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This Day In Naval History - February 10
1862 - Union gunboats destroy Confederate ships at Elizabeth City, NC
1900 - Appointment of first naval governor of Guam, Commodore Seaton Schroder
1944: USS Pogy (SS 266) attacks a Japanese convoy and sinks destroyer Minekaze and freighter Malta Maru 85 miles north-northeast of Formosa.
1945: U.S. Navy submarine USS Batfish (SS 310) sinks three enemy submarines from Feb. 10-13.

1960 - USS Sargo (SSN-583) surfaces at North Pole
This Day In Naval History - February 11
1862 - SecNav directs formation of organization to evaluate new inventions and technical development which eventually led to National Academy of Science.
1971 - U.S. and USSR sign a treaty prohibiting the deployment of nuclear weapons on the ocean floor.
2000 – The List 0001 was sent out to start the series.
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This Day In Naval History - February 12
1945 - USS Batfish (SS-310) sinks second Japanese submarine within three days
1947: The first launch of a guided missile, the Loon, takes place on board USS Cusk (SS 348).
This day in History
February 10
Hulagu, a Mongol leader, seizes Baghdad, bringing an end to the Abbasid caliphate.
Supporters of Marie de Medici, the queen mother, who has been exiled to Blois, are defeated by the king's troops at Ponts de Ce, France.
The Treaty of Paris ends the French-Indian War. France gives up all her territories in the New World except New Orleans and a few scattered islands.
Napoleon Bonaparte leaves Cairo, Egypt, for Syria, at the head of 13,000 men.
Napoleon personally directs lightning strikes against enemy columns advancing toward Paris, beginning with a victory over the Russians at Champaubert.
Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert.
Led by religious leader Brigham Young, the first Mormons begin a long westward exodus from Nauvoo, Il., to Utah.
P.T. Barnum's star midgets, Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren, are married.
President Wilson blasts the British for using the U.S. flag on merchant ships to deceive the Germans.
Japanese occupy island of Hainan in French Indochina.
London severs diplomatic relations with Romania.
Iceland is attacked by German planes.
B-29s hit the Tokyo area.
Bell Aircraft displays a fixed-wing vertical takeoff plane.
Adolph Coors, the beer brewer, is kidnapped in Golden, Colo.
Protester David Miller is convicted of burning his draft card.
The Metropolitan Museum announces the first major theft in its 110-year history, $150,000 Greek marble head.
The largest Mafia trial in history, with 474 defendants, opens in Palermo, Italy
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Testing the new carrier landing system "Magic Carpet" (Delta Flight Path mode)
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February 10, 2017Bear Taylor
Good Morning: Day THREE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO of remembering life in the company of heroes and patriots in an air war with North Vietnam…
10 February 1967… Head lines from the New York Times on a snowy Friday in New York City…
Page 1: "More Snow Falls"..."as city digs out. May turn to rain but weatherman says to "expect a fall of four inches or more, but it could be less."…??? Page 1: "Rusk Bars a Halt in Raids 'Till Hanoi Eases War Effort"…"Secretary of State Dean Rusk ruled out today any cessation of American bombing of North Vietnam until the other side shows a willingness to reduce its military effort in South Vietnam. Mr. Rusk accused the 'communist side' of waging a systematic campaign to bring about a permanent cessation of American bombing 'without any corresponding military actions on their side.' He rejected a recent North Vietnamese suggestion that stopping the bombing could lead to negotiations. At the same time, Mr. Rusk said: 'Let me say quietly and sincerely to all the capitals on the other side, let good sense take charge for all of us on this situation.' His statements were made at a news conference at the State Department."... Page 1: "Soviet Troop Cut in Germany Seen"… "The Soviet Union was reported to be planning to withdraw several army divisions from East Germany…the loss of manpower is to be made up by the stationing of additional rockets and other weapons in East Germany."… Page 1: "Soviet Hints China Places New Curbs on Help For Hanoi"..."The Soviet Government indicated today in a protest note to Peking that the Chinese had blocked or put new restrictions on the shipment of Soviet military and economic supplies to North Vietnam…although much Soviet aid to North Vietnam comes by sea, most comes through China by train."… Page 1:"Johnson Asks $6.2-Billion in Foreign Aid for Two Years"…"President Johnson proposed today the smallest foreign aid appropriation in the 20-year history of the authorized program. He asked that $3.1-billion be authorized for each of the next two fiscal years…cut back due to needs at home and the cost of the struggle in Vietnam. He added: 'Nothing could be more short-sighted and self-defeating. This country–the wealthiest in human history–can well afford to devote less than 7/10ths of 1 per cent of its national income to reduce the chances of a future Vietnam."
