Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump, Congress urged to impeach judges fighting immigration orders

President Trump and Congress are being urged to impeach federal judges lining up to thwart the new administration's move on immigration.
Claiming that the judges are threatening national security with their actions, the president and Congress should take action to shut down "leftist" courts operating out of the mainstream, according to an influential lobbyist and columnist.
John Snyder, dubbed by the media as the "Dean of Washington gun lobbyists," and who backed Trump, called the court rulings against Trump's executive orders an "outrage."

But, he added, it could give conservatives their opportunity to corral left-leaning courts.
"The judges' anti-American security ruling could be a blessing in disguise. For some time now, a number of observers have rued against the far-out leftist extremism of the judiciary. This could be a catalyst enabling the president and Congress to begin cleaning out the federal judiciary. It has become a refuge for leftist ideology," he said.
Trump has expressed his own outrage at the recent court rulings. In tweets, he has accused the courts of threatening U.S. safety with their rulings, and called the legal system "broken."

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