the fourth national security cutter to be stationed in Alameda, Calif., the service said.

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