Page 6: "Yachtsman Near New Zealand"… "Sir Francis Chichester, the British yachtsman sailing alone around the world was sighted today 150-miles north of New Zealand traveling southeast through moderate seas."   oohrah
Page 2: "Victory For Mao Best For U.S."… "A conference of academic specialists on China closed today in Chicago with several participants asserting that it was more in American interests in the short run to see the militant faction of Chairman Mao Tse-tung win Communist China's power struggle than his opposition…The opposition would try to heal the Chinese-Soviet split and would press for unity of action with Moscow on the war in Vietnam, possibly leading to a direct clash with the United States."
10 February 1967… The President's Daily Brief…CIA (TS sanitized)…SOVIET UNION: We now think there if a rather good chance that the new spacecraft the Soviets tested for the second time on Monday is intended for manned missions to the moon. We do not know yet what lunar mission this vehicle could perform, but a circumlunar flight–looping around the moon and returning to earth–seems well within its capabilities…the next favorable time for such a mission will be between 26 February and 5 March… NORTH VIETNAM: The Improvement and expansion of North Vietnam's rail lines is continuing. More key lines are being made so equipment employed in China. In fact, when current improvements are completed, goods coming from or through China will be able to get as far as Hanoi without transloading… FRANCE: The French put up a satellite on Wednesday–their first in nearly a year. it was, at best, not altogether successful. Yesterday France asked if US radar could be used to help search for fragments in space resulting from the malfunction of the vehicle's third stage…
10 February 1967…U.S. State Department Office of the Historian… During this period in early February two super-secret meetings were underway–one in Moscow where the U.S and North Vietnam were represented and one in London where Kosygin and Wilson were talking. The State Department in Washington was sending "Top Secret: SUNFLOWER" messages to both sites to keep the U.S. representatives and the Ambassadors all on the same frequency. The following document is such a message…
"The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the AIR FORCE CROSS (Posthumously) to PATRICK HARDY WOOD, United States Air Force, for extraordinary heroism in military operations against an opposing armed force as a Rescue Crew Commander of an HH-3E Helicopter of the 38th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam, SEVENTH Air Force, in action near Mu Gia Pass, North Vietnam, on 6 February 1967. On that date, MAJOR WOOD flew two sorties in an effort to rescue a pilot downed deep in heavily defended hostile territory. An intensive search under constant fire failed to locate the pilot and the first sortie was cancelled due to rapidly deteriorating weather. MAJOR WOOD undertook a second attempt fully aware that fighter cover and flak suppression support were unavailable due to marginal weather. Despite intense and accurate 37-mm fire, MAJOR WOOD successfully located and hoisted the downed pilot into his aircraft. At this point, the hostile forces, thwarted in their attempts to capture the downed pilot, and with the possibility of luring other aircraft to destruction, directed all their fire power toward MAJOR WOOD's aircraft. Heavy 37-mm fire exploded above the aircraft on a climb out, and one hit was taken in the cabin. Although his aircraft was severely damaged, MAJOR WOOD attempted to clear a ridge line which would have provided a sufficient altitude for a safe bailout for his crew. In the face of known highly dangerous area, extremely adverse weather conditions, and exceptionally heavy hostile fire, MAJOR WOOD pressed his humanitarian efforts to save a fellow airman. through his extraordinary heroism, superb airmanship, and aggressiveness in the face of hostile forces, MAJOR WOOD reflected the highest credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.
10 February 1967…OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER...New York Times… No air ops over North Vietnam–truce. Page 2: "U.S. Says Plane Flew Over Hainan Accidentally"…"An unarmed United States Navy plane accidentally flew over part of Communist China's Hainan Island today (9th). In a terse statement the Department of Defense said the propeller driven plane had 'inadvertently' intruded over Chinese territory as a consequence of 'navigational error.' The incident is being investigated and the plane returned safely. Carriers Enterprise, Kitty Hawk and Hancock are stationed and operating at Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin."… Page 2: "Five Violations Charged"…"Communist China charged that American aircraft had violated its territorial air space five times on Tuesday and Wednesday. The charges accompanied Peking's 422nd 'serious warning against United States provocations.' "… "Vietnam: Air Losses" (Hobson) There were no fixed wing aircraft downed in Southeast Asia on 10 February 1967…
RIPPLE SALVO… #342… HERO: "A person of great courage, spirit, especially one who has undergone great danger or difficulty"… PATRIOT: "One who loves his country and guards its welfare." Heroes and Patriots. ROLLING THUNDER: Hundreds of Ready Rooms full of men who lived in danger for the love of their country… living the dream.
When we were kids we looked for and found such men and women to hold as models to honor and emulate as we grew and set out to pursue, and with good fortune, realize our dreams. For those who grew up during World War Two, there was no shortage of heroes and patriots to inspire us to follow their courageous examples. In addition, we were encouraged to read and study the great heroes from the pages of history from ancient Greece and Rome to our own Columbus, Nathan Hale, George Washington, Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, JEB Stuart, Sargent York, Audie Murphy; we all had our favorite and personal heroes, living and dead. I suspect most still do.
Humble Host is honored to have this opportunity — this blog of a thousand nights — to pause each day for a few minutes of respectful thought to recognize and remember the legion of heroes who fought the good fight over North Vietnam fifty years ago. In the first rank of those heroes are the men whose names and experiences are recorded within the covers of  Stuart Rochester's and Frederick Kiley's study, account and analysis of the "American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973," titled "Honor Bound."  I quote from page 592…
    "The company of men who walked the Hanoi March, trekked the Ho Chi Minh Trail at the point of a bayonet, and battled the enemy behind the lines from Briarpatch to Dogpath survived the jails and jungles of Southeast Asia against great odds. Blessed in many instances with advantages of skills and seasoning when compared with U.S PWs of previous generations, they were also endowed with qualities of heart and soul, grace and courage, that in the end mattered more than their relatively high ranks. Those who made it back gave their countrymen an occasion to celebrate patriotism and heroism unencumbered by the vexing moral and political issues that beclouded so much of the war effort. In helping to achieve a healing, uplifting closure to the bitterly divisive conflict, the PWs, even when they were no longer incarcerated, continues to wield a symbolic power out of proportion to their small numbers. Their proud return to a grateful nation remains one of the few truly shining moments in a troubled era."
The men who were the American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia were and remain men of great courage and spirit who lived through years of great danger and difficulty and came out the way they went in, loving their country and willing to sacrifice everything to guard its welfare. They are Heroes and Patriots by definition and worthy of emulation by generations of Americans to come.
Lest we forget… Bear
Item Number:1 Date: 02/10/2017 AFGHANISTAN - DEATH OF SENIOR ISIS COMMANDER REPORTED BY INTERIOR MINISTRY (FEB 10/XIN)  XINHUA -- Afghan security forces, backed by NATO troops, killed a top Islamic State commander in a joint operation last week, says the Interior Ministry, as cited by Xinhua, China's state news agency.   Qari Moneb, a prominent ISIS leader, was killed in an operation that began on Feb. 1, the ministry said in a release on Friday.   No details were given Friday on the timing or location of the raid.   Moneb was responsible for organizing several bombings, including suicide attacks in Kabul last year, said the ministry. He also committed atrocities against locals in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, the statement said.   The ministry previously reported on Moneb's death, along with senior commander Shahid Omar, in Nangarhar province. They were killed along with 120 other militants in Achin district, as reported by Khaama Press
Item Number:2 Date: 02/10/2017 AFGHANISTAN - PROVINCIAL COUNCIL MEMBER, 3 OTHERS KILLED IN NORTHERN BAGHLAN PROVINCE (FEB 10/1TV)  1 TV (AFGHANISTAN) -- Armed militants have killed four people outside Pul-e-Khumri, the capital of Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province, reports 1 TV (Afghanistan).   Provincial council member Alam Jan Majahid was among the dead. He was traveling in the Hussain Kheil area at the time. His grandson and two bodyguards were also killed, said police.   Four others were injured in the attack, including another provincial council member.   While no group immediately claimed responsibility, police said they could not rule out the involvement of the Taliban.  
  Item Number:3 Date: 02/10/2017 BRAZIL - AS VIOLENCE CONTINUES, ARMY SENDS AIRBORNE TROOPS, AIRCRAFT, ARMORED VEHICLES TO ESPIRITO SANTO (FEB 10/ALJAZ)  AL JAZEERA -- The Brazilian army says it is reinforcing its troops sent to the state of Espirito Santo following a police strike, reports Al Jazeera (Qatar).   Police struck last week over a pay dispute in the state capital of Vitoria. President Michel Temer deployed 1,000 soldiers and 200 national guard troops to the state on Monday, reported the Wall Street Journal.   On Thursday, the army began deploying airborne troops, armored vehicles and military aircraft to Espirito Santo, reported Reuters. No numbers were given, but the army commander said on Twitter that the "mission will be accomplished," as quoted by Al Jazeera.   State officials had called for hundreds of additional troops to replace the 1,800 state police on strike.   More than 100 people have been killed in a wave of muggings, carjackings and looting, according to Brazil's Globo television network.  
  Item Number:4 Date: 02/10/2017 FRANCE - COUNTERTERRORISM POLICE ARREST 4 FOR PLANNING ATTACK; BOMB-MAKING MATERIALS FOUND (FEB 10/DAILYTEL)  DAILY TELEGRAPH -- Counterterror police in southern France have arrested four people, including a teenage girl, suspected of plotting a suicide attack at a Paris tourist site, reports the Daily Telegraph (U.K.).   The arrests took place Friday in the Montpellier area, said the Paris prosecutor's office.   Those detained include three men aged 20, 27 and 34. The 20-year-old was variously described as the "mentor" or boyfriend of the girl, age 16. She was known to police for talking on social media about attacking France and having expressed a desire to travel to Syria.   Police seized about 70 grams (2.4 ounces) of TATP explosive, acetone and liter of sulphuric acid, both bomb-making materials. TATP was used in the November 2015 attack in Paris and the March 2016 attack in Brussels, noted USA Today.   The arrests came after the suspects bought the acetone, said a police source cited by AFP
Item Number:5 Date: 02/10/2017 FRANCE - FOR PROTECTION AGAINST ATTACKS, EIFFEL TOWER WILL GET BULLETPROOF GLASS WALLS (FEB 10/AFP)  AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE -- The Eiffel Tower will soon get a bulletproof, anti-terror glass barrier, reports Agence France-Presse, citing authorities in Paris.   The planned walls will be built later this year on the northern and southern ends of the landmark, said officials on Thursday. The existing temporary barriers erected on the west and east during the 2016 Euro soccer championship will be replaced by ornate fencing.   The cost of the project will be around 20 million euros (US$21 million).   The 2.5-meter (8-foot) tall walls will prevent people and vehicles from storming the site, said Jean-Francois Martins, the deputy mayor of Paris.   "The terror threat remains high in Paris, and the most vulnerable sites, starting with the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures," he said.   Some critics complain this action will turn the monument into a "fortress" and dissuade tourists from visiting
Item Number:6 Date: 02/10/2017 GEORGIA - INTERIOR MINISTER HOSTS DELEGATION FROM U.S. DEFENSE THREAT REDUCTION AGENCY (FEB 10/INT-AVN)  INTERFAX-MILITARY NEWS AGENCY -- Georgian Interior Minister Giorgi Mgebrishvili has been meeting with representatives of the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to discuss border security, reports Interfax-AVN (Russia).   Thursday's talks in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, focused on areas of cooperation in the development of the Caucasus nation's border infrastructure.   The U.S. delegation was led by Rear Adm. Scott Jerabek, deputy head of DTRA, who expressed gratitude for the ministry as reliable partner, noted Newsday Georgia.   Mgebrishvili praised the cooperation with DTRA, including the supply of equipment and provision of security on the Georgian border, including the opening of an electronic monitoring center in the Saldakhlo sector of the frontier with Armenia.   DTRA projects have also enhanced the capabilities of the Georgian coast guard, the minister said. Maritime security cooperation is expected to grow in the future, he said
Item Number:7 Date: 02/10/2017 GERMANY - FACING 'IMMINENT TERROR PLOT,' POLICE DETAIN 2 IN GOTTINGEN (FEB 10/DPA)  DEUTSCHE PRESSE-AGENTUR -- Police in the German university city of Gottingen have arrested two men suspected of preparing a terror attack, reports Deutsche Presse-Agentur.   About 450 police officers raided 12 sites on Thursday. Eleven were around the town of Gottingen in Lower Saxony and the remaining in the northern part of Hesse statem, noted the New York Times.   The two suspects, a 27-year-old Algerian and a 23-year-old Nigerian, both lived with their families in Gottingen, said officials. They had reportedly been "active in the Islamist scene," said the DPA.   Police found a machete, ammunition and firearms. The Local (Germany) also showed an ISIS flag seized in the raids.   The arrests were made after indications of a "possible concrete impending terrorist attack" said a local police chief. "We came to the conclusion that there was an imminent danger that had to be averted," he said.   The alleged plot was not exclusively related to Gottingen.  
  Item Number:8 Date: 02/10/2017 GREECE - AUTHORITIES REVAMP EVACUATION PLANS; 72,000 TO BE MOVED FROM THESSALONIKI TO DEFUSE WWII BOMB (FEB 10/REU)  REUTERS -- Tens of thousands of people are going to be evacuated this weekend from the Greek port city of Thessaloniki to allow experts to defuse a World War II-era bomb, reports Reuters.   The 250-kg (551-lb) bomb was discovered at a gas station in the nation's second-largest city about five meters (16 feet) underground during excavation work.   Up to 72,000 people living within 2 km (1.2 mile) radius of the site will be evacuated on Sunday, said police.   The operation is expected to last several hours.   An initial evacuation plan was started on Feb. 3, but it was deemed insufficient. It was going to involve 250-300 people, noted the Greek Reporter. A different plan was finalized on Tuesday.  
  Item Number:9 Date: 02/10/2017 ISRAEL - UNDER DEALS WORTH US$30 MILLION, IAI TO SUPPLY SIGINT, COMINT SOLUTIONS TO UNNAMED ASIAN, EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS (FEB 10/IAI)  ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES -- Israel Aerospace Industries has announced receiving contracts worth a total of US$30 million to supply signals and communication intelligence (SIGINT and COMINT) systems to unidentified customers in Asia and Europe,   IAI subsidiary Elta Systems will deliver an advanced COMINT system to an unnamed European customer. That system will provide real-time intelligence at tactical and strategic levels, according to a company release on Feb. 7. The system is designed to scan, locate, analyze and monitor all communication transmissions in a tactical area.   Separately, Elta received a contract from an Asian air force for an advanced airborne SIGINT suite featuring the ELK-7071 COMINT and ELL-8385 electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems.   The intelligence systems will be installed in existing aircraft to provide real-time airborne, ground and maritime intelligence at the tactical and strategic levels, said IAI
Item Number:10 Date: 02/10/2017 NATO - RUSSIA MONITORS ONGOING NATO SEA SHIELD DRILLS IN BLACK SEA (FEB 10/NTIMES)  NAVY TIMES -- NATO is in the midst of the at-sea component of the Sea Shield exercise in the Black Sea, reports the Navy Times.   The multinational exercise began on Feb. 1 and runs through Feb. 10, noted ACT Media (Romania) in late January. Romania is the lead nation for the training.   The drills are focused in enhancing interoperability in conflict scenarios, said a Navy release. Air defense, surface and anti-submarine warfare tactics will be exercised.   The U.S. Navy sent the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter and a P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to join NATO and regional forces for the exercise.   About 2,800 personnel from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.S. are taking part.   Participating vessels include the Bulgarian frigate Smeli; Canadian frigate St. John's; Romanian frigates Regele Ferdinand and Marasesti, Eustatiu Sebastian-class corvettes Horia Macellariu and Eustatiu Sebastian, Zborul-class missile craft, Lastunul and Zborul, Lt. Remus Lepri-class minesweepers Lt. Lupu Dinescu and Lt. Dimitrie Nicolescu and air force MiG-21 LanceR fighters; Spanish frigate Juan de Borbon; and a Turkish submarine, frigate Fatih and P-235 patrol aircraft.   When the drills started, Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said he hoped the exercise would not create any "challenge" to Russia. "Otherwise," he said, "we are ready to meet these challenges," as quoted by Turkey's Anadolu Agency. Russia intended to monitor the exercise, he said.  
Item Number:11 Date: 02/10/2017 NIGERIA - BRAZIL OKS SALE OF SUPER TUCANO LIGHT ATTACK AIRCRAFT TO AIR FORCE (FEB 10/NAF)  NIGERIAN AIR FORCE -- The Brazilian government has green-lighted the sale of three used A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft to Nigeria, reports the Nigerian air force.   The light propeller aircraft will enhance the Nigerian air force's reconnaissance and strike capabilities against insurgents and militants, said service officials.   The approval authorizes the Brazilian air force to transfer the aircraft to defense firm Embraer for delivery to Nigeria, the service said in a release on Thursday.   Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, the chief of air staff, said the idea was first proposed in 2015, reported Nigeria MetroWatch.   Funds for the procurement were appropriated in Nigeria's 2016 budget, noted air force officials.   Nigeria also plans to buy new-build Super Tucanos from the U.S., the officials said
Item Number:12 Date: 02/10/2017 SOUTH KOREA - WITH EYE TOWARD N. KOREAN THREAT, MILITARY UPDATES LONG-TERM DEFENSE PLAN (FEB 10/YON)  YONHAP -- Military officials say South Korea's long-term defense reform plan has been revised in an attempt to better counter potential North Korean threats, reports the Yonhap news agency (Seoul).   The revamp is designed to implement the most important capabilities for coping with North Korean threats over the next five years, through 2021, a senior Defense Ministry official told reporters on Thursday.   The changes will strengthen combat capabilities for both limited and full-scale conflicts, he said.   Major projects include setting up special operations forces under the Joint Chiefs of Staff and air force in 2017; integrating the First and Second Army commands into a larger ground operations command by 2018; and the creation of an air force surveillance aircraft fleet by 2020, the ministry said.   In addition, the special operations brigade will form part of the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) plan, which targets the North Korean military leadership and infrastructure in the event of clear signs of an imminent use of nuclear weapons, said officials.   The military also intends to cut 40 generals by 2020, bringing the total down to 390, and reduce the overall size of the force from 625,000 to 522,000 by 2022.  
  Item Number:13 Date: 02/10/2017 SYRIA - IN ACCIDENTAL AIRSTRIKE IN NORTHERN SYRIA, RUSSIAN JET KILLS 3 TURKISH TROOPS (FEB 10/NYT)  NEW YORK TIMES -- A Russian airstrike on Thursday killed three Turkish soldiers and wounded 11 in northern Syria, reports the New York Times.   Both Russia and Turkey have acknowledged that the "friendly-fire" incident was an accident and have agreed to increase military coordination in Syria, noted the BBC.   A Russian aircraft hit a building near the ISIS-held town of al-Bab. The building was believed to contain ISIS fighters, but actually had Turkish troops within, said Turkey's military.   Russian President Vladimir Putin apologized to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calling the deaths a "tragic incident."   A spokesman for the Kremlin on Friday said that Turkish troops should not have been there, reported Sputnik.   The Russian military relied "on coordinates provided by its Turkish partners when conducting the airstrikes. Turkish servicemen should not have been in that location," he said.   The Kremlin blamed the mistake on "the lack of coordination concerning sharing coordinates."  
  Item Number:14 Date: 02/10/2017 SYRIA - KREMLIN SHIPS DOZENS OF SHORT-RANGE BALLISTIC MISSILE TO TARTUS (FEB 10/FN)  FOX NEWS -- Russia has just delivered its largest shipment of short-range ballistic missiles to Syria, reports Fox News, citing U.S. officials.   Fifty Russian SS-21 Scarab missiles arrived at the Syrian port city of Tartus in the past two days, the American officials told Fox on Wednesday.   During just two days this week, Russian forces fired two SS-21s and four longer range SS-26 Iskander missiles into Syria's Idlib province, the officials said.   In December, with some fanfare, Russian President Vladimir Putin's declared that the Kremlin was reducing its military presence in Syria.   "For someone winding down a war, that's a big missile shipment," said one unnamed official
Item Number:15 Date: 02/10/2017 UNITED KINGDOM - ENTIRE FLEET OF ATTACK SUBS SAID TO BE OUT OF ACTION (FEB 10/SUN)  THE SUN -- The British navy's four Trafalgar-class subs and three Astute-class boats are all currently non-operational says the Sun (U.K.).   The paper reports that four Trafalgar-class and one Astute-class boats are undergoing refits or maintenance after breaking down. The Astute-class Ambush is also being repaired after hitting a tanker last year near Gibraltar. The Astute is conducting sea trials and is reportedly weeks away from missions.   Sources said the issue has been kept from Prime Minister Theresa May.   On Friday, a navy spokesman quoted by the Daily Telegraph said that the service does not comment on "specific submarine operations" and that the "Royal Navy continues to meet all of its operational tasking, deploying globally on operations and protecting our national interests as Britain steps up around the world
Item Number:16 Date: 02/10/2017 USA - ARMY UAV TURNS UP IN COLO.; DRONE DISAPPEARED 9 DAYS EARLIER 900 MILES AWAY IN ARIZ. (FEB 10/CSG)  COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE -- A U.S. Army unmanned aircraft that went missing in southern Arizona last month has been found in Colorado, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette.   The RQ-7 Shadow reconnaissance drone went missing on Jan. 31 during a training mission at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. A wide search failed to find it and the Army concluded that it likely crashed and disintegrated.   However, on Thursday, a hiker found the UAV stuck in a tree in the foothills west of Denver. That is about 900 miles away from Fort Huachuca and perhaps 10 times the drone's expected range.   A recovery effort and an investigation are underway
Item Number:17 Date: 02/10/2017 USA - CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH CHINESE PLANE OVER S. CHINA SEA DEEMED INADVERTENT BY U.S. NAVY (FEB 10/CNN)  CABLE NEWS NETWORK -- U.S. and Chinese military aircraft were involved in an "unsafe" close encounter on Wednesday in the South China Sea, say U.S. officials, as reported by CNN.   A U.S. Navy P-3 and a Chinese KJ-200 came within 1,000 feet of each other on near the Scarborough Shoal, said one official on Thursday.   The U.S. Navy believes the incident was inadvertent. China's Defense Ministry said the Chinese pilot responded with "legal and professional measures," as cited by Reuters.   "We hope the U.S. side keeps in mind the present condition of relations between the two countries and militaries, adopts practical measures, and eliminates the origin of air and sea mishaps between the two countries," said an unnamed Chinese defense official cited by China's Global Times
Item Number:18 Date: 02/10/2017 USA - SEEKING MORE EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION, NAVY CUTS UNMANNED SYSTEMS OFFICE (FEB 10/USNIN)  USNI NEWS -- As part of a reorganization, the U.S. Navy has eliminated the year-old Unmanned Warfare Systems Directorate (OPNAV N99), which is within the chief of naval operations staff (OPNAV), reports the USNI News.   The unmanned systems programs are being moved into technology development or domain-based warfare directorates, said officials.   The object is to integrate manned and unmanned systems more efficiently, a Navy spokeswoman told USNI News on Wednesday.   Under the new organization, the N99 office will merge with the Director of Warfare Integration (OPNAV N9I). That office will oversee unmanned integration, accelerated acquisition and oversight.   Existing unmanned programs of record will join the applicable resource sponsor, such as Expeditionary Warfare (OPNAV N95); Surface Warfare (N96); Undersea Warfare (N97) and Air Warfare (N98), said Navy officials.   The office of the Director of Innovation, Technology Requirements and Test and Evaluation (N94) will take responsibility for rapid prototyping, experimentation and development efforts for unmanned systems
  Item Number:19 Date: 02/10/2017 USA - USCG TAKES DELIVERY OF BAILEY BARCO FAST RESPONSE CUTTER; COMMISSIONING SET FOR JULY (FEB 10/USCG)  U.S. COAST GUARD -- The U.S. Coast Guard has accepted delivery of its 22nd Sentinel-class fast response cutter in Key West, Fla., reports the service.   The Bailey Barco (WPC-1122) was handed over in a ceremony on Feb. 7.   The cutter will be the second in the class to be stationed in Ketchikan, Alaska. The vessel is slated to be commissioned there in July.   The vessel is named after Bailey Barco, a lifesaving station keeper and boat coxswain in Dam Neck Mills, Va., who led a daring rescue of sailors from a schooner that ran aground off Virginia Beach on Dec. 21, 1900. He was awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal for his actions.   The Coast Guard plans to buy 58 fast response cutters, with 38 already ordered. Nineteen are in service
Item Number:20 Date: 02/10/2017 USA - WHEN YEAR ENDED, 59 PERCENT OF MARINE AIRCRAFT WERE NOT IN FLYABLE SHAPE, SAYS GENERAL (FEB 10/MCT)  MARINE CORPS TIMES -- A senior Marine aviation officer has revealed that more than half of his service's aircraft and helicopters were unavailable for operations at the end of 2016, reports the Marine Corps Times.   Out of a total of 1,065 Marine aircraft, only 439 were flyable as of Dec. 31, Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, the deputy commandant for aviation, told reporters on Wednesday. That flyable figure represents about 41 percent of Marine aviation.   "My target should be 589 [flyable aircraft]; so I am 150 airplanes shy of what I need to make my flight-hour goal," Davis said. "In order to meet my operational commitments, I need a little bit more than that."   The Marine Corps has been struggling to keep its aging aircraft in the air in the face of budget cuts, delayed spending bills and more than 15 years of combat action.   The number of aircraft available to fly on any given day fluctuates. However, the overall number of flyable aircraft has been improving, the general said.   The service is unable to fill gaps any faster, due to funding and space limits in repair facilities, Davis said.


